Creative Stumbling Blocks + How to Overcome Them | Whitney Rain | Skillshare

Creative Stumbling Blocks + How to Overcome Them

Whitney Rain, Artist

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9 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Overcome Discouragement

    • 3. Comparison

    • 4. Create > Consume

    • 5. Creativity Grows

    • 6. You Belong

    • 7. Patience + Sustainability

    • 8. Final Thoughts

    • 9. Project


About This Class

Discover why your creativity might be feeling off and bring back the joy that attracted you to creativity in the first place!


Creativity is meant to be energizing, fun, fulfilling, relaxing, rewarding, and wonderful! But have you ever experienced a slump in your creativity? Have you felt a little stuck, discouraged, distracted, frustrated, overwhelmed, impatient, exhausted, or any number of other negative feelings while trying to create? If so, this class is for you! You are not alone, I’ve been there, and I am here to help.

In this class I’ll cover:

  • Overcoming Creative Discouragement, Especially As a Beginner
  • Learning to Create More than you Consume
  • How to Stop Comparison in its Tracks
  • Recognizing that Creativity Grows
  • Knowing You Belong
  • Finding Patience and Sustainability

Think of this as a gentle but practical pep talk to kick your creativity back into gear. Each lesson is filled with motivation, inspiration, and tons of actionable tips and tricks to overcome these common stumbling blocks and ultimately achieve a flourishing creative practice.


Bonus: FREE inspirational quotes and messages from the class are available for download under Resources!


