Creative Writing for All: Develop a Regular & Rewarding Writing Practice | Rumaan Alam | Skillshare

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Rumaan Alam, Writer & Stay-At-Home Dad

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13 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Writing is for Everyone

    • 3. Step 1: Consuming Critically

    • 4. Exercise: Rewrite 5 Sentences

    • 5. Step 2: Developing Discipline

    • 6. Exercise: Write to an Arbitrary Limit

    • 7. Step 3: Outlining Your Story

    • 8. Exercise: Outline a Favorite Story

    • 9. Bonus: Overcoming Writer's Block

    • 10. Step 4: Honing Your Craft

    • 11. Exercise: Read and Revise Aloud

    • 12. Final Thoughts

    • 13. Explore More Classes on Skillshare

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About This Class

The title of “writer” isn’t limited to those with their name on the spine of a book. Learn how you can claim the title for yourselfit's easier than you think!

Join writer Rumaan Alam to learn a simple four-step process for developing a regular and rewarding writing practice that fits your life. Whether you’re putting pen to paper for the first time, struggling through writer’s block, or revising the fifth draft of a story, Rumaan’s personal, practical exercises reveal an approachable framework that will help you claim the title of writer with confidence! 

Through step-by-step exercises, you will:

  • Feel productive even when you don’t have time to write
  • Take the pressure off with small tweaks to your daily routine
  • Organize your ideas to create a roadmap for any project
  • Develop your craft in a way that fits your genre and goals

Plus, Rumaan invites you into his Brooklyn home, sharing his current manuscript as a real-life example of this process in action, from outlining through revising. 

Whether you’re looking to level up professionally or find a new outlet for personal expression, this 45-minute class will rekindle your creativity, unlock your confidence and discover the joy of a regular writing practice!