Creative Portrait Photography:: Tips, tricks & Ideas for taking stunning portraits - Part I

Bernie Raffe AMPA, Award winning photographer and teacher

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16 Lessons (1h 38m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Camera & lens Portrait Settings (repeated from previous course)

    • 3. Portrait Lighting Patterns

    • 4. Window Light:- Style I - Shooting parallel to window

    • 5. Window Light:- Style II - Shooting with the window behind you

    • 6. Window Light:- Style III - Shooting into the light

    • 7. How to create an ‘Alpine’ looking portrait, and make more use of 'Top Shade'

    • 8. Idea for adding depth to your images for a more creative portrait

    • 9. Location session by a lake, learn how to overcome a difficult bright background

    • 10. CP Location Session Pippa 04

    • 11. 17 ideas & tips for getting wonderful expressions & smiles from your subjects

    • 12. Using lines and top shade outside an office in city centre

    • 13. Creating great portraits in a courtyard outside an office building

    • 14. Continuing the urban session with Em, this time outside another office block

    • 15. Continuing the urban session with Em, this time outside another office block

    • 16. More tips on TopShade, my favourite type of natural light

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About This Class


So, you like taking portraits, that’s great, but how happy are you with the results and could you do better?

In this, the first of a two part course you’ll learn many of the tips and tricks that professional photographers use for creating stunning portraits, and  in a varying assortment of environments, both inside and outside.

At the end of the course you’ll be armed with so many ideas, that you’ll no longer need to worry about freezing up, or wondering what to do next with your subjects.

·         Learn the fundamentals of portrait lighting and lighting patterns
·         Discover new ways of taking portraits on location in live sessions
·         Laugh at my 17 tips for getting great expressions from families and children
·         Learn how I pose people to make them look relaxed


Content and Overview 

Suitable for beginners, intermediates and even advanced photographers, you’l learn  the fundamentals of portrait photography along with many tips and ideas for adding drama and creativity to your portraits.

Rather than just using paid models, this course also has live sessions with friends, and families with their children (families and children sessions are in part II). Some of these are typical location sessions where we just walk around in parks taking photos.

This is an extremely varied course demonstrating both natural light and off-camera flash portraits, with some specialist ideas that you can easily replicate (specialist ideas, also Part II), plus many tips on composition

You’ll see how I interact with people to make them feel more comfortable, which in turn helps to get better expressions.

On completing this course you’ll have the knowledge, know how and confidence to tackle many portrait scenarios.