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Creativity Workshop: Complete Guide To Relieve Stress In Creativity Starting Today

teacher avatar Tatiana Ambrose, Helping You To Be Creative & Productive

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Dealing with Stress In Creativity Introduction

    • 2. Stress Management in Creativity

    • 3. Creativity Before Bed To Destress

    • 4. Erase Perfection That's Adding Stress 1

    • 5. Erase Perfection That's Adding Stress 2

    • 6. Erase Perfection That's Adding Stress 3

    • 7. Erase Perfection That's Adding Stress 4

    • 8. Erase Perfection That's Adding Stress 5

    • 9. Erase Perfection That's Adding Stress 6

    • 10. Destress Through Visualization Exercise

    • 11. My Visualization Results

    • 12. Creative Meditation to Destress

    • 13. Continue Learning With Me

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About This Class

Do you want to learn different ways to deal with stress in creativity? Do you stress while working on your creative projects? Or are a creative person that tends to stress out on a regular basis?

In this Relieve Stress In Creativity class I will cover some of my most effective ways to deal with stress while in your creative mindset so stress holds little to zero power and doesn't stop you from completing your creative projects. 

Stress, no matter how small, can have a negative effect on you, your emotions and your relationships. Very rarely is stress a good thing. This is why it's important to understand how to manage stress so it doesn't control you or your life.

In this How To Relieve Stress In Creativity You Will Learn:

  • How to reverse stress before it goes too far
  • How to handle stress so go back into a neutral and calm state of mind
  • Various ways to cope with stress so you can refocus on your creativity and creative projects.
  • To not let stress control you and your mind while in your creativity zone.

If you are ready to learn simple yet effective stress management tips that have worked for me so you can fully maximize your creativity then go ahead and enroll today!