1. Introduction: creativity and art are meant to be energizing, fun, fulfilling, relaxing, rewarding and wonderful. But have you ever experienced a slump in your creativity? Have you ever felt a little stuck? Discourage, distracted, frustrated, overwhelmed, impatient, exhausted or any number of other negative feelings while trying to create? If so, this classes for you. You are not alone. I've been there and I'm here to help because today we're gonna talk about some common creative stumbling blocks and how to overcome them. My journey is an artist began only a few years ago. I know the frustration of feeling like an eternal beginner and all the discouragement that comes with that I have recognized that I often compare myself to others, and I felt all the anxiety and pressure that comes with that. I've recognized how I've been holding myself back by creating less than I'm consuming, and I become distracted by everyone else and felt the pressure of all the possibilities of creativity instead of just getting toe work. I've wondered if I'll run out of ideas, and I've sat staring at a blank sheet of paper, wondering if I'll ever have any ideas. I wondered if I belong in the world of creativity or if there's really a place for me. And I've worried about burnout and wondered if I'll really be able to sustainably create For several more decades of my life I've gone through times where art, creativity and painting no longer brought me joy because of all the pressure overwhelmed distraction in comparison. And that is not okay, of course, creativity and our hard work, and there will be times when it's not fun. But overall art and a creative practice should bring you joy and fulfillment. Now that I've discovered the reasons I felt so lost in empty creatively, I can't help but share them if you've ever felt any similar feelings once again, you're not alone. I've been there and I want to help. So if you've ever felt a little stuck, discouraged, overwhelmed, frustrated, impatient or so many other feelings regarding your creativity, this class is for you. In this class, we're going to cover overcoming created discouragement, especially as a beginner learning to create more than you consume, stopping comparison in its tracks, recognizing that creativity grows and learning to capture ideas when they come knowing you belong in the world of creativity, regardless of your background or whatever one else is doing. Being patient with your creative progress and cultivating an art practice that will remain sustainable for many years to come. This is not a technical painting class, but it's just a Zim porton, or maybe even more important than learning the how of your craft. Without the mental energy, motivation, confidence, ideas and patience it takes to create, you will not be able to flourish as an artist and creator. These concepts are more abstract than a painting. How to video that makes it so much more difficult to know how to fix these problems that arise in your creative practice. Well, I've been there and I am there, and I want to share what has helped me get out of frustration and discouragement and back into hard work and excitement about what I'm capable of. Creatively. All of these stumbling blocks are things I struggled with or questions I had as a beginning . Additionally, there things I find myself continuing to struggle with years into my creative practice. But as I've come to identify these pitfalls and also identify the strategies for combating them, my creative practice mindset and overall happiness and stress level, our way improved. I'm less overwhelmed. I feel us pressure. I'm happier for others success and I find more joy and fulfillment in creating each and every day, and I want the same for you. So join me today and confront whatever it ISS that's holding you back so that creativity can flourish in your life for the rest of your life. 2. Overcome Discouragement: speaking from my own personal experience as well as what I think others seem to experience . I've identified some stages that we all seem to go through in trying to learn a new skill. So first you decide you really want to try some new creative endeavor painting, for example, So you pick up some simple supplies on with pretty much no expectation of how it might turn out. You try this new thing, it is basically guaranteed that you will be very pleasantly surprised by whatever you create, because after all, you had no idea that you were even capable of painting. So you are very pleased in your expectations Air far exceeded. You just created something out of nothing all by yourself. This high of being impressed by yourself and what you're capable of lasts for a little while. Until you start to become more familiar with whatever it is you're working on, your ability to see that there are mistakes, that things are a bit sloppy, that other people's work looks better starts to grow, and you suddenly realize that you and others are capable of much more excellence than you're currently producing. At this point, you've realized that you were not as good as you'd like to be on reality sets in that you will have to put in lots and lots of hours of practice learning and inevitable failures before you will be as good as you now realize you could or should be. To complicate things further, you're not even quite sure exactly how you will go about proving during all those hours. And even though you are continuing to make things, your progress in whatever art you're pursuing is becoming much more stagnant than you experienced at the start. This, unfortunately, is the point at which most people quit. Here's a quote. Nobody tells this to people who are beginners. I wish someone told me all of us who do creative work. We get into it because we have good taste. But there is this gap for the first couple years. You make stuff. It's just not that good. It's trying to be good. It has potential, but it's not. But your taste, the thing that got you into the game is still killer, and your taste is why your work disappoints you. A lot of people never get past this phase. They quit. Most people I know who do interesting creative work went through years of this. We know our work doesn't have this special thing that we wanted to have. We all go through this and if you were just starting out or you're still in this phase, you gotta know it's normal. And the most important thing you can do is a lot of work. Put yourself on a deadline so that every week you will finish one story. It is Onley by going through a volume of work that you will close that gap and your work will be as good as your ambitions. And I took longer to figure out how to do this than anyone I've ever met. It's going to take a while. It's normal to take a while. You've just got to fight your way through. I read this quote. It was a total game changer for me. I finally realized why I was so discontented and still often ham with the art I'm able to create. But he offers