Creative Process: Adopt Da Vinci's Drawing Techniques Using a Variety of Media | Jennifer Moorhead | Skillshare

Creative Process: Adopt Da Vinci's Drawing Techniques Using a Variety of Media

Jennifer Moorhead, Artist, Art Professor, Entrepreneur

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12 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Art Materials

    • 3. Pen & Ink

    • 4. How to Use a Crow Quill Pen

    • 5. Pen Quill & Washes

    • 6. Pencil (part one)

    • 7. Pencil (part two)

    • 8. Charcoal (part one)

    • 9. Charcoal (part two)

    • 10. Conté

    • 11. Project

    • 12. FinalThoughts


About This Class

If you are wanting to improve your drawing skills then this amazing resourceful class is for you. Not only will we learn the techniques used by Leonardo Da Vinci but we will also explore the different drawing media he used as well.  Leonardo worked in charcoal, pen & ink, and conté crayon. He also worked a lot with drypoint yet we are going to simplify and modernize the medium and use pencil. Pencil creates the same effect as drypoint with more intensifying results.

Leonardo had an insatiable creative curiosity and worked with a variety of themes. His technique of connecting what he observed into what he drew was phenomenal. Our exercises will include the same themes of Leonardo such as plant life, animals, and human portraits. We will practice through these comprehensive exercises to achieve the visual harmony of drawing techniques with awareness to proportion and perspective.  Come and enjoy learning the experience of drawing with passion! 

Art Skills you will Learn

• Hatching Lines

• Gesture

• Modeling

• Proportion

• Sfumato

• Variety of Drawing Media

Art Materials you will Need:

• Sketchbook (at least 9" X 12")

• Pencils (2B, HB, 2H)

• Pencil Sharpener

• Ink Pen or India Ink with pen holder & quill

• Charcoal (soft sticks & pencils)

• Sanguine & White Conté Crayons (soft)

• Kneaded Eraser (optional)