Creativity Boosters, Tools and Secrets for Solving Complex Problems

Ilya Lobanov, Creating brands that make impact

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7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Morphological Matrix

    • 3. Alternative Perspectives

    • 4. Challenge Assumptions

    • 5. Quantity Before Judgement

    • 6. Creativity Boosters

    • 7. Final Thoughts


About This Class

The following is a class primarily created for designers, students and creative professionals, but it is ultimately for anyone looking to get familiar with some creative tools for problem solving.

Our brains are trained to revert to Logical Thinking whenever faced with a problem, preventing us from thinking ‘outside of the box’. This class is for those who want to be able to make that switch to Think Creatively, and make better use of our creative potential.

Who is it for:

  • Designers of all types
  • Those working for in-house creative departments
  • Writers and art directors from agencies
  • Any person who is interested in being more innovative
  • Anyone who's involved in coming up with ideas, no matter in which industry they work

But there may also be other times when it pays to be creative, sometimes just for the pleasure of being creative:

  • Like building something out of Lego (my favourite childhood past time),
  • Decorating a cake or creating a birthday card,
  • Adding a new spark into a relationship or,
  • Generally making life more interesting

In this class I will take you through some of my favourite creative tools to generate ideas, to give you confidence in your creative process.

What you will learn:

  • Learn how to implement powerful tools to generate new ideas aimed at logical thinkers
  • Understand techniques I use to redefine traditional ideas by looking at different perspectives
  • Master my practice for removing boundaries which prevent us from generating ideas
  • Recognise the importance of assigning a quota of ideas before evaluating them
  • Empower yourself with further Creativity Boosters to supercharge your creative process

Class Project

As part of your Class Project I ask you to submit other creativity tools and practices you use in your creative process, or ones that you come across that you like and find valuable, and share them with the rest of the community.