Creative Writing Masterclass: Story Structure | Nicola Valentine | Skillshare

Creative Writing Masterclass: Story Structure

Nicola Valentine, Prize winning writer of novels, stories and films

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5 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Story structure the basics

    • 2. A bit more about story structure

    • 3. Some more models of story structure

    • 4. The Seven Basic plots with some examples

    • 5. Story beat - how to find a winning rhythm for your story

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About This Class

To write a great story and keep your reader turning the pages, you need a great story structure. A lot of this comes instinctively to writers but it's useful to know the theory and be able to think about structure, types of plot and other technical aspects if you want to write well.

This course starts with the basics and moves on to more complicated models and theories about structure and story. From the simple three act structure, to Labov's model, Freitag's pyramid, Campbell's Hero's Journey and the Seven Basic Plots, and including some new theory from The Bestseller Code, recently published by Archer and Jockers 





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Nicola Valentine

Prize winning writer of novels, stories and films

I'm a prize winning novelist as Nicola Monaghan, and also write best selling thrillers as Niki Valentine. I've published novels, short stories, articles in magazines and national newspapers and pieces for broadcast on BBC radio. I've also written and produced short films and am working on my first feature.

You can read stories and extracts from my novels on this blog.

You can find my books on Amazon USA or Amazon UK, and on most online retailers.

I'm on YouTube he...

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