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Creativity Productivity Challenge: Starting Over!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Enroll in Creativity Productivity Challenge Starting Over

    • 2. Tracking creativity over time with a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

    • 3. The destructive power of low productivity stories

    • 4. Setting a simple daily goal allows me to do amazing work

    • 5. Project for creativity productivity challenge

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About This Class

As an artist creating videos and podcast episodes online, my creativity and productivity is most challenged when I have to start over after a period of inactivity.  For example, I have been making new Skillshare classes daily and now after 10+ days without making a class, I am starting over.

The path I have found to make the most effective creative workflow is available completely to you in this class!  See how I use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to track a simple daily goal over time which leads to crazy levels of productive creative content!

Hear how the toxic stories I tell of my lack of productivity through change are easily dismissed when looking at the data.  As you go through this class, know that I am starting over in the exact way I am hoping to help teach with as you now see a new Skillshare class today!

My Skillshare classes now are available to premium members first and then for free later on.

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Enroll in Creativity Productivity Challenge Starting Over: take this class with me today to take a step forward in challenging your creativity, productivity level when it comes to starting over. This is a big creativity challenge that I've found is getting through starting over whenever you've stopped creating whatever it is. If you're writing a book, when have you taken a week or weeks off writing your book? It's hard to start over. I make videos every day and I'll show you over here on skill share. I'll go to my skill share profile and what do I do? I say I'm teaching new skill share classes daily. What have I done? I haven't made a skill share class Now in over 10 days, it's hard to get back started. Often my inclination is to simply leave and move on and let something go rather than go back in and admit that I slowed down or failed to meet my productivity goals. I challenge you today Toe watched through this class to see strategies you can use to challenge your creative productivity. Today, 2. Tracking creativity over time with a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet: thank you very much for getting started with this class. The main tool I use toe help me start over because invariably, if you're creating anything, whether it's audiobooks, blawg, post video courses, books, whatever it is you're creating, you invariably love times or you get interrupted if you're drawing things. If you're making gaming videos, whatever it is you're creating, you'll invariably get interrupted by life. What could be difficulty is to start over. My mom talked about this with writing her book. She was writing her book every day. My mom's got a massive book, hundreds of thousands of words written on what happened. She got hurt. And then it took her nearly year to start writing her book again. And she's found it very difficult to get back into writing it. Because for many of us starting over, we have to admit we have to forgive the time we didn't go forward creating classes or courses or book chapters or whatever it is. This spreadsheet helps me to get through that because it shows me my average work over time , and ultimately, if you're doing creative work, it's more about your average work over time than it is having this continuous cycle of work . I'll show you various things. I've went through this spreadsheet. I will explain it to you as well. This covers my workflow, and this is my workflow for the last two years working online. This is my time card, so to speak. This is where I prove what I've done in all this time working online on the top column. You'll see here. I'll zoom in a bit better so you can see it. It has the number of audio chapters I've produced in both audio books, and now in my podcast and as videos I've uploaded to you, to me and to YouTube, which over 2000 videos and that includes now online course on my website as well and then messages I've responded to. So these are my three main productivity outputs for my creativity. This is where my time get spent. If I could quantify my work for you, this is what it looks like, and I just started the audio recently, and maybe I'll rotate the video and the audio around here. It doesn't matter. The point is, this is really helpful for me to see trends over time and it's helpful for me to start over because it's tough to come back to skill share where I'm making this originally as a skill share class. And then when I'm planning to do a month or so after it's on skill share, put it up on YouTube and then make the skill share class free. It's hard for me to come back to skill share here. After I promised I'd teach new classes daily. And now, because I've made a big transition in my business, I'm changing over to doing everything free. Ah, free podcast for all my inspirational videos instead of audiobooks and then doing all my classes, put them on skill share first most of the time, make them premium for the first month or so and then go and put them up on YouTube for free . So everything I create will be available for free. Well, this transition has