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Creative Ways To Grow Your Email List (2020 Guide)

teacher avatar Jennifer Nelson, Let the bots do the repetitive tasks

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h 37m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Instructor Bio

    • 3. What You Will Learn

    • 4. Why Email Is Important

    • 5. Choosing A Provider

    • 6. Define Your Purpose

    • 7. Quick Overview on Content

    • 8. Goal Setting

    • 9. Strategy #1 Lead Magnets

    • 10. Strategy #2 Lead Ads

    • 11. Strategy #3 Chatbots

    • 12. Strategy #4 Quizzes

    • 13. Strategy #5 Live Events

    • 14. 12 Final You Got This

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About This Class

This class is for those who are looking for new & creative ways to grow their email list. 

Once you’ve learned the basics of email marketing: the why’s and the how’s; it’s now time to learn about growth strategies for building your email list. This session, designed for individuals or companies with 0 subscribers on their list, 500 subscribers on their list, or even 10,000 subscribers on their list. Growth is growth and I hope to showcase some new ideas to you in this course.

In this course, we will walk you through some of the most popular (and creative) ways to start growing your email marketing list. You will learn how to use 3rd party tools, free resources, and even SEO optimized resources to start growing your list more strategically.

Resource Links:

Goal Sheet



Facebook Ad Account Setup

Text Message to Email Marketing Tools

Quiz Tool: Interact

Check out my other course on how to grow your email list using a chatbot here:

Meet Your Teacher

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Jennifer Nelson

Let the bots do the repetitive tasks




Hey there, I'm Jenny! People IRL know me as the email girl :) Thank you for stopping  by! You'll find many classes are geared towards email marketing and other budget friendly channels that you control! I try to make my classes fun and engaging, and most important - PRACTICAL. Every single one of my classes include strategies that you can do TODAY!

A bit more about me‍:  I work with companies to implement marketing automation tools and develop automation strategies that drive engagement and increase revenue. I've spent over 15 years in the media and ad tech industry. My core experience comes from working in the heart of New York City’s advertising hub. My professional experience stems from working for both The New ... See full profile

