Creative watercolors: how to paint vibrant flowers | S Sukilopi | Skillshare

Creative watercolors: how to paint vibrant flowers

S Sukilopi, Artist, Skillshare teacher

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8 Videos (19m)
    • Presentation

    • Sketching

    • Background fun

    • Finding petals

    • Lower petals

    • Upper petals

    • Details

    • Final words

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About This Class


Ever feel anxious at the idea of watercolor floral painting? Is it too delicate, too difficult? Will it not look like the model?

How about a fun and easy technique to paint flowers, where you can actually forget about copying a model and truly enjoy the painting process? And the bonus is that when your brushstrokes are spontaneous and free, your final painting looks more lively and your flowers more vibrant and fresh.

In this class I will take you through a few easy steps to paint beautiful pansies, but you can apply this technique to other types of flowers:

-choosing one or two reference photos and a palette

-becoming familiar with the flower’s shape by sketching it a few times

-creating a loose watercolor background, finding nice spots in it and drawing the flowers shapes accordingly

-painting the petals with tips and tricks for a natural and beautiful look

-adding pencil details





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S Sukilopi

Artist, Skillshare teacher

Hello, I'm Sandrine / Suki Lopi (self-given name), I am an artist who loves using all kinds of media and especially watercolors. I am also a Procreate lover and I especially enjoy working on digital collages.

I sell my art through exhibitions and on print on demand websites, such as Society6 and Redbubble.

My main sources of inspiration are my daily reveries, nature, music and books. I am also a major paper hoarder and collect everything and anything that is not complet...

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