Creative Video Storytelling & Editing: Making the Most of Stock Footage

Nikki Stephens, Graphic Designer & Video Editor

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12 Videos (1h)
    • Introduction

    • Project: Your Greatest Love!

    • What You'll Need

    • Why Stock?

    • Coming Up With Your Idea

    • 1. Adding Emotion

    • 2. Filling In Story Gaps

    • 3. Showing What You Say

    • Finding the Perfect Clip

    • Tips for Video Editing

    • Nikki's Project: Pretzel Quest

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

With stock footage, everyone can create compelling video stories — no camera necessary! In this one-hour class, designer and video editor Nikki Stephens will show you just how easy it is to find, finesse, and edit stock video into a story your audience will love watching.

You'll learn the 3 most effective ways to use stock — to add emotion, show the passage of time, and show what you say — as well as basic editing tips for smoothing, ordering, and adding music to your clips. By the end of the class, you'll have everything you need to create a short custom video of your own.

Whether you're an artist eager to experiment, a brand marketer eager to liven up a pitch, or a videographer looking for reel you can't capture on your own, this class is the perfect place to start creating engaging and effective video stories.


Dissolve provides high-quality footage from today's most inspiring and relevant shooters, empowering video storytellers with footage for use in professional television and web-based advertising work, brand and corporate videos, editorial and documentary settings, interactive web sites, video games and mobile applications.

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2Fast 2Live, 2Young 2die

I like to create light edits - as film editing isn't really my profession. This course inspired me to try a few things, can't wait to try them!
WOW! I was blown away by the before and after look at two video clips. One done with stock video and the other just a boring, put you to sleep clip. I will definately be using your strategies shown in the course in my own content. You really know how to start with WOW!!! Thanks for sharing.
Kibibi Jett

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Nikki Stephens

Graphic Designer & Video Editor

Nikki is a graphic designer and video editor at Dissolve, a stock footage company that licenses video from today's most inspiring and relevant shooters. She’s worked on such videos as 7 Things I Learned in 7 Years of Reading, Writing, and Living and Emoji Among Us, a Vimeo Staff Pick.

She has a Bachelor of Design from the Alberta College of Art + Design but has spent the last two years delving into the world of video. She lives in the pretzel-less city of Calgary, Alberta. When she’s not making videos at Dissolve, she’s doodling type in her notebook, riding her bike, or attempting to brew her own beer. (Key word: “attempting.”)

You can check out her other tutorials based on videos she’s created on the Dissolve blog.