Creativity Masterclass: Exercises that Increase Creative Thinking in Meetings

Tatiana Ambrose, 44 Classes Helping You To Be Creative

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13 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. #1 Thing you should be doing in your meetings to boost creativity

    • 2. Re-evaluate your meeting environment

    • 3. Can silence be good?

    • 4. Who doesn't like winning?

    • 5. Food For Thought For Your Next Meeting

    • 6. Creative Meeting Exercise #1

    • 7. Creative Meeting Exercise #2

    • 8. Creative Meeting Exercise #3

    • 9. Creative Meeting Exercise #4

    • 10. Creative Meeting Exercise #5

    • 11. Creative Meeting Exercise #6

    • 12. Creative Meeting Exercise #7

    • 13. Final words on boosting creativity during meetings


About This Class

Do your meetings need a makeover? Are they lacking creativity and/or don't generate new ideas? 

After this course you will be able to know how to give your meeting that creative spark that it's been missing. 

This course gives you the knowledge and tools to start having successful meetings that generate new ideas.

Tatiana has worked in a job where there was little creativity, which was not only the definition of boring, but amounted to the business being in a constant struggle to stand out from their competition. She believes that meetings are an underused resource for thinking creatively when it comes to business. A group meeting is one of the few moments where you have your team together, focused on one topic at a time. So why not use creativity to come up with new ideas and/or problem solve creatively?

Meetings happen on a daily, weekly and even monthly basis for you. The main takeaway point is that you will never stop having meetings that's why our goal is to make your meetings as productive and creative as possible for the rest of your career and life.


Class Goals:

  • Analyze your meeting environment
  • Learn 7 Creative Exercises for your next meetings
  • Touch base on how silence can be used to your advantage in a meeting
  • Be energized and excited for your next meeting
  • Learn how to boost Creativity in any meeting

Meetings are not supposed to be boring and dreadful, so enroll today and start having meetings that are creatively stimulating!