Creative Sport Retouch - Create Dynamic Images in Photoshop

Marcin Mikus, Retoucher and Photoshop Instructor

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10 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Introduction done

    • 2. Sport camera raw done

    • 3. Curves sport done

    • 4. Prepare project done

    • 5. Basic retouch sport

    • 6. Dodge burn done

    • 7. Selective color done

    • 8. Final touch done

    • 9. Lights done

    • 10. Sharpen


Project Description

Create dynamic Images in Photoshop

In every lecture you can find something which help you to improve your skills:

Lecture 2:

At the beginning of this course I will explain you how to do simple Raw Conversion in Camera Raw and prepare your image to work in Photoshop.

Lecture 3:

I will tell you how to keep your work in order, so you will avoid unnecessary chaos.

Lecture 4:

In this lecture I will show you fantastic retouch techniques. You will see the best way to remove wrinkles from the face, clean up blemishes and accessories like knee pads

Lecture 5:

In this lecture I will show you how to do color grading using selective color and bring some cold and dramatic colors into your image.

Lecture 6:

I will show you how to cross process your image using curves and improve colors by gradient map.

Lecture 7:

I will show you what's the best way to sharpen your dynamic images.

Lecture 8:

In this lecture I will show you how to brighten up and enhance image by dodging and burning.

Lecture 9:

I will show you how to work with Lights and Lighting Effects to add fantastic mysterious and dramatic atmosphere into your image.

Lecture 10:

And finally I will show you how do Color Adjustment to get Perfect Dynamic Look.

Student Projects