got a lot of work that is accompanied it in the last 10 days, and that led to me not doing any skill. Share class is the most important thing you can do when you're creating somewhere and you know it's the right thing to do. I know it's the right thing for me to keep creating these video classes. This is one of the most important pieces of work I do in my entire day, and yet it can be so easy to let these things go to stop creating or to get off on tangents . I know if I keep creating, or I believe, if I keep creating class on skill share and then put in them for free a month or so later and then changing the class to free on skill share. If I keep putting them up one day after another, that will be enough for me to easily make a full time income working online. Combine that with my podcast, which I'm making new episodes daily and a little revenue from YouTube and sales on my website, And I have a very comfortable life from there. And yet why is it I so easily get diverted from making new classes? It's because I have a hard time starting over, and while it is much easier to not start over especially if you're in recovery, especially with your creative work, you will have to start over no matter who you are. What you're doing. You almost always get disrupting in your creative work. See, you can hear my dogs barking. I need to stop between videos here. 3. The destructive power of low productivity stories: one of the worst things that happens was starting over is telling stories. Telling stories is a very valuable function and part of being human being. The problem is, we often use this ability in a way to hurt ourselves, especially when it comes to doing creative work like I'm doing here with you now. This is creative work. I'm creating something out of nothing, and it's coming out here with you. What often happens is we will tell poisonous stories. We as artists, as creators, teachers. We will tell stories that poison our ability to do our creative work and feel good about him. For example, here's a story I told last year, and I'll show you how this spreadsheet I use helps me to not body into stories. So here's the spreadsheet I used and I'm still using today. But last year I was using this when my daughter was born. So I've got these days in here. If you'll notice. With zero videos here, there's six days in a row where I didn't record a video in proximity to my daughter being born, so I've got six days here, and then I did still answer questions on two of these days. Six days with no videos. So what story did I start telling related to how this went down? Well, I didn't start telling it right away. I'll zoom out a bit here so you can see these different things. So this column here says the average number of videos will get back to that more in a minute. So these stories, what I started doing was telling a story of how unproductive I'd Ben after my daughter was born. And I didn't start telling it until, like, Christmas time or something like that. So I started telling a story in here somewhere about how unproductive I was being as a result of being apparent having a child. So I started telling it somewhere around here. So we'll just take January 14th and we will scroll back over two around when my daughter was born. So we've got there now that is 100 and 40 days. And so I was attempting to sabotage my own creativity here and build a resentment about being apparent like that. I couldn't really do good work as a parent, and you can't see it down here. Probably, but I'll just tell you the average. I was telling this story about how unproductive I was, on average, on a daily basis, that seven days a week since my daughter was born over the preceding four months. After that, I averaged 2.79 Let's round up to about three videos a day. My original goal that I sat was two videos a day at the beginning of this spreadsheet. My goal right here December 4th 2014 was to do two videos a day and you'll see lots of days . That's exactly what I did. And then you'll see that I consistently start over again after their zeros. So this was a trip to visit my mother for Christmas As soon as I get back from the trip right back into it. This was a trip to South Korea to visit my biggest client. As soon as I get back right back toe work, starting over as much easier when you can't lie to yourself about your level of creativity and productivity. So what you see on this stat up here? It says Project one, which in this column for most of the spread, she I go down here and list whatever I'm working on. So this shows you the name of the course or the name of the book. If you go down to where we're at today, you'll see that a lot of these air audiobooks. And now recently I'm working on my happier people podcast, So I'll fill that in today. Did one of those before this this number below? This is the average number of videos I've made daily for the entire duration of the spreadsheet. That means my original goal I set was two videos a day the entire time over the last two years through my business, changing through having my daughter being born. They're getting banned from you to me through trying to do gaming videos for a while through doing audio books and now back to doing video classes on What I try to do is a daily basis, average number of four videos every single day. So now when I go back in to skill shared work today, I have proof that I'm being productive overall that I'm nearly meeting double what I set for myself to do. Now we'll talk more about this shortly about why it's good to set a goal. I hope you've got out of this that using something to track your workflow