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Creative Writing - CH 5 - How To Write Dialogue

Daniela Andrea Guasti, The best way to a great day is to learn

Creative Writing - CH 5 - How To Write Dialogue

Daniela Andrea Guasti, The best way to a great day is to learn

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4 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Video 1 - Intro

    • 2. Video 2 - Creating Dialogue

    • 3. Video 3 - Foreshadowing

    • 4. Video 4 - Conclusion and Project

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About This Class

Dear writers,

In this class, we will continue to learn more about creative writing and we will focus on How to Write Dialogue in your stories. You will also learn what is the technique named "foreshadowing", and how to use it in the right way in your writings.

See you inside!


Meet Your Teacher

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Daniela Andrea Guasti

The best way to a great day is to learn


Hello Friends,

My name is Daniela A. Guasti, I have a dregree in turism and I?m from Buenos Aires, Argentine.

I like to learn new things everyday because I think that knowledge is the foundation to have a happy and meaningful life. And so, I also like to spread my knowledge with other people, in order to motivate and help everyone I can.

You can contact me or message me if you have any doubt with my classes. I?ll be glad to help you always.

Have fun learning!


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1. Video 1 - Intro: Hello. Welcome to my new class of creative writing. Number five in this class will gonna learn how to write yellow. If you were out the flow off your Diello pattern out the information on what is on how to use the technique called foreshadowing. Okay, Um well, then if you think you're interested heat a blue bottom a load A video on a roll. Now, in this class Thank you. See in sight. 2. Video 2 - Creating Dialogue: Hello. We're going to my glass. OK, so in this video, you're gonna land. How to you congratulate your delemus and how you can organize them in your writing. Okay. The first technique on very useful one is to listen how to help actual people talk. Okay, we'll watch movies on television which is took full of yellow gold. Bad on inning one might think it is helpful, helpful to listen to great actors. Speaking great words by this, not in fact, it will probably screw you up. It's like trained to ping landscapes based own. How other artists paint landscapes, David, you can do is a crude approximation. In order to paint a great landscape, you need to get your butt out in the corn field and paint what you see. Sorry about it. So there is really no alternative, Okay? But the far more important than the content off the conversation is the flow off the conversation that these they work on. Fourth, we tend to think off yellow assertiveness fully with the subject being hit back and forth between speakers. But when you really listen, you realize the people took over each other constantly and really finish a complete thought . To get a sense off this flow, you need to stop paying attention. Toe the actual words being spoken is the auditory equivalent off on focusing your eyes? Try to listen for which speaker is dominating the conversation on how often the other party teams in tow acknowledge his still pay annotation using the expressions. Ah ha or your year Or really And sorry, I'm sorry, but I m. So questions are often not phrased as questions, and in real life, no one speaks with extra mention points. So try to think how often this should eavesdrop toe other conversations pretty much you can do these constantly. Okay, which part? I particularly focus on finding strange sting speakers on the airlocks. Some people are inherently funny, and if you soak up enough off very Retton's, you can recreate them on the page fairly faithfully. But even the knowing woman ahead of you as a check out line deserves a reason. You never know when she might come in handy. Okay, so don't forward toe even throw up some time. You can find something very, very interesting. So another way to field you're dello is to put your attention on the flow. A visionary Before I put pen to paper, I live this in loop in my hand 10 or 40 times dozers a first seconds that they're silent. But eventually characters bull begin to talk in my mind. Okay, so think in your head in stylings. 14. A fight to 10 Minutes. Okay, Based on what needs to happen in the scene, it's often pretty clear who will be saying what. But figuring out of the flow? A. The how they went on the way takes time. You can rush it, but you'll often you will often end up with too many words in the wrong order. Or worse, you will end up with characters looking at it other than then we each other. So we messing, watching your scene. But in a foreign language with the subtitles, Turn off. What does the talking feel like? What's the motion behind the words Who is in control? There's a classic drama exercise in which actors have to stay to sing. Speaking only folks tonight Chinese. That's what you're looking for. A thesis station. Know the words bite the texture game. Okay, I heard a technique on their way toward when I saw her writing is to pattern out the information. Conversations in real life are often empty, but movie conversation almost always involve angry stains off information. Your shop at the writer is figuring out how your characters will tell each other the information. Let's say what needs to tell Mary that her dog has been eaten by a pie fight. Um, okay, As the writer, you