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Creativity Masterclass: How To Start A Creativity Journal for Creative Inspiration

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10 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction to Starting your Creativity Journal

    • 2. Your Creativity Journal from Start to Finish

    • 3. Writing with Music Introduction

    • 4. Writing Exercise Using Music #1

    • 5. Writing Exercise Using Music #2: Environment

    • 6. Writing Exercise Using Music #3:Emotional Trigger

    • 7. Writing Exercise Using Music #4: 5 words

    • 8. Writing Exercise Using Music #5: Image

    • 9. Final thoughts on your Creativity Journal

    • 10. Continue Learning With Me


About This Class

This is an introductory class to starting your very own creative journal. A creative journal can provide creative inspiration for when you are creatively stuck and motivate you to get back into your creativity if life has distracted you.

In the long run, a creative journal can give you insight into what you find creatively inspiring and how you get back into your creative mindset ASAP. A creative journal is a great way to boost your creativity if you are ever creatively stuck.


Creative Journal Class Goals:

  • Insight into what is a creativity¬†journal
  • How to start writing in your creative journal
  • What to avoid writing about in your journal
  • Bonus: Creative writing journal prompts that will help you to start filling out your creative journal today

If you are ready to start a creative journal that will provide long term creative inspiration enroll in this creativity class today!


