Creative Success: A Drawing Exploration to Fuel Your Process

Carolyn Rodgers, Designer, illustrator, color lover!

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9 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project: Ten-Step Drawing Exploration

    • 3. Keep a Sketchbook

    • 4. Analyze Patterns

    • 5. Drawing Exploration: Picking an Image

    • 6. Drawing Exploration: Starting Your Iterations

    • 7. Drawing Exploration: Making It Your Own

    • 8. Final Iteration to Final Piece

    • 9. Takeaways

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About This Class

Improve your creative process to become a more productive and happy creator!

Anyone can learn how to paint or edit photos but you need to learn about YOU to become successful! Creative Success: A Drawing Exploration to Fuel Your Process will teach you how to focus on what brings you joy, work with your interests in a ten-step drawing exploration, and use your exploration to create work you love. You'll get back to the basics of creating because once you nail down your process, you'll efficiently make satisfying work you love.

You will learn to set yourself up for creative success in your process by:

1. Learning what you love, by analyzing material in your sketchbook.


2. Using simple drawing exercises, by developing a simple sketch into a unique final concept. 


3. Making, by exploring your interests through quick sketches.


4. Making making a habit, by creating entry points to easily make what you love.


No prior knowledge is required! This class teaches basic skills in honing your process that can help any creative in their career or hobby. You’ll just need ten sheets of paper and a pencil, and your sketchbook. Let's get started :)