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Creative Writing - CH 3 - The Secret Writer Mantra

teacher avatar Daniela Andrea Guasti, The best way to a great day is to learn

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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4 Lessons (14m)
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About This Class


Hello dear students,

In this third class about Creative Writing, you will learn what "The Secret Writer Mantra" is, and how this little step, can be the real difference that can make you successful as a writer.

Also, I´ll teach you the the different kinds of characters there are and how they function in a narrative.

See you inside!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Daniela Andrea Guasti

The best way to a great day is to learn


Hello Friends,

My name is Daniela A. Guasti, I have a dregree in turism and I?m from Buenos Aires, Argentine.

I like to learn new things everyday because I think that knowledge is the foundation to have a happy and meaningful life. And so, I also like to spread my knowledge with other people, in order to motivate and help everyone I can.

You can contact me or message me if you have any doubt with my classes. I?ll be glad to help you always.

Have fun learning!


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1. Video 1: Hello and welcome to the third part off my class. Creative writing. So what are we gonna learn in this class? You will discover what the secret writer man trays and learn the buses off character developing on what the different types of characters are. I m It's a small class, but I hope everything I tell you, it's useful for your writing and two core issue to start writing your story. Okay, So if you think you will be interested in this class, I suggest you to involve now hitting the blow bottom below the video. Thank you and see you inside. 2. Video 2: Hello. Welcome to the third class off creative writing. In this video, we're gonna learn the secret writer mantra on some more info about how to get inspired. So how do we get inspired and stay inspired to finish my work? How do we get motivated and keep from getting distracted? Just think. Elated. We should be thought, not toe. Wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action. Always generate inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action. Inspiration is wonderful when it happens, but the writer massive 11 a brought for the rest off the time they wait a symbol too long. I m inspiration is a wonderful When it happens, I am. But the writing is heart work. They're relates on learning, and I'm playing ever rate says off skills. I'm finding out. What does the skills are? Learning a practicing them. It's always better than waiting around for inspiration. Writers who wait for inspiration before they decide to write are generally known as hobbyists working writers, those actually writing on growing in their crest. Math, right, whether they're amused, is in or not. So what is this secret writer of mantra? Professional writers return to eat again and again to get them through the book. They air righting on the Secret writer mantra east by cook. That means but in chair, hands on Gilbert, Sit down type. There is no secret formula to bring with you from becoming bored or distracted right in his work. Like any work, it is not more fun or automatically not boring shelf because it is writing or because the store itself is citing. Maybe you phone doctor writing part easy on revisions. Difficult. The problem there is that a rating a dating on revisions are also writing there just as necessary, Apart off the process as bunting out a first draft. I know this season very fine advice, but try to give this in mind. How have you work on blank? Random inborn talent is entirely up to you. If you were hard and complete your work, your head off 99% off people who want to write a book. Yes, you re off that so Tridgell thing off it as inspirational. Okay, so this was all for the first video. See you in the next one. A where we're gonna to start talking about character David looking. Thank you very much. 3. Video 3: Hello. Welcome to the third video off the guests. In this class, you're gonna learn about characterization in writing Demming. Things you have to ask yourself about. Your characters are the 1st 1 East. It's my character developed. Unbelievable does he seemed like a really person. Some people find character worship. It's very helpful in developing their characters. It's not hard to find a character development worksheet online, and it may help you load. And we developing your character. Oh, yes, Oh, you have to ask yourself, What does my character want? Characters are there's in mind, by desire is so And what does your character want at the beginning off the story? Do they get it actually, yourself, If you they do they not get it? Or do they get it? At last? How does getting or not getting what they desired changed them? A character who doesn't want anything is flat, no to mention not believable, and also you might want to know different kinds of characters. So we're gonna talk about geese now. Okay, so the different kinds off characters are then tell Honest is the bad guy, but better thought off as the opponent off the protagonist or central character. Election off a story arises from conflict between the organist on the protagonist. By then, take honest need no Toby, a person at all, but maybe an animal on inanimate object. Oh, even that you're itself. Then you have the confident A. This character is someone in whom the central character confides, Does breathing her personality once again that someone need no Toby a person? As an example, Robert Haynes the door into summer. The centre character Dan Davies continually confides, hits plans on feelings to his cart. Pete the Donkey phone Shirk also is an animal on If the confident off Frank. Okay, you have seen the movie, then we have the developing character, a character who changes over the course off the story is a developing character. The central character is often but not always a developing character. However, it's crucial that the action off the story causes some character. Some 30. Some change in the character. Then we have the flat character in this character is someone who is characterized by one or two trades as an example going from the Lord of the Rings. It's a wonderful character who is absolutely flat in that his character is determined by his obsession with the rookery off the ring, also known as his precious. Every story needs to list some flat characters on many successful stories from four years. For instance, a chair speak ins, Christmas card. I have nothing but flat characters. Then we have default character. That is someone who's a character contrast to debt off. The protagonist does throw it eat into sharp relief. Okay, we have a doctor Woodson from Shell Home, who is on example, off full character. The generators. A defeat easily the territory is the fictional story. Together, when did not return, is involved in the action. Off the story. She's called a first person narrator. The sentence. I want the trees. A Raptor eat. Marber's is generated in first person. When the rare Reiter spends outside the story, it's she's oh, he is usually taken, Toby implied unemployed offer as example. The sentence. Persephone. Watch off the tree. So Raptor ate. Her purse is narrated in third person, a presumably bite of writer. Then we have the protagonist. The central character is the pro Tony's or the one whose name comes to mind. When you asked the question. Whose story is this? A 30 to have just one for Tony's by the novel can have several. We have also the wrong character, and this is one who is complex and perhaps even contradictory. For example, that this affair front character and come to you whether couple also prancing or am or some aft in a sentence or two I've run character will probably take anything. So also, the spear carriers are minor characters who provide very seemingly to tell the story. They must necessarily be flat, since they they are rarely named or described in any detail, they tend to run in crowds in movies. These are the folks who made up the cast off Southend's. We also have to study character who does know develop. Ah, most characters in the story should be ecstatic. So what's not to this truck? From the significant changes I am, you will be departing in the central character. Static most certainly does not mean boring. Okay, on the stock character, it's on a stare, stare type, but actually a special kind of flat character who is instantly recognisable to most readers . Then we have the sympathetic character, one Who's motivation reader can understand on whose a feelings they can't go for thoroughly share. This kind is a character off Home NYT, readers will say as an example, and the sentence I could identified with her. The protagonist is often but not always sympathetic. Andi and I think butter the character need not be a good person. Okay, Comey about person to on the nothing pathetic character is one who's motivations are suspect on whose feelings make us uncomfortable. The boundary between sympathetic on unsympathetic characterization is necessary. Ill defined. Okay, well, this was all for characters. Characterization on for this video. Okay, I hope you like it. See you on day next one. Unless one thank you. When he went. 4. Video 4: Okay. Welcome to the last video thes class. So at the conclusion, I want to talk about the project. Um, the project for this class is to start using the secret secret mantra we learn and known as by cook on bond. Start putting it into practice on 30 writing. Okay, um, if you like, you didn't can share a what? You have a right written with us. I am equally shut the beginning. You doesn't have to be one chapter, but if you have to start writing, that is the border on the thing you can share also without a paragraph to inspire you to start developing your story or a new idea, but should sit down and start writing. That is the main thing. OK, inspiration. We come to you once you are working in your story. Well, there was all for this class. If you like it, please leave a review and take out my other classes. If you have any question, just just ask me away. Don't worry. Ah, what things for watching a and as I always say, is in all my classes keep learning. Keep growing. Thank you very much.