Creative Writing for All: A 10-Day Journaling Challenge | Emily Gould | Skillshare

Creative Writing for All: A 10-Day Journaling Challenge

Emily Gould, Writer

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6 Videos (26m)
    • Intro: Your 10-Day Challenge!

    • Examples: Julavits and Wolfe

    • Tips for Noticing

    • Emily Writes

    • Revision

    • Closing

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About This Class

The Class: Internationally acclaimed author Emily Gould walks you through a 10-day creative writing challenge! Filled with inspiring examples, observation prompts, and clever revision tricks, it's perfect for writers and enthusiasts eager to rekindle creativity in a personal and artful way.

The Prompt: Commit to writing 10 minutes a day for 10 days (starting with "Today I noticed...") and, on the final day, revise one entry into a finished piece.

Why: Use this class to ban writer's block and get your good ideas down on paper! 


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It's a simple challenge that not only got my creativity to flow, but it also helped me to journal regularly and get less stuck in my head before bed (which was when I did the challenge).
This class holds great tips which would help any writer at any level. If you want a good challenge, have writer's block, or just need some inspiration then this is the class for you. I enjoyed it and will be rewatching parts of it again.
If you need a nudge to get moving, this is it! Also, Emily has a very warm voice that will make you relax into the process of getting (back) into writing.





Emily Gould


Emily Gould is an American author, co-owner of the indie bookstore Emily Books, and former editor of

Her essay collection And the Heart Says Whatever was published by Free Press in May 2010, and her novel Friendship was published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux in 2014.

She blogs at and You can also follower her on Twitter at @EmilyGould and @emilybooks.

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