Meet Your Teacher

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Tatiana Ambrose

Helping You To Be Creative & Productive



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1. Dealing with Stress In Creativity Introduction: uh, hi there. Let's talk about stress and creativity, a topic not talked about enough. When it comes to creativity, it's mainly how do I become? Create off. How do I think? More creatively not. How do I handle frustration in creativity? How do I deal with stress in creativity? When it comes to learning a new skill, we tend to look on the positive side. Oh, it's going to be great when I can think more creatively because of a B and C. But what about the negative aspect? It's almost like we don't even want to think about it because we don't want it to happen. Off course. No one wants to deal with the negative side of anything. But what happens when you do get stressed out with thinking creatively? Are you going to know how to get past it? This is the main reason why I created this class. I want you to have the tools that you need to manage stress in your creativity. In case you're ever in that situation, I don't want you to avoid any negative aspect of creativity in hopes that you won't have to deal with it. I want you to have the tools to handle stress, self doubt, frustration and any other negative mental block. While in your creative state of mind, having the tools builds confidence that you can overcome and achieve anything in creativity . So let's get started and roll today and I'll see you in the next section. 2. Stress Management in Creativity: uh, So you're working on your creative project, and for whatever reason, stress kicks in. What does this do to your creativity? That motivational creativity begins to get drained. Stress can sometimes push you. The keyword is sometimes because stresses negative emotion. I don't hear people talking about how great it is to be stressed out, or they wish they had more stress in their life. No people try to have a stress free life, So the first thing to alleviate stress in creativity is to take a short walk. You don't even have to go down to the bike trail. A simple short walk around your neighborhood will dio. I usually take my three dogs and we just do a couple laps around our property. This gives them some playtime while I stroll along with them, enjoying some fresh air and getting out of the house. This walk gives you a quick break from whatever was causing the stress. So when you do return back to it, you will be calm and more focused on overcoming any obstacle. The second way to manage stress in creativity is to listen to your favorite music. That song you had stuck in your head and you can't wait to just put it on. Repeat, turn it on and unwind from the stress. Music can lift up your mood and really put into perspective that life isn't so bad or as stressful as you may be. Thinking in this music is motivational and some songs you can even relate to. And when I feel like I want to switch my music up, I do have a nature soundtrack as well. No words, just all different sounds you will hear in nature to help you. D Stress. The goal of managing your stress is to de stress the moment you feel yourself falling into that negative emotional trap. Don't dwell in your stress for a couple of hours and then decide you need to stop stressing out. Stop the stress the moment it surfaces so you can continue in your creativity without the negative distraction. The third way to de stress well in your creative zone is to visualize the completed and finished creative goal you're aiming towards. It can be something from brainstorming for your next grade of project, or it could actually be completing your current creative project. What is the end goal. Visualize it and know that you will achieve it because you're capable of it. That is why you started it in the first place. You wouldn't have started if you didn't think you could reach it. So stay focused on your visual finish line and there won't be room for stress. The Fourth Way to Manage Stress And you have probably been told this already. When you are in a panic state of mind, just breathe. It's OK. The reason for just breathing is that it works. So next time your stress levels are going through the roof, sit or lay down, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Having slow controlled breaths, exhale any negativity that you're mentally struggling with. You can start out with a short 10 minute session that eventually decrease it to five and then get to a point for when you feel stressed, you can start focusing on your breathing and sharpening your focus on your creative project at the same time without having to sit down or lay down. But if you can't or you don't prefer shortening your breathing sessions, you can just simply take the five or 10 minutes to just focus on your breathing and then return back to creative project as well. Another tip for this quick, controlled breathing exercise is to make sure you surround yourself with aromas that you like for me. I love lavender. It does help call my household, but I also have one perfume that the scent reminds me of being on the beach. It is one of my favorite perfumes that I own. Some people prefer to burn incense, and here recently I have had a lot of men growing in my yard. So I simply pick some and I boil it in a pot and the entire house fills up with that refreshing mint sent. Five. Stop doing too much. Now, before you think I have completely lost it with point number five, hear me out. We live in a busy bee society. We don't have enough time in the day to get done what we want to. So I must be crazy telling you to stop doing too much. No, If you're getting stressed out because of what all you have to do, listen to your body. Mentally, you're not ready. And if you continue stressing on a daily basis, stress will most likely affect you in a negative way, and there will be a good chance that it will shorten your life span. No joke about that. So what I recommend is breaking this down into steps. Cut your to do list in half. Start with that. Evaluate how you handle doing half of what's on your list. If there was little to no stress, continue sticking with this amount until you