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Creative Workflow in Adobe Photoshop - Quickly Design an Ice Cream Poster

teacher avatar Sebastiaan Destellirer, Graphic Designer, Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction - Creative Workflow in Adobe Photoshop

    • 2. General Design direction and Recreate Wooden Stick

    • 3. Ice Cream Color Adjustment

    • 4. Cut Out Hand and add Background

    • 5. Adding Text - Branding

    • 6. Adding the Price Circle

    • 7. Making the Different Ice Cream Flavours at the Bottom

    • 8. Add Text Unerneath 3x Ice Cream

    • 9. Cutting Out the Big Ice Cream and Hand

    • 10. Wrap-Up - Start your Project

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About This Class

In this class I will show you an Easy Workflow inside Adobe Photoshop, while creating an Ice Cream poster, based on only 1 picture.

Along the way you find some helpful tips, that allow you to do a lot of things right inside the document itself, without slowing down your creativity.

This is extremely helpful while designing an initial idea / concept design.

This techniques allows you to quickly explore different creative options all inside the same document.

The example you see here, is made from only 1 photo, just changing colors, reusing parts in a different way and adding some text.

So grab an Ice Cream and Enroll.

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Meet Your Teacher

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Sebastiaan Destellirer

Graphic Designer, Teacher


I am a Graphic Designer living in the Netherlands.
I work at an International Marketing & Communications department.

I love Learning, also about "Digital" Design. (Web Design, Motion graphics / Animation, 3D)

I followed a lot of classes here at Skillshare, Now it was time for some Sharing of my own :)
I published 10 classes:

My Vimeo-page:

