Creative Process / Contour / Draw sensational lines

Jennifer Moorhead, Artist, Art Professor, Entrepreneur

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11 Videos (1h 23m)
    • Introduction

    • What is contour?

    • Blind contour

    • Contour

    • Cross-contour (part one)

    • Cross-contour (part two)

    • Cross-hatching contour (part one)

    • Cross-hatching contour (part two)

    • 3D / Descriptive contour

    • Your contour project

    • Final thoughts


About This Class

Creative Process: Series is a "stand-alone" series of learning the basic techniques of Fine Art.

Contour is the first step of learning how to draw. This class is about hands-on contour techniques with fun and easy exercises. Let me teach you how to really feel confident in the drawings you make while enriching your own creative style.

This amazing drawing class is designed for a beginner level artist and a great refresher class for advanced artists. As a beginner, do not be overwhelmed. Just try out the exercises with me and you can definitely learn pencil techniques. Learning art is by "just doing it".  I am here to guide you through the way of creative self-discovery. It's an absolute joy to really have the essential drawing skills needed to create what you want! 

Come and enjoy making art with me!!!

The Fine Art skills you will learn:

  1. to create sensational lines to define form.
  2. eye and hand coordination.
  3. tips and techniques for drawing: contour, cross-contour, cross-hatching, 3D contour, and implied lines.
  4. positive and negative space.
  5. basic understanding of shape and form.
  6. drawing from observation.
  7. basic compositional formats.

Materials list:

Sketchbook (at least 9” X 12”)

Pencils (Soft leads)

Ink pens (Mulitliners or pens that don't smear)

Pencil sharpener

Plastic eraser

Feathers (at least one)

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a very relaxed presentation and great tips
Linda Zupancic

Creative Explorer- art & writing

A delightful teacher that I wish was my neighbour! :D





Jennifer Moorhead

Artist, Art Professor, Entrepreneur

 I teach the fundamental art elements… that are the building blocks of visual expression. I teach the principles of the visual language… that are the strategies for making great compositions. As a former Fine Art Professor, I designed these classes for beginners with the same art concepts that I taught in college. Also, my classes are great refresher courses for advanced students.



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