Creativity Workshop: How To Find Motivation To Complete Your Creative Projects | Tatiana Ambrose | Skillshare

Creativity Workshop: How To Find Motivation To Complete Your Creative Projects

Tatiana Ambrose, 49 Classes Helping You To Be Creative

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3 Videos (11m)
    • Motivation For Creativity: How to Get Motivated To Complete Your Creative Project Intro

    • Motivation Steps To Take and Motivational Questions To Answer

    • Continue Learning With Me


About This Class

Are you stuck and lack motivation when it comes to your creative project? Can't find the motivation to start your next creative idea and turn it into reality? Are you procrastinating once again and can't get out of this cycle?

In this creativity class I will be giving you the simples steps to increasing your motivation and different questions related to motivation that give you the real motivation to get you started moving forward on your creative project today. Procrastination is easy but having motivation on your creative project from start to finish is challenging.

Creative projects can range from writing, to music to various other art forms and everyone, at one point or another, has lost the motivation for their creative projects and pursuing their creative ideas.


  • Get your motivation back to continue pursuing your creativity and any current creative project
  • Outline the different strategic steps of motivation for you to take to get you pumped up to complete any of your current projects
  • Stop procrastinating on your creative projects after taking this class

I usually think an instant flash of motivation is not worth it if you can't keep that burning motivation going from start to finish. I used to think of all these great ideas, getting super pumped with adrenaline motivation flowing through me and by the end of the week it was gone. My excitement and motivation and now I was once again procrastinating. This cycle is never good that is why achieving long term motivation is the best when it comes to any of your projects. 

Enroll right now if you are struggling with motivation for your creativity and looking for insight about how to make your creative ideas come to life today! No more procrastination allowed in your creativity-- only motivation from here on forward!






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Tatiana Ambrose

49 Classes Helping You To Be Creative



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