1. Introduction to Starting your Creativity Journal: Hi there. Welcome to the introductory course to starting your very own creative journal. Now, there are so many different reasons for how a creative journal will benefit you. But some of the main reasons why is if you're creatively stuck. If you don't have any inspiration to go off your creative journal is gonna be the key to give you that inspiration to give you that motivation to get you going on your creative journey from what is a creative journal? How is a creative journal supposed to look like? What do you write in your great of journal? All of that is gonna be covered in this class. So if you are ready to get started on your creative journal, go ahead and roll in this class and I'll see you on the inside. 2. Your Creativity Journal from Start to Finish: Let's start with what is a creativity journal, a journal, The documents, any thoughts, ideas or emotions in may sound like a diary, and yes, it is very similar. But a diary is about your day. Usually it's mainly emotionally charged as well. A creative journal can be looked upon mawr as a drink. Sometimes your dreams are very vivid visual to where you remember a clear beginning and end . And other times you only remember the thing that woke you up like falling off a cliff. And when you hear Journal, most people imagine a bound book type of journal. But let me clear this up. I want your creativity German to be anything you want. Anything you want. A binder with paper, a notebook, a homemade do yourself bound book. It doesn't matter. I wanted decorated for inspiration or by a notebook that already has just the right inspirational cover and stands out from the rest of your journals and notebooks at home. Basically, when you pick out or make your creative journal, think of it this way. If you lost your creativity journal in a pile of 50 other creative journals, would you be able to describe it to your friend helping you look for it? Or will your friend be confused among the other generic journals and binders that look just like yours? So a quick recap the first part of starting a creative e journal is you have to have a journal binder notebook that is unique with a personalized cover that makes you smile, feel happy or relaxed when you take it with you to write any creative inspirations in it. Now, the second question I want to answer for you is, when do you have your creates every journal with you? If you guess always, you are right. Yet realistically, I know this may be hard to dio, so I would recommend having a specific time set aside to write in your journal every day. If I don't have my creativity journal with me, I simply jot it down in my phone and look back over my phone notes to write down and expand on them in my creativity journal later on in the day. Even though you may not have your creativity journal with you at all times, the one major thing I do not do not do not want you to do is get an idea and think, Wow, I'm going to write that down in my journal when I get home. If you have anything worth writing down in your creativity journal, I want you to jot it down within 10 minutes of having that idea or thought in your head. As you get older, your mind begins to multitask, and sometimes what you thought you were going to remember ends up being for gotten. And no matter how hard you try to remember, sometimes it's a loss thought. So don't fall into this trap. Write it down within 10 minutes of thinking about it. The next topic I want to cover is the intimidation of a blank creativity journal. What do you write in it? I want you to write about anything that stands out to you that is odd or new, or you just seem to be pulled towards this. So what do all these words really mean? I want you to get into the habit of writing in your creativity journal at least once a day every other day at the least, so every day there should be something that stands out to you, something you can get out of your head, a new thing you learned or something odd you saw or experience that you never have. Prior to this moment in your life. You don't have to fill out an entire page or even half a page. The goal is to not focus on length. It is the value of what you have written about. It could be multiple thoughts with short descriptions. Or you can write about an awesome experience or simply draw what caught your eye today. Guess what? You don't even have to have lines in your journal. Or if your journal is college ruled, you do not have to Right on those lines. This is your journal your rules. I can't tell you what or how to write in your creativity journal because each journal will be unique and personalized to you. If you want to look up, ideas, go for it. But at the end, the day you will start filling out your creativity journal with things that will be used for your creative inspiration in the future. Going along with what you should write were drawn. Your Creativity journal. Is there anything that you should try to avoid? Writing about Yes, One type of emotion on Lee, Any negative emotion. The only exception to this rule is if it doesn't involve you. So if there was a surprising bar fight and you wanted to capture that experience in your creativity journal, okay. But if you are writing about anything emotionally negative involving you, how you're depressed, the loneliness of today, your recent break up etcetera big? No, because these are such strong negative emotions you are risking reliving that moment, getting caught up in your thoughts when you re read this later on in the future. But if you're adamant and determined to write about these negative emotions, sure, I'm not saying you can't but write them elsewhere like your diary. Not your creativity journal, because when you go back and re read anything everything in your creativity journal, I want you to think, get motivated and draw creative inspiration from your journal, not get sucked back in internally on your negative emotions. I really want you to see the difference and understand that your negative experiences and emotions should not be written down in your creativity journal ever because then it turns into a diary. Not your creativity Journal. There is a difference between the two and what they're used for. Now, the key to your creative journal really being an extraordinary creativity tool is to always remind yourself to switch things up. When it comes to creative Inspiration Day Today you may fall into a routine of writing down what you see between people or a color scheme that works really well, and it's pleasing to your eye that you constantly right about this