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Creative Poster in Photoshop : this artwork went viral on Instagram

teacher avatar Photoshop Classes By Fred, I will help you get PRO at Photoshop

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction to the artwork

    • 2. Creating perfect colors for our image

    • 3. The perfect shape for our pattern :)

    • 4. The magical pattern and its secret technique

    • 5. Important Message :)

    • 6. Promoting other courses

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About This Class

Hey guys and welcome to my class! You will learn some amazing techniques and create the artwork below.

I published this artwork on my Instagram, it went viral and got published by many accounts.

This is what you will learn:

  • create the perfect black and white image with many advanced techniques
  • how to use smudge tool to create natural liquid shapes
  • how to use any image to create amazing textures
  • changing your textures into any colors
  • Using Liquify and Camera Raw smart filters

Get the project files here or in the resources are of this class


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Photoshop Classes By Fred

I will help you get PRO at Photoshop


My name is Fred and I will teach you the most advanced and modern skills that Photoshop has to offer.

Already after watching one class you will be able to create stunning artworks.

Make sure to check my other works and upcoming classes at my instagram @freds_gallery

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1. Introduction to the artwork: How are you? My name is Fred and I have been using on teaching for the shop for the last eight years. Wow, that's a lot. I never realized how big offer number is that on this class. Really create one off my instagram arts that one swallow. When I posted it, it was reported many times by many big accounts and was my first post ever to go. But the cool thing about this artwork is that you learned a secret technique on how to create this colorful, battered and already to get your mind blown away. You can create this pattern literally from any image. For example, the pattern in our artwork was created from one image of on ice cream. What first will start by creating the perfect collars. When you first look at this outdoor, give anything while it's just black and right? Well, no, it's not. It's black and white with later, turn off pink on Royal It collars on arable show you how I can actually do that. Then Steptoe. We'll create the perfect shape for colorful textures that comes down from the ice and the last one on the things that everyone has been waiting for number three. Creating the texture itself is a month off. Works that you can actually do with this texture is limitless. I love teaching on. I love sharing my knowledge with other people so that we can all make the world and more beautiful place. So that's why I really hope you're going to enjoy this class and see you guys on the first lesson, right? 2. Creating perfect colors for our image: What's up, guys? I'm so excited to see here on Welcome to our first lesson where we create this amazing project and the first thing we'll have to do is to create this kind of black and white image. So we'll have to create this kind of like a great effect on you messing, but planets. It's just black and white, but no, it's not that simple. It's actually pretty complicated to this to get to this kind of black invite, but I will explain is the detailed process, and it's gonna be easy for you. So let's dive in. Okay, lets go two for the show Press file New. Just creating your project on Make sure which is 1000 height is 1 to 50. Make sure you have pixel selected desertion is 300 call Ahmadi's RGB color unless press create. Okay, Perfect. So the first thing we introduce, of course, went to place the image on your euro, be able to find the image in the project files, so just place it here on dumb. Yeah, As you can see, it perfectly fits the size. Soldiers press OK on. Let's go now to learn, and it is background layer because we don't really need it. And it's always the democrats of project, and it's always useless. So the first step would be to go to filter Andi camera. No filter. This winter is going to help us toe change the colors off our image. And as you can see, for example, here you have temperature tint and many other futures on. If he just follows my numbers, basically, you're gonna you're gonna have exactly the same effect. So for the temperature, we're gonna go for mine circuitry. Oh, no. Sorry. Minus 15 on for the tent. We're going to go for search history. And then, as you can see, we have to get this kind of soft being look which looks or really cool. At least I think so. Then, for the exposure, we're going to go for a 0.7 exposure basically controls the lightness. As you can see now our image is much lighter. And then also we got in touch your driver and so just make Webern's full 100. So we get this kind of really vibrant pink colors on Let's press. OK, so now when we did that, let's go here on chose black and right, and here we have different black and white per sets. But let's go and choose here. High contrast blue filter. That's actually what meat you can also try out as there once. But that's the one that we need. And