Creativity unwrapped: discover what creativity is | Kevin Mann | Skillshare

Creativity unwrapped: discover what creativity is

Kevin Mann, Creativity buff, marketing strategist

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7 Videos (14m)
    • Introduction

    • Common ideas of creativity

    • Scientific perspectives

    • Personality types

    • Creative habits

    • Class project: creativity and you

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Take a whistle-stop tour of what creativity is, what it means to different people and where it comes from. In this short 14-minute class with marketing and creativity expert, Kevin Mann, you’ll look at different definitions, challenge some common beliefs and get a chance to uncover what is creative in you.


This course is for anyone who is a little bit curious about the nature of creativity; and if they have any of it. You won’t need a technical or scientific background, and you certainly will not need to be artistic. All you’ll need is an open mind.





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Kevin Mann

Creativity buff, marketing strategist

Hello, I'm Kevin.

Creativity is something that makes me tick.

I love the feeling you get when you see something new and go: “Wow! Ingenious! How did they come up with that?” I love the thrill of discovering the method in people’s madness.

At a very early age, I developed a curiosity about the idea of ideas. …what shapes them? …what nourishes them? …and most importantly…What creates them?

I continue to study these questi...

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