Creative Writing Project: Structure Your Story

Dani and Steve Alcorn, Authors, Mentors, Online Instructors

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5 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Plot vs. Story

    • 3. The Dramatic Elements

    • 4. Project: Create Your Story's Structure

    • 5. Next Steps

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Project Description

Create Your Story’s Structure

Open a fresh document in your word processor, and define these three elements. You can refer to the Character Flaw List for some good story structuring flaws.

  • Passion - Why Do You Want to Write This Story?
  • Theme - What Message Should Readers Wake Away From It?
  • Flaw - How Must Your Character Change to Reflect the Theme?

Now write your Premise in this form, replacing each set of parentheses with your original ideas:

What if a (flawed protagonist)
(encounters some problem) and has to
(overcome the flaw) to
(solve the problem)?