I know she looks kind of scary right now. But don't worry, we're not going to see her eyes anyway on that's how it's supposed to be right now. Okay, also, what I want to ah to mention is that reaction have to make our image because you can see here. We see we're focused on the face so we don't see the shoulders and so on. Soldiers, selector or image go to a did free transform where it's free, transform free transform. Yes, OK, and now ologists make our image bigger on DA Don't worry, that will be just lost. Terrific. By that students we finished. The transformation is going to be back, so don't worry about that, so just make this a little bit bigger. Something like that should be fine and make sure it's regionally centered. So maybe a little bit to the right, I would say so. I can just use the error since the keeper to go to the left and right. It is right, are not so visually center, at least fraud. From my perspective, on DA Yeah, this is finalised. Let's actually make a little bit bigger like this. And now let's go to the left. So it's centered. Onda. Let's personal keep. So you have to pay attention to every single detail. OK, so when we did that way actually see that, for example, here it's too bright on. We have to make this part of it less bright and give it more contrast and how we're going to do that sort. Just go here, choose a brightness contrast on Let's bring the brightness down and let's bring the contrast. So I know it looks horrible, but white Okay, so just also bring up a brightness down. So it's ah, under black and bright, and it looks already better on now. Again, let's just double click here to open brightness, contrast effect. Let's make writing a little bit higher because we made it too much, so I mean, we turn it off too much, So minus 70 ish, um, 71 should be fine. On contrast, like that should be fine as well. And now what you actually want to do is we want to go to this mask here, and we want the brightness affect. Apparently toe this part off the image so we don't want to appear on the top of the image. So make sure you have chosen as their mask you go to grade into on now when you have great until selected. Make sure three of the first its first box checked. This is ah, line your style of gradient than we have. Make sure you have black and white selected. Okay, Motors, Normal process is 100% on now what? We actually into the just press and drank from off to down. And as you can see right now here is getting brighter here because we're starting things originally mature. And here we have our effect that we just added brightness effect brightens corners effect, but let's make it, um so, as you can see, we need Blessed white here. So let's try more, for example, or more time has against. If you have less here right now, that's actually need what means perfect. So now when we did that if you look here, it's not just black and but I can see we actually have here some kind of colors, like pink violet, But worry They're saturated pink and violet car colors on, um, Violette cars. And how are we going to do that? So, for example, if you go so make sure you choose black and white and then you go here and chose, um cooler balance. Okay. Is that why would destroyed with issues black and white So that our when you layer appears on the top. So now we will have to go here to meet owns on change these parameters. So first, we're going to add a little bit dread, So just make it 12 on we're going, Teoh, I all said more magenta and decrease the green. So let's make it minus 20 and you're going to add more blue. So let's make it 20 here. And when we do that, just pay attention to this. Look how similar there. I mean, the colors are pretty similar right now, but those as you can see, we need to increase a little bit off for the color. So basically violet and red. So I mean magenta red. So if you go here, let's make a little bit more magenta. So let's bring it a little bit to the left like this and also a little bit more of the red , but trying not to make it too much. And that looks already awesome. So that was it to creating our perfect black and white. Even if it's not like really black and white, it's more magenta and white. I would say so, but still, it looks awesome. We got awesome colors on. That's a good way to start the anything else I would like to changes. For example, I see that my image is not centered, so I want to choose my image, go to move toe on. I can just use keyboard toe arrows left and right, just to go to but left on DNA now. Okay, now it's centered on Congratulations. We did it, you see. So as I said, it wasn't that simple, but I made this as detailed as possible on If you have any questions, you can just live it in comments or, you know, just contact me at my instagram at Fred's Gallery or even email me at my email, Fred at learn from fred dot com and I will be so happy to answer have more than 5000 students on their replied teach and every single way by myself. So you guys was the next lesson by 3. The perfect shape for our pattern :): Hi guys. Welcome. So, in this listen, we're going to create this shape here, so I don't miss the pattern, but judge your shape so we can apply the pattern afterwards to it. But before we continue, have to ask you where and were important. Question these things. That's red short on red