is okay. And if this is your very first creative journal, don't be too hard on yourself. Or put so much mental pressure on yourself that writing in your Creativity journal turns into a chore or a negative experience for you. Eventually, once you start getting more comfortable writing down things daily in your creativity journal, what I want you to start doing is challenging yourself to find something unique from a perspective you haven't mentioned before in your Creativity journal. For example, if you love nature and constantly writing creative ideas, thoughts, drawings, images of trees, this puts you into a routine. So what you could do is a couple of times the tree that fascinates you do explore its in your Creativity journal, but eventually zoom out from the tree and begin to notice other things about and around the nature. Aside from the tree, always push yourself to notice the small details others may miss. Vary your creative journal ideas, imagery. So when you need inspiration about grass, guess what you will have that base covered because you're not just stuck and in love with a specific tree. Now, once you have your creativity journal started, as in, you have a couple of pages filled out. What's the next step? I usually end up doing one of two things. I either mix and match or I go off of my mood. So for the mix and match, you will basically brainstorm or combine different ideas to see what you can come up with. So, for example, if you have a situation with a dog and on another day this awesome event happened at a concert, can you combine the two to form into a unique encounter or story? That's one way to take your creativity to next level. Then let's take a look at the mood aspect, so some days you are in love with life. Other days you feel completely relaxed. Yes, there will be days when you're feeling silly board or thinking It's just not your day on these days. If you choose to open your journal for creative inspiration, it will be strictly based on your mood, because that will influence your mind, your thoughts, the creative path you're mentally going to take from what is in your creative journal. I know when I'm in a really bold or goofy mood, I will create a video or a piece of artwork and then the following week be in a completely different mindset. So then, when I do look back onto my previous week, I'm thinking, Wow, that happened. Thanks, mind you really went all out, so you will definitely surprise yourself. But going with your mood is not always about thing. So now let me push you forward to start actually writing in your creative journal that you have chosen. Here are some of the different things you can write about what color stuck out to today. What was the first thought associated with this color? What surprised you today from watching people interact? What do you remember the most? What texture stuck out to today? Why Do you remember it so vividly? What was the last dream that woke you up or made you not want to wake up? Draw one thing you do not want to forget what would be the first thing you notice about a person If you couldn't see, I want you to go to a new place you haven't been to. And just write down what you see. Smell, taste, touch. And here, at this new location, how do you describe darkness? What is one thing that motivated you to get up this morning? When was the last time you laughed so hard that you cried? How did you step outside your comfort zone today? What is the saltiest food item you ate today? How do you describe the facial expression of someone and thought What makes a rock unique and special in nature? What was your favorite daydream today? Your favorite surface to step on and bare feet. What does happy feel like? What did your taste that was outside your comfort zone? And what was your reaction to it? 3. Writing with Music Introduction: Hi. Are you a writer or someone that loves to write but are currently experiencing writer's block or looking for further creative inspiration? If so, this is the class for you. My name is Tatiana Ambrose. And in this class, we are going to be using music specifically your own style favorite taste genre of music to draw creative inspiration from for your next writing peace. Now, this is what is gonna make the class so unique. I am not gonna be forcing you to listen to specific type of music. You are gonna be choosing the type of music, that type of song you want to listen to in draw creative inspiration from as we go through this class because you have probably completed many writing props and you are now stuck into that comfort routine zone. So let's get out of your comfort zone. Try something new all the while listening to your favorite type of music. 4. Writing Exercise Using Music #1: welcome. So before we jump into any exercise, I do want to remind you to not censor yourself or look for the right answer because there isn't gonna be a right answer. And if you start looking for the right answer, you're gonna censor your thoughts because you are now going to be limited yourself to Onley . One answer now what do I mean by not censoring herself looking for the right answer? So say we are going through an exercise and the song is about how a person went through a break up at a park. Now, if I ask you about the environment, you are not going to be saying, Well, it's the park, obviously. Okay, Yes, the environment is the park in the song. But listening to the lyrics you are sent to yourself because you think there is only one answer and it's the park. When in turn this is what I want you to really do when you're listening to a song. So the singer is talking about a break up out of park. You're listening to song and before you know what you're reminiscing about, your break up where you had a rough day at work. You come home, you call your significant other, expecting to just vent about your day, and it turns out you get dumped. Now the environment is you just got home from work, so it's probably your home environment. Whether it's apartment, whether it's a house, here's the thing. When it comes to writing, you don't want to just focus on someone else's experiences. You are listening to a song that you can tie and relate and connect to, and then take that emotion and put it into your writing. I want you to not only listen to the music but connect to the music and then use your creativity to liven up your writing. So let's move over to her first exercise. Okay, so for your first exercise, I want you to pick out one song you're gonna use. Pause this video if needed to pick out a song and press play when you're ready. Once you have picture