feel comfortable and like it's easy. Then you add on another item to your to do list. Evaluate how it affects your stress level and repeat. Basically, you're building up to where you were originally on how much you needed to get done in a day . But this time, when you reach that same number, you won't be stressed out because you have built up to it. Instead of going from 0 to 100 in a day, Some people can go from 0 to 100 a day, and some people can't. But the daily stress is not worth it. Let me tell you, in an eight month span, I have accomplished way more than I thought I ever could. If you had asked me beginning of the year. If I could handle the schedule I have today, I would have told you No. No way. How is that even possible? The secret is simple. Starting small and then challenging yourself once you are comfortable to keep stress at a minimal. We all wish we didn't stress out. But sometimes we have to deal and adjust to things that don't go according to our plan. Having these tools to recognize and eliminate stress will make you more productive in your creativity. Stress is a negative emotional response to what's happening around us. The worst thing that stress can do is to stop you and make you give up on what you're doing , what you're working on. I don't want stress to be that determining factor for stopping your creativity or your latest creative project. So the other aspect of managing your stress and creativity is to be aware of what triggers your stress, is what you're working on creatively work related and the job is the main stress trigger. Is your creativity linked to wanting to be in control? So if you're working on your creative project and things don't go according to plan, boom stress trigger? Or do you have specific or certain fears about your creativity or your current creative project that if you overthink it, you end up stressing out about it? I want you to really analyze your stress triggers and figure out what causes you to stress out. Once you start pinpointing those specific areas, you will then be able to start recognizing and dealing with those triggers before they escalate into stress. In your creative mindset, you have to be neutral in your emotions and open minded. But if you're stressing out, you can't really get into a creative mindset because you're focusing on you, your emotions and how stressed out you feel there is zero room for creativity. If you're stressed now, if you have gone through this entire class and you're thinking, well, Tatiana, I'm really not sure if I'm stressed out or not, I might be a times Maybe you can go to mental health America dot net forward slash stress dash Screener This is a quick test no email required at the end, that will give you a glimpse on where you are on the stress scale. Do you binge eat? Do you exercise on a regular basis. Do you sweat a lot when you don't exercise? What about your sleeping pattern? All of these things contribute, and maybe an external sign off stress getting the best of you. And these are some of the questions that will be asked in this quick little test. Stress can not only affect your creativity but your relationships and how you feel about yourself. So this is why stress management is so important. So I hope you are now ready to get a game plan together, start analyzing your stress and getting the tools together to handle it appropriately while being in your creative state of mind. But if you have any further questions for me, just let me know. And lastly, of course, your class project for your class project. I would like you to simply introduce yourself and let me know your favorite way to de stress. Thank you so much for joining me in this class. 3. Creativity Before Bed To Destress: So before we get into what you can do to mentally not exhaust yourself at night and get adequate sleep. Let's talk about the why. Why does creativity disrupt sleep? It can range for all types of reasons, especially when it comes to the spectrum of emotions from you have your big project presentation tomorrow and you're nervous too. You just published or launched your first product and are excited about the new customers. So you just stay up all night checking to see if anyone has purchased your product, et cetera. Or it can be something simple as Guess what? I love to think at night. It's dark, quiet, and my imagination gets going. So before I know it, I have three more hours to catch up on some sleep before I have to be up. I'll admit it. I'm definitely 100% a night owl. I loved the quiet and peace in my dim LET bedroom as ideas play around in my head all night long, creativity is great, but when you consistently catch yourself not getting a good night's rest, it will take a toll on your body and mind, which will result in decreased creativity. So how do you fix this? One? The first thing. So you go to bed and to stop all the chitter chatter in your mind, you have to exercise. If you don't exercise, a simple 15 to 20 minute workout will wear you out. And when your head hits the pillow, you will be out. Exercising is great if you're experiencing high emotions. So excitement, nervousness, you know, you're going to push your body during exercise so it will drain that extra motion. Give you enough time to sleep for people that don't own any exercise equipment, use YouTube. You have free short video exercises. I think they even have five-minute workouts as well that you can start out with. So you can do five minutes in the morning, five minutes in the afternoon, five minutes in the evening. The second thing to do to get a better night's sleep is to write your schedule out for tomorrow. So you know exactly what you need to accomplish that way. You're not laying in bed pondering what to do, which can turn into made-up scenarios. And boom, you are back to lain awake, having all these creative ideas going through your mind for my schedule, I like to do it by time slots to keep me on track. So I usually do three hour time slots, eight to 1111 to 22 to 55 to eight, et cetera. So you don't leave yourself five things on your planner to get done and end up pondering on what order to do them. And you could potentially end up procrastinating, right? All these things that go into planning