Creativity with Social Media: Creative Exercises To Use On Social Media Workshop | Tatiana Ambrose | Skillshare

Creativity with Social Media: Creative Exercises To Use On Social Media Workshop

Tatiana Ambrose, Helping You To Be Creative & Productive

Creativity with Social Media: Creative Exercises To Use On Social Media Workshop

Tatiana Ambrose, Helping You To Be Creative & Productive

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3 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Intro: Using Social Media to Enhance your Creativity

    • 2. 5 Creative Exercises + Social Media Platforms

    • 3. Creative Social Media Class Completion

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About This Class

Do you have different social media accounts? Do you want to know how to use social media to boost your creativity?

In this social media creativity class I will be using 5 social media platforms (facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube and snapchat) and giving you a creative exercise to use on each social media platform to really maximize your creativity and generate new ideas. 

If you are creatively stuck, looking for creative inspiration or simply want to challenge your mind then this creative social media class is for you! I will see you in class.

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Tatiana Ambrose

Helping You To Be Creative & Productive



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1. Intro: Using Social Media to Enhance your Creativity: Hi, Tatiana Ambrose Back with another lesson. So what am I going to teach and challenge you with today? How to use social media to boost creativity and generate new ideas? Awesome topic. Aren't you excited? Yes. So I'm going to give you five different platforms with the five ways to use them to boost creativity, generate new ideas. Get your mind going, challenge yourself and let's have fun with this because, as you know, all the different social media platforms, they're always changing. So that means you can use one platform one day. You return to it three days later, even 24 hours later, and it's completely different, with completely different information that you can use to your advantage for creativity and new ideas. If you're excited, go ahead and click that enroll, but and I will see you in class 2. 5 Creative Exercises + Social Media Platforms: Okay. Lets just jump right into it. No introduction. Just a small one is, of course, a face. A book? Yeah, a little bit. I'm on Facebook almost everyday, simply because not only is a great for creativity, generating new ideas, but there is so much information from educational to discounts. Teoh staying in touch with friends. Well, let's get right into it. Facebook. I am going to call this the Facebook random scramble. What you're gonna do is you're going to pick a word or a phrase from your news feed. Then you're gonna pick a word or phrase from a group of your choice. And lastly, you're gonna type in a random letter into your search bar and click on what comes up first for me in the newsfeed. I had the secret off in a group new home, and I typed the letter H and helix sleep came up, which turned into dream of being the phrase that jumped out at me. Now I want you to form a sentence using all three words or phrases. Just combine them all. And then once you have that, you're going to try to add an additional two or more sentences to the 1st 1 so it flows. Or you can use synonyms in the following sentences as well. So I know I just hit you hard with ah lot of information. So let me share with you my results. Number one a secret home is the dream of happiness. Where your home is isolated on an island any worry is washed way daily Number two A secret dream buried in the home A private daydream that on Li lives in warm Remove the house. When you catch yourself in a trance you will unlock the classified details of this residence moving right into a number to the awesome tweeting tweeting, Tweeting to letter. You got it. You got it. Okay, so how can we utilize this platform for creativity? New ideas? Let's take a look. Welcome to idea. Calm pounding Sounds nifty. What you're gonna dio is you're going to pick 1 to 2 trending topics of the day. Then you're going to pick a word or a phrase from your news feed. So for my trending word, the shape, the future in five words, that was like the longest trendy word I have ever seen, So I picked that and in my newsfeed oil painting filter jumped out at me. So I went with that one. Okay, so now you're going to combine these two ideas. Compound these two ideas into one. Now, let me share with you the results that I came up with. Painting in the future with oil will shape and filter your words. Now it's your turn. I can't wait to read what you came up with. Number three would be six. The Thor e number three, The amazing, amazing platform of Instagram, where everyone loves to take photos. Post photos, that is all they dio. So how can we utilize everyone's photos to our creative advantage when it comes to thinking outside the box and challenging ourselves creatively? All right, question of the day. A picture is worth how many words? I'm not gonna tell you the answer, but what I want you to dio is on your instagram home page. I want you to pick one photo from your home page. Do not click on this photo. Do not click on it just because I say do not click on it. And basically the reason for this is you don't want any influence from the caption or that comments. I do not care what this photo is about. All I want is Thean Midge. And what you're gonna do is you're going to free right for 10 minutes and answer some of the questions. Where was this photo taken? Why was this photo taken for Who was it taken? Was it taken for a specific person for a specific reason? And what is the story behind this photo? What is so significant about this? Photo number four, the big dog. I mean, the other ones are okay. Facebook's pretty big, but the big dog YouTube. Everyone knows you too, everyone. Because if you're watching this, you know about YouTube. So we have the video platform. How can we two week it, grab it, turn it, twist it to get creative, new, spicy ideas. So I'm gonna call this the creative treasure chest exercise. Well, what you're gonna be doing is you're going to blindfold yourself or just close your eyes and don't cheat. That works. And then you're going to press one or more keyboard buttons with your index finger. As in, you are not feeling out the keys because I know you have a memorized where everything is, and then you're gonna press and her. Okay, You did all that. Now you can open your eyes and you should have a search result page on YouTube from this page. I want you to pick one thumbnail, pick one title and pick one to line description. All of the's from different videos. The more random the better. Now you're going to free right for five or so minutes explaining what this video is about. Based on the thumbnail title and description that you chose, you're gonna be combining all three into one last but not least, number five the Amazing. A snappy, chatty, chatty chat Snapchat. Now I don't use this yet, but I definitely watch it slightly. Stock it because you have to admit it's pretty entertaining. Snapchat Oh, it's awesome! Awesome, Awesome. But how can we use other people's imagination in their videos to our advantage? Let's get right into it and finish off this course with a, um with a bang. You don't sound convincing. Let's get right into it and let's move right into the lucky three exercise. What you're gonna be doing is picking three random Snapchats that stick out to you for whatever reason. The 1st 1 I want you to list What is the main emotion? Happy, sad, peaceful. The second Snapchat, I want you to write down where it took place. Inside, outside, museum, store, bed, whatever. And the third Snapchat. What is the subject or topic off the Snapchat? Then? Once you have all those three I want you to write out. And if you want, make an opposite Snapchat. So if my Snapchat was happy indoors clothing the opposite snapshot would be depressed crying outdoors almost nearly naked. Or if that's a little bit too crazy for you. Number two, you can take your list of three things and create a sequel. All right, so that concludes this lecture. No more silly crazy shenanigans from Tatiana Ambrose. I know, I know you're probably happy, but as a final note, I do want to remind you that in order to get into a creative mindset, you can't over think you can not over analyze all of these exercises. Really. Focus on your first impression, your gut instinct. You don't need to question why you picked this word over another. Because another exercise you may see that word and choose it, and being creative is all about being relaxed and having fun. You do not need to judge the process, don't judge the process. And if you need further explanation or any additional help about an exercise, just let me know and I will be more than happy to help you out. 3. Creative Social Media Class Completion: you have now reached the end of the class. Did you have fun? I had fun. You had Mom. Let me know what you thought by leaving a review again. Any feedback comments? I use it to my advantage so I can improve my videos for you. So go ahead. Don't be shy. Post in the project area, the community section the review section Just blow up the whole entire class with your comments. I really don't care because I love all of the interaction to get to know you about who you are. What you thought what I can do better all that fun stuff and I will see you in the next class.