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1. Intro: are you feeling stuck when it comes to your email marketing? I know it's just that channel that actually comes across the so boring. It's not as fun of social media, and it's so hard to grow your list in a day where we think that no one checks their email anymore. Well, the truth is, people do check their email and now greater than any time than ever. It's important to have an email channel that's helping your business grow, and you also have to look at growing your subscriber list. Now it's not as hard as it seems to grow your email subscribers. And trust me, it doesn't take a huge ton of budget to grow your email subscribers. In this course, I'm gonna show you how to grow your email list using five unique strategies that I've personally used myself, and I've used them with little to no budget at all. Now, this is not something that you need a full team to do. You don't need any designers, and you don't even need to be a professional. When it comes to marketing, All you need to do is want to grow that list to a number that's meaningful for you. And now this is out. Of course, it's teaching you how to get a 1,000,000 followers and a 1,000,000 subscribers. This is the course that's going to teach you how to grow your email subscribers slow and steady and make them a valuable set of audience members that will want to learn from you want to buy from you and want to be your supporters. 2. Instructor Bio: Now, if you guys don't know me yet or haven't taken any of my classes, my name is jenny. Jenny Miranda dot com. I am an owned marketing consultant, and what that means is that I help clients help businesses small, medium and large as well. Help them with their own marketing channels, and those channels include email marketing as the mess and text messages, chat bots says, and Facebook chat messengers have some classes on those you can check out and any other kinds of own product integrations of those can include lead magnets or anything having to do with funnels. I come from a wide range of experience, mostly working in the advertising and marketing world 15 years combined, working in the digital marketing landscape of many of those years spent working at The New York Times on the advertising side, where who with major clients such as IBM, Samsung, Macy's and I also went into teaching courses on marketing life courses not just online courses like thes but live courses. Working with institutions such as General Assembly and teaching the arranges students ranging from entrepreneurs, small business owners, independent students and marketers who want to go on and provide those new skill sets for the companies that they work for, as well as large enterprises. Currently, right now, I am independent consultant, and I work with small to medium sized businesses, predominantly e commerce stores that really use email marketing as their bread and butter. Literally 25% of their revenue from email marketing. And I worked with those stores to optimize their own channels, particularly when it lies down to work. 3. What You Will Learn: So in this course, we're gonna focus on a few particular things to get you started. And this is assuming that you already have the fundamentals. You know what an email is? Possibly You already have an email software provider set up, but you just haven't started where you just dabbled with it a little bit If you don't have an email service provider set up, Don't worry. I will talk about ways to choose one. I'm not gonna direct you towards one in particular that now this courses for things courses . Basically, the goal is to show you how to grow your list, no matter what. Email service, We're ready. You have, even if you actually don't even have a female service bread. So we're not focusing on the tool per se in this course. But again, I will touch on it just to help you for any you guys who are choosing in the process of choosing which came up service provider to use. Okay. But again, we're starting from the basics up. You know that you need to use email and you kind of started a bit. Or maybe you're at zero. But you know that this is something that you need to start, right? That's the reason why you're in this course. I don't think you would be otherwise, and we're going to kick off with How do you nascar So we're gonna focusing. Focus on why marketing in today's world and rooms start from just basically. You know, every year the status of email is deemed to change emails gonna die. No changing email won't be here for long, and then your comes an even stronger. We'll talk about wides important in two days. Just today's world right now that we're in right now and we'll talk about cut a rule, your list in ways that pretty much any one of you can do Starting today, we're gonna really talk about the importance of like setting goals. Okay, when it comes to any kind of marketing, setting goals is important. And definitely when it comes to email marketing, especially when you're starting off your list, you're gonna wanna have some goals to give you some strategies There. Thomas was a little tool shed you can use, and then we'll go on read to the tactics that anyone could do starting today to start growing their email lists 4. Why Email Is Important: So what's all fuss about email marketing anyways? Why do we continue to talk about marketing and continue to say you need to have a list of powers in the list Monies in the list? Why did we say that? Well, the fact is, it's just true. Now listen, I've been in the marketing species and we're 15 years of experience. And one thing that I have seen and been on the B two b side have been on the BBC side. And one thing that I have seen over and over and over again is that email is the medium that continues to last throughout periods and periods. Okay, so there was a point in my marketing a career history where email was there, but faced with wasn't. Then Facebook happened to show up there, and then the next careered over. It was Facebook, and then it wasn't there and became a thing. So then it was email Facebook instagram. And then that. Okay, so now we had email Facebook Instagram, Snapchat snap truck. Kind of went off of it. And then what? Appear tic tac. So then it was email. Facebook. It's the ground. Maybe it's not OK take top now and we'll see what's happening there. The point is that email has stuff around for so okay. Now it's been a round in our space from what we know of in the seventies, and it's still a meeting that we use today to market to our audiences. And it works for B to B companies as well as using different strategies, but it's still a powerful tools. Email is something that fuss about because it does work okay, literally. For my e commerce clients, email brings in 25% of their revenue each month, 25%. What other channel could really attest to that? 25% of your revenue relies on even email tool that you have a lot of control over email tool that you really don't have much high costs involved, say, compared to something like Facebook River through tens of thousands of dollars. Just that right email is powerful, effective, and then that are a Why are y for email? It is really hard. Okay, so you can expect to get anywhere from $4 plus return on your investment when it comes to marketing. Okay? And I love this quote here because just see him. We have a lot of small businesses that just continue and continue to talk about email. And one that really came out more recently was that the most important trend that we're seeing now, okay, still continues on to this day is that s and b small to medium size businesses are stepping up their game when it comes to market. Okay, they're investing in schools, right? And a lot of the great things about even we're getting is that a lot of them are coming with automation features, funnel features, segmenting There's really powerful things that you can get to make your email powerful that even a small business could do so small businesses can do with their email with the big businesses to Okay, I work with small businesses and large businesses. And let me tell you something. When it comes to email marketing, the playing field is level okay? Yes, One of them, the blood of a bigger company might have a lot more users. Let me tell you something about those bigger companies. A lot of them have different ways of getting there. Their subscribers on their list, which causes for a difference. Engagement, Okay? And they're doing different things. So if you can have a smaller list that super engaged and that knows even that you could personally talk to the or your email your winning more than that bigger company. Okay, so email is highly important today. So let's take a look at the charts here. When it comes to email, marketing are alive. All right, so we're looking at all of the different channels that could possibly have within your marketing tool kit. Right? So paid search is at the top, but look at what's number two and number three. According to this, that's here. Email marketing for acquisition and an email marketing for engagement and retention. Okay, the ah relies on these two areas of imam marketing are extremely high. Okay, so 48 to 45 48% and 45% for Abi. Really? That's high in the working world, way higher than you'll see in terms of conversions coming from social media in terms of convergence come from display advertising, even convergence, coming from things such as motherly generation tools such as webinars, mobile marketing, video marketing and all kinds of not seeing that those things don't work just saying when you're looking at for things that are the most cost effective for your budget and for the money that you're spending on marketing, Imo Marketing is gonna be a tough at the top. OK, so it's a super important people in our world, and that's why we're using it. Also, another thing to look at and this is what this is. One thing I love talking about funnels and when it comes to b two b marketing. So that's usually the question that I have is like, Well, how does email marketing work would be to be email? Marketing works extremely well for being okay, so we will get a couple of me. So a lot of marketing that happens would be to be businesses comes from, or sales that's generated comes from in person events. Okay, so the most effective marketing channel for a B two B company is truly usually going to be an in person event, and then next comes content marketing, right? So they're pushing out content. Maybe they have some infographics out there, whatever it ISS content marketing of the strong bugle. But then what comes next third on that list for B to B companies, email marketing. And the way I see it is that in person, marketing is your top of fun of us. Your awareness, right? You speak on stage, you have a booth at a conference, betrayed. Whatever it is, people are getting Teoh to know they're becoming aware of you. All right. And then once that happens, you're probably giving up contents you're sharing with them that presents it. Infographics are distributed. They go under social media channels. For those things, those are the nurturing stages. But then how do you close right? They get, they get on your email this possibly from that that in person event, right there on her, email us. And then you start distributing more of those content marketing pieces, more things to them via email. Then maybe your sales person gets involved. It starts reaching out to them via email, and that's where the conversion happens. Okay, so for B two B email marketing is truly in that top three subset 5. Choosing A Provider: Now let's talk about what it is that you specifically need to grow your malice. I consider that there are four things that you really need in order to have an effective email marketing list. Growth strategy. The first thing that you need is an email service. Of course you can do You can send emails without having software to send it from. But I had the advice against that. If you are just starting out, we don't have the budget. That's fine. You can start off very small, but I wouldn't recommend anything over 100 prescribers sending an email without Senate. Any email over 100 subscribers if you have over 100 troops, drivers without any monsters, because you're just gonna run into trust issues and domain security issues. If you're trying to send out just your own email. If you want to use one of the tools and we're gonna talk about some of those tools that are , the second thing that you need is a purpose, so I don't want you to start growing your list. Your email. That's just because I told you to just because you're taking this class and I say it's a good idea. I want you to start growing your list because you have a purpose and a reason why you need to grow this list. And then the third thing that you're going to meet his content, of course. And then the fourth thing that you're gonna need is a goal. I want you guys to set up a goal off what numbers you want to reach each month have some gold setting tools that we're gonna go and use. So let's get right onto the first thing that you're gonna need in order to grow your list. So, like I said, an email service provider. And if you can invest in the email