your day out will keep you focused and stop you from staying up at night, thinking your time away because you have a clear plan. You need sleep to make sure you can accomplish it all tomorrow. The third thing you can do before bed is to listen to a meditation audio clip. Usually ten minutes will do the trick. Meditations are great for relaxing your body and mind. I usually pick a clip from YouTube, makes sure my alarm was set for the morning. And then just let it play while I get into my meditation state of mind. And then I will drift off to sleep. Whenever I listened to a meditation before bed, I do have to say that I feel really calm and refresh the following morning. So I don't know if it's the meditation or how I fell asleep. I wasn't tossing and turning. I didn't have anything on my mind. I was simply focused on me, my breathing, and being in a calm and peaceful mindset. The fourth thing for you to try so your creativity does not keep you up, is to make sure what keeps you up at night isn't the last thing that you think about. So for example, say, I just launch this course. I'm nervous, excited for the students to enroll, and I keep checking the statistics and enrollment of this class. Now, I can make the checking of this class the last thing I do before bed, or I can read a book or listen to an audio book before bed to take my mind off this newly launched class. The fifth thing to shut off your mind and ideas for the night is to realize that somethings you can't change. So why not just rest up tonight so you can put in 100% tomorrow. As far as the things you can't change. It can be something like launching this course or having a big art show tomorrow with all your art displayed for the public. You can't change these things by being nervous or playing make believe situations in your mind that most likely are not going to happen in real life. I can't get students to enroll and leave reviews by checking the status of this course every 15 minutes. So I just take a deep breath, get a good night sleep. So then tomorrow I can deal with everything that comes my way in whatever order. Now onto the last thing, number six. So this applies to all my night owls that are thinking, Tatyana, I'm the most creative in the dark. So I'm forever doomed to never get a full eight hours asleep. Well, there are two things I want you to try. First would be to recreate the night environment during the day if you have time. So for most night owls, it's darkness, quiet, and a still environments where their creativity just goes crazy. Whether you build a fort or get dark curtains for your Windows. This way you are having a creativity session during the day instead of when your body and mind need to rest. If this doesn't work, then my next suggestion would be going to bed earlier c, You can fit in a creativity session before bed without interfering with how many hours of sleep you get. And for most people, there are a lot of things you can cut out. So you can go to bed early. We don't have to be checking Facebook beyond our phones, researching, watching a TV show, watching a movie. There's a lot of things you can cut out if you really, really focus in on the stuff that you really don't need to do tonight. So you can fit in an hour or two of creativity. So the end goal that you need to accomplish is broken down into two parts. The first one is of course, to calm your creative mind by using these different methods I have mentioned. And the second part is to either recreate the atmosphere from your nightly creative sessions during the day or start practicing on use your creativity during the day. I have a class on the different exercises you can start today if you're interested in that aspect of your creativity. But you need to train your mind that during the night is not the only time you can be creative. You're thinking that nighttime is the only time you can be creative. I want to add that you're tapping into a very small part of your creativity because you are not utilizing the environment around you to take your creativity to the next level. It may be challenging in the beginning to get your mind in the creative mindset. But when it does click, you will see all the different opportunities at your disposal from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. 4. Erase Perfection That's Adding Stress 1: Hi there. Thank you so much for joining me in this class. So let's jump right into it and take a look at perfection. What is one effect of trying to achieve perfection? It is stress. You become stressed because you overthink you over analyze you think it can always be better, so you will never be satisfied with your creative idea or your creative project. Now, when it comes to being stressed, you not only are going to be affected by it mentally, which will probably result in the drop your creativity. But you will also be affected physically. So typically when people are stressed, they tend to start eating and over eating a lot of food that they really shouldn't. So stress is definitely one negative emotion I do not want you to have in your creative mindset. So this is why it's very important to not be perfect when it comes to working on your creative projects or taking your creative ideas and making them come to life. So before we continue on, I want you to take a look at your perfection tendencies. Do they cause stress? So how do you handle your stress is in a healthy way. Then you're gonna go for a walk exercise or do you handle it in an unhealthy way? The reason why I want you to make a note of this is so the next time you go into that perfection mindset, when it comes to your creative project, your creative ideas. I want you to be aware of if you're going into your stress mode and how to get out of it in a healthy way. Let's continue on to the next point. 