Creative Writing : Unorthodox Techniques for Creative Thinking | Louis Jackson | Skillshare

Creative Writing : Unorthodox Techniques for Creative Thinking

Louis Jackson

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6 Videos (17m)
    • 1 - Introduction

    • 2 - The Tyranny of Writing Instruments

    • 3 - Writing Just Two Pages Per Day

    • 4 - Recording Your Writing Ideas

    • 5 - Set and Setting for Creative Writing

    • 6 - A Second Pair of Eyes?


About This Class

Creative writing is a fun and rewarding activity. Although writing can be intimidating at times, this course will show you how to take practical steps that can enhance your creativity and help you move beyond writing blocks. The ability to think and write creatively is not a gift that a select few individuals are born with.

In fact, creativity is a skill that we once had in abundance as children. Unfortunately, the journey into adolescence and adulthood started a process of slowly eroding our creative thinking skills, which left many of us in an unbalanced state where logic and rationality were regarded as the only skills worthy of our focus.

This course aims to begin the process of restoring creativity and getting in touch with that part of our mind that allows us to write in unique and novel ways.





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Louis Jackson has been trading stocks and options as a career since 2010. Prior to becoming a full time trader, he worked as a college instructor teaching political science courses. He has a B.A. and M.A. in political science.

He is a self-taught trader who specialize in sentiment trading, volatility trading, and advanced technical analysis.

In addition to trading, he is also an author and entrepreneur.

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