hat. Makes me look like Santa's in turn. Okay, that was a bad joke. Let's continue. Okay. So let's go here on first. Right? And here we have print off free from parental and curvature pronto. So basically, pencil helps us to create custom shape on we're going to use is to create the shape of far off the I. So choose here. Curvature parental. Okay, Onda, before we continue, I have to tell that if using an older Russian of for the shop the most likely You don't have this courage of parental here and you'll have to work with the normal pento. OK, but if you have a Russian of 2017 18 19 then you will have courage. A parental for sure. So let's talk. Take courage, your parental. Let's zoom in. So how are we going to do that? First off, we'll make sure that here you have no fuel. So go to feel and make sure the first ones like to go to stroke. Make sure you have this selected on. Do you have selected the black power? Okay. On also, make sure you have a new layer selected here. If everything is fine, let's continue. So courage. Parental helps us to create automatically curved lines. So, for example, I press ones here, you see, a point was created in the press again. Another point. The numbers again and see e after automatically curves the line. So I just have to press again and continue pursing so afraid Aunt automatically curses the lines so I would be going this way like this Boom, boom. And now to finish our ship, we have toe press again on the first point that we created will remove our or pento on this point. As you can see, we have There's this kind of circle that basically means we're closing their shape. Soldiers present and see dumb Good job. So now when we did that, what we actually need to dio we also need to do the same for the second I So let's go here press create new. So we have a newly created on Now. We moved to the second I do the same again. So I start pressing. We start again from here, for example. 12 three for six. Um, so you have to go like this now exists on boom done. Good job tonight we have to change both of them to a different core on would actually have to do so. First of all, let's not go to feel on. Let's make sure we select the 1st 1 So we have a full feel now here on let's select grade. And so let's go here on when you are here, so exists this great and basically. But now we actually need a green and blue great. And so we don't need this cars. We just like this because that's one of the footage of standards. And now we can change the colors here in other to change the colors just press twice on the cost of for example, I press 12 twice on orange and now let's make this green. So we have to change this one and also have to change the circle here, or you can just copy this quote to your own left up on your own. Korpi, can you have the same court? Let's prosecute. Are now press twice here and change the bullet color toe. Um, sign. Perfect. So now let's go to stroke and press our first. The first option So we don't have this sort here. Okay, you have to do the same for the second trip. I suppose so. For the ship on again, we just like the shape we go to feel. And if you don't see this feel stroke here just in case. Make sure you have selected parental. For example. If I have is this selected? I don't see. That's why after slice the frontal So I see these things here hasn't again. We go towards field, but they were selecting Agent on. I will just select already. Greetings that I have already. How it's Ah. Um so if you want toe apply exactly the same gradient from here to here, what? They actually have to go go to your first shape. OK, so it is a great and that we already created before And now here, for example, go here and select new gradient on just name it anything. For example, I on this against you have it here now so I can go to the next shape selected here until, like the same grazing. Now let's go to stroke. And so, like, there are first options, so we don't have this stroke. Perfect. So now what? We actually need to do me to create a shot of insight on. Just let me show you what I mean by that. So we need to do something like that. A shower inside on when we do that was actually going to happen is going to look like this like it's like it's inside. That's what that's what we need to do because our call is going to come from inside the eye . So now let's go here. Purse right on November. So not here not only takes about that here on the empty space press right on. Choose here, blending options the 1st 1 cape, and now we're going to have this blending options. So let's go here toe in there. Grow basically in a global help us to create a glow that's coming inside homicides I on. So you have to diffusing through efforts for Goto blending more than select normal. Then goto fast and make it somewhere around 50. Make sure noises zero. Then go here to the color and make this totally black. So it's like this circle and bring it to black. Or you can just write 00000 here and is going to be totally black. Let's press. Okay, now, we also need toe decrease the size, so let's make the size smaller. As you can see, rather that things that shadows inside make sure the technique is softer sources edge on truck is somewhere around like this. So if you have the same numbers that I have here, then it's going to be fine for you. So this