will help you. If you're like me, it may be very helpful as it is for me in starting over in going back toe whatever creative work you were doing and especially getting through days where you don't do anything and coming back and doing it again on a day like today for me. 4. Setting a simple daily goal allows me to do amazing work: if you want to maximize your productivity, what I've done is set a baseline gold that I aim to accomplish on a daily basis. That's relatively simple. I have two goals right now to do one new podcast episode daily, and that's attempting to be, no matter what that is a 20 mile march. We're gonna do this every single day, no matter what. So I'm attempting to do one new podcast episode every day, even if I'm traveling, even if I'm sick. So that way people see me or hear me show up no matter what. And then some days from having a bad day, you're gonna get me on a bad day on my podcast. A. Some days I'm sicking it me sick. If some days I'm traveling, you're gonna get me traveling. The point is that I then show up no matter where I am. It gives consistency, consistency, builds, trust and trust is what's critical for all of us to heal and feel connected. That's my goal is to do one new podcast episode every day of about 10 to 20 minutes. Now it on Lee takes me about 15 to 25 minutes of riel time to do a podcast episode because I don't edit them. I just I Okay, technically, do edit. I cut the 1st 2nd or two off. I cut the last second or two off. If there's a big mess up somewhere, like my dogs bark and go crazy or something, then I'll stop trim right there and go on. Today's podcast is what I normally do. Normally, I record straight through simply chopped the very beginning and very end off so that it's a neat for example, half 2nd 1 second pause to start and then 1/2 2nd or one second pause to finish. And then I run it through three different sound crossing, assessing effects. And then I upload straight from there. This allows me in 10 to 20 or so minutes every day to get a new podcast episode up, so I don't see any reason I wouldn't have 10 or 20 minutes every day. Now. Obviously, if it took me an hour several hours, that would be too much. But it's a very simple to achieve goal, and then my goal is now one video every day, one video every day. My goal previously was two videos a day, but I didn't have the audio component. So now the podcast is there for me, especially for inspirational motivational from my own spiritually development. I've found that it helps me to teach all the things I'm learning because then I learned them better. So my podcast helps me even if no one listens to it, it helps me. And I'm grateful there are anywhere from 50 to 100 or so people listening to every episode right now on a daily basis. I'm very grateful for that. Which is why this you are always on the top. Hold time, even listen to it for free. With no ads, I think most anywhere in the world I now have a simple goal based on the original goal. When I started this spreadsheet, when I went back up here, we'll go back up to the beginning. December 4th, 2000 and 14. I set a goal of two videos a day. Now you might ask Jerry, why did you set to videos a day? Why not one new course a month? Why not? Ah, 100 videos or 1000 videos? I set two videos a day because that sounds easy, and that is something I can accomplish first thing in the morning. What I try and do is knock my creative work out first thing in the morning, Then the rest of the day. Anything else I get to do is a bonus. I try and do my podcast first thing in the day. I try and do my video classes first thing in the day. It's 9:15 a.m. Right now I've done a podcast and we're working our way together through this video class. I try and do my creative work first thing in a day. Then if I need answer emails, then if I need to take phone calls than whatever I need to do throughout the day, I've got my bottom line. Most valuable work done. Making these video classes is the most valuable work I've ever done. Therefore, it makes sense to do some of it whenever possible. Now I do let go of doing the videos now a lot of the time if I'm traveling, however, I've got a little 3 60 camera somewhere around here that now I'm taking that, making some videos, traveling and seeing what people think of that This gives me a really simple system that I can accomplish and feel good about every day. That way I feel like I've accomplished something every day. Now. I would have set a goal to make 2000 videos in two years. Imagine starting off on that. Imagine how hopeless that goal sounds right away. Look at if imagine here. If I'd set out a goal of doing 2000 now, you would have think you're and saying no one would set a goal to do that. Many, even sad, set a goal of 1000 on this first day, I set a goal of two and I got four. I felt really good about that. If I had set a goal off 100 I got four, I wouldn't feel great about it. And then the next day, when I only did, too, I would have really felt bad, and then I would have probably put out a lot of hard working here. That was up to 22 then after three days of this and a few here, I likely according to my behavior in the past would have quit. I had about 42. That's about what I've done in most all my creative work most of my life. About 10 days in, I'd set these lofty goals and I'd quit. What you notice here is not only did I not quit, I started to get better. And even if I wouldn't have quit right there, I very likely would have got to have 71 or so. And after a vacation, I might have quit right there for me. I don't do better with big goals that I can't finish