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1. Introduction - Creative Workflow in Adobe Photoshop: Hi, everyone. Welcome to this clause in this cloth. I will show you an easy workflow inside Adolfo Chew while creating an ice cream poster based on only one picture. Along the way, you will find some helpful tips that allow you to do a lot of things right inside the document itself, without flowing down. Your creativity dish is extremely helpful while designing, and the initial I D or concept design dish techniques allow you to quickly explore different creative options all inside the same documents. The example you see here is made from only one photo and by just changing colors and reusing parts in a different way. In adding some basic fixed, we created the poster, so grab an ice cream and I see you in the next video. 2. General Design direction and Recreate Wooden Stick: When I shot this image, I thought off making an ice cream advertisements out off it. And this photo is the only ah picture I'm going to use. And I will use it in different ways to create all the different elements. This is a rough sketch off what I've half a mind to make. You see one big ice cream in three small ice creams, the title in some price. One problem it is picture is that there is no, uh, complete wooden stick fishable because to hand this hell, then it's But I will show you a little trick. How to recreate the wooden stick part shortage here for full ice cream for dish. I used to Pento to create a knife sheriff shape reflecting the woman stick. And I start with three points and then get to the bottom curve points, dragging it all out so that it's almost resembles the shape off the existing stick. And it's a little bit of tweaking to get Israel. So now I it at the top, also kerf point, but the only used to curve downwards if you will see and I will into the top part under needs an angle, and this forces the stick to have more off a kerf. This part will be straight, and when you'll shift, it snaps two straight. The other points. I make a big, longer show that are equal. You could feed it for 50 shape downwards in, ah, think re re created the would shape Quite nice. Now I shaved buff and by clicking on it with all Tamika selection off it. And I choose now to color, shrunk the boots and play a little bit with it, and we can make the it's lighter or darker later on. But I choose a light in the dark. You know what, like color? Okay, and I will make new layer and on that layer edible, used to filter. Then they're fibers. Initial creates quite a would like stick. Um, image. I add some depth to it by adding effects Bethel and Boss and tweaking the setting so that it it's not that big and that this also depending on your image. Or you have to play with that to see what you like and the shelter because it's an effect layer, it's non destructive. You can go back and edit it later. to make it. Ah, that make little changes. But I think this is fine. Okay, we'll make now a layer mask to, uh, at some detail to the top with the bed black color reflected. I paint on the layer mask, change it to a full capacity, and I changed it now so that it is not a strange edge, but reflecting a bit more like the ice cream ish dripping a bit. I took away more off the image to see where I have to go and change it back so that I have an I d. Where I have to paint a little pieces. And if you concede, if it's just a little bit of realism and you can make spent, ah, much time on it. If you want that, I think we're already, uh, there. I do some tweaking later on, but you can see these little imperfections just make its a little bit more realistic. You can see when I turn it on and off that we now recreate it. That will been stick I now at a curve adjustment layer so that I can make the color off the food a little bit lighter and also this layer. It's a nondestructive layer so that U S o you can change its a soft in issue want tweak it until you're like it's so I think this looks better. More in line with the total brightens off the image and how I do some little touch up to the top off the wooden stick or where the ice cream it's It's so I selector, mask again and all night mask. I can paint with black and white to add or take away some part off the image and its will create a more riel action so that it is no debt straight and then you consume out to see the total effect, and I think it looks quite OK. 3. Ice Cream Color Adjustment: but I will do now is make a selection off the ice cream so that we can change the colors off the ice cream for different flavors. I duplicated layer, and I give it a much harder contrast. So that's on the ice cream is easy to select, and then I gonna refine the anxious and this seems OK, okay, refined, anxious, and I just play a little bit with value. But because we had the heart contrast, it already selected it. Support quite good. So I give the little Federer to make it a bit soft. And then we have far a selection and I turn off the darker image and we have for a normal image pick. I now copy and paste the ice cream. Shall we have Justin Layer with only the ice cream on it? And I make some new a new group to clean things up, and I will rename my groups in with logical names, so that will be the wooden stick, and this group will be the ice cream. With documents like this, it's quite handy to make groups off individual layers so that you can easily find layers. When your shirt for them by using the shape off the layer. I make a selection in the size of the ice cream I at a new layer, and I will give it the color so that I can color the ice cream. The two should dark brown. All right. Yeah, switch to flourish, and I put it the layer on multiple I. But first make a black and white to take the color out off the top image, and I used kirsch to make the contrast a bit harder so that there's more detail in the ice cream more shading. And now I used this layer and I set it on multiply, and it will gift the texture in the details to the underlying color layer. Multiply. And now you can see ice cream got color and still has the light and dark areas. Pettersen. Better way to do it, so I deleted it. The layers and I ETS, and so let's color layer on top