should be good to go. Let's press. Okay, Now we have that places him here on in order not to do the same stuff again. We can just burst right here again on empty place. And here we're going to have Korpi layer style. And then we go to our next shape first, right again and placed where style and see what happens again. Magic. We have the same here. Bravo. So let's see, How long is this tutorial actually Okay, BC left sometime. So what should we do now? Ok, so now we'll actually need to create a new layer. I know it's a very important moment. Okay, Go here first. Right and choose years smooch toe or smashed. Oh, I'm still not sure how to pronounce it the right way. This still basically helps us toe move objects around. Andi, I will show you right now what? I mean, But first, we're going to change the brush. So for your is going to be most likely a circle here, we need to change it to something like that. Are you going to do that? So go to window and chose brush settings, and you're going to have this kind off final often. Here. So this one. So here you're going to have different brushes and make sure you choose where this brush here, Kate, that's where important. Chose this brush and you're going to have the same brush like I have right now. So then go on to sample the wares. Make sure that is selected on. Also, make sure you have created in your empty where, like this one, as you can see, he's just an empty where because we're going to drones. That layer also make sure models normal and pushed strength somewhere around 74 70. Let's say that's what dress should be. Fine. So now see what's going to happen if I start drawing. She was going to happen. So smart still basically takes the parts. Your image that we drone on basically stretches them around. So, for example, just don't suggestions example to show you I can take this under. I see what happened. It just takes on. Put this things like to the left, for example, or, for example, is is her, um, years. I forgot how to call it. So I said, Don't do that so we'll just do it Desler on great annular and work on the anywhere and they can make sure you have sample. There's selected, so now he'll have to create this kind of straight off. Let's go back this kind of straight lines. So if I see here, we have to create something like that. So first of all, let's just start by slowly getting done so you can just start by drawing legs is I need to go down down so this can birth a bit difficult at the beginning since you have never used this tool before. But you will get used to it, but it will help us to credit. You can see here is this kind of mines. It looks really like somebody draw it so it looks really cool and all of us to create this kind off lines off. So as you can see, I made a mistake and medals with left, so I just go back So you can just press you can just go to it and you can see here un this Marshall again. If using an alteration of further shop that you're going to have a different hold key here , it's not going to be contractors. It's going to be different. Thing for me is contra posits. So just make sure you're using the right hockey if you use in court case. Of course. So let's make it down, say again as against you have to go up on draw again, again and down. Nice is so what else we could do. For example, if I press ones here, this press ones as I go here, I hold shift hold shipped impress again. See what's going to happen is going to create automatically a line from here to here. So again, I first ones here the whole shift I'm press here and see is going to go. It is going to draw a line. So basically, this helps us to draw a line from point A to point B. So you have to let few times unless we have this fully green. His press wants hold shift. Impressive gains. Presidents hold shift impress again. Press wants Hold shift impressed again, Prince, One whole trip I'm pressed against is going to be lost in yet perfect. So now when we did that, we always have to do the same here. So again we just start drawing the sink. So, in order to create this for the second layer, of course, we're going have to just create in your where Django, here to us, much toe. But before a country, I want to show you one more thing. For example, if I turn off the image right now, see what's going to happen. We see here parts off the image as well. That's because when we were driving on the image, it direct not only this color, but also the surrounding. So, for example, her skin. But that's fine. If this is going to be a problem for us, we will fix that. Don't worry. Okay? Soldiers continue on again. Make sure ever is empty layer and against start drawing. So we go something like that from her eyes. Basically on is good. It's getting down over like this. So now again, we can just breast one's whole tripped impress again. First one's whole tripped on press again to draw this thing here and again. Press wants whole tripped on. Press again on like this. We can start drawing this line here. Okay, Surgeon should be fine. And also, one more thing I want to show you. In case you made a mistake, you can always erase the part off this shape that you don't want to have. So, for example, you can go to erase it'll This still here? Razor on. Just make sure you're on this land. For example, if you do it right, Something of sorry this'll