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Creative Portrait Photography Series: Milk Bath & Fashion (Part 1)

teacher avatar Sandy Dee, Sandyseyecatcher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Welcome & Promo

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Location Considerations and Practicalities

    • 4. Getting All The Props Together

    • 5. Preparing The Kiddie Pool

    • 6. Equipment

    • 7. Posing

    • 8. Using the Lightmeter

    • 9. The Shoot - Set 1

    • 10. The Shoot - Adding Flowers

    • 11. The Shoot - Set 2

    • 12. The Shoot - Milk

    • 13. How To Make A Flower Crown

    • 14. How To Make A Flower Crown Pt 2

    • 15. Summary and Recap

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About This Class

Are you looking for fresh inspiration in your beauty and fashion photography?

Do you want to take advantage of the nice weather and bring your photography sessions outdoors?

Do you suffer from a slow summer season and need new ways to attract more clients?

Do you want to create jaw dropping mini sessions to boost your income?

Do you want to stand out from the crowd, wow your clients and attract models with eye-catching photography?

Then this course is perfect for you. Celebrate the summer with a magazine style 'pool shoot' that is playful with a gorgeous feminine yet empowering look! Your clients will feel like top models in the Caribbean - and what's more, creative portrait photography doesn’t have to break the bank. There are no borders to conceptual photography, as we'll show you with inexpensive props and a small outdoor area.

You’ll be amazed at what you can do with just a kiddie pool, bath drops, flowers, milk and other creative props!

You will learn:

  • Preparing the shoot - location, practical considerations.
  • Posing tips when the model is lying in the kiddie pool.
  • Camera settings, using a light meter, flash and natural lighting options.
  • Fly on the wall view of 3 photoshoot sets - water, colors and flowers, milk 'hot pink'.
  • 3+ hours of Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop videos to transform the images into stunning works of art!

Do you love working with flash? Natural light? Both?

Sandy and Matt will cover flash techniques and camera settings, as well as the best ways to take advantage of natural light to get the most variety from your shoot.

In Part 1, Sandy and Matt take you through the preparation and set up of the shoot, including what props to buy, practical tips on handling posing your model in water, and camera and lighting settings. Then you'll get a fly on the wall view of the shoot that implements all the ideas so you can do exactly the same.

In Part 2, Sandy walks through a complete, comprehensive Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop set of tutorials (over 3 hours) on how to transform the images into amazing works of fine art. At the end, your images will look like they belong in a high fashion magazine! Your clients will receive a truly unique style of photography that sets you apart from your competitors.

Whether you are a beginner DSLR photographer or a seasoned pro, you will find a host of tips and tricks that will help you create fantastic images. 

This highly practical course shows you a new way of beauty photography - how to create a ‘dreamy water’ pool-style that will be an outstanding addition to your portfolio. If you want to achieve higher sales, and help to think outside the box for your next photoshoot, then this course is for you!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sandy Dee



Sandy is originally from Germany and studied Photography in London, where she earned a Diploma in Professional Photography. Following her passion for creative conceptual portrait photography, she moved to San Jose, California where she runs stylized portrait workshops, and wrote the book 'Posing Like A Pro' which covers all aspects of posing for the contemporary photographer.

Sandy loves teaching and helping other artists to reach new levels in their technique and creativity! New In 2021: Sandy now also teaches paper crafting. No matter if you want to learn photography, portraiture, photoshop, creating backdrops on a budget, paper crafting, card making, mixed media....Sandy has a class for you. Happy Shooting and Happy Crafting!