a formula for overcoming that just create a lot of work every day, all the time, be creating, even if that work is not great keep on creating, keep on giving it your best, and when you do, you're bound to create some real gems pieces of work you've created that you're so proud of . The thing is, though less impressive work will always find its way back in exploring new ideas and techniques, pushing through slumps. It's all part of the journey, but the most important thing is that if you are creating consistently, the trend of your ability is guaranteed to be upward. Despite all the ups and downs. Sounds pretty simple. But when it comes to implementing this day to day really consistently, it's not that easy. Most of the time, it's not going to be very fun. But if you can have this Ford vision, perspective and greediness knowing that if you keep trying you are guaranteed to get better , then that's what will set you apart. That's what will get you toe where you want to go. And while I know the supplies of creative pursuits because I've definitely experienced it firsthand, I'm pretty sure it applies to a whole lot of other areas in our lives. We just have to keep trying, keep pushing, keep acting, keep doing, creating and suddenly one day we will realize that even our worst days are way beyond what we could have imagined our best would be when we first began. 3. Comparison: So let's face it, if you've spent any amount of time on social media or you've ever met someone who's on a similar path to you, then you've experienced comparison. And actually, what am I saying? If you've ever lived for any amount of time, you've definitely experienced comparison. It is so natural to jump to comparing without even realizing it's happening. We compare houses, kids, degrees, money, career skills. Everything in comparison is unfortunately at our fingertips all hours of the day because of the Internet and social media. When I first discovered Pinterest and Instagram, I felt so inspired to try new things and improve and learn. But over time I realized that I was starting to expect myself to be like everyone I saw online. When we quickly scroll through content from several different people, we're exposing ourselves over and over again, toe all of those people's very best strength that they're choosing to share with the world as we do this. It is so easy to start combining each of those individual successes were seeing into one mega person in our heads, and now we expect ourselves to be this person who is good at all the things all of a sudden we have to make 10 different things by hand For our house, we have to bake a three tiered cake for our child's birthday. We have to start a small business. We have to always dress on trend. We have toe have Children who are adorable all the time. Um, it's completely unreasonable to expect ourselves to do all of that, especially in a small time frame. Having these insanely unrealistic expectations of ourselves inevitably leads to unnecessary disappointment in ourselves. When we consume content, we have to recognize that everyone is sharing Onley what they want to share, and often they're sharing Onley their strengths, which is totally okay. It's just important to recognize, despite trying our very best, No one does it all, and that's fine. That is what makes each of us unique. Our special blend of background and skills and what we enjoy makes us who we are, and there's no need to try to be someone else or especially no need to try and be a bunch of someone else's. The easiest thing to forget when we're comparing ourselves to someone else is that you probably know very little about that other person's background in the thing you're comparing. For example, I might see a painter on Instagram who has stunning work, tons of followers and makes a lot of sales. But then I noticed that they have less than 50 posts. Wow, now starting to panic because I have way more than 50 posts. And I'm starting to feel bad because I'm not making nearly as much money or gaining nearly as many followers or making nearly as much artistic progress as this person. Um, stop. This is destructive thinking that will lead to nowhere. You have no idea how long this person has been painting or what their background is or what previous experiences they've had. Just let it go and be excited to see that someone else has succeeded. It is completely natural to compare, are beginning to someone else's middle. And keep in mind, though, that you're beginning could be five years into doing something. When you compare it to someone who has been doing that same thing for 20 years, you never know what leads to someone else's success. So just focus on you. So how exactly do you focus on you? How do you gauge your success in progress without comparing yourself to others. Personally, I believe that if you are being intentional about your everyday choices and actions and you are constantly striving towards being what you feel is your best self, that is the Onley bar you need to set for yourself. Have expectations for yourself, of course, goal setting and achieving our great and rewarding. But just make sure that the expectations you're setting for yourself are reasonable. It is fantastic to push yourself outside your comfort zone, but if you find yourself never achieving the goals you set, consider starting smaller. It would be much better for your morale and you will still make great progress. Small steps are how big things happen, something really, really important to remember Wilmore considering comparison and even envy is toe. Always remember that if you're not happy now, you're not gonna be happy once you have whatever it is you are wishing you have. When you compare yourself someone else, your brain is going to try. It's very hardest to convince you that the opposite of what I just said is true, but it definitely isn't. Find joy in your current experiences And then, when opportunities and growth come, you will have already learned to enjoy your life. Wherever you are on your path, There's always going to be someone more successful and beautiful and talented and funny, and whatever else you can think of who cares? Learn to enjoy who you are now and then actively try to make yourself better, because it's rewarding both wallets happening. And once it's achieved, true joy and happiness come from the inside, not from external things. If you are struggling with comparison and doubts and questioning what you're able to achieve compared with everyone else, I'd invite you to consider how many people you are actively following on social media newsletters, blog's or whatever other way. You're consuming content. Pay really close attention to how you feel when you consume the content of these people you are following, especially people who you follow pretty closely or on a daily basis after consuming their content. Do you feel inspired happy joy and their accomplishments, A sense of community? Or