tool right now, I highly recommend you do a lot of the accounts have free versions or very low to minimal cost versions. So there are a lot of tools out there that you can choose from. This is just a sliver of trust me a lot more, depending on what your business needs are. And when it comes to choosing an email service provider, it really depends on what type of company you are. What are your goals and what your needs and you also want to look at that company and what's their mission? Who were they serving? Are they serving a company that is similar to yours? All those things that you want you want to look into? So when it comes to choosing the email service provider, I look at a couple of things I consider a couple of things. So one I actually usually start off by creating a sheet. Just gotta should get out of sheet of paper pen and then write down What are your needs? What do you need? What do you need t specifically do for your business? You need to get sales. Do you need to just send out a newsletter to inform people of your store opening hours or your service hours or your call hours, conference time, arms? Whatever it ISS figure out first, what are your direct needs when it comes to having to keeping your business going, and particularly as it relates to your email, Of course, then you want to look at the platform. What are the platforms? Core strength? What is it that they're saying that they do? Really? Wow. And when you're doing that, you want to pay attention to how the platform describes itself. So let's look at something. I'm gonna go ahead and just go over to my screen here and look at a few platforms that are out there. So I'm just gonna look at a few were nothing will get all of them. Of course, this company here convert kit. This is for businesses that want to connect with their audience and make a living doing the work that you love. Okay, so for me, that screams Pervert kid is saying, Hey, we're easy to use. You do not have to be an expert on this. You don't have to finagle with the tools and the all the nuances of emails. We're gonna make it easy for you. So that way you can do what you love. Now, one thing I wanna warn you is that convert conveyed. You know this They have different a servant, several different audiences. So they mostly cater to Los Sela preneurs independent owners, people who are just not be speak companies. So they have a couple of different headlines and even trying here, refresh this page. It might be even hyper targeted towards my cookies. What type of person I am. But yes, sometimes it actually says something like, I think I've seen anything for bloggers and create a country entrepreneur. So that's also they're saying that they cute or two so any regardless of what heaven you see, that's always gonna zone in on a particular type of person. So for me, come, Burkett says, Hey, I think this is serving someone who is an independent business on her. Let's get another tool. Let's go over here to Clay via clay vio. We're just gonna scroll down a bit because it's noticing that I've been on their site before. But doesn't matter, cause down here below is how they're describing themselves. 30,000 plus businesses of all sizes rely on Clay Vo to help. They have a little quote from union. Okay, bigger company. Got it. Listen, analyse and act on your customer data, so it's getting down into the weeds of data customer insights. Okay, got it. Does mention something about not being a complicated software but being strong and at its data being the tool that helps you customer relationships based on data. So that tells me this is this is a company that's all about segmenting your audience, using the data that they have to be a better marketer and getting into data science and reporting. So that's what that's telling me. Okay? Nothing wrong with this at all. And that's going into the close. It's just saying, Hey, this is who we are This is what we specializing band. You need to ask yourself, Do I feel that I am a marketer? That so much data that I need to power? I need a powerful tool that can react that data you ever Maybe not. Maybe a smaller company. You can go down and look at some of the other companies that Hastert don't look like any of these companies. For me, all of these companies are e commerce companies. They're highlighting all of their e commerce plans. That's something else. That it's time. It's telling me that they worked mostly with the Commerce stores. So I have to ask myself, Am I e commerce store? Let's look at one more. I'm gonna go over to drip Now. Drip is a tool that very similar to Clay. Vo talks about customer data and customer loyalty looks at it from journeys, you know, looking at your customer journey, and here they see it right here. Brands using e commerce year remedy and marketing at automation and customer loyalty for long term engagement. Here, the integrations that they have their main integrations of Shopify, magenta and commerce. Again, that's a big signifier that they are Commerce survey that they served mostly e commerce stores or they want to serve most Economist Er's not particularly. You are water. They could probably work with me. I'm sure they work well with you because you're water. Hey, I used to actually really disclose that I'm not an e commerce store, but I am using them first. A lot of a lot of their customer integration, their data stuff, But I'm not getting full benefits off what they're doing here in terms of their commerce feature. I don't have any of these things to sell my site, so that's something that I may be missing from them because my story doesn't match who they're trying to meet. CEOs at the thing about that because whoever that's that company that, you know service provider is trying to go after and trying Teoh trying to care, too. They're always going to do product updates, Product features enhanced that customer service. All that is that a catered towards those type A client? The other thing that you don't want to look at is of course, pricing. Pricing should not be the last thing on your list when it comes to looking at, you know, service provider. You do wanna compare, right? Price compare. See what the pricing strategy is and they charge you for custom per subscriber. Are they charging you for list? Are they charging you per sending per day on a daily sending cap to look at all the things that go into it. And of course, you guys know your budget, so you guys will know how to price compare, But maybe me gold here we're talking about pricing is just to warn you, don't focus, don't go with pricing first. Don't just say best, cheapest one. That's one. You really, really want you to look at the two steps above that I mentioned, which is looking at your needs versus looking at that platforms course trip and who they cater to. And then once you've narrowed those down to the platforms that cater to your type of business, then we start comparing 6. Define Your Purpose : So let's talk about service. When it comes to having a solid email marketing plan and growing your list, you need to have a purpose. I don't expect you to just go out there. It's creating email account, parole your list of subscribers and just start sending anything. No, that's not the way to do it. We want to have a purpose behind why you're even sending emails to those subscribers that have now gained. Choosing your purpose is actually very easy exercise. It starts with you. You know what your business is here for? What? You're trying to two. Now, let's just try to map it out. So I want you to do this, and this is just a two minute exercise. I'm cheated paper. You want to just write down? What's the purpose that you wanna solve with your mouse? Do you want to just showcase your products when they come out? So that way, all your fans and customers know heads the new You know, my new workbook just came out. Check it out. I just created the new, um, you know, new line in my jewelry collection. Check it out. Right. That could totally be the purpose of your emails. It's just to let subscribers no. When you have a new product movies, definitely. If someone's interested in your product, they do want to know the latest news items around. Another purpose that you could have is I want to be educational. I want to send out tips and how tubes of what my subscribers can do. Maybe you also have a YouTube channel. That's where all your how to videos are and your email is basically that updated list of that way. Whenever a new video is published, you can let your audience no. So, you know, think again in that sense of dating my my my list. What's going on? You can also teach and educate. You can actually use your emails in its platform itself to teach. One thing that's really popular nowadays are email courses, and what that is is just a Siris of e mails delivered over five days over five weeks, whatever you have it, and it delivers educational contact, something that the user can learn over a period of time. So think about your email courses as Week one status. The step one of what you're teaching that person we two is a set to what you're teaching that person and so forth. So really, look at your your email as a medium for delivering educational information. Trust me, your users want that people want to learn, want more knowledge? And email is a very easy way to digest that. Videos sometimes could be tricky, but not in the right place. Audio headsets on I really can't probably listen to your full and watch your full video at this moment. What I can quickly read an email. You may think of ways to combine the two. Maybe you have videos that are published on YouTube all the time, and then your email serve as just a recap. Reconversion off. What? That person that YouTube video. Okay, um, it's just for communicating. Maybe your purpose is just to I want on board customers. I want Teoh minute. They buy a product. I want to make sure they use it. Someone tell them how to use it. I want to give them tips. I want to let them new what they should do. Maybe there's another product that I sell that actually complementary to that, that conservatives on morning, but also K might also like this. All right, so that they noticed that I'm doing here with the purpose. Obviously, anything that we do with marketing, the goal is eventually toe have sales that right? And so, yes, your emails are purpose of your emails is to make fails to generate sales. What I don't want you to do is just having a purpose as to sell products to sell my products. We don't want it enough to just be simply straight product pushers. We want them to stop to, to have a purpose. And the benefit that comes along that purpose is that product your soul because you're being purposeful in your emails, your being help being educational. Okay, let's look at a few here. So if you were, you know, I want to use my e mails to lead, nurture and just really get my audience. Teoh Teoh, 1,000,000,000 price my product. Get to know my product, get my product one of them as much as I can. And that's something that, um, a lot of companies will do, and something that they will do is introduce video. So let's just say or cosmetic line Ah, lot of the videos will actually show how people are using their products. Right? Or imagine your course creator. Maybe you create courses and you sell those courses and your enormous of subscribers. You know you want them to enroll? Of course, Of course. Maybe those e mails actually serve as just little small little tips that are pre kind of pre letters to those full courses. And that's what you can dio. So you know, once thing about nurturing, what about need nurturing is you get to weed out the people who are truly not interested in your pop. You know, sometimes people sign up for your this for whatever reasons, but people who are not interested in your products, you don't want him to stay there because there probably never gonna buy right. So lead nurturing allows you to kind of filter up. People who are really interested in really engaged will continue to engage with those emails and eventually by. So if you use your most Teoh over time, the nurture your audience before putting that product out to them, you will be able Teoh capture Ah, big room off high engaged audiences. Subscribers on boarding and follow up this is a good example Here segment. The minute someone becomes, ah member of their product, they'll get them to the next step because everyone creates the account. And then they stopped. Their next step is Hey, we want you to go ahead and add a source segment. That way you can start seeing the benefits of what this product is. So e mails can really service that like extra nuts. You know you're not in the room with that person at that moment was the purchase your product right there at home. So how did you get them to continue using your product? Cause that's what people don't continue buying from use. When they buy a product, they don't use it correctly or they don't use it at all. And then they say, Well, this box fucked. So you want to be able to get them? Who's in your product as soon as possible? Humor is another good way sentence. You just don't have to be. This is my bottom one of teaching, you know, and nurture what you could be. It's just