Creativity Course- Empowerment Through Line, Space, Shape, and Color | Elena Zelenina | Skillshare

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Creativity Course- Empowerment Through Line, Space, Shape, and Color

teacher avatar Elena Zelenina, ART COMPLETES YOU

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Unblock Your Creativity - Create a Constant Flow of Ideas

    • 3. The Line Exercise Video

    • 4. Shape and Space

    • 5. Color is your unique blueprint

    • 6. Unique Rhythm

    • 7. What's next?

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About This Class



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Elena Zelenina



How would your life look like if you have high energy, clarity, and self-leadership?

Elena's mission is to help people achieve that through her life coaching, business training or transformation through art and the science of completion training. Elena Zelenina has been arts advocate for many years. Elena authored three books "Arts To The Rescue" and "Modern Breakthrough for Women" She is a host of "Art Of Being" segment at the TV project "We". Her Upcoming book "Art Completes You. Transformation through art and the science of completion" is coming out in the Fall of 2017. "She founded and ran a successful art school in New Jersey for 11 years.
Elena has been teaching for 30 plus years. and has conducted classes and workshops in the US, Russia and India, She holds two Master... See full profile

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1. Intro: welcome to the creativity Course. My name is a win is a win. Emma, I am very excited for you. I'm excited for this journey you're about to take to explore the endless Cretu flow that we will have. This seemingly easy practices are the ones that out of my 30 plus years of experience, I found the most beneficial. And I do have to muster degrees. I'm a very card instructor, and I've taught in three different countries, from India to Russia to the U. S. And this is kind of a very condensed version off what I do in people from any background can do. So you will find exercises with art practices and as well a. Some observation will exercises. Every practice is a stand alone practice. So if you decide to do it even for a month or more, it's perfectly all right. It's highly recommended. Uh, and I will see you in the next few Do 2. Unblock Your Creativity - Create a Constant Flow of Ideas: Welcome to this module. This exercise unlocks your creative flow. Human beings are created beings. Although the exercise itself is easy to do, it's probably one of the most important. So this module is about alive. Contemplate On this line is and pimples line is the expression off creative energy. When you do the exercise that they will describe, you have to be in the state off surrendering to the line. So rendering means you are in your highest possibility You Are you receiving more than thinking up? You are open to allow the green energy go through you and express in the line on paper. So how do you do the exercise itself? You stop drawing a line. There are no rules. The line can be broken, It can be continues. You can take a many papers as you want to. You have to stop once you see that you're lying. Wants to take assumption. After some time you will notice that it can go. No one wanted one and then all of a sudden the face shows up. You see the money So you stopped at that moment and you go back receiving creative energy. You are north drawing the line. The line draws itself. Good luck and let's do exercise. I will see you in the next video. 3. The Line Exercise Video: welcome to a secret to a simple and easy way to start your creative flow. It is a line practice. So why this one? Where does it come from? I'm showing this exercise to you because it is really easy to do. But the benefits are tremendous. It might help you with feeling stuck at work, lack off creativity when facing a black cameras or a blank page. If you're a writer, even if you are stuck with your relationships, it is the first principle towards in the Vedic art horse. It also has a verse in the process you do during the course, but that the end of the day. If you just follow these simple rules that I'm going to tell you, you will get all the benefits, how you do it. So take a blank sheet of paper. Position it anyway. You prefer vertically, horizontally onto the signed and change the position off the paper during the process. If you feel like it, you can use a pen or a pencil. Please avoid the color in the beginning not to get distracted and try to feel the whole space off the paper kind of own. It allows the line to draw itself, get curious and try to feel that you are on Lee. A witness. Feel that you have no idea where it wants to go next, or what is going to create sharp turns or not shot terms. It's going to be fast or slow in a certain pattern, or it will break the pattern. Just have fun with it. Practice being relaxed and practice enjoying your curiosity at the moment when you are seeing the line moving around the paper. No, I'm not. But at least way to something else will start happening. Resist until you can. Not anymore. The line will stop getting shapes, and you might want to get color. You will get to that stage, and it's It's an awesome stage. But for the line exercise, just stay with the line as long as you can, and that's your first staff to open up for creativity. So simple 4. Shape and Space: Welcome to the module about freedom from the shape understanding off the shape. I'm standing that everything exists in the space. Come to plate shape. Contemplate the spaces that surround the shape. Think about into spaces between objects. You will do the fooling exercises. First, choose a picture with a distinct clear main object. Turn that picture upside down and draw that out. Climb the main object. Second exercise. Take the same picture. Didn't the right side up this time? Now draw everything but the lane object. Third exercise. Look in the window or go outside and try to see the spaces between the tree branches. We're trying to see the spaces between the blades of glass, trying to see they into spaces between the legs of a chair. Spend some time doing it. I really would suggest maybe 21 minutes. That list just observing into spaces and the last part. Go back inside, take in you picture with clear object and this time, try to draw the outline off main object with the picture looking your regular street way but trying toe droid, shifting your attention from the outline off the object to the outline of the space that surrounds the object. This is all about how we get to a hyper focus one made object and just smooth space in which the object exists. 