do you feel worn out? Not good enough, inadequate. MBIA's disappointed in yourself, doubting your abilities. Those are all very real possibilities. And what makes all this tricky is that you might be feeling a combination of these emotions because too much of a good thing can very easily happen in the world of scrolling, sometimes content that is wonderful, inspiring for others or even that used to be for you can turn into something that makes you feel inadequate or like you're falling behind or like you really need whatever it is they have. Or maybe you even find yourself trying to copy or recreate what someone else is doing. Just go ahead and choose toe unfollowed Onley. Expose yourself to things that feed you creatively and help you to feel connected and inspired. Here's an example to some people, this might sound crazy, but if you are struggling with overwhelmed doubt in comparison, I am but you to aim to follow about 100 people now. Obviously, that number might look different for everyone, but I think 100 is a great target. Choose whatever number is both realistic and challenging for you to get to simplify your life and start. I'm following noise. I know you will notice a big difference. Also, remember, you condemn Finitely. Follow again later. If you really miss it, But I think you'll find that you don't. None of this is permanent, so just go for it and stop comparing yourself to others. 4. Create > Consume: So I want you to imagine one of those really cool scales with two sides that I think people used to wait gold on or something like that. Now imagine all one side. You place all the hours that you spend creating and on the other side, you placed all the hours that you spend consuming. Now sit back and and imagine which way the scale will tip. Obviously, you'll really have to consider and observe the amount of time you're spending consuming. But I imagine that for a lot of us, the consumption side is way too high now here's the thing. Consuming is easy and mindless, while creating is difficult. But here's another thing. Too much consuming drains. Our energy. It leaves to doubt in comparison, while creating is energizing and rewarding and leads to a long term progression and improvement and growth. Um, why am I not spending more time creating as a sign? No, I would never want to acted. Consuming is evil because there is definitely a place for consumption. For me, personally consuming other people's incredible content and work is what introduced me to the world of painting and creativity without consuming what other people had created. I never would have been exposed to so many possibilities and goals and dreams that I could aspire to. Consumption has inspired me to try new things. Released new art, make connections with like minded people. But it is so incredibly easy to go just a little too far and start to tip the scale in favor of consumption over creating it becomes a habit to consume whenever we have a spare moment. And when that happens, we all of a sudden go from feeling inspired to constantly questioning ourselves, feeling like we're falling behind, seeing others succeed when we're in a slump and overall falling into the comparison trap that I talked about in the last lesson. It's pretty easy to recognize when we've gone too far with consumption without balancing it out by creating. But it's a lot harder to know and to stop before we have gone too far. So here are some very practical suggestions that I've found useful in helping me favor creativity over consumption. Number one set limits, and you've really actually have to stick to these for me. My social media accounts are still relatively small. I don't post every day, So I have a gold to spend on Lee 20 minutes each day on social media. Sometimes I come in under that, and sometimes not. The important thing is that you set yourself a realistic goal and then you go from there. It is difficult for me to spend on Lee that much time on social media, but it's not impossible. That's a good number. Both the Instagram app itself an iPhone both have really great tracking tools that will lock you out when you've reached your time limit. Use them. Number two. Choose times of day or maybe even days of the week, that are completely digital free. If you have set work hours, consider splitting them into digital time versus digital free time. If you have blocks of time that you spend with your kids or time that you want to spend on yourself and your development, choose to make those times digital free. All the content you were used to consuming will still be there when you are done, your digital free time so you have nothing to lose, and you have everything to gain. Split your day into large blocks of time, maybe about 2 to 4 hours each and choose which ones you are OK with consuming media in and which ones you aren't. Once you've made that decision, stick to it for me when I first wake up, I don't like to consume because that's my time to myself before my son wakes up. That's my digital free time. Once he's awake and he is eating breakfast and doesn't need my attention, that might be a time when it's OK for me to consume some later in the day when I have his nap time and it's time for me to create. That's a time when I do not want to be consuming, and it's very, very difficult to stick to that goal. But it's always so worth it when I choose toe only create and not consumed during that little limited amount of time that I have to create in the evenings when he goes to bed, I might have a little more time to consume, so that might be a digital time while I'm making dinner. That might be a time when it's fine to be digital, okay, so Number three don't consume right before creating seriously, it's no good for your morale, and it makes it incredibly difficult to stay true to yourself after you've just taken in what everyone else is doing. It's hard enough to be creative without adding all that noise and pressure that consuming can create. I've noticed a huge difference in my ability to create when I don't consume versus When I dio Number four. Choose to periodically step away from digital energy drain er's. So think about which forms of consumption leave you feeling exhausted and then choose to completely abstain from those for several days in a row. Now, this might sound kind of crazy to some of you, but even if it's only a few days, you will gain a lot of perspective and give yourself a total reset by stepping away whenever I start to feel overwhelmed, unsettled, exhausted, I choose to delete Instagram and I come back when I feel ready. We don't realize how much influence certain consumption has on our everyday lives until we completely remove it. Trust me, it's a game changer. Number five find an alternative. Most of what draws us to consume more and more when we want to consume less and less is that it's our habit. It's our habit to pick up our phones whenever we have a few slow moments in our day or we