Creative coding for absolute beginners [part 1] | Jerome Herr | Skillshare

Creative coding for absolute beginners [part 1]

Jerome Herr, Code Weaver

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4 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Setting up shop

    • 2. Drawing a circle

    • 3. Cleaning up the code a little

    • 4. Adding some interactivity


About This Class

In this series of tutorials I will show you that you don't need to be a programming wizard in order to generate your own visual art via code.


Over the course of the series I will code several small, basic, yet entertaining, examples (using a programming language called p5js), explaining everything while doing so. I will also use words that beginners can readily understand, so no over-the-top jargon!

And the best thing: in order to follow along you don't even need to download and install some software on your computer. You can simply use the web editor on the p5js website! With the added bonus that you can save your art work there and easily share it with your friends.

So don't be afraid and join us! :) 

Ps. I also got an intro course on Processing:





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Jerome Herr

Code Weaver

Having been involved with IT for 20 years, but with a deep yearning for more art and design in my life, I've discovered creative coding, by chance, a couple of years ago. That was a revelation to me! I had finally found my tool for creating, what I think is, beautiful stuff. I had finally found a way to turn the ideas in my head into something visible on a screen!

I immediately then started a Tumblr with the results (and often the source code) of my coding experiments. Its follower si...

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