humorous. You want people to look forward to opening your most want to be like that friend who always appears in your inbox sending you that funny Meet your only been open because it's easy to digest. You know what? They're in a sentence. You kind of have an expectation that it's gonna be funny. So chubbies is a brand that I personally feel is just like that. They come in your inbox as your best friend, and they always have something just catching your funny or, you know, some kind of like one liners just say in their emails. And you can use you can you can be the humor in their life when it comes to their inbox and then education educating. I love one of the emails here where, uh, take their cues or just questions that come in from their their customers and fans, and they answer them and e mails. And that's something else that you can use your emails for again. The whole point is to consistently put yourself in front of your audience as much as possible, because if you don't forget who you are, they will buy from your I want to do something really quick. I just want you to see where you can look for email inspiration So I'm gonna go over to this website to really great website. By the way, it's called really good at the nails, and the website is super simple, really good emails that come. And it's just a whole collaboration of e mails from different companies. They submit their emails just no. There there, people can like that. They can see that they can. You know, it's great for inspiration. So what I do is looking for you. Moncef aeration. Let's say if I want to create an on boarding email, Siri's, I can just go ahead and tape it in here and look for some on boarding email examples. And I can see what types of e mails and designs and looks and feels. I want to go ahead and use, so that just comes to like I said. One thing I said in the beginning is when it comes to content for your email, I don't want you to spend too much time thinking about content and copy and design in the beginning phases, especially when it comes to budget. Leave that at the end, because because what you delivered it flaunts its quality contact right could be claimed touch the bones of quality contact. Your users are gonna wants your structure. Open your rebounding team reading. But once you do get to that level of you are designing or adding in some, incorporating some images in their really good emails is a great way not only to see designs, but just also to see what kinds of flows people are using. So as you thinking about your purpose, I recommend that you do. You use this site really getting us that calm to just look at the different messages that different brands have put out. And again you concert by categories because which all types of different way. 7. Quick Overview on Content: your purpose. Now we have to create the contact. As I mentioned, content is mostly about quality. Content that you put out doesn't have to be the prettiest. Design doesn't have to be the most scholarly rid email. It just has to be. Quality has to be informative. It has to give someone something off value. We looked at purposes in the prior lesson, and we looked at different purposes that you might have. So now what I want you to do to, in order to create your content plan is look for some Look, look at your purpose is my purpose were to showcase products to our fans and our customers . So this is really about letting people know, Hey, when my new products come out, letting them know Hey, this is ready for for by So okay, products are going to be the main content pieces that you're gonna have your this actually attempts to be the more easier way to get your continent there, because I'm assuming you have a look site where those products are sold, you have pictures all those products. All you need to do in your emails when it comes to this is go ahead and in Put your product in those emails and then what I want you to do is write content around that around those products. So maybe you need to describe, maybe need this little back story. Maybe there's some behind the scenes on that that product creation that you can include. Maybe there's an explainer. Whatever it is that you need to just give the give more light to those products that on your site, give them more light. You want to put those in your emails and mentioned before, Let's say your purposes teaching and educating email courses are really good way to teach your users something new via very easy and quick, quick read short form. What evidence A long videos, drips. Siris are what we call emails that are delivered over a period of time. So if you have a four week email course, you may deliver those emails teaching person a new a new lecture within that course every week. So every Wednesday, that subscriber will get a new lecture or a new piece of email lecture that they can absorb and consume to learn something. Okay, could simply be quick. Tip is not to be a full on course, full of lecture inform it could actually be literally. Tip number one. Tip number two. Tip number three given to them. And it's quick, quick content as possible if you have a Balog and you do keep a blogged updated that also can be your source of content. Now I'm not saying, Hey, every time a block publishes, just shoot that block up to your subscribers. Give it some context. One of the best forms of email content pieces that I love is Neil Patel. So I actually encourage you guys to go on new Patel, citing Political right here. And I want you guys to just do it yourself. Go ahead and sign up for his newsletter now confusingly quick right here. Usually a possible appear on site. But go ahead and sign up for his newsletter and what I love about him. He's a great example of a B two B marketer key markets to people who have companies, small companies, also large companies, and you will get his emails and I'll just, like wait for you guys to see that. And when she gets analyzed, females look at how he welcomes you onto the list. Look at how he on board you onto his his whole products. So he's going to kind of tell you how to navigate, how to use your How do you use a site? What is it that he actually offers? And one thing that I really love issue get further in history. And so give it about two weeks to be in his email stream and you'll start seeing that he's his subject lines a really great start, captivating you with some really insightful, kind of like cliffhangers in his emails. His emails are sure they're not spring long. That's good like a pair of mom, and he pretty much ends it with. Find out how to do this, X y Z. Here's the link and you click on that link and then you get to his block post. So what I really love about new hotel site is that he's not giving it all to you. Within the email, he's giving you the kind of preview a little kind of cliffhanger, asking a question, giving not quite the answer, but just halfway there. Then you to cook to find out more. Then you go to this site, and there's many reasons why he wants you to go to this site and consume that content as opposed to just consuming it in email. But that's a whole nother lecture. So once you get to the site and get the full on, um, yeah, whatever it is that you're consuming its content. So that's something that I would love you guys to do right now just to understand how AH marketer can basically use your content of better. They already have to power and feed there. So I don't think they have to recreate everything. If you have info graphics, that would be a powerful concept for email e mails if you have a podcast another way that you can use those in your and then another thing, another quick tip here when it comes to. You know, marketing any kind of content actually is, and I was used this Always remember to entertain surprise and delight. You remember those all the time. You will not feel when it comes to creating your content. Think about argued, entertaining. I'm nothing that you could be funny, but are you giving them something that they're looking forward to opening Messina. They feel really proud. Like I feel happy. Open Zima, right? Are you surprising? Is there something that you're making you way different from? All the others try to be surprising from time to time and then delight again. They open your email that feel like, OK, that wasn't a waste of time. They don't have a desire to unsubscribe from you. They want to be on your list. All right, so we wrapped up purpose and content. We're gonna go into next goal setting, And this is gonna be super important for getting us into the steps that we need to know in order to your wireless. So see you in the next election. 8. Goal Setting : take a minute to talk about goals. Goals are important in any kind of marketing that you do specifically when it comes to email marketing, we want to set a goal that sets us up for list room. So we want to set goals on how many new subscribers we want to add within a week within a month, within 1/4 within a year. Whatever it ISS, we're going to start small at this point. So when we work on this exercise, I want you to think about growing your lists weekly or by the month, maybe even by the quarter. I don't want you to set goals for full year because your strategies, they're gonna change. And as your list girls bigger, you're gonna actually want to develop, even know more aggressive goals. So when it comes to setting goals for your email growth, I want you to form a sentence that specifically names how much you're gonna grow that list by and in what time frame you're gonna go that list. So some example. Email growth goals within your first stages, according your list could be I'd like to obtain 100 subscribers in 30 days. That's super clear. It's telling us, Ah, 100 subscribers. That's the number we're looking for within 30 days. And this makes it easy, because now you know, Okay, 100 subscribers in a month. There's four weeks within a month. So if I divide that 100 by four weeks now, I know what number I need to be it at least each week to let me know if I'm going to hit that goal by week three. I'll know if I'm getting close by week for it. What? There won't be any surprises. Another example. I'd like to grow my list by 25% by the end of Q tude throughout 2018. So again, let's say right now we have 100 subscribers and I want to increase that list by 25%. So now I want to get to 25 subscribers. So by the end of Q 2018 that's going to be what I'm looking to get out of. I'd like to gain 10 new subscribers per week by July 31st 2018. That's another way of saying I'd like to get 10 new subscribers per week. This makes it actually very specific each week. I need to do something that's gonna get me 10 additional subscribers. That actually makes it easier to obtain or to kind of look at then looking at trying to grow by 100 animals. So I want you to go ahead. Just take a minute to do that. Take a minute to think about what your goal is. How many subscribers you want to get within a week within a month. And what's that time frame? - Now that you have your goal, I'm gonna use this goal worksheet. And this is something that you guys are gonna have available to you guys in the attachment . So this is gonna be a very easy way for you guys to keep track of your goals and look at and look at how you're doing time, overtime, day by day, week by week. All right, so you guys have this worksheet. One thing I want you do want to get this worksheet is make sure you go to file, make a copy, and then so that way you have it for you know you have it. You can keep the template as it is. And when you make a copy you can go ahead and make trains as you need to. All right. So what I have here are we're looking at three of the different goals that we did in the example. So the first goal, let's say if you have the goal 100 subscribers and one, the second goal that wasn there was grow by 75% within the month, and the third goal that we had was looking at. Okay, I just want to get 25 new subscribers per week. So all the instructions are here. All you're going to do is choose which gold format you're looking at. So you'll choose whether to this box, this box or the next box and any of the highlighted the yellow highlighted field. That's what you're gonna touch. That's what you're gonna don't change anything else. Because the rest of the fields have formula, isn't it? And then, from there, we're gonna go ahead and see how this works. All right, so this is where we're starting. I want to get 100 subscribers a month. Some month, one, we're gonna enter the number of subscribers that I have at the start of each month, So let's just say right now. Month. Wanna ground zero? Starting right here. I have 100 subscribers, okay? And then we're gonna go ahead and assume that regaining 100 subscribers a month. So we put 200 in there and in 13 300. All right, So what this is doing is showing us 100 going by 100 each month in this best case scenario . And if we do that, we go by 100 each month. By the end of month, one will have 200 Scribe er's on the month to will have 300 a month for you, love 400. Okay, so this is what we can expect to have by the end of three months if we keep with this goal of 100 subscribers among okay, growth weight, this by 100. And then