Creativity Masterclass: How To Start A Creativity Journal for Creative Inspiration

Tatiana Ambrose, Classes Helping You To Be Creative

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10 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction to Starting your Creativity Journal

    • 2. Your Creativity Journal from Start to Finish

    • 3. Writing with Music Introduction

    • 4. Writing Exercise Using Music #1

    • 5. Writing Exercise Using Music #2: Environment

    • 6. Writing Exercise Using Music #3:Emotional Trigger

    • 7. Writing Exercise Using Music #4: 5 words

    • 8. Writing Exercise Using Music #5: Image

    • 9. Final thoughts on your Creativity Journal

    • 10. Continue Learning With Me


About This Class

This is an introductory class to starting your very own creative journal. A creative journal can provide creative inspiration for when you are creatively stuck and motivate you to get back into your creativity if life has distracted you.

In the long run, a creative journal can give you insight into what you find creatively inspiring and how you get back into your creative mindset ASAP. A creative journal is a great way to boost your creativity if you are ever creatively stuck.


Creative Journal Class Goals:

  • Insight into what is a creativity¬†journal
  • How to start writing in your creative journal
  • What to avoid writing about in your journal
  • Bonus: Creative writing journal prompts that will help you to start filling out your creative journal today

If you are ready to start a creative journal that will provide long term creative inspiration enroll in this creativity class today!