off the other layers, and what dish will do will do the same, but it's more easy to change. To change. I only have to click insights the layer and I will get to color picker and I can choose the brown color I want, and now I have two sets, def layer to multiply, and now the effect is the same. But it's easier. I can copy this solid layer, change the color, and I've got another. I screamed flavor, and I can even make it being for a strawberry cooler flavor. And with this way off, using soul it cooler layers and used to miss a color overlay, you can usually change the color show off and ice cream to re percent different flavors. By using this method, you've getting a lot of flexibility in fact, your design process. And when you want to add another flavor, you can just make another color version to finish this part up. I will tidy of my documents, and I will at ah white layer show that I can see the ice cream on a white layer later liberal group to layers from the ice cream together. Show that we can move it around ish one parts. She now adds a white layer. Okay, the ice cream looks great on the bike backgrounds. I do one final check for the colors. Make pink just a light brown. OKay, that looks great. I now make a new group from the two layers and give it a logical name, ice and stick. And now I can apply a drop shadow effect to it. And if I done it to only one off the layers, it will be or the ice cream or to stick and by grouping them together, both the individual shit players get toe the same effect so you can see. And then it's just a little bit playing with the values until you like. It's okay and that looks great. I will move it to the bottom and then from out we have a nice rash cream. I think later on I will make a smaller Okay, put ah image back on. Okay, I she made ah error. It's still the on Multiply the ice cream and it only shows now because we included the image. So I go to the layer to the ice cream, and then I have to find the gray ice cream shape, and I set the blend mode back to normal. Normal and now it's fixed. And if I choose now different colors, it's working as it should be. So we have financial ice cream. Isolate. That's from the backgrounds and we can change the color scribe easily. I turned off the ice cream layer now and then we move on to the next parts. 4. Cut Out Hand and add Background: I now start with making a rough cut out off the shape off the hands and the ice cream that we're gonna use for the top part off the poster. I will do this very roughly by using hooligan Russia with this, a great tool for just quick selections, because you can point and click two set points, and it's very handy to create a basic selection shape. If you can see show men and you can just click at certain points and you get rough good out off the part you want to. Yes, and later on you can make a nice good selection, but for quick design work or I d face. This is great because you then can make a quick she left Karen and move it around to the place you want to have its. And because it's point and click, you can fall out things like fingers quite easily without worrying about kerf and buff. That part I delete. So I substructure did from the selection and then already made an empty layer mushed. So I will in first my selection and fill it with black. And if you can see, I've got a very quick cut outs. Hands. I move into the position that I want to have it on my final poster. Okay. And now we will. At backgrounds, I choose blue two tins. Grady INTs try to show a dark color and a light color. And I will use the radio. Grady and Tool gotta go to Grady INTs and then choose radio. And then you have to play a little bit to see what if the good origin points. And this is also something that you can change later, actually, bit different colors. Okay, well, for now, this is looking good. I make a new layer, and I will, at some noise to the background, I make a small selection, and I You will see why I do this. I will fill it with a gray color. And then I called to filter at knife nice at knife, and I choose a huge amount of knife. I will make a smart object out off this. No. And I will scale it up, rotated a bit to distort, better earn and then apply it. And I will say, set, it's now too. So, Flight. But maybe I do overlay, and I think 35 for 25% will be the value I go for, um, make it a little bit bigger. And as you can see, this distorts the radiant quite nicely. It's a gift that ah, special effect. Now I make I have a look at what I want. Nothing soft light with 25% capacity will do the trick. 5. Adding Text - Branding: okay in this part, we It's the text to the poster and for brand name I used the text Big shook. When was your reference to chocolates? And I will use everything in capital letters to make it strong looking. And I will make the text part choke, smaller and big Bigger show that at this one square block I chose in a very strong big heart phones with big slaps because I think that really resembles letters mates from chocolates. The next thing I do now is make the space between big and shock smaller. Try to go to the character Penhall, decrease the line height so that it is really one block off text. Okay, that looks good. More after image A bit out away off the way. Okay. For the fixed, I will choose a brown color chocolates, color, dark chocolates color. And I will at Bethel in ambush effect to it so that that really looks like that. The letter for mate off actual chocolates and have some three d perspective from depths. And again, this are just some failures. You have to play a bit with to see what you will you're happy with. So It's just a matter of trying different values and I will film in two, she Teoh result better that their conceit changes I make and I had some depth to it. Now, in the increased Saif, you can see it already get your some reflection Now I had a pattern to it just in diagonal line pattern, and this will create a knife texture onto the letter. Figure will see it better when I show him in increased values under artists, you see Oh yes, really some picture on it. You can try with values to make its bigger or smaller. And again, this are just things that you can decide when it's happy when you are happy with its Okay, now that's it's my main title. 