there we have that. So I'm just gonna actually just reset all of this, too. Zero. If we had nothing in there again, this is what I feel in it. And 100. Go ahead and say 100 here and you'll see how this number is changing. These numbers are changing here, Mom. Three 100. Oops. Actually, have a little mistake here. So we'll do fill this in 100 by month to will soon. We have 200. By month three. We should be a 300. And then there we go now 400. And and that's her ankle. All right, so this is just a way for you guys to keep track. Now again, this is all hypothetical. Let's say I am really doing this activity again. I started at 100 subscribers, so leave that at 100. And then I noticed that in terms of month one, I only grew by 97. Okay, so what that does that means I ended month want at 1 97 So up here, I'll go ahead and put 1 97 And now I'm starting month to off 197 subscribers. Now, let's say by month to actually over achieve my goals, and I hit 121. So now I ended a month to with 318 subscribers. So I'm gonna go ahead and put 318 here in the square here and then among three. I didn't do quite as well, but I ended up with 85 new subscribers. So it all even now, luckily, because I overachieving amount to and I still ended up the month with 400 C three subscribers. Okay, The whole bowl here is just for you to keep track of where you are. So that way, by the end of the month one you know how aggressive or you know how calm you could be a mom to same thing and so forth. All right, we're gonna do the same activity here, which is gonna kind of skip a few steps just cause you get the point. So let's say again, I'm going to just delete all these squares here in yellow. And let's say I started the month off again with the 100 subscribers, that's that's my list, OK? And I want to grow at a rate of 75% per month. So if I do that I grew 75% this month, which means it started off month to at 1 75 But guess what? Um, if I am again, actually, what I'm doing here is I'm gonna share you here, is that we're gonna assume that I was still going by 75% in 12 and that would be 306 and 13 Again, If I grew by 75% that would end up with 536 or something that you can see here is the difference. Ready in? If I were going by 100 per month or 75% per month, 75% growth per month, this one would get me a little bit further in my goal. So it's just up to you to decide if you can do it. And then same thing here. Well, just look at the, um, same formula here. So I am going to assume that I started off my month with zero subscribers, and I want to gain 25 each month. So that way that month I did end up 25. And let's say here I so starting at 25 in Week two because that's how much I had last week . And let's actually say here this week that I only gained 13 new subscribers, so I'm ending week to 38. Not so good, starting with three with 38 subscribers. Okay, but let's say when we get into week three. I ended up with 30 new subscribers that week. Okay, it's now. I ended up with 68. Not quite quite metal, but it's still, um, getting closer. All right, so 68 going to Week four started off with 68. And then let's say we, before I did actually gained 25 subscribers. Then that got me at 93 at the end. And this is just gonna help me know. So if I did start week for with 68 subscribers, I know how much I need to get in order to at least get to 100. Maybe I try, go aggressive and do more strategies, and I try to hit 35 new subscribers That would get me an increase in the number of subscribers that I have total by the end of week. For so the whole point of this charge. Just use it to keep track. It's not a magic formula. It's more so using it to just keep track of where you are month to month. So all you're gonna do each week is filling the number that you're starting off with and adjust what you grew by each week. That's all you're doing. So, feeling the yellow filling the growth area 9. Strategy #1 Lead Magnets: All right, now let's get into when you're so I'm gonna go through a few strategies that work really well. When it comes to growing your email list, I am going to kick off with one of my favorite and most effective ways to grow your list. If you're going to start with any strategy, I recommend you start with this one, and it requires zero to no budget at all, the little budget at all. And this is the freebie or lead magnets strategy. Okay, And what this simply is, is you're giving something away for free, something a relative value and you are asking. All you're asking for from that person is their email address in order for them to receive it. So it's a little bit of tit for tat, right? But it's OK. It's very widely known in the industry, and at the end of the day, people do want a little sample of what you have to offer and what this freebie does. It gets them to get to know your quality so you don't want this review to be something that's invaluable, not helpful, not resourceful at all. You want it to be extremely valuable, and you want them to come back asking for more eventually saying, Hey, I actually want to pay you for more. Okay, so that's the point of the lead magnet you want to make. It is valuable as possible. And when I say you need a little to no budget all at all, because you really can get this done for free, there are something that you may optionally like optionally be eating out discussed ins. But again, you don't need to have it all. So when I say you need a dropbox account, I'll talk about that in a little bit more detail. Really just need some kind of cloud, some cloud software that allows you Teoh to distribute that information So it's downloaded that your freebie So it's downloaded. The other thing that you're gonna wanna have is an account with camp a dot com or any kind of design creator, Easy design creator. I use camera because it's free. Very easy to use. It allows you to create PDS. Ah, landing page creator and now landing Page creator is gonna allow you to have that person land on your page and understand what it is that you have to offer. That's optional. You don't need a landing page O Creator. You could just use your website and have a pop up on that website. The next thing that you're gonna need is something to give away. And then you're gonna need a pop up form collector. And this is for any kind of store, not just e commerce stores, but basically some way to collect the emails and then in return, send that person that freebie via your email Serious provided. So one of the more common mediums that you see when it comes to giving away freebies are resource guides. You'll see a lot of companies offer playbooks checklists, step by step guides in that will teach you how to do something. And I have a recommend doing that, especially if you're a bee, to be certain. B two b business or service company. I love these two examples. 12 will give us your email and well said, we'll send you a guy that shows 12 proven ways to convert. You're abandon CART visitors into subscribers. All you could do is provide your name and email address and then put download. Now, receive that guy right in your inbox. Another one here. Checklist for productive meetings. Easy, chapel is people mean? Check this. They need to step by step guides. So that's also something else that you can offer them. So resource guides are very valuable to people, especially when they are looking for how to do something for their business or whatever it is that they're trying to do when you're using a resource guide as a freebie. So, like I said, we worked us down just a little bit. First thing that you're gonna need to think about is what is the unique offering? What is unique hack or skill set that I know that I that I'm really good at and that I can provide to my audience Think about that. Just jot down a few things that you're really good at. And I don't have to just think of one thing of many, because the idea is that you're gonna have any freebies and you're gonna have many lead magnets in various parts of your your bigger channels, your marketing channels. Okay, so think of a few, and then we're just gonna create one resource guide at a time. Once you pick the one that you want to work on whichever skill set at hack, whatever it is that you want to turn into a resource guy still ahead in just kind of draw, like, write down a pair of jock down. What does it take to get this stuff? So let's say I am really good at creating um, plastic plants out of scrap material. So just shuttle everything that it takes in order to create plastic plants. Basically fall plans, original materials that you need, where you have to go to get it. How much time to take just anything that you can think of and then what I want you to do after you just kind of get it? All those thoughts on what it takes to create fall plants is I want you to go ahead and break down the steps into a simple steps as possible. So just think about every step being sentenced long, and you don't want yourself to be too long as a max steps you want to go for is anywhere in the 10 12 or 13 steps. Okay, you don't want to go further than that. Okay? Especially for really quick resource guides and break down the steps. What are the steps that it takes? You know, what does the person need? Where they need to go? What's next? What's next? What's next? Okay, once you've jotted down those steps, okay, then I want you to go into a tool such as Canada. Now, camera is really easy to use. Once you go when you're able to create a pdf, let's just go ahead and look at camp really quickly. But what I'm gonna do is we're gonna hit, create new design once we're in camera. Something that I love here is that you can go ahead and search all of the different types of templates that they have. Okay. And then you can go ahead and create whatever it is that you need to create using any of their templates. Now I am going to go screw Oh, let's say infographic, because I just want to create a guide, something that's easy, digestible, downloadable and usually pretty. And you don't have to choose Infographic. You can make it shorter grips. Unusually long to see. This is very long. Um, usually this would work Well. In my case, you can increase that size there. Now, we're not gonna go into creating a book graphic cata great infographic or how to create a resource guy. But I'm just gonna show you some of the templates that they have. So that way, he knows really easy to create the guy that you need. So let's say, remember that fall plant that I said how to create planning a plastic plants for your house ? Um, we go ahead and choose this and then because he has this, go ahead and label it whatever it is, and then you go ahead and list your steps. So all you're doing is taking a template that they have and re creating it, adding the colors that you want change colors. However, you need to add your little whatever it iss. And then once you're ready to download, you're gonna go ahead to pdf select pdf and then you download. So that's really all I want to show you. That's how easy it is in camera. The design stuff. Go ahead and take your time on that whenever you have time. But I just want to show you how easy it is. Go ahead, create your content. Camba. look for the template that you want. Put your steps in. Mayor download. Is it a PT downloaded as a PdF? And that's it. You're done. How easy was that? She's taking more than an hour. Right. Okay, so then once you have that, pdf ready and available. So this is why I said that. Why you may want to have a dropbox account or some other kind of cloud service provider, Because what's gonna happen is what dropbox or any similar account you're gonna download, upload the pdf into Dropbox, and then you're gonna create on Leak out of it. So if I were to go into my dropbox account, all right, once I'm in my dropbox account, upload my files, and then once it's ready, I want you to go ahead and grab it. Then what you're gonna do here is in this shared setting over here. This is where you're gonna create a link. Copy that link Now. It's right. That's the link you have. And then within your email service provider, this is the link that you're gonna provide your users. So you're gonna go ahead and create your email, follow up and I'll show you some examples of this, but the human followed that they would get saying, Here's your download. You would use this link. So here's an example where I'm saying you're gonna provide the link. So I have, ah, lead magnet that is giving people a guy to 10 keyboard shortcuts that they can use from their Mac. So in this email, it's just open it up over here, you'll see that I respond to them saying, Hey, great, Thanks for down Thanks for preventing email address like it's any this guy. And then here's where I provide the link used this link to download your cheat Cheat now and then. That's where I would put my dropbox. Okay, so within your email provider is where you're gonna provide that, like, Okay, so we have that down. Now we know where we're gonna put that dropbox sleep, okay? Or the link so they can download our guide. Now it's a little step ahead, but the way that they are going to keep either email address is by some kind of four. That form is gonna live on your website. That form is going to live on its home page form is