want an easy destruction. So instead of opening instagram or browsing the Web, find something else that you could just as easily consume whenever you need that little break or you have a few extra moments. An easy alternative is a good book. You can easily download books from your library onto your phone using overdrive. Then next time you find yourself reaching for your phone, you can immerse yourself in a good book that you've been wanting to read instead of consuming so much content and leaving you feeling scattered and overwhelmed. Now, remember, you are the one who possesses the power to control what you consume. Really Consider the power that you are giving toe what you consume, what we allow into our lives shapes how we feel, what we do, how we think everything, especially things we allow into our lives on a daily and sometimes several times a day basis. Make sure that the way you are spending your time is reflective of who you want to be as an artist and as a person, and ultimately this will open the floodgates to new creative time and energy 5. Creativity Grows: When I first started creating, I noticed myself hoarding ideas, especially what I felt were my best ideas. I thought, This is the first original idea I've ever had. I need to treasure it, tuck it away, never let it go until I am perfect and I feel safe and allowing it to come forth in all of its perfection. So when I heard the phrase creativity crows, it was so hard for me to believe for the longest time. But wow, it is true. And seriously, I can't stress enough how true it is. First of all, let me tell you that you will never run out of ideas when you're first starting out. Ideas feel like a scarce commodity to be treasured and also well hoarded. But that is so wrong. We cannot hoard our ideas. Ideas are meant to be brought to life, and once they are, it opens the floodgates of possibility. Suddenly, there are 100 different offshoots of that idea, and your problem becomes more about deciding which one to pursue than actually coming up with ideas. Trust me, it's true, but what about those times when you finally have a moment to create and your mind is completely blank. Where is all this growing creativity then? But never fear. There are definitely ways to combat this seeming scarcity of ideas, and the number one strategy is to write down your ideas when they come or carry them out when you have them. But most of the time we're up to other things in our busy daily lives. For me, my ideas often come when I'm outside playing with my one year old son, throwing a bunch of balls down our driveway, so writing it down is going to be the best idea most the time, preferably all in one spot, which I have not done so well. And I somewhat regret. I now have to carry around 1000 random notebooks and little pieces of paper when I want to find ideas that I've had. But, hey, it all works as long as you write it down. As soon as that idea comes, it feels inspiring to you. Get it on paper, do a quick sketch, write a quick note and use as much detail as possible. In the moment you are going to feel so sure of this idea so inspired that you know you will never forget it. Unfortunately wrong, you will almost certainly forget it. And the next time you sit down to create your mind will be as blank as the paper or canvas in front of you, and you will risk that you had written it down. While it's true that creativity grows, we don't feel that growth every moment of every day. That's why the idealist plus scheduled, consistent time to create is so essential. The times when we feel most inspired are often times when we can't get to the studio. But we're still feeling inspired, and we still need to capture that. Don't seriously. Creativity is not like the pile of paper that you're using or the box of cereal in their pantry. It will never run out. We just have to continue to cultivate the growth, give ourselves breaks, give ourselves grace in the down times and enjoy those moments and enjoy and captured those moments appear inspiration. When they do come 6. You Belong: everyone says it, but I'm just going to say it again. We all have something unique and beautiful to offer to the world. The people with art degrees, the people without them, the people with overnight success. If that's even a thing and the people with 10 followers and the people with 100,000 followers and the people who want to create a business and grow it and the people who want to stay small, the people who just like creating for fine on the side and the people with decades of experience, the people who just started yesterday, the people who are self taught, the people who are actually engineers. It can't just be me and the list could go on forever, were all important. And we're all going to improve our own lives, the lives of our immediate family and friends. And if we choose to share the lives of tens or hundreds of thousands or millions of other people around the world, that's a reality of creativity. One day I was feeling like no one really cares about what I'm doing. I'm not seeing any growth. I want to stop, you know, the usual and my husband said that, you know, only 10% of people are going to care about your art or think it's pretty, and only 1% of those people are actually going to buy anything, he said. It kind of offhand I mean these air not really stats, but thought of in the context of just 10,000 followers on Instagram. These numbers are enormous, and that is by no means how many people you could reach with your art. Instagram is not the only channel that could expose people to your art. There are tons of ways, both online and locally, that people can see your art, and your friends and family can see your art. The number of people that will be interested in your art will go up, but so will be the number of people that are interested in your art. That's okay. You're gonna find your community and those people who relate to what you're doing, and it's not gonna matter who doesn't care about what you're doing. All that will matter is that you are affecting people's lives in a positive way that actually relate to your art and things that you're doing creatively. If you're not trying to grown audience necessarily or a business, or even if you are, how incredible would it feel to impact the lives of just a handful of people, especially people who are really close to you If you inspired a child to go after their hobby or be creative, artistic, if you sent beautiful notes or paintings to people who needed the thought and attention if you share the handmade and watched its power and gift giving or so so many other things that creativity can enable? Really, the list is endless. Your creativity is important. The scope of what you do doesn't matter, you matter. And by all means, if more people in companies start to want to invest in you and your art, just go for it. We're all here to learn and grow. Make mistakes and you belong. You are good enough and