Creative Writing: 7 Exercises To Generate Ideas For Your Next Story

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10 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Lesson 01: Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 02: Idea Bible

    • 3. Lesson 03: 10 Minute Free Writing

    • 4. Lesson 04: Photo Exercise

    • 5. Lesson 05: Column Exercise

    • 6. Lesson 06: End Of A Story Becomes A New Story

    • 7. Lesson 07: Use Existing Stories - Make Up Characters

    • 8. Lesson 08: Steal A Conversation

    • 9. Lesson 09: Use Your Own Life

    • 10. Lesson 10: Thank You For Watching

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About This Class

Creative Writing: 7 Exercises To Generate Ideas For Your Next Story

There are a lot of information and online courses about structuring and plotting your story, character sketches, writing dialogue etc. But there is little on HOW TO ACTUALLY GENERATE IDEAS for stories. This is probably the most frustrating part of writing - especially if you have an idea for a story but need to add flesh to the bones. It is because of said frustration that most books, manuscripts and other written-work never see the light.

This course consists of a few practical “Getting Ideas” exercises that you can do at home or at work or anywhere else:

• Free Writing
• Photo Exercise 

• Column Exercise
• End becomes Beginning
• History Exercise
• Conversation Exercise
• Steal From Yourself

You will also learn about the importance of an Idea Bible, the Five Ws, and a Character’s Circle of Life - all great tools to help you expand (and store) your current ideas or concepts. 

All writers have different approaches to their writing, so work through the lessons, push yourself to try all the exercises, and continue with the ones you feel help the most. 

All of the best on your writing-journey.