gonna be in a public bomb for, you know, it could be shown as a pop up. However, you need to have it. But we need some kind of mechanism for them to download to give us their email address and then eventually download that guy. All right, so there are a couple of providers out there that give you a lot of these forms and allow you use this to provided emails in any kind of way. So the ones that are out there that are pretty popularity of often monster get privy, just, you know. Hello, Bar. Advise you to check them all out and see which ones are ideal for you. I'm gonna quickly show you an example using Hello, Bar. It is one of the fairly easier wants to do. All you have to do is create an account. Of course, when I create my new pop up, you'll see that their steps pretty low bar. You don't need too much to start creating your your pop up. All right, so it's gonna say, What's your goal here? Our goal here is to collect email addresses, so I'm gonna click on that, go down here and click next, and then it's going to say what type of public do you want? So I would write. There's many different types you can try and I would recommend trying Each of them may be over a period of a few months to just see which ones are actually working better for you. But I would say to start, Go ahead and use the multiple version and this is basically a little pop up window that appears in the middle of your screen. The reason I want you to start here is because of the baseline one. It's the one that people are used to seeing. It does get very high engagement rates because it is front there and center, and then we'll have picked that. I'm gonna go out next. That way it can lead to my design area. And here in round design area, I'm gonna have a couple of different options so I can change the text field. So here, I'm going to say, you know, whatever the problem is, you're trying to salt. That's gonna be your headline. So want to learn how to actually use the example of this class? Want to learn how to grow your by 100 people in 30 days. Perfect. All right, I have that there. The next thing is, this is where they're gonna have an email address. So one thing that I recommend when you are capturing email addresses, especially for something as simple as of the magnet, don't ask for too much information. Use. Just ask for email address. You can ask her first name, but the more fields you have, it's just been seeing that less people will sign up. Now, there's a little contrary, you know, arguments. That is that the more fields you have a forces people to do the extra work, it pushes away spammers, and it allows more quality user base. So I do agree with that. I do think that when you were dealing with massive amounts of traffic, ask a little bit more information because you're gonna be more susceptible to spammers. But if you don't have, you know, marketing your your site up there on search and social, and it's, you know, getting tons of traffic. Perm, Um, I wouldn't worry about that too much, and I would just ask for something simple as email address. Okay, First name is fine too. It wouldn't go crazy trying to add anything else. But you can easily say here and now I'm asking first, and then you can go ahead. I'm not gonna go ahead into these because this is gonna be your own personal preference, and it's very easy to follow along. But these are other things that you could do a style. Your pop up. Okay, so here I go have my image in there on change. An image I needed to and all this stuff I'm just gonna be because right now I'm not paying for hello. Bars of friends. Gonna need to stay on. Um, GDP are compliant. Check that if that applies to you. And that's just basically say, do you know Are you part of that? You are you Do you have traffic coming from the EU, so me to put that, um and then this is something that you're gonna want to pay attention to. When does the pop up appear? Does it appear right away? Does it appear when the person is leaving the page? Does it appear after 10 seconds? I would recommend starting at 10 seconds, and that's saying after the person's been under six for 10 seconds. Then the pop up appears. And then again, these are things that you could test out to sea. Which ones work better? Just longer delayed work. Better does, uh, does it appearing when the person exited, Paid work better. You could try those up. Then I'm gonna go ahead and hit next. And you didn't tell the browser. Who should see these? Everyone. Just mobile visitors. Home page visitors gonna leave it everyone for right now. And these are just instructions. After a user closed the site element don't displayed again to the user for another three days. So if they closed it without put it in their email address, should it appear to them again? It's up to you. I would say Topple around. Make that a little longer. Depends on how often people are showing up on your site. Probably shouldn't make too much of a difference. Um, and then after conversion, don't display the site element for that user. Um, And again so after conversion. So after they provided their email address, don't display this. Okay? You don't want it to this way. So you go ahead and long back well and then gonna hit next. And then here is basically once they submitted their email address, you can have your thinking message. You can update bad as you need to update your clothes button, and then that's pretty much it. Then you would just hit saving pause just to save it in your edit it later. You can also look at the different types of how it looks on different screens as well. And then you would just hit. Publish now and then. That's it. You have your pop up. So now once you start collecting email addresses, at least here in hello bar. If you go down to contacts and click on contacts, you'll be able to see what email addresses you've collected. You can click on that, and you can download it as a CSP file. Okay, so you'll be able to take that one she downloaded at CSP Fall. You can take it and do whatever you need to do with those email addresses. You can manually upload it into your service provider. There's if you're on the paint account of Hello Bar, they'll be integration settings where you can automatically send those over. Do you know service provider. So lots of different ways. Lots of different options that you have. But that's what you would do once you start collecting those email addresses. And that's where you pretty much solved and completed your all your steps forward. Creating your resource by publishing it on your site, using the pop up tool and then collecting email addresses and then sending those email addresses over to your email service provider. So for a few more ideas on what kind of resource side can you create, depending on what kind of company you are? So professional services? I think you guys have a ton options for creating resource. Is that resource guys? Because you help people all day every day. So let's say your professional organist organizer, right you can create a resource died that's organize your kitchen with these seven easy hacks. Okay, people would love that. Create opposed that shows, you know, a disorganized kitchen to a very organized kitchen. And then you're gonna provide the steps that people could do to note to create that. All right, if you're an e commerce store, you don't always only have to give away coupons. You can create different types of incense is for your usual, obviously. Usually it's gonna be tied down to some kind of gift for freebie your coupon, but you can do it in a creative way. Also, five days of giving receive a gift in your in box over the next five days. Now, for any common story that could be in the form of day wanted to 5% coupon, they true it's free shipping. Day three. It's you get a higher for a bonus or rewards points Day four and so forth. You can do really creative things. What your users, when it comes to commerce stories for anyone who's a course creator or anything like that. Like I said, you could do the email crash course. Email. Um, how did your your lists your email? Listen seven days and that could be a crash course. That's something that I could do if I want to say promote my course right. I could do a little mini course to be a email for free over the next seven days in order to capture it leads before I push out my forced 10. Strategy #2 Lead Ads: okay, onto strategy Number two, Facebook lead ads. Now, if you've never used Facebook ads or never have running at before, don't worry. This is not gonna be terribly difficult. It's actually very easy to set up a Facebook lead at. There's many things you can do on the Facebook advertising platform were specifically gonna look at their lead at feature, which is purpose to help you gain leads or a K email addresses. Now, what you'll need for Facebook lead at is you do wanna have a Facebook business account, okay? And I'll show you quickly where and how you set that up in steps that you just need to follow. Facebook provides that for you, and then you just need an image or some stock photos and set up time should not take you more than three hours. So we're gonna look at first. What does it lead ab look like? So this is a leader. So you guys are on Facebook. I'm sure you've spent some time on Facebook before or interim, and you've received and add, um, within your feet and that Adam, just skip over here for a second. Looks like this. It's in your feed and you see the brand. And then you see this little button that says, Sign up. And from there, when you click, sign up, you get your offer here, you're gonna get 15% off. You provide your email address, you click the terms and conditions and hit OK. And then that's how you gain that email address from that user once they provide that email address. Ah, similar here. We're just looking at a company that's providing the download. Hey, download your 2017 vision board prep guide and you know to your email address your full name and then that's it. You're done. They provided their email address for you. So Facebook lead ads are very effective because what they do is they keep the form simple. They make it in the best way That's optimized for collecting email addresses. And if Facebook already has that email address of that person, which it usually does, it also auto feels that email address in there. So it makes a little bit easier to obtain that email address. So when you guys are in the Facebook account, But when it comes to creating your Facebook ads manager account, If you don't have one, you're gonna want to go to facebook dot com slash business and look at the steps for how to set up a Facebook SAB's manager account. Now I'm gonna pry this link again, so that way you can go through it. It's gonna be super simple. All it has to do is involves making your Facebook page. If you have one. If you don't have one, gonna have to create one and then just putting in the steps of your business information, you're gonna put in credit card information basically saying how will you pay them when you do run ads? OK, steps again are not difficult. It just takes a little bit patients to get through each one of the steps. So I'm gonna send you a link to this page. So that way you can start create your Facebook page if you don't have one, and then eventually your ads accounts. Okay, Assuming you haven't adds account now, then what you're gonna do is once you're in your Facebook business, page your business manager. So over here within your Facebook business settings, you're gonna see ads manager, and then you're gonna hit the create button. And once you're in there, you should see this screen, which this is the objective screen. So Facebook is saying, Hey, what's your objective? What's he objected that you have You're gonna say my objective is lead generation. The generation is basically collecting emails. Then you're gonna say this is my lead generation account label that go ahead and hit. Continue. Now there's some strategies behind add sets and all that. I'm not going to actually go into detail about that. So there's a lot of Facebook courses on that. But I'm just gonna label this and say, Hey, I'm trying to attract um, business owners. I'd say 25 plus and this is my Facebook page that it's linked to gonna skip this step here . Now you're gonna create an audience or you're going to use one of your saved audiences. Now I have a ton of safe audiences already, but and normally I would use one of those. But for the cases of just showing you guys had a creating Arctic audience from scratch, we're gonna go ahead and go down to this section. So location I'll leave it at United States my age range. Remember I said that it was 25 so I'm gonna go ahead and shoot 25. Now you don't. When you're creating a new audience, you don't want to get too, too, too specific. This is your specific to broad meter Facebook recommends, especially when it's starting off with you to keep it a little bit broad. So that way it can start fine tuning who's really interested in your ad and then for more people who look like those people. So you want Facebook to do the heavy work. You don't want to be too narrow minded when it comes to creating your audience for said, but I am gonna keep my age because I don't want to be