Creativity Workshop: An Easy Method For Creative Problem Solving

Tatiana Ambrose, 44 Classes Helping You To Be Creative

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3 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Using Creativity to Problem Solve Introduction

    • 2. 4 Easy Problem Solving Steps + 3 Exercises

    • 3. Class Conclusion


About This Class

Are you stuck in your creativity once again because you are overwhelmed with obstacles in the way of your goals and dreams? Do you want to know how to easily problem solve while in your creativity zone?

In this creativity class I will share the four easy problem solving steps to overcoming any obstacle/problem in your way in your creativity.

We will go over what exactly problems are and how to change your mentality when it comes to dealing with problems and obstacles.

After going over the four easy problem solving steps you will conclude the class with three problems which I will go through with you utilizing the four problem solving steps. 

You may wonder, Tatiana you teach creativity, so how does THIS class have anything to do with creativity? An important part of creativity is having the ability to problem solve anything. So if you feel like you are struggling with your problem solving skills in and outside of your creativity and need some more practice then this creativity class is for you.

Every creative person should be able to problem solve in creativity and have fun while doing it because some obstacles that come your way may be a lot harder to overcome than others but with your creativity you can overcome anything.

Ready? Go ahead and enroll and let's get started on learning how to problem solve in creativity: the four easy problem solving steps to overcoming any obstacle!