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1. Welcome & Promo: hi and welcome. In this course, we will show you how to create dreamy water. Portray its accelerate this summer with this pool style shoot with only a kiddie pool on other inexpensive. Perhaps my name is Andy and have left, and together we are. I studied photography in London, and I have let over 50 photography workshops in San Jose, California, specializing in creating conceptual fortitude just like this one. I also wrote the book posing like a pro that teachers are the concept of posing for photographers and models. After this course, you will be able to set up, shoot and edit this summer pool style concept and the best singers. This will not break the bank with props and accessories will only cost you around $50. 2. Introduction: cause dreamy water. Portrait's My name is Andy D and you're watching Sonny's Eye Catcher TV. This is my husband, Mitt. He is my trusted assistant and cameramen. But today you will also see him in front off the camera. So please say hello. Hello. As you can probably tell by my first sentence, I am originally from Germany. Met this from the okay, and now we're here in the great city off San Jose, California. Well, you don't actually see much beauty at the moment because we're in the dust pitch behind our apartment and this is where we will do our shoot and met will tell you a little bit about it. This will be a fantastic opportunity for you to see how you can create amazing pictures in the most awful looking places. You will also learn how you can create outstanding fashion images on a small budget. And the best thing is, everybody can do it. Even if you have no fancy house with a pool or a bathtub or anything like that, you don't need too much equipment either. Just your DSLR, maybe a flash. And if you want to small soft box for your flash. Ah, light meter and a reflector is always helpful, and that's pretty much it. So if you're a beginner, don't worry about it. We're going to explain all the concepts and all the settings to you on. If you're a pro than this course will give you some inspiration for your next fashion shoot . Yeah, so that's exactly right. We would like to teach everybody held two great amazing fashion inspiration and also maybe a little bit off a romantic set up, and you don't need anything too fancy for that. So just a quick story about the shoot. The idea came to me when I saw another photographer shootings those model and water portrayed. However, they had a great production budget, and they were able to shoot in the big pool inside a studio location. I wanted to recreate something similar for our photography meet up group, but we always try to keep our lecture fees low. Though the items was a shoot and the location, it had all to be on a budget 3. Location Considerations and Practicalities: so the first stage was to find an area that could work for such a shoot. Likely California is mostly dry and sunny, so it's not really a problem to shoot outside. If you live somewhere where you have strong seasons and is obviously different than you want to shoot in the spring or summer days, when you weathers mostly predictable the war mother weather, the easier it is for your modern. This is why we're finding the shoot today, as you will see later from our red and 30 faces. It will be over 90 degrees, about 33 degrees and sell deals, and this will be so uncomfortable for us and my makeup will be all over me. But it's easier for the model to brave the cold water. However, it doesn't have to be such hot weather. As long as you can warm up the water and keep the model warm in between shoots, then it's going to be okay for the model. The shoots themselves a quite short, which means the model doesn't have to suffer too much, but more about those details a little bit later on. So the area where you do the shoot has to be a little bit private like we have here. Otherwise, curious people might interrupt your shoot toe, ask you know what? You're doing different questions or looks cool, that kind of stuff. You might or might not feel too comfortable with that, especially where she's wearing a bikini. So we don't recommend doing these shoots in a big open park, but maybe an empty parking lot or a grassy area where there's just less people around in general, if you have a garden, then you have a nice shooting advantage. Otherwise, any slightly hidden outdoor spot works well, as long as you can dump the water without any problems, Which is why we've chosen this spot here. Well, yeah, because that's easier just to pour it out here. So is the second stage was actually to think about how to transport the water again. If you live in a house with a garden and the garden hose, you have a clear advantage. We live in the most unpractical apartment complex or such a shoot as we don't have a garden , and we have to carry the water all the way from the top floor to the outdoor area to fill in the poor, but I will show you later how we can actually do this. So the next problem is the pool itself. So although our apartment complex actually has a pool, we can't shoot in it, which is a shame, because it would make our life a lot easier with regards. Teoh not offering to carry the water around but pulls in apartment complexes or any public