wrestlers for this trip safe, there s something so we can just easily race. So let's go back. Okay? Perfect. Guys, look, that already looks awesome. It looks like some kind of really cool artwork already, even without the patterns on this pattern is going to be even. I forgot. Heard anyway. Next, listen, we're going to create the patterns on you won't believe. But the way we're going to create these patterns, we just blow your mind. It's just you would never expect this thing to happen. So see you on the next lesson by 4. The magical pattern and its secret technique: Hey, guys. Hari doing so Let's listen. I told you that I will show you how to create this. Take stones. This lesson on the way we're going to create this checks texture will blow your mind. And I did not like I already look at that. We're going to create this texture from this image here. Yes, that's an ice cream. And we're going to transform this ice cream to this beautiful, colorful texture. E I hope that blew your mind. So let's get started. And of course, you can find this image in the link the link to the project fast on. After you will know this technique Basically, to create this kind of colorful patterns, you will be able to create this call for pattern from any other image that contains so many interesting colors. So let's get started. So let me just, um, take this image, bring it to for the shop, So just take it in place and for the shop. Okay, perfect on. The first thing I wanted to do is first bullets rotates is so we can just you can also irritated from here you can just type your 90 degrees, so it's Ah, perfect in 90 degrees. And also let's bring it down like this. Unless press actually we can make it, they will smaller. So let's just make it small like this. Something like that, because it's going to be on your own That on this shape here, this should be fine on. Let's not press. OK, so what is my okay now? I'm ready now. Look beautifully. How could I forget my hat? So what do we do now? Starts Lexus image? Sure was the ice cream image. Go to filter on select liquefy. Wow, what is that you will see in a second. So liquefy has lots of different tools and basically it helps us to distort the image. But we're going to use only few of them because we don't need all of them. So let's go here and chose this or twirl clockwise tool. This still basically offsets toe Throw our image like a tornado basically like this and you understand what I mean in the second? So also make sure you have peer pressure 100% dynasty 100 red, 100%. Also, let's make size a little bit smaller, so something like that should be fine. Let's get closer. So not, for example, if I start drawing, See, I just press see what's going to happen when I personals image, it starts twirling. I don't think that's a real bird, but it looks like a just a mixing the image like a tornado and you can just press and drag . So it's going to mix all of this images on like this is going to create this amazing course . So let's maker of Russia's ultimate bigger has should be fined unless just press, press, press, press, press, press, press This looks nice. Okay, so you just have to make them really a lot to create on interesting pattern. You can also try toe make sure that it's ah, we have lots of cool course everywhere. So here, here, here. And also we should have some here, so just press and drag to drag some of the image to the life. Basically. Okay, so now you might face one problem. So, for example, let's say if you do it too much, I just want insure you, For example, I start during and see what's going to happen. We're going to see here this kind of, um, So I ask again, we're going to have use this kind of holes, which basically is There is no images are now, that's what That's why we see the whole in case you by accident. God's this hope, for example, what you can do, you can take this forward work. Oh, on then with this to again, make sure this is 100. This is 100. You can just take on drugs image so you can just take and rags damage to the left and right in order to make sure there are no holes in your image. Basically. Okay, so right now we can also drags a Michelle exists on legs is on. Boom. That looks cool. So it's personal key. Now we're going to have this pattern here that, um well, I think somewhere So now when you have this pattern here, what we actually need to do, we need toe. Make sure that we're going to see our pattern on Lee on this shapes. OK, so what do we need to do? So, first of all, we need to create, um, a mask here. Just great and empty musk. So, in case you if you don't know how masks work, Then there's going to be difficult for you to understand. That's why I would advise you to goto my YouTube channel from Fred and then just type their in search mask on their two lessons on masks. How musk works on her mask works to that will explain you harm. Ask, actually work on you understand everything that we're doing right now here. So when you have this empty must created on also you will see also here and as a mask, which is a mask from smart filters. So basically, when we created this liquefy effect when we started mixing them Ah, this was a smart feeder. So, for example, you see future, all the features that we have here are called smart filters on. Whenever you use any off them, they have their