Creative Process / Gesture/ Drawing passionate gestures | Jennifer Moorhead | Skillshare

Creative Process / Gesture/ Drawing passionate gestures

Jennifer Moorhead, Artist, Art Professor, Entrepreneur

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8 Videos (54m)
    • Introduction

    • What is gesture?

    • Gestures

    • Mass gestures

    • Active gestures

    • Progressive gestures

    • Creative process/ Visceral

    • Final thoughts


About This Class

Creative Process Series is a "stand-alone" series of learning the basic techniques and skills of Fine Art.

This fine art class is designed for the beginner who wants to learn one of the most important drawing basics which is gesture. Gesture drawing expresses the "feeling of movement" by using passionate flowing lines to describe what you are seeing. Not only will you learn gesture but mass, active, and progressive gestures. Hand and eye coordination skills are formed in the process of drawing these linear gestures. You will learn to draw in a way that is natural and intuitive.

This class is fast paced with quick and easy "follow along" drawing exercises.  It's really an amazing class and you will be rewarded to see your drawing skills improve! Watch your own style develop. Join in on the fun!

  Art skills you will learn to:

  • Improve line quality
  • Draw passionate gestures
  • Draw from observation 
  • Exercises in "really looking" at what you see 
  • Create expressive lines
  • Develop artistic understanding of art
  • Coordinate hand and eye skills 

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WOW, thank you!! thank you Jennifer for doing this class! I LOVED it! I'm going to go back now after watching it all and do the gesture drawings with you as well as explore doing many on my own! I have had many figure drawing classes in college/university but this still taught me SO much that I still felt I lacked but couldn't figure out what it was. I'm so excited right now about stumbling upon your class and just feel so grateful and thankful! The way you talk about your creative process is similar to how I think through mine as I work and think about it. Like you were mentioning, I also sometimes have to stop and sleep on things to problem solve my art. I am also very passionate about drawing horses! and the fact that you are too is over the top amazing to me because I can relate so much to this class even more! if you have Instagram you can see my horses at Thank you again!
This class was great! I am going back to college to get my Fine Arts degree and in my Drawing class, one of the things we are going to cover is gesture drawing. Just like all the other art classes I have taken. The thing is, I took a semester off and now my gesture drawing skills are very rusty. I then found this class to help me brush up on my skills and it was great! Professor Moorhead was fun and engaging and I even learned new things about gesture drawing I didn't even know! Thank you so much for this class and I keep repeating some of the lessons for extra practice! This is the best gesture drawing class on Skillshare! Take Professor Moorhead's classes they're great!
Alexa D

Creating Digital & Traditional Art

Yes, I recommend.





Jennifer Moorhead

Artist, Art Professor, Entrepreneur

 My Unique Art Teaching Method:

I have incorporated the same art concepts that I taught in college for over 34 years but modified exercises that are fast-paced, easy to understand and simple to make. The exercises are all hands-on. This allows you to really explore and experiment with the art concepts...while having fun!

I teach the fundamental art elements… that are the building blocks of visual expression. I teach the principles of&nb...

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