pools, usually have a strict privacy policy with no pictures allowed, especially to provide privacy for kids and so on. So we can't do that. Yeah, which is obviously sense for because you don't want that kids are friends and stuff like that. But also I wanted to give different looks to the water, and I wanted to fill it with milk and color and flowers, so we really needed to create our own poor. I decided to experiment with a smaller kitty poor because it's just easy and very cheap to get, and maybe even half won already. If you have Children, otherwise you can get one in the store for just a few dollars or even online, right? And as you can guess, a small kiddy pool will bring some limitations. Uh, although the plastic might look stable once you fill it with water, Usually they'll bend over, bend around quite easily. Therefore, it's important to find the right location first and then fill it with water. Otherwise, it's gonna be very hard to transport the pool with water in it without spilling it everywhere first. So we're telling you this from our own heart land experience, the school of hard knocks, fear people. Shoot. Yeah, The first time we experimented with the kiddie pool we bought into the garage where we've got dog washing station with the hose. Um, once a kiddie pool was filled, we tried lifting it onto rolling board. You know, the type of dolly where you threw furniture with, um but because it got really heavy in the middle, especially to little the water, the outside start getting wobbly, and we actually spelled half the water before we even made it to allocation. Yeah, it's just so strange because it looks stable. But once the waters and that all goes to the middle when you try to lift it and it actually folds like a tackle, So, yeah, I find the right location first and then fill in the water. Also, I like to use locations that as much as possible in the open shades, so that's the sun doesn't creep up during your shoot. And this way you will have a soft exposure if you shoot with natural light. And a much more consistent exposure when you're shooting was flesh, because you don't have to worry that the sun comes in and out, and also you're not really want to worry about that. The model is getting burned, and also I don't want to get burned. So make sure you find a big open space with shades. Exactly. So the next challenge where I'm working a small pool is preferable to find a small and petite model due to the tight frame way you're going to be shooting in. You want as much of the model's body in the pool, with only her legs dangling out, the more body weight or waiting for legs. The more of the edge of the pool will be pressed down on the water is just going to spill out during the shoot. Also, the more petite the model is, the more rooms you'll have to shake herself. Yeah, yeah, exactly. This is like the opposite from the normal modeling Word was, I want really toil models. But here's a smaller the better, although if you have to space and the opportunity to fill in the big up with, then you can use this kind of shoot for all sorts off different shoots, because this would be also amazing. If you want to shoot maternity images, for example, they're very flattering and romantic, and it's also quite comfy for the mother to be to lay in the warm water. But not really in our case, because we have to limit ourselves with a small poor during our tough water situation and exposing options are limited in such a small space. It's important that you move around to create a bit of variety, so make sure that the pool is located in a way that it's possible for you to move around. Also, it helps if you find the model that is a little bit more advanced and opposing techniques or brief before she gets into the water, because once she's in the pool, you give it pretty much upside down directions, and that can be confusing for anybody, but I will tell you more about this later. So before our mother arrives, we need to get ours ingredients, So let's go shopping. 4. Getting All The Props Together: Okay, now we inside the store and the first thing we will get us the most important one. The kiddie pool. You most likely finds us close to the toy section, and obviously this is a seasonal items. So if you're living somewhere where it's really hot, spring or fall, then you might not find those items, and you have to order the pool online. So if you buy one that we bought, which is like a a plastic one, then you also have to make sure that it fits into your trunk. The Pulis more, but it still needs a little bit off space to get inside the car, and it won't fit through your side door. So make sure you can maybe borrow a car from a friend. Or, if you can't then just get one off those pools. They are inflatable, but then that obviously makes it a little bit easier for transportation. I also recommend to get a neutral or blue pool because some that can be purple and so on. You don't really want that. Get a blue pool because we will change. The color later is in photo shop office colored past ups for Children. So let's look at them now. So no way here where you can buy a shallow Jeff. And this is also where you will find those colored tips. I think those were invented for Children who don't like to pass, and basically to persuade them with colored water to