5. Color is your unique blueprint: welcome. So now in this video, we are going, I'm going to talk about color in your unique perspective. The Simon's that you have are the first assignment. You take any college you want, and you would start drawing the line the same way as you did in the very first practice in , but this time allow the line to for machine and continue with the college. Just enjoy the color. The next one is you take they upside down drawings that you deign and choose any car unless you want and just feel alone. The shapes with color. Just seeing how you relate to which color. Do not put any thought into that. Just enjoy. Last one would be just break down the piece of paper into many different shapes. If you keep some space without the shapes, that itself becomes a shape. So unless you are leaving something white on purpose, few the whole thing with different colors. So what I want to discuss here is covered. It's kind of not only our emotional signature, it's our absolutely unique blueprint. You will never see people using the same tone or shade when they express themselves in painting, unless you can be somebody else's work, but that's not what we're talking about. You're unique vision, how you see colors, how unique colors. It's only you and create TV tea. But the fun of creativity is when you are just flowing with these ideas, trying to think more in terms off receiving the ideas versus you have to think up to come up with certain color combinations. Don't put too much logic because color is emotion. It's your heart. So trying to stay with just that feeling off, being and enjoying the colors you're using, that would be the most beneficial space. And just remember one thing. The collars you like are the right cowards. Despite all sorts off our theories youth colors that you like, it's your only guide. Pull this practice. Enjoy. Okay. PDFs Stone will also injury 6. Unique Rhythm : So this video is about your personal rhythm dismissing the way we work dismissing the way we create new projects or work without new ideas creates stress. And every time we experience stress, creativity is blocked. We want to get into the natural flow when ideas are just coming through. So I want to repeat again. The rule is to know, trying to think the idea up along just whatever comes, come to you and then you will sort it out. Wait so but here we're going to look at your own personal resume. The exercise that you are going to do will consist off you creating four different pieces. You can try. They can be abstract pieces. And if you decide to do something really stick, it really doesn't matter. Could be a mixture of both. I just want yourself. How do you work? Do you like to work? Finished one project. Go to the next one, finished that one, go to the next one or you can actually work simultaneously on different projects, even if they are completely different. The interesting thing here is that creative people are often asked to focus, focus on one thing. Focus on one thing, but the reality is really highly creative. People going to the state almost hyper focus. So for them, switching to a different project and continuing walking is absolutely necessary. We just work that way. So instead of trying to resist your natural flow, observant making no to meet and then see how you work in your life. For example, if you do, you cook and listen to something else. Do you do do and, um, listening or reading or watching TV? Can you create several pieces of work at the same time? The United couple of articles at the same time? Or you are, I don't know, creating your video and waiting your book or you are literally first, finish one thing, then go to another thing. So again there are no rules. Just explore how you work and accept the way you work. That acceptance, that understanding will eliminate stress and then the ideas without you judging whether it's right or wrong, will keep flowing. So enjoy the exercise. Please use the pdf below. If you need to clarify anything 7. What's next?: Well, so now you completed all the assignments and projects and I want to give you a little bit of a road map for you. How to stay in the high creative energy all the time. Most efficient practice is the line practice. It helps toe because you want note, the line can go anywhere. You're receiving the line. It draws itself. It opens up you so much. And new ideas, new solutions sometimes I mean, actually everything. Because we're very we have a lot of patterns of thinking. Patterns of behavior Line really breaks them. So this one is incredible on its own. You can entirely I'm really encouraging you to do it for at least 21 days and see how you feel after that. The exercises with the shape just get trying to get into the space of constantly observing . Where is the object? Where is the space? If I'm creating some kind of goal, what is the space and creating for the goal to happen? So it's very therapeutical. So because that hyper focus on the thing and dismissing the space creates a lot of frustration and energy, there's no flow easily color, and you just need to enjoy. If you are in the art store and you see the color that you like, get it and paint with it, just swinging the color. It's emotional release. You have the right toe. Love the colors that you like, so it's just pure enjoyment and you can go. I have a course that's with where you can learn to draw really well for become in good artist. But for creativity purposes, for whatever you do, the most important thing is your enjoyment, your bliss, how you feel. So make shame. Sound off color. Don't necessarily go for any serious project is go for fun, that's all. Read my hope. You understood that. So think. Charge for how you feel. Think, Charge for your creative flow. Acknowledge your blissful amazing being that you are, and I hope to see you again sometime. The well site is Alina Zelenin dot com. We haven't awesome Facebook Group, which is called Art completes you. Please join, and you can always message me in US questions. I hope that they will have an answer will figure it out. It's a new one. A to know you. Thank you