5. Erase Perfection That's Adding Stress 2: So another effect of being perfect is the potential to get frustrated. So a good example is this class for you. Now, I could get into the perfection mindset and tell myself I want every section of my class from start to finish to be perfect. So in order to achieve that, I'm probably going to have to re-record two or more times talking about the same thing. Now, if I continue recording more than that, I'm going to get frustrated. And that is probably going to end in me quitting. That is the result of trying to be perfect. Now here's the thing. Perfection is different to everyone. So if I think something is perfect in my eyes, someone else is gonna come up and go, well, that can even be way better by doing this, this map. At the end of the day, there is no such thing as being perfect. So this is why you really need to get out of that perfection mindset when it comes to working in your creative project. Thinking creatively, getting into your creative mindset. Because not only will it now cause stress, but you have the potential to get frustrated. Too negative emotions, which I do not want in your creativity. 6. Erase Perfection That's Adding Stress 3: So what is one of the reasons you try to be perfect? Why you try to achieve perfection in a certain area of your life? Think about that for a second. And what happens when you can't achieve that level of perfection that you have set for yourself. Most people will feel like they failed. So that's the reason why we try to go after perfection. But here's the thing. When it comes to failing and something being a failure. The only way that's going to happen is if you quit. So when you're working on your creative project and you start going after that perfection, you get stressed, you get frustrated. If you quit, you have failed. But if you end up finishing your project, showing it to whoever, presenting it to whoever, boom, that is success. Going after perfection puts you at a higher rate to quit, and that is what I do not want you to do. So make sure when you're in your creative mindsets, there is no negative emotion in pushing through your projects until they are completed. Instead of focusing on achieving perfection, which will make yourself see Micah failure, focus only on completion from a to Z of your project. 7. Erase Perfection That's Adding Stress 4: Okay, so now that we have taken a closer look at perfection and broken the myth that perfection is this pot of gold Everyone is trying to go towards. Let's take a look at a different aspect of perfection. You may still be thinking, well, I know this one-person toss IANA and her hair is the ultimate goal of perfection. Her ideas are always perfect. The reason why you think someone or some aspect of a person who is perfect is because you don't know them well enough. And this is true, especially when you start a new relationship. So you start dating someone, they are absolutely amazing, absolutely perfect. But the more you discover the different aspects of that person, you tend to see the flaws. So the next time you think someone is perfect in this aspect, that aspect, Keep in mind that you don't know that person well enough. Because if you did, you would know that there is no such thing as perfection. 8. Erase Perfection That's Adding Stress 5: Hi, okay, so now let's take a look at Perfection. Your Perfection. How can you start going away from being perfect into, I'm not perfect and I accept it type of mentality. The first thing I want you to do is to simply start messing with your view of perfection. It could be something House related, or it can even be related to your creativity. So if you finish your creative project and then you go into analyzing it, typically by now you should have a good idea of how long you analyze this project. For some, it could be an hour or more of analyzing. To mess with that idea of perfection. I want you to only analyze it for 30 minutes because here's the thing. You can always improve it. Most people think that, well, if I have a finished product, that's the finished product. No. There is always room for improvement, whether it's with your creative projects or with yourself. So trying to be perfect while you're always changing and growing is useless. 9. Erase Perfection That's Adding Stress 6: So for your last exercise, whenever you catch yourself trying to get back into that perfection mentality, I want you to take a step back and start questioning your perfection tendencies. Why are you trying to achieve this level of perfection? So a good example would be creation of this video. If I wanted everything to be perfect from start to finish, I would take a step back and ask, why am I trying to achieve this level of perfection? While my number one reason would be I'm trying to make everyone happy. And then you need to start thinking, Can you make everyone happy? No. Because whoever views this video is going to view it in their own way. Some people are gonna go, wow, amazing class. Some people are gonna go, didn't hit the spot. And at the end of the day, you have to be OK by knowing that you can't make everyone happy. So I want you to think back on at least three things where you try to achieve perfection. And ask yourself why you are trying to achieve that level of perfection. At the end of the day, trying to achieve perfection is not only going to get you into the negative mindsets, make you Moody, but it is also a huge time waster. So think back on all the extra time you spent trying to achieve this level of perfection. Most likely after you're done with your creative project, you're still going to receive criticism and there's always going to be room for improvement. 10. Destress Through Visualization Exercise: So by now, you should be understanding that one thing that does keep you up at night is your mind and your mental state. So for this exercise, I want you to start relaxing. So what I'm gonna do is in the next lecture, I'm going to show you a video clip. I want you to get in a comfortable position. So if you're sitting at your desk, you can go ahead, put your head down, get your pen and paper in front of you. But be relaxed. If you're embed. Feel free to learn or stomach or your side. And look at the computer screen with your pen and paper ready. Just get into a very comfortable position. And what I want you to do as you're looking at this video clip, relax. Don't censor yourself because there is not going to be a right answer when it comes to this exercise, I want you to look at this video clip and write down any image, emotion, phrase, thought, anything that you see or that comes to your mind when looking at this video clip. Now, this will start to relax your mind. And when your mind relaxes, This is where you kind of start to stop censoring yourself. What is right, what is wrong? We're now just focused on you. What is coming to your mind? What do you see? What do you feel? And this way, after you've completed this exercise, you should have half a page or more of different ideas, phrases, images that you can use in your future creative projects. So if you're ready, go ahead, get in a comfortable position. Have your pen and paper ready, and let's get started. 