you're successful no matter where you are in your creative journey 7. Patience + Sustainability: I think it's safe to say that we all will still want to be creating in one year, five years, 10 years, maybe even more so how do we ensure that we can ride all the waves of creative living and keep art a part of our lives for the rest of our lives? Burn out is everywhere. And as I've talked about so much throughout this class discouragement, comparison, lack of ideas, lack of praise or obvious progress and so many more stumbling blocks can all make us want to quit at one time or another and also say this is her really tough concept for me. The fact that this journey into art and creative living is very much a long term thing. The millennial in me says I want it all. They want it all at once, and I want that time to be now. But do I really? First of all, this is the time to decide to enjoy your life, be present in the now fill your life with gratitude and find internal things that fulfill you and bring you joy so that it's not all about the external. Next, be grateful that you don't have to be thrown into the deep end all at once. Learn what you can from your current phase of life, seized the opportunities of your now and have fun dreaming about what could happen in the future. But embrace the step you're at now. If you aren't happy and fulfilled now, you won't be. Then. Life, abs and flows, family and work change. We move. Relationships come and go. Opportunities come and go, etcetera. And that is the beauty of life. You never know when more time might pop up or you might have less creative time in the future. Tastes and trends change the landscape of marketing, blogging and the Internet in general is pretty much guaranteed to change. Be aware of that. But don't worry about it too much. Just learn and grow how you can now and then embrace changes as they come. There is a maturity to an artistic practice that only comes with time. Learn to see the positive in that. Will you still be painting in 10 years? You probably think yes. In which case why do you need to be an expert today imagining all the growth and beautiful work that could come from 10 years of small, consistent creative practice is almost incomprehensible to me, and a lot of us probably have way more than 10 years. Don't let yourself be duped by the philosophy of the hustle. I am all about working hard, But the hustle mentality leads you to believe that if your external numbers aren't growing , then it's because you're not hustling enough, and I just can't buy into that. There are so many other factors outside of how hard you work that lead to external success , one of which is patients Something's air going to take time, no matter how hard you work. So as long as you're working hard and consistently, there is no reason to stress yourself out, trying to cram it all in when I try to do all the things all at once and expect them all to go perfectly well and be done in 15 minutes. It's a recipe for frustration and failure. But is it really a failure? If I worked on something for 15 minutes, No decides something that you want to work on and let it take its time to come out and be fully formed as a creative project. If your life is like mine, this will help you to be able to pick right up where you left off. If timeto work on things is very disjointed and also to help you feel like you're progressing and your days or success, despite what often feels like incredibly slow progress. So choose an amount of time that you homework on something each day and then stick to it, even if it feels like you've basically done nothing when more time pops up. Yea, when it doesn't, it's OK. I have spent so long worrying about how to find more time that I've used up the time I actually had to work on stuff, learn from my mistakes and just do something every day and trust that doing something everyday leads to beauty both in the every day and in the long term. So don't focus on outcomes. Focus on action. For me, my goals are to create, share and inspire. My purpose is simply to bring more beauty into my life in the lives of others. And let's face it, none of those things have to do with numbers. Be sure to share now push yourself outside your comfort zone and work hard. But don't look for numbers and money and views and followers to give you a feeling of success and especially, don't wait for these things to come in order to feel happy or validated or feel like you should keep going. Success just means that we're actively doing our best to work towards our goals and the things that matter to us. If we see success in this way, it is all internal and not external. This is truly the way to actually find sustainability in your art practice and find patients in your journey to being your best creative self. 8. Final Thoughts: I felt at times like I'm pushing against a brick wall while trying to create, and it has made me want to quit several times. That's how serious thes stumbling blocks could become if we let them. But now that I recognize what they are and I have the knowledge and strategies to combat hm , I feel more confident than ever that when these challenges inevitably come because they always will, I'll have all the tools I need to overcome them. I know because I have been there. I am there now, and I know I will be there in the future. What I shared in this class about potential problems you might run into in your creative practice all came from my own experiences and all the suggestions and reminders. I give our justice helpful for me to remember, as I hope they will be for you. Theis Stumbling blocks will continue to pop up in their various forms, as you and I continue to create, but with the perspective and good habits you can gain from this course, those stumbling blocks will hold very little power and slowing you down as you work towards your big creative goals. and remember that many of these stumbling blocks and their solutions apply to more than just creativity. Life is full of distractions, discouragement in comparison. But we have the power to combat those problems and live our best lives. Thank you so much for joining me today. And I wish you all the best in your creative pursuits because I know you're capable of incredible things. 9. Project: for your project today. I would love for you to identify a stumbling block to creativity that you've experienced and share what helped you to overcome it. Or if you are currently experiencing a creative something block, go ahead and ask what has worked for other people. And, of course, if you found anything in today's class helpful or implemented any of my tips and strategies , please share it is only through speaking about and discussing these stumbling blocks that we can recognize them for what they really are, just stumbling blocks and allow ourselves the ability to overcome them. When they inevitably surfaced in our creative pursuits, I can't wait to hear from you.