song, I want you to listen to song and then right for half a page on Who do you think of when you're listening to this song? Is it family, friends, ex current boyfriend? It could even be your pet. There is no restrictions. There is no censoring. There is no right answer. So listen to your song. And then right half a page on who you are thinking off. 5. Writing Exercise Using Music #2: Environment: All right. So for exercise to I want you to once again have another song ready to go. So for this exercise, I want you to listen to your song and then write about the environment of the song. So again, this is going back to our not censoring, as in, you're not gonna just pick an environment that the song is talking about. You're gonna listen to the song you're gonna think about the song. And then what environment do you envision while listening to that song? And it could be completely and off the wall opposite emotion environment that you are thinking of. Well, listening to the song based on your current mood. So if the song is talking about summer fun at the pool and all, Son, you're listening to song and you're thinking about the moment that you almost drowned while swimming at the beach. That is fine. You are going to write about that experience, but focus on what environment comes to mind while listening to song number two and then write about it 6. Writing Exercise Using Music #3:Emotional Trigger: Okay, So do you have song number three ready to go? If so, let's move on to the next exercise. Now, for this exercise, I want you listen to song number three and focus on what emotion do you feel from the song ? So, for example, if you're listening to a song and it has a sad tone to it, you're gonna be thinking Well, obviously I'm feeling a little bit more mellow. Little bit sad. But why are you feeling sad? Do you have any specific situations that you're tying into this song relating to this song that is causing you to be sad And is there anything further? Is the sadness turning into anger? Is the sadness turning into being grateful? And what is this emotion correlating to when it comes to you as a person? You from memories you with your experiences and this can also go onto the happy spectrum. So if you're listening to a really upbeat, happy song and you think of a favorite childhood memory right about that emotion, how did you feel in that moment? How did that emotion fade or escalate to even a further emotion? Say, from your happiness to turned into, ah, giggle fit of laughter. Or from that happiness you went and you were in a really peaceful state of mind. It was a great time during the summer moment. Right about that, but really zone in on your emotion for song number three. 7. Writing Exercise Using Music #4: 5 words: Hi. So for your next exercise, you should have your new song ready to go. I want you to listen to the song and pick out five words or five sentences that really stick out to you and use thes sentences to either write a letter, write a poem or a short story. 8. Writing Exercise Using Music #5: Image: Hi. So Harry's you and so far with these exercises, hopefully awesome. If you have any questions or you're confused, feel free till let me know. I'm more than happy to give you any additional feedback, but let's continue on to our next exercise. So you should have a new song Ready to go, and what I want you to do is to listen to the song all the way through. And typically, most songs have an album cover that they come from. So I want you to take a look at the album cover and see if this album cover can add anything new to this song, or how this song adds any new additional information to the album cover. So, for example, if you're listening to a song and in house to do with enjoying life and the photo is of a really bright sun, how do they correlate to each other? How does the song impact this son image? How does the sun image impact this song that you have listened to? I want you to really break it down. What does this image symbolize? What this this image stand for? And how does the song help empower the image? Or how does the image impact the song 9. Final thoughts on your Creativity Journal: hi. You have now re stand the class. What did you think? If you have any questions, any further questions that I can assist in feel free to post in the community section, I am more than happy to answer any questions that you have when it comes to your creative journal. I want you once again to start this creative journal and right in it at least once a day, Start small and gradually build up to where maybe the first day you write a couple sentence says you drop one picture and then you know a month or two into your creative journal, you start filling out a little bit more each time because you're seeing more creative inspiration around you. You're a more open to it. Starting out your creativity journal is going to take time. So when you start out, don't put so much pressure on yourself that you'll get frustrated. You get stressed out that you feel like you are not putting enough new journal, start small and gradually build up. I hope that you enjoy this class and would sincerely love if you left to review whether it's just a thumbs up or a written review. Your thoughts are always welcome. And I cannot wait to see you in my next class. Thank you so much for joining me. 10. Continue Learning With Me : Hi. You have now reached a in this class. So what did you think of this class? If you enjoy the class, I would love to see a thumbs up review from u. I love all my students feedback. It helps me plan for my future classes. So now let me show you a couple things related to my profile. So the first thing when it comes to class recommendations, I will always have a post under this community tap that will show you what other classes you can take by me. But at this moment, I have over 47 different classes and how you can find out what other classes you can enroll to is by simply clicking on my profile name. And this will open up my page. Now you have the about me which will show you my top two or three classes that I recommend scroll down and under this teaching tab and you can scroll through all the classes. And if you're a premium number, it's not going to cost you anything extra. And you can enroll in these at any time so you can press the Seymour and there you go. Any class you're interested in, Simply click on it and start watching it. So thank you once again for enrolling in my classes. I hope you had fun. Learned a lot of new stuff. And if you get a second, don't forget to leave a review, and I will see you next time.