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Creative Web Design Deconstructed : Learn By Doing

Rinkans Channel, Design / Development / Expierences

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8 Videos (49m)
    • General Introduction To This Class

    • We Will Get Our Design Tool

    • Ep. 01 : Let's Start With Intro Section

    • Ep. 02 : Design About Section

    • Ep. 03 : Continue With Places Section

    • Ep. 04 : Get Inspired With Quote Section

    • Ep. 05 : Last Or Contact Section Of This Design

    • Let's Finish With Class Conclusion


About This Class

Get better at web design and be inspired to unleash your creative ideas !

These days a lot of website look the same and for good reason - they have been made using generic templates.

And i have nothing against it, but if you are a designer or you are learning to become one then you might appreciate a bit more creativity to be put into design.

And i am proud to say that this design is definitely something unique. It is suited for companies or individuals who want to look different and show that they are open to people, ideas and have this adventure and free minded spirit.

In this course we will design unique one page website with multiple sections !



What You Will Learn

  • Use pen tool to create simple icons
  • How to use blending modes to create unique image effects
  • Work with clipping masks to make interesting design solutions
  • Use typography to your advantage
  • Design one page website from scratch
  • Step out of the box to look at design from different perspective
  • And more ...


  • I have no experience in design. Is this class for me ?

Sure it is. That is the aim of this class - you will learn by working on actual design !

  • I have only used Photoshop/Sketch/other. Will i be able to follow along ?

Yes, as a matter of fact many design tools have a lot of similarities so you should not have any problems switching to this tool. We will take it step by step so that you can adapt to using this tool.

  • Will i have to spend money on expensive software licences ?

NO ! All of the software we will be using will be completely FREE. Also other resources will be free so don't worry - you won't have to spend any extra money, i've got you covered ;)

  • If i have other questions can i contact you ?

Absolutely YES ! You can contact me before enrolling into course at [email protected] - i will answer all of the questions you have. And if you have any questions during or after the class i will also be there to help you !

Target Audience

  • Creative individuals who are looking for fun project to work on
  • Designers who want to get better at their craft
  • Web developers who are interested in design process
  • Students who are tired of plain theory
  • Other artists who want to get inspired and improve their design skills


All you need to have is computer and internet connection - all of the software we are going to use will be completely FREE !

Find Files HERE

Reinis Bērziņš ([email protected])





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Rinkans Channel

Design / Development / Expierences

Rinkans Channel is online education company focusing on design and development. Our mission is to bring together design lovers from all industries from all around the world. We want to teach and inspire those who are craving for more of that delicious design pie.

Main focus and passion for us is design in all forms and shapes. Web design, graphic design or maybe even illustrations ? Yep, that's us ! Not only we want to teach, but we also want people to get inspired by the work we are d...

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