own mask. Okay, But we don't need this, so just don't touch it. Work on this much that we just created right now for our image. So when we have this mask right now, here, um, goat, let's turn yourself first full. So go to the shape. First tape this one press right on the some male, and here you're going to have select points. You don't see it because my images here, but ah, so let me see. Let me see if I can. Okay. Let me just drag me to the left. So you see it? Sorry. Say, if I press right here, you're going to hear, so it pixels. Make sure you select that option when you select that when you select that option, you're going to see basically, um, this shape that we created selected, and that's actually what we need. Okay, so let me just get back. Let me let me drag me back, okay? Perfect. Okay. On da. So, first of full. Now, let's go to select under the select. So we don't select this because first, being to the one thing I forgot to do that. So let's turn on our pattern on. But when you have this mask here, just price twice in the mask. So when you press twice a month, you're going to have here this kind of their look opened and just president view properties , or just like the must go to this properties panel And here, press invert. So when you're person would actually now our mask is totally black, and that's what we don't see his image. So now, for example, if I take my brush tool, what's frustrating? Choose brush toe on Not, for example, if I take the white color here, make sure you have white selected. Make sure quality prices on the person and four is 100% on mode is normal. Andi, I am. So you have to like, not the image about them as and I start drunks. He was going to happen when I drove. I start seeing back my image. My pattern. Okay, so let's go back right now. So this is This is where we're going. Toe draw our mask. Our pattern basically on this shapes. So let's press right here on the first trip on a select select pixels, just like the pictures and start drawing. So, for example, if I go now to the mask, don't forget that it's under the mask. Start drawing. So what's going to happen? We're going to see the mask basically appear, or the pattern basically appear on this shape. I forgot the road. Let's go to select on Presidents Elect. Okay, I know it looks words right now, but it's gonna be fine. Where the sun don't worry. So let's go now to this normal. So make sure you have just selected Let's go to normal press here on the image girls got normal and choose here. Hugh. So here, as you can see, when I changed the blending modes, we see different kind, of course, but we need to choose here. Hugh, As you can see when you made me trust you, we already start seeing this beautiful course at year here, So that would mean to those select your mask again. Make sure you select the brush. Let's make the brush smaller. Let's go here and now also wait. Let's also makes the hardness somewhere around 70. Enough. For example, if I start drawing, I need to make sure I see the card also here as well. This makes it smaller. Okay, that's perfect. So now let's go here on. So, like the next trip, the 1st 1 was pressed right again and again. Let's like select pixels. Let's go back to the mask. Don't forget that. Select the mask now and now start drawing again. This makes a brush bigger on start drawing again. Not again, Let's go to select. And this, like, so we can draw here as well. Oh, my God. This is amazing. Don't you think so? Huh Uh, sorry. Sometimes I'm being too stupid. I would say so when we did that. Now we will. Little. How long is this tutorial? Okay, so he did that. Now let's go here, Choose Hue saturation. And here, for example. Right now we can play with you on listeners. Bring feels a bit left around minus 70. But the problem is that we don't only change the colors of this pattern. So, for example, as you can see, we change. The cause of pattern will change the color of the image. What if you don't want to chat to touch the image? Right. So what are we going to? How are we going to fix that? Basically, first for us. Bring that to around minus 70. We're just going to take this mask here on applied to our hue saturation mascots. Well, so this way the effect is going to be shown on Lee on the white places on the muscle. Basically only owns the shape in order to do that over after that is actually hold old or option on your active. So all our option. So, like the musk on drag it up. And when you see this kind of two Ah, a rose. One black and one white. So make sure you put your mouth on this much here and just release your mouse button. Replace mask. Yes. So, again, you just hold out. Or options. So exam mask on. Just put it them as here, OK, make sure you hold the autopsy. No, just presidents about hold. So what? We need to create a copy off this religious press. Right? And go duplicate where? Okay, on, Because now we have this coffee created. Now the costs are going to look even more different. Basically. So now let's see, what was the cause, actually here. Okay, so it's very similar to actually our cars, so we can just play with that. You can't actually create any calls that you want to basically. So something like that, minus 96 uh, minus six. His name is the same here, minus 96. Well, it's still different, but because we have a different