make it more fun. So these are great because approved for Children, they won't stay no harm your model. Also, they're environmentally friendly, which is important when we empty the kiddie pool later. All right, so now you need to somehow transport the water. And for this we're using what a cool aisles They are great because they insulated, which means they don't leak. And also that keeps the water warm, which is important when you went through our travel off, warming it up in the first place. So if you have a big cooler at home, then you use this one. Otherwise, we recommend buying one with wheels. If it is possible to roll the cooler, it will be so much easier to transport the water. Also, we need Mitt, but if your model it's vegan, we recommend almond milk. All right, so if you want to know how I create unique hair crowns for my set. I will show you this a Sabonis step later. You We need this one headbands, so we only need cells and then we got to go. All right, now we have all the ingredients that we need a kiddie pool. Like we said we bought of plastic one. We have this water cooler and the bigger water cooler that we will fill up. Then we have a lot of flowers, and they already cut so that you only have the heads on and I couldn't quite aside. So I have, like a big bouquet that had purple flowers. And then I also had a bouquet that had, like, greenish and white and reddish flowers, just so to give you some variety. Also, it's good to have a step store. You don't see this now, but that's a step stool to bring yourself into a higher position when you shoot the model from above, and if you want to make the pool darker or lighter, you can also obviously lay it out was like black for white foiled and also it's good to have a trash back to collect all your rubbish later after you cleaned out the pool, that will be all the flowers. And then you can all collect that back into the rubbish back. So for cutting these flowers Oh, I have somewhere way up. No, but I think about this one in my kids and that I just used to obviously clip off the stem and have the flowers ready. So a few more important things for the model, So I'm not sure if she brings a rope. So I provide has this one so that she is a little bit warmer when she comes out of the pool and also some fresh towers so that she can dry. I also have a hair dryer so she can get all nice and dry before heading back home. And also I don't have set, but it's nice if you can provide it some flip flops because obviously our areas a little bit dirty. But I told my mother to bring some so that if you don't get too dirty, um, yeah, I think that's pretty much it's obviously we also have a few off, perhaps like some flour like fake flowers, and I also brought some call sets in case I'm maybe not too sure if I like her bikini on so on, some to and yeah, different reflect to us and all. And the most important thing, this trolley, obviously to transport everything. So we bought this trolley in Casco and it was around $50. But it's quite practical. Use it all the time when we go shopping there anyway. But if you have a little bit more off items that you have to transport to shoot, then I really recommend to get something like Australia and that it. Now let's go downstairs and prepare our area. All right, now we were prepared the water. I left the school into our past, up and fill. It was really, really hot water so that by the time the model is here, it's still warm. Be careful that you don't actually overfilled Skoula and be careful that you don't hurt yourself when you try to lift it back out because this will be happy. If us weak of me then please are somebody to help You are use a packet to for the cooler. So you further back at first and then you fill it into the cooler. Once Akula is out off the top will also fill it. With a few rounds off Boyd water. You can either use apart or electric Hatter because this way we will really ensure that the water is s hot as possible. And then it's nice and comfy for more later. So this is going to take a little while. So let's go out and I'll tell you a little bit about the shoes. 5. Preparing The Kiddie Pool: So now, while the water's running, I will tell you a few things about the shoot. One of the model arrives. We were instructor a little bit about supposing result about, as I mentioned the frame of Tie it, and it is important that she knows how to move and what to do with her hands. We will also see if it's more practical to let your legs dangle out off the poet if it's more comfortable to raise them onto the water cooler. The last modern thought that was actually nicer for her. So that's a great way how we can use the water cooler. And we will also have a look at the wardrobe that she brought. The first round will be just the water in the pool. Then our model will change. Her outfit on will color the water purple with purple taps. I will also add the flowers. Then she will change again and we'll add some milk and milk creates this hot pink effect on Ruth in more flowers. Yeah, and for the first round, it means that any bikini or swimsuit just fine because we're shooting on solid blue collar . But once we add the purpose taps and flowers. It's better when you swim, so it is just one color and not stripes or dots and so on. Otherwise, the whole set