Creativity and Beer: A Brewmaster's Guide to Flavor Emulation | Garrett Oliver | Skillshare

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Garrett Oliver, Brewmaster, The Brooklyn Brewery

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8 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Brewing Basics and Emulation Beers

    • 3. Learning About Mole at La Palapa

    • 4. Selecting and Working with Ingredients

    • 5. The Hot Side: Creating the Wort

    • 6. The Cold Side: Infusing Flavors

    • 7. Welcome to Brooklyn Brewery

    • 8. Hungry for More?

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About This Class

Create a unique beer recipe inspired by a favorite food. In this 40-minute class, The Brooklyn Brewery's award-winning brewmaster Garrett Oliver reveals his creative process for developing new beer recipes. Watch Garrett create an emulation beer of his own based on Mexican mole sauce, and learn his process for selecting a base beer, researching the food he is emulating, finding ingredients, and determining when those ingredients should be added to the brew. You'll then apply his lessons to your own work as you create an emulation beer recipe of your own. Whether you are simply a fan of beer or an avid home brewer, this class will challenge your creativity and provide access to Garrett's world-renowned expertise. The results should taste pretty good, too!

Please note that this is NOT a Brewing 101 class. Garrett goes through the process of creating a beer recipe, but he does not guide you through every detail of actually brewing beer.


Class Launch Contest: Win a signed copy of Garrett's acclaimed book, The Brewmaster's Table, a compendium of real beer and real food. Garrett will select his favorite student project uploaded by Saturday, November 8 as the winner.