today. I'm a simple guy, living one day at a time. I do a lot better if I can do the gold today, for example, with going to Alcoholics Anonymous every day, which the 12 step recovery program? It is a simple thing they tell you to do, and that's go to meetings and don't drink between the meetings. Now it sounds really easy, but apply that to any problem you have in your life. For example, if you have a diet problem, eat healthy today and then I say, Let's say you have a friend, you're accountable to a personal trainer or a dietitian, a doctor, whatever. Eat healthy today and don't binge or eat terrible between that in your next meeting with whoever it is, it sounds pretty easy when you try and set thes bigger goals. So, like I'm gonna lose £20 those air really hard If you set simple goals like I do with my diet. Now I eat a mostly raw, vegan diet. I have some things that are cooked, and I'm not 100% strict on it. But my purpose is to eat as many whole plant foods as possible to get the best nutrition. I set a goal to eat like that today. It's a week before Thanksgiving. Believe me, I've thought about the turkey. I haven't fantasized about as much as I've been aware that there will be Turkey when you set a manageable goal like I want to eat as healthy as possible today, it's really easy to accomplish. I don't have to worry about how I'm to make it through Thanksgiving for the first time about Turkey. I eat healthy today. I do videos. Today. I do a podcast today. It sounds stupid, simple, and it is. That's why I can handle it. I can't handle setting a goal like 2000 videos or something in two years, but I can actually do that. That's the beauty of this workflow. Most everyone I see and work with online sets thes bigger goals in I Don't Set those Anymore and you see the results of it. After months of setting my two videos a day, I learned that, Hey, it's hard to do two videos a day on the crappy computer I'm using. I better get new computer. It's hard to do videos on the existing software I was using. I better upgrade my software. Better upgrade my microphone and doing two videos a day has gave me the motivation to make a better video production system. And now you see through here lots of days. There's 10 20 videos uploaded, and I did those 10 or 20 videos, often in the same amount of time. It took me originally to do 2 to 4 videos a day. So when I knock out, if I go into where I'm at closer to today, so on these days where I've done several videos in one day like eight videos and one day nine videos in one day, I'm able to do those in usually an hour or two. It doesn't take me a lot of time. And yes, I've practiced a teaching so much that I trust you to view this, and I don't edit things that much. I look over, I glanced over here because I'm filming on another computer. So this is on one screen. I've got a crazy three computer set up in my house Now. Four, if you count my Mac book, I have three computers. I all run together to do this process. Now that makes it so fast to put all these videos together. Having a simple video of two videos a day quickly brought me in a frustration with my equipment, sitting here saying, If my equipment was better, I could do 10 videos instead of two. And then I am now averaging almost four videos a day through all kinds of changes and now even getting audio chapters done each day. I'm grateful to share this with you today, and I've shared it because so many people before you have said this was helpful. So I hope this is useful for you. 5. Project for creativity productivity challenge: thank you very much for finishing this class with me today. I hope this class is useful for you as I'm doing. What I suggest is the challenge. I'm here making a new class for skill share that I hope you'll enjoy. I'm here to share with you what I've learned and I would like you to share with me what you've learned. If you're on skill share taking this, would you please share in your class project how you have used what you've seen in this class? This class will be premium for 30 days or so on skill share first and then it will be free after that. If you're watching this on YouTube, I would appreciate there's a free linking used to post it on skill share. Or if you want to share a screenshot or if you're on YouTube. Would you just please leave a comment and say what this video motivated you to do toe let me know that you watch all the way to the end because while I realize you must be watching to the end to be experiencing this, I don't get any feedback that you actually made it to the end without you telling me I do a better job and everything I do with your feedback, and then when you give me your feedback, I can give you my feedback. We can build a relationship from there. If you've washed this on skill share, would you please leave a review for this course? Because then that helps other people to know. Rather, it's worth their time or not. If you're on YouTube, would you please leave a Lycra subscription on this video for the same reason to help me continue being of service to each day as I make new videos that I hope, refer your benefit on a daily basis? I've put my podcast up here because I think you'll really enjoy listening to my podcast. It's available at jury banfield dot com, and it's an example of how have switched my productivity. I've challenged myself to go into a new direction of creativity, So as you can see, I've got hundreds of episodes on my podcast. It's available on iTunes and Google play. I'm trying to make new episodes every day on it. Thank you very much for watching this. Hope you have a great day today.