kind of pattern here. But as you can see, the color palette is the same. So But again, you can't just change the course as you want with the hue saturation. And look at that. It looks so awesome. Uh huh. So let's look at that right now, okay? And the only thing we have basically left here is actually toe, you know, just fixes things. As you can see here, we have few problems on if you want to fix this. And I'm sure you want to do that, right? So how I can actually fix that. So we will have to select this huge alterations after their goal. But down. I know. Hold shift on, select the shape. So when you hold shift and so is the shape I spoke now is going to select everything that's located between the shape and this your situation. Okay, so we don't have to select them one by one. Are now first here are in the group. So when you do that, we have created a group for some pie cannot turn off and turn in this group, and this group is going to be This shapes here basically so that we can create a mask forces group. So, for example, I can just purse here on the mosque, and we have a masqueraded for the group. Now let's go here. Press right and shoes, Brush toe. Guess get cause or make sure we are black holes like this. So changes to black. Make sure your hardness is around 50% on. For example, Right now, this black car when Damascus selected, you can just, you know, go here on draw like this to make sure it's more accurate. Basically, we can't delete the things that we think shouldn't be there. They can just work with it like this. So it's It's actually pretty easy already. The hard stuff is already done, so yeah, let me see if we did everything. I mean, the colors look a little bit different, but that's not a big offer problem. Also, one thing I would off I was suggested to do just experiment. For example, I have, um, different types off colors here, color parts like this one, this one and this one. So if you want to, this is this kind of fall apart. What, you can actually dough or this kind of really, really strong colors so are basically can just go here and choose. Ah, Hugh situation. Okay, just make sure the hue saturation is not inside the group, but here. I mean, if you opens the group, so make sure the hue saturation that we just credit is here not inside the group somewhere . Let's cause this again. So for them right now, if I change this so we can change this like this, basically, So there's going to have the whole the whole image and this as well, because increase the saturation. Okay. For example, anything we could do, actually is we could turn off black and white. I'm just trying it so you can just play with these things, you know, if you want to. For example, let's turn of black and white. Now, let's make the situation higher. I love you can play business. We can also turn cough corner of brightness contrast on play with this again So you can just play visits however you want to. It's always going to look beautiful with the scores on. That's it. Basically, guys for this project finished it. Congratulations, Theo. Congratulations on before you before you close this media, make sure you check the next week. Yes, well, I'm going to recommend to some of the coolest class some of the best classes that you can take in order to create more amazing stuff. Bye. See you guys. 5. Important Message :): nice before. Continue. One more thing. If you really enjoy the course, please created this really, really help me to create more, more and even more amazing glasses for you. 6. Promoting other courses: my guys right here. The guy will help you, Master Bullish on before you continue have electric a venue some other magical classes that you would absolutely love to see. And also don't forget to pull me as though I will miss all the unique projects and classes I create every single week at your my recommended classes for you Enjoy. This class is dedicated to advanced for the shop animations. I will show you how you can Really Any makes your images on. I will show you I can basically take your still photos and bring them a life is different options and this is just one of the projects They're going to be four really cool and interesting projects that you should take. This is in us animation from that same close as you can see, it looks also really colorful So we're going to animate the course here on after this project, you will be able to animate any colors on your own images as well. This is a really cool poster and during discuss, we're going to transform a normal image into something really magical. And as you can see, every creating this kind of liquid glitch on I will show you I can do that. It's actually a secret technique. On also, here we have this golden light. I also show it will show you that. I don't say we're doing some color grading to give it some really artsy look. I would say so. This just an epic project and is Goto Wydell on instagram? Make sure to check this out. This class is related to for the shop animations. So I will show you I can create this kind of interesting animation off poster on as you can see, here you have the text and the text is gone. Also appears this led the blue light, which is again on and off. It looks just really magical. That's it. I hope you found something interesting for yourself and you doesn't like Blessed by