need to decide not only what fact both knows, but how he's anticipating. Mary will react to the news. This would determine not only how he starts the conversation, but every subsequent decision along the way off course am as the screenwriter you are not solely interested in helping. The characters can be information to each other, but you bring my folks. Is it is how getting that information to the audience detent the Italians will be to do the later while pretending to do the former. So it is. It's sleeping a bit off exposition in a shock. Our station, another cation to reveal a pissed off pack, scored backstory tried to find a way, but he eloped. Is too spread out information in every direction. Where's a You might have to try to to create smart yellow that it's Nick the faxed in while you're otherwise entertained. Okay, um, then you may want toe know, integrate it yellow the has merrily Okay, Like a metaphor, but a great yellow has a melody to it. Okay. What do you have? A blueprint for the scene? It's time to go back on third worrying about getting each word right. Great. Yellow has a military to it on achieving. That is probably unteachable. But you can write pretty good yellow simply by reading each line alert allow with over and over, smoothing off the awkwardness through better words or different composition. So a try to speak aloud your dello on that willing hey, security video game, you will see the flows on the good points in the yellow you wrote Well, that was so for this year. I hope you I know. Sorry. I forgot. I forward. Ah, to tell you, these am many times the west way to improve yellow is to coat it. Okay, Once you have let a scene seat for a while, try to revisit with every been on. Look for what could be cut if a piece of the information is an essential. It should probably go in on a show. Isn't worth it. If you have had to break this thing to a TV, it okay, 30 Because I forgot that now ascended on now? Yes, he was so for this video. Improved yellow, huh? For you And then this one. Thank you. 3. Video 3 - Foreshadowing: Hello. Welcome again to these video. So And we're gonna see in this video foreshadowing on what it it is useful. Okay, So first, the going is A to drop clues into the book suddenly enough so that later readers realize that they were important clues. But you do these not so obviously, that they give their blood away. The thing is, you do know it is those clues while you're reading, but they just don't mean anything to you until later. Foreshadowing means walking a very fine line between dropping too many Hinz like the real for yours. Things that would before the characters Oh, or too few, when whatever happens, happens is seem to come sailing out off less feel on doesn't appear to grow organically, organically out off the story. Okay, so using foreshadowing well is complicated and takes a long time to get right. Mostly, you need to practice, but there are a few things to to know before you used this technique. Okay, Try to look at book that you think used for shadowing extremely well. Studios 30. This book makes noticed them break down how they do what they do. How close are worried buried in the narrative in ways that the reader skins over at the time but mean everything later, for example, AM in hurry Porter. The fact that Lupin turns out to be a world war isn't foreshadowed by defected. His greatest fear is shown to be off a glowing white glow like the moon. Okay, a lot of writers use its off note cards or graph paper toe blood out their narrative. Identify the key points in the narrative that are moments when characters meet each other for the 1st 9 for the first time, for example, or when someone find first notices something strange or exceeded on yourself on initial power. And, for example, its first shadowed that 30 shacks on Is this some off? Mostly done when several times he seems to have a new cell pore over over. But what her Also don't forget a yellow. It's one off The best ways to Foreshadow actually dropped comment by a character a mention off an in a locked A that means related to something else. All those can be used to foreshadow on drop clues. Then again, you don't need to show all the foreshadowing on clues into your first draft before even you know exactly what's going to happen. You can go back unplanned clues later. Okay. Um well, left Lee A where foreshadowing is concerned, sometimes less. It's more. Okay, so we don't know this too often. Okay? The hustle for this. You know, I hope you like it. And you can use this technique because it's a great great technique to using your writing. Thank you, Andi. See you in the last week. 4. Video 4 - Conclusion and Project: Hello. Welcome to the last reel off. Creative writing number five. So, as the project off this class, I thank you to right. Ah, good yellow that you even throw up today. Okay. Put into paper at the level that you found interesting. It could be some yellow that you heard at the train. Going to your work, Um, in your house, In the office. Um, wherever you heard a good yellow that you think that can give you ideas for For your writing, okay? Or or the Diello between characters that you ever read in a book. Okay. And share it with us, please. And on always, always remember to buy coke. OK, if you don't know what by convenes a seed in the third glass off credit writing. Okay. It's very important to bike. Um, well, if you like the class, please leave a review and took out my other classes. Uh, thanks very much for watching on us. I always say at the end of my classes, keep learning. Keep growing. Thank you very much.