11. My Visualization Results: Wow, is all I can say for this exercise. This is a fantastic exercise to end with at the end of the night, simply because you almost start going into asleep like state when you're watching what's on the screen listening to the music, getting into that calm, uncensored state of mind. So for my results, I got led us. Canoes, kite, space, dazzling rainbow, a silver string of light running past and disappearing. The silent scream, fading from past people while changing with the season. Reflection of your true self through colours. The tail glimmer of hope, in a sense, outgrows mental fog, green smoke with outreach hands. The farther the tiers role to closer they become a part of your heartbeat. Judge of distance before turning out the light. Now, when I look over my page of different thoughts, different words, you can see how I was censoring myself in the beginning by just seeing specific things. So let us canoes, kite space. But the more I watched the video, the more relaxed I became. And that's where my creativity kicked in, such as fading from past people while changing with season, in a sense, outgrows mental fog. I can't tell you what part of the video inspired these words, these thoughts, these images. But you can definitely see the transformation for when you first start and when you end. So I hope you have a lot of different words, phrases, ideas that you can use for your future creative projects after this exercise, in that you hopefully loved this exercise as much as I did. 12. Creative Meditation to Destress: Now it is time to get into creative mindset where you're going to neutralize any strong emotions and begin to see what direction you want to take your creativity today. Let's begin. First, you need to be conscious of your body. I want you to pick a comfortable place to sit out. Make sure you're not slouching, your spine is straight. You can choose to close your eyes at this time as well. Next, let's slow down or breathing. Inhale, hold for three seconds and exhale. Inhale again. Hold for three and exhale. When you inhale, you should feel the air going into your body as your chest rises. Any sort of emotions you have experienced so far today, let them go. They don't belong here, and they won't help you on your creative journey. They will distract you. But your mind is stronger than that and you won't let that happen. And make sure to relax. If you're feeling tense. Relax your neck, your shoulders. It is now all about, you know, picture what you want to accomplish creatively today. What does it feel like to accomplish it? If there are any obstacles and your creative journey today, you won't get frustrated, upset, and you won't give up. You just need to step back. Use your creativity to problem-solve around this obstacle, and then continue on your creative journey. Continued to picture what you're going to accomplish creatively today. You're still focused on taking slow breaths because you are in control of yourself and your life. You're going to acknowledge all of your creative thoughts today, no matter how crazy they are. And even write them down in your creativity journal for later use. You are going to step outside the box and out of your comfort zone while on your creative journey. There isn't any judging or criticizing involved in your creativity today. You are your own person. What you do creatively. No one can do it like you. They can copy. Sure. But they are not u. This is why the world needs your creativity to add some of that sparked to people's lives. We as humans are all connected, but our unique experiences in life lead us on different creative journeys that others may not understand. And there is nothing wrong with that. Take the next couple of minutes to continue focusing on your breathing, letting go of all emotions that wanted to distract you. And letting your mind open to creativity without any judgment or internal criticism. Focus on your grade of goals that you're going to accomplish today. Okay? Once you're ready, go ahead and open your eyes. Inhale one more time. Hold for three, and exhale. Now in this mindset, you can accomplish any of your creative goals. Your mind controls your thoughts. If you get off track, step back, and re-evaluate where you're heading, then refocus. If needed. Come back to this section of the class. As often as you'd like to refocus. 13. Continue Learning With Me : Hi. You have now reached a in this class. So what did you think of this class? If you enjoy the class, I would love to see a thumbs up review from u. I love all my students feedback. It helps me plan for my future classes. So now let me show you a couple things related to my profile. So the first thing when it comes to class recommendations, I will always have a post under this community tap that will show you what other classes you can take by me. But at this moment, I have over 47 different classes and how you can find out what other classes you can enroll to is by simply clicking on my profile name. And this will open up my page. Now you have the about me which will show you my top two or three classes that I recommend scroll down and under this teaching tab and you can scroll through all the classes. And if you're a premium number, it's not going to cost you anything extra. And you can enroll in these at any time so you can press the Seymour and there you go. Any class you're interested in, Simply click on it and start watching it. So thank you once again for enrolling in my classes. I hope you had fun. Learned a lot of new stuff. And if you get a second, don't forget to leave a review, and I will see you next time.