Creativity and Beer: A Brewmaster's Guide to Flavor Emulation

Garrett Oliver, Brewmaster, The Brooklyn Brewery

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8 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Brewing Basics and Emulation Beers

    • 3. Learning About Mole at La Palapa

    • 4. Selecting and Working with Ingredients

    • 5. The Hot Side: Creating the Wort

    • 6. The Cold Side: Infusing Flavors

    • 7. Welcome to Brooklyn Brewery

    • 8. Hungry for More?


Project Description

Plan a beer recipe inspired by a favorite food


Share a plan for a beer recipe that is inspired by a favorite food. By completing this project you will gain a better understanding of how flavors are infused into beer. Because this is a class about the creative process, submitting a concept for your beer to the project gallery is a great way to stretch your mind and flavor palette. I can't even count the amount of concepts I've come up with that have yet to be brewed, but I always try to think of something new using this exact process.


Share your plan for a beer flavor inspired by a favorite food. 

Your written project should include:

  • The name of the beer
  • The food you would be emulating
  • Any key ingredients that would be instrumental in achieving the emulation flavor

Bonus points for giving your brew a shot! Would love to hear how it turns out.


For more insight from Garrett, make sure to check out his various books on the subject of beer and food: The Brewmaster’s Table and The Oxford Companion to Beer.

Our helpful guest chef Barbara Sibley also has a really great book about Mexican cuisine: Antojitos

Learn about the various beers brewed by The Brooklyn Brewery. 

Read up on beer termanology at the glossary on

Check out an informative and quirky history of beer by Prof. Linda Raley, Texas Tech University here

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