anyone below the age of 25 genders keep it at all genders, and then I want to show more options. Here. You can look at language of sort of connections and click edit here just to show you something so unclean include people who match a certain category or subset. So let's just say I want to get specific. I'm gonna hit this browse button right here, and I wanna target people who are in the business and ended who have interest in business and industry. When open that up and I'm gonna choose advertising gonna choose business, I am going to choose entrepreneurship Health care also, because maybe some dentists or lawyers wanna grow their email lists. And anyways, I'm just gonna The point is, I would keep on clicking on people based on their interest set so I can continue to find them something else that you can do. Let's say if I want to target people that read the New York Times, whatever so I can go ahead and take the name of a brand and go ahead and select that brand . So that way I'm narrowing down even more. Maybe you're trying Teoh reach a certain type of person. So that would be another reason for choosing interest. Maybe I also want to choose people who follow e commerce Aiken typing commerce in and then select e commerce. So the plane is that you can start building up your audience interest based on that set, if you want to exclude certain people. So let's say I don't want to include people who, um let's see. Let me try to think of something. You know, anyone who reads, for whatever reason, see if I can find Vogue. And so that was excludable employers, actually, but yeah, maybe that's a valid reason, actually. Just want Vogue magazine. So magazine I want exclude anyone who has interest in Vogue magazine. Whatever that reason is, I'm just doing that for examples. And then I'm gonna save this audience not gonna do it right now because I don't really want to save it. But then that's it. And then you have your audience created, okay? The next section that you're gonna go over to it, the placement section, and I want you to leave it on automatic placement again. If you're just starting off. You want Facebook to do this leg work? You're not smarter than Facebook. Facebook knows its platform, and it's gonna be able to decide whether it should show your ad on instagram. It should show you're on Facebook Mobile Display Messenger. It has so many products and it's going to decide for you. Let it do that. Work, budget and schedule. So here you're gonna choose. How much do you want to pay? What's the max that you want? A paper lead? Let's say I want to pay no more than $5 per lead, and my average daily budget is $20. Okay, All right, great, Facebook saying. Then you'll spend no more than $140 per week over here to the side. You can get a little bit more detail on what you just created. So Facebook is estimating that's going to reach about 3000 people and get you anywhere up to about 53 lead. So if you do better than this number, that means you're doing wow if you do lower than 18. So if your ad collects lower than 18 Facebook's gonna actually flag you and say, Hey, this adds not doing so great. Let's look at your audience again and that's it. And then I'm gonna hit continues. I could move onto the next phase, which is the ad creation phase, and here is its slow this. I am going to choose single image or video so you can choose carousel if you mock carousel , just showing multiple images when it comes to creating leaves. I would try to keep it simple, at least for now, and create single image Video is also good If you do have video content and something really quickly. I'm going to show you. Here is You can change the image and you can look for stock photos, Whatever Facebook has available, if they have any available. All right, so chose business. A stock photo now. Something to note. So there are watermarks here. The watermarks are not gonna show in your add. The stock photos have a partnership with Facebook, so you don't have to worry about the watermark there. All right, I've chosen my ad. I'm gonna hit. Continue. Just a little slow to load here. Give it a little bit time. There we go. Now the stock image has loaded the other thing. Here is primary text. So get our free guy on how to grow your analysis. So the primary Texas What appears here? This is where you really want to get to the point on what they're going to get from you. Some people do have a long texts. I recommend that you test that, do some you know, you're doing at a short text, just one liners and you could do an ad that's a little bit longer and test that out to see how that works with your audience. And then the headline will show here, which is basically a pairing of what? Your call to action. You can include a description, if you want, which would appear just below that. That's optional. And then here you would choose your call to action. So in this case, I want to put down looking without a chance to revote. And there you go. And then here is the part where you gonna do some work? I said, this is the form that you're gonna create already have a form created. So it's all here already. But if I want to create a new form when I click on new form here, it's gonna take me through some steps on creating that form. So you have your form type more volume just means that it's asking, um, it's not asking for confirmation before they hit. Submit. The higher Intense is doing that for Facebook ad. I would recommend doing higher intense just because it is reaching out to a lot of people. And if you get that person to reconfirm that they want this download from you, they're likely going to be a better audience for you. the intro was optional. Intro GIs, basically is the that little screen that appears before the person's aren't putting in their information, then in the questions area, so let you decide if you want to have that option of the questions area. This is the part that you're gonna need. You're gonna want to collect email address, and this is where you're gonna collect any information like full name or anything else that you want to collect. Privacy policy. Facebook's gonna require you to put the privacy policy on your site If you don't have one. There's easy ways to create that. But assuming anyone who has site, you guys do have a product privacy policy, the reviews screen you're gonna go through again. It's just a little step by step, just making sure it looks like how you want it to look. And then that Thank you Screen. What do you want to put you know, what kind of message do you want to put after they've given your email address? You know, look out for the download guide in your email inbox. That's it. And then you can leave a button tohave visit your site, or you can have downloaded right away or whatever. I recommend that you have them. Don't use the download right away, but because you want that guy to go to their email address because you want them to open that email the minute they opened that email that counts as a engagement metric for you. And it's just it's just a better progress over time of getting that person's getting used to opening your email addresses. So I don't recommend you using the download now feature. I recommend using the website having them visit your website after that and then you put your website in there. Okay, lets it. Then you hit same and finish and look a save it because I already have forms, not a lot sits on the safe, and then you have your form appear here. And then that's pretty much shit you have. You know, you're tracking mechanisms set up. You get confirmed and that's gonna get your ad ready to get published, and then it's gonna go through the review process. You're gonna want to give that about 24 hours and then you're adults. Start running 11. Strategy #3 Chatbots: another strategy for growing your email list and a really creative one is chatbots. Now. Chatbots are newer to this space, and in a way, chatbots actually also act as another communication device for communication channel. For your followers, however, not everyone wants to be or needs to be communicated through their chatbots all the time. So something that you can have your chatbots do is collect email addresses. So that way you can email the email herbal stuff via the subscribers email address. So when it comes to creating a chat thought, I will give you a link to a course that I specifically have on creating a chat bought that collects email addresses. I'm not going to use this time to show you how to do that, but I just want to use this section to just show you that it's an idea. Now, you don't really need a budget for this because there are tools out there that again, but you create free accounts for creating a chat. Bots up spot is one of them, but it's not necessarily free. You'll need one of their subscription to their email account or their marketing account. There is a tool, says his drift. There's many chats, your any commerce store. There's octane AI. So lots of different service providers out there just do the research to see which one is best for you. The course that I have specifically on this speaks to many chat. So again, a lot of these things are free at the time of my recording. This they may change, but many check is does have a very low barrier cost entry. So I would start there, and then you're gonna use that chap Pop integrated with your email service provider. And then the chatbots gonna do all the work to collect the email addresses for you. So here is just an example. I have my website. When someone comes to my website, my pop up, my chatbots actually appears and says, Hey, how are you doing? And ask that one question. What's one thing that you would like Teoh that you would like to automate in your day and you're in terms of your marketing task? So you ask a question in that chat box, and then once the person's types in that one question, I want to automate my sales process that chatbots start the conversation and says, Before I continue, let me get your email address. So that way I can continue the email address in case you have to leave and you want to come back and get the answer, whatever it is again, the whole point is that your chop, what's going to be that lead in person that says, Hey, we want to talk to you and I'm sure you want to talk to me more. But let me collect immunologist for you. Once you do collect that email address from that person, then what I recommend you do and I have this set up. This is a little bit more complex. It could be a whole course of its own, but basically I bring that person into my email service provider. And then I have a little in love. It's is Hey, thank you for chatting with my thought. I'd love to keep you in my email newsletter and look what I done here. Basically, I've said if you like to be subscribe to any of my e non forces, choose one of them below. So what is this, guys? You guys just learned this. These are lead magnets right there. Free email courses over the period of five days. Four weeks. Whatever it is, once they click on that saying that this is the horse they'd like to receive, Then they get added officially opted in to my newsletter. Okay, so that's all I done. It goes pretty much Two steps are from chat conversation on my site. I get their email, they go into my email marketing service provider. I trigger an email for them to to ask them Hey, thanks for chatting with my bought. And I want to know, Do you want to join my email newsletter? If I give them options of different freebies that I have so much of saying, Hey, do you want to join my newsletter? I'm actually saying, Do you want this course or do you want this free course or do you want this creepy whatever it ISS And then once they click any of those, they get opted in. If they don't like any of these email, just you know that's it. Give them five days to opt in to any of these. After five days, they're removed and not even added to my email this so you guys can tell me I look for your reviews and your comments. If you want more, you want a specific course on how to get a funnel from someone going from your chatbots to this opt in Siris. That's a whole lesson on its own, but it's a very effective strategy. One thing I am going to lead you guys to if you are interested in more and how to actually build a pot. So I do have a course that specifically geared towards. So it's honing in on this particular strategy building a Facebook messenger bought in order to grow your email list. So I'll put the link to that course in the section for this course. That way you can go ahead and check out the course and see if you want to learn this specific strategy in more detail. 