6. Adding the Price Circle: okay? No. I had a serial shape where I put my price in, and I go for a dark blue color and move all the other items bid out off the way. So the text a bit higher. Move the ice cream a bit to the right, and let me see what will be the best place for the spherical. Well, maybe down there. Well, maybe then to, but, um, whatever. No, I think does I put it here like my arch? No, I d okay. I had to drop shadow to it. And again, this our interests don't tell us you could try. Ah, to see what you like Best the ditch in effects so you can change the for value us later on Group show? No. Okay. I at the text to its for this ice cream. I just think a price of two euros York totally free to make your own price. And I will take a slightly bigger forms, wait to make it smaller. And I think, uh, well, that actually white inside the blue share ical and I think I rotate it slightly. Aerial. First place. It's in the share ical on thought. Yeah, I should rotate it to inform low dates. Yeah, that looks good. Some tweaking. It's Ah, the idea. Stare. Okay, apply. Yeah, it's ah, it's really gripping attention in. That's with an ice cream powers for something you want. Maybe a little bit darker blue. Yeah, it's, uh, blending in better now. 7. Making the Different Ice Cream Flavours at the Bottom: okay. In this part, I will create a three ice creams, its bottom. So I opens the ice cream and I make a copy. And I, uh, hides the original, and I work with a copy, and I scale it down to make it smaller in, uh, a lot. This is just trying a bit and slightly bigger, and that's nice eyes now there. It's really smaller than the big ice cream shutters. Enough contrast between its A. Rotates the first ice cream and place it apply in duplicated layer. Move it's and rotate. It's the other sides gay something like that, not completely straight. Apply and duplicates layer again. More fits and it comes. Form. Rotate. Okay, and we have a nice three step ice cream were repeats. Well, the next part is adding the color layer. It will be the dark chocolates. You see how you see a dish now to activate the different colors, and you can also, if need it changed the colors as well. Just click in the color layer and changed changed value before the last ice cream. I think I make the color the same as the original big ice cream. Yeah, now Yeah, way better. Shall we have really white chocolate milk? Chocolate, dark chocolates. Okay, I close to layer. And I close the effect if you hide or if your height it it takes left facing your layer panel. I select all three of them and moved him slightly to a different position somewhere there. Yeah, it's OK. A few noxious. 8. Add Text Unerneath 3x Ice Cream: okay. In this that step I It's dext in the NATO ice cream. So I start with whites. Make it smaller. Let's see how yeah, make its I have to select text selects. Make it smaller. You from small are think Yes. Okay. Position. It's okay with the text White. Okay, move it up a little l embassy Put it down there. Make it even smaller bits. Yeah, Better. It's better I at the drop shadow to it. Half pop out a bit from the backgrounds and I don't tweet. Value should just keep it. Yes, I used that for other items. Co opiates again and right. Move it out on debt one and copy it again. Okay, I've got now treat texts and position will be be determined also by names will change this one to milk. Apply it. And this one will be dark. Okay, Applied's and moth wolf it by just pressing the arrow keys. Okay, okay. And gift work. Milk some no tress down. And then and now copy one off the decks layers so that I can add another text in the bottom right corner. So I competed. Place it there and change the text to in this case, 2016 big chalk. So that we have some sort off branding reference line. Okay. And it can be a lot smaller style. Change the deck size. Let me see that. Maybe yeah, more for two bids if you noxious. And I think I make it even smaller. Yeah, that's way better. It's, ah, short of text. You want something on it, but you don't want it to be too obvious. 9. Cutting Out the Big Ice Cream and Hand: okay. And now gonna make without the big ice cream in a good way. So I duplicate a layer to increase the contrast like I did in the profuse video to first ice cream. Make this parts also a big, darker. Okay. And now it's quite easy to select it. So I reflect all the park and atom to the current selection, and because we made contrast, cried high on the selection, if quite goods and it separated from the backgrounds. And I used to refine extras to make it a bit smarter that they're a little ah, parts. Okay. And go to the wrecks in a layer refined, anxious and again just at some value to its to make it a bit more fluids, some smoke and feder. But this election, it was already quite good from itself. And shift a bit in wort. Okay, with guts now a goods refined selection. Okay, a dip, lacatus layer. I go to the mosque and I inferred it it and get out. Dis elections in the mask I It's a drop shadow to the hands with the ice cream. Gay looking goods. So far as your goods, I will do some clean up I at in, ah adjustment layer to its to make it a big darker to give two hands a bit more contrast. And I apply it only to the hence layer. Okay, now a very important step safe. Don't forget to save and to wrap up, I do some documents cleanup, throwing away layers that I don't use anymore and groping things that belong together into groups. Sure that you don't have a lot off item at road level off your layer panels and what you see your if obits speed up, but you get the idea was cleaning up. Your document is always good to do when you are creating and working it because then you know if things are important to keep or not. 10. Wrap-Up - Start your Project: thank you for watching this class. I hope that you liked it. A great way to practice is by creating a product. It can be like recreating the example. But it can also be anything you want to make. If you like this class, please give it a thumb's up. Estes will help order students discovered ish class. And if you have any questions, please post them on the community section.