Creativity on Steroids - Mind Mapping for Design, Business, Media and More | Heenak Singh | Skillshare

Creativity on Steroids - Mind Mapping for Design, Business, Media and More

Heenak Singh, Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Growing !

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3 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. What is Mind Mapping

    • 2. The Technique Explained

    • 3. Conclusion : Mastermind Sessions and Mind Mapping


About This Class

Creativity on Steroids is a course that will Teach you about A great Mechanism to Brainstorm Marvellous Ideas for Your Business, Design Projects, Media, Photography and almost anything.Literally any single thing.]

Creativity is the ONLY Quality all the successful people Possess.They have the ability to Create mind blowing and super Profitable Ideas out of thin air.

Now In this course, I will Teach you :

-What is Mind Mapping and how its the only tool you need to Move Forward in Life to chase your Dreams

-How do you perform Mind Mapping and come up with Mind blowing Ideas that are creative and very Profitable

-How you can Add a little technology component and make you Mind mapping sessions more fun and very Effortless.

-The Online Mind Mapping Tools

And So much More.

This course is Short and Up to the Point.We don't give you Fluff but Peculiar details which holds the Top Importance.We dont want you to load your mind with INFORMATION OVERLOAD.We want to give you Clarity.

So ENROLL NOW and we will see you inside.





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Heenak Singh

Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Growing !

Hey guys,

My name is Heenak Singh and I am a Business Consultant and Strategiest.I teach people how to enhance there life using simple but powerful tools and mechanisms.

I have a great hobby of reading the Lives of Successful people and How they achieved what they have aquired in their life.

I am also into Painting and love living around The beautiful Nature and drawing life lessons from the Nature.

I feel Creativity is the key to success.A definite purpose is what...

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