12. Strategy #4 Quizzes: okay for my next strategy. It's quizzes. I really like this one because quizzes can be fun. But not only that. Quizzes can be super informative for you and also for your subscribers, because it allows you to get a lot of information from them in a fun way and also in a non intrusive way. Right? So you guys have probably played many different quizzes on the Internet, you know. Which kind of Disney princess are you? I don't know. Hopefully you're not playing that one, but this one is a little bit more. You would gear it towards what your business is about. So let's go ahead and quickly share you an example here of one of my quizzes. So on my site, I have a quiz. Which email marketing tool is best for you? Take the quit. So this is a page where people look at on my site to find out what kind of email service prevented are out there and what choices that they have. But they're not sure which when they need or they want so they can take this quiz. It's telling them. Take this assessment to find out which email service Beretta it. You are telling them, you know, what are the possible answers here? And then here's where the person is going to answer. What type of company are you? E commerce? How much experience do you have? A little Who will be doing your marketing? I have a team. What's most important in your email marketing? Um, I want to know about revenue on a scale of 1 to 5. How do you rank? Three. Which of the following best describes your marketing mix? Facebook. What do you plan to use? Bring America Day. I'm just lifting Any answer here, guys. Which of the most recent you know marketing platforms have you use, I say, constant contact. And then here is where the person is gonna provide their name, their email address, and then they can see their results. So there is an option for them to skip this step so they don't have to provide this information, and that's totally fine. And then here is the answers for them. So this one said, Hey, Cleo might be the better email provider for you, and then it gives more details until why radio is it? Okay, so that's super simple look how fun that WAAS and the benefit of that. So ideally, someone provided you with their email address and you're going to get those answers over two. So before you know, as this person gets on your email list after they've taken this quiz, you know exactly how to email them. If the answer that they got was Hey, you know, brother, that you should use quite uses claim e Oh, I'm gonna go ahead and enroll them in my 58 email horse and had a set of clean you, as opposed to if it were active. Campaign didn't go into my active campaign. Of course, that's how you're gonna use this data when you do, a question gets so much useful data that you can do with your quiz provider. Okay, so let's just look into what it takes to set that up. So But it needed $17 a month to start an account. One of the quist builders, particularly the one I'm gonna show you a vital link to interact quiz again at the time of this and $17 just I always say, check the price because that can always looked at any time but no. Okay, I couldn't guarantee it's not gonna be over $100 soon. And then what? You need to get the account and you want to connect it to your email service provider, Of course. And then all you need is some content. So that way you can create the quiz. So now we just look at the quiz on my site. So this is how that plays will appear on your page, but it's showing up, and this is how you're gonna collect that email address from them. The great thing about the quizzes is that when you're doing it, there's many different ways that you can promote it. You can put it into a Facebook post or social media posts or ads. You can have it appear at the top of your page, doesn't announce the bar just like how you saw it appeared on my site. Or you can have it appear as a light box of pop up. Basically, someone someone comes to your page, it pops up on their screen. So that's something that you can do. I'm just gonna go into my interact account very quickly, so that way you guys conceive so again I'll provide a link to interact. You can sign up. They might have a free trial that you can do and creating the quiz. It takes time. I'm not gonna say that It doesn't take any time at all. However, it is easy. You just need to give it time to create it. So I'm gonna click, create new quiz. And again it was going really show you very quickly. They have templates that you can customize. I recommend doing that as opposed to starting from scratch, at least when you're just starting off quick quiz template and had say, I'm a coach. So I'm gonna go ahead and click coaching, go to next steps and I want to use this to What is your emotional intelligence for? Use this close and use this template. Okay, so now that that's loaded, you'll see that it's very easy to edit. Whatever you need, you can edit the images, you can add it. Any of the headlines just gonna show you're not going to show you that stuff because you know how toe edit headlines and images when we're just gonna take you through some of the settings areas that you're gonna want to pay attention to. This one is important. Enabled lead capture and data collection for my quiz. So this is remember where you saw on Mike was? There was, You know, the person had an option to, um, talked in, so we want to collect email addresses. Right. So we're gonna go through these steps, so that way we can, um you can collect first name, email, address, whatever it is you need to is gonna say, Let's say I'm connecting email. And first name and form settings allow user to skip opt in form. So on my form, you saw that they were is they were allowed to skip the Upton form. So this is up to you. I'll tell you the benefits and frozen clans allowing them to skip the opt in form is people will receive you better. Because people want to take these informative quizzes, and they're expecting that they're free on. They don't necessarily want to give you the data. So I would think about how, how, how much information are given from this quiz. When they take it. You're giving them really solid advice and information. I would take this out and I would make it a forced that they have to give their email address. The thing is that most people get turned off by it, so the chances of them clicking skip this step are actually lower just because not that they don't see it. They get it, They want her there like okay. And I got a lot of information. I'll provide this so I wouldn't get too stuck on like, Well, most people are not gonna skip this step. I just use a rule of thumb. How much information in my giving from this quizzes? Was it just kind of just like a really fun quiz? It's giving them one of four answers or really giving them, like, legit results, giving them really hard core results. But I don't know if I mean, you could do it for a clothes. I wouldn't recommend it as your first interaction with this person. Why? Maybe you You have some kind of intense quiz IQ provides really telling answers. Then I would make it a force seamount and treat, but it's not. I want to be too scared that people are not gonna People are gonna skip this stuff. Okay, so that's just where you want it. That's where you're gonna get to set that up there and you can edit that information there . And then that's all you would do. You hit, save and continue and then one thing to do. So it's gonna prompt you to connect your email address. This is the perfect part because this is where you want to automatically send those email addresses to your email service provider. So that's where that would be. And then let us get that. I won't be able to do it from here because it's gonna force me to say I'm just gonna turn this off for now. Here's where I want to show you where you're gonna edit those questions in the content area . You want to look at every question. So the template comes with its own questions. Yeah, assuming you're not using the question, the template as it is, but maybe you are. But if you need to change the template, you can go into every question here and at it as you need Teoh. And then depending on how they answer these questions, this is where they would get their results and their results again. This is what I said in terms of providing the person with, you know, deep answers toe Like who? They you know that that quiz that they took? Here's the answer And here's what they got. So that's where all of this is gonna appear. So all of that is just more of so the step by step in the style section. This is where you can go ahead and edit your colors to make it fit your brands and do whatever you need to there. All right, Next. Once you got that saved the sharing in bed, it may not let me share your area. The sharing and bed. It's gonna take me to the different options of how I can share this on my side or across any of my channels so you can make it a pop up on your website. What's gonna happen if it's a song you have? It's connected to your site. It will appear on your page or provide you with an embed coast. You can paste it to that page into the header footer of your page. Um, same thing with the announcement. Borrow. Appear at the top. You can have it be a Facebook, as people can start entered. Those questions via Facebook ad hoc can embed it directly on your site, where you can have a link so lots of different ways and how you can share this. And that's what I do love about interact tools that they may get pretty easy for you to share. So that's really all you're doing with the quizzes and getting that up and ready as a bonus . With Inter Interact, you can do polls and also giveaways. Was there other ways to collect email addresses? Obviously, But just starting off, I would start off with a quiz and start there. 13. Strategy #5 Live Events: Okay, so this is one of my favorite strategies collecting and live events. Now, this strategy is going to be especially useful for B to B companies, um, that host live events or 10 networking events or speak at events or do workshops. Good context is, let's I actually have taught this course in the physical environment of life setting, and I'll usually have people upped in maybe to receive my DAC or to chat with me afterwards . And they'll I'll collect their email address so we can keep the conversation going. Post the events. All right, so in order to do this again, little budget at all, maybe you pay for the software that I'm gonna mention. But that's about it. Pen and paper. There's a method doing it that way, and I'll show your you won't. It's not a method you really know how to do this. But here's the idea. You had a live event hosting a workshop. You are speaking at an event you can simply pass around a piece of paper and collect email addresses. All right, this is not a joke. I'm literally telling you this how to do it. But the thing is is that most people don't think about this method. They do events, they speak at events, they teach a workshop and they don't collect email. Follow ups. You need to collect email fault. If you have a goal to get 100 new subscribers a month, look at every different channel that you're doing and that you're connecting with potential customers and think about what's away. That I'm gonna connect. I'm gonna collect an email address for from them. So I don't want to dwell on collecting the paper. Obviously, I just want you to to not forget that you don't always need a software tool to do it. You can simply use physical pen and paper to do it. However, the more fun way to do it is by using a text email software. So there's a few of them out here. What? I'm showing you right here. This is a particular sly that I use whenever I do workshops or a live events where I'm speaking and what I would do is at the end say, Hey, guys, I hope you enjoy this class. If you want to receive these slides and some extra bonus tips, all you have to do is text grow lists to 44222 That's natural working number. This is an actual life course that I've done. This is how I've gotten people onto my email. That's because every workshop that I do, I let people collect this lives because I don't have the slides. You know I don't have a drive. You give it to everyone right then and there. Right? So I say, Hey, in order to get the slides get on, May looks and send it to you automatically. There's a couple of tools out there that do it. I'm just gonna go ahead and load up one of them so testicles. Very useful tool. You can sign up. It does come at a cost of pricing. I think you get to keywords for free. After that, you pay a feet. It's super useful for anyone that does any kind of. It's the other thing that I love. Floors podcast. Whenever I have podcast interviews, think of pockets as your life event so testable can be super useful. There's also lead digits by Lee pages. You consign open account. There provides some links that you guys can look at and investigate and see what you want. You want provide. But the main point of this section is to not forget that whenever you have an event, a live events Ah, networking session, A podcast. You're speaking on interviews, conferences. You want to be able to collect email addresses at any of those events. 14. 12 Final You Got This: So how did that all feel? Guys, I hope you enjoyed the course. And I hope you are able to apply at least one of the strategies that you learned today. I'd love you guys to take one of the strategies, try them immediately after you finish this course and then report back to me. How did it go? How did it feel? What kind of challenges did you face? And I'd love to see if I can help you overcome any of those challenges. There's usually always a way to solve any kind of the problems that you have, and I look forward to seeing that you guys are growing your list to a number that is meaningful for you.