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Creativity & Children Feng Shui

Cheryl Oed, Feng Shui Consultant, Instructor

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7 Videos (12m)
    • Creativity & Children Intro

    • 2 Element, Color & Shape

    • 3 Animals

    • 4 Hobbies, Sports, Music, Art

    • 5 Items to place

    • 6 Creative block, Pregnancy

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About This Class

Creativity & Children Feng Shui

All the things that we do for fun and get excited about emanate from here.  This area relates to JOY.  If there is no laughter in our lives, then we need to see what is in this area.  This area relates to our children’s successes and failures; their health and energy, and weather or not we will have any children.  It also influences our pets and hobbies.  That vintage car in the garage can be referred to as “your baby.” 





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Cheryl Oed

Feng Shui Consultant, Instructor

Cheryl's extensive study of the metaphysical and mystical provide proven tools that are catalysts for change and self-empowerment.

Her other interests include Enneagram, archetypes, mysticism, astrology, numerology, Jungian psychology, symbology, shamanism, healing & massage, painting, and the arts. Cheryl is a published illustrator of children's books.

2017 Year of the Red Fire Rooster,

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