just look very busy. Yeah, so the moment you add milk, be careful not to add too much. Otherwise, the water will look very dense and you'll want to see a little bit through. It needs to be Trans Lucien. Otherwise it's gonna look like this, um, chopped off limbs and fingers and elbows that don't connect to the model so that the milk bit by bit until you're satisfied with the look. Yeah, and I also recommend if you've never worked with color, were to have a look at that because you will see which swims with Keller will work with the colored water. So for a pink milk in any other strong color, it works as long as you don't have anything that's too close to the past water itself, because that would be just boring if you had, like a pink swimsuit end sipping water, for example, or maybe the colors might clash if it doesn't work together differently. So if you have a nice texture thing, Kurds tool anything that gives your waters and texture, and this can also look very interesting. Be careful that you choose something way not to attach, too, because it might be ruined after the shoot with all the colors of the flowers. But yet any sort of clothing can definitely had some interesting elements. Yeah, because last time I had a curtain and on the flowers were stuck to it, and I couldn't get them out. But luckily I'm not too attached to it. It was just a $6 Kia curtain, which had just thruway afterwards. But be careful about that. So I think what is ready? So let's bring it all downstairs to our location. 6. Equipment: Okay, now, this is all pretty much set up, and I will tell you know a bit about the gear we're using. So I'm using a cannon five years out with my sick my Atlanta Taylor lens 24 to 105 and I'll be using the Canon five d Mark two with a 50 millimeters prime attached to it. Obviously, you can shoot with any other camera. But our first camera was a canon level, and now you felt pretty comfortable with the brand. So I love shooting with the prime lands because normally they lock, shop and have a very nice word Apertura. However, the tailor lens from Sigma is quite nice to, and we give me a little bit more flexibility today, which means I can zoom in and out, and I don't have to stop the recording for you guys every time I change my lens. So normally I recommend to shoot with the longest lands possible, give you a very nice compression to your portrait. However, there are white anger that actually look very dynamic in the shoot, and I think it's just nice to experiment a little bit. So normally in portrait. Yeah, shoot was a longer lens for Bo, OK and compression. But here you can get creative and just test white angle lenders or Taylor lenses close up lenses. Anything really goes, so we're also going to use a flash now. Normally, we might use one of these. It's a simple young new of flash, very inexpensive, but pretty good quality. Just make sure you have spare batteries ready because these can be a battery eating monsters. So for faster recycling time, we recommend a battery back, Um, even faster. Is this guy exactly? So today we're gonna be using the flashpoint SL 3 60 It's gonna go home battery pack, which is rechargeable, which means very, very, very fast to recharge. But if you don't have that guy and you want to soften the light a little bit, we recommend something like this. It's the last a light box, and you just easily afford it up. And it's also easy to start because it just for the down. And if you're just shooting with the flash and this gives you like a studio quality off light because it's a little bit softer. So a little bit about the settings when you're using a Flasher shutter speed can't go over 1 2/100 of a second. Otherwise, you're speaking too fast. You'll see a black stripe on the side of your image. Yeah, So I keep my shutter speed normally around 125th to 1 toe 1 60 years off the second. Because this way is a camera has enough time to open the shutter. The flesh fires and then the shatter closes again. And this flash technique is called off camera flash. And for this to work, we need a trigger on the camera to send a signal to the flash itself. So some cameras and flashes have built in triggers. But we're gonna be using a pocket wizard the mode of the flash. When you set that, make sure you said it to slave mode. Yeah, so regarding the Apertura, this is kind of under your creative control. So we just told you the chateau speed, but the Apertura, that's up to you. If you want to create a higher fashion advertising look, these are normally shot between F eight and F 13. This way, you're depths off. Fear is not too shallow, and you can see the design office, A basing food and also the flowers next to it will look very sharp. So if you want to create a more dreamy and painted look on, why the Apertura will work better on this is now up to your lens and how much you can open it up. Some lenses can go down away to 1.2, but with my prime lands, I can only go down to 1.4, however, bear in mind to tell the model not to move and be pretty still, because with such a shallow depth of field of 1.4, it is very easy to mess up your focus, and you want to make sure that I closest to the camera is pin shop. If she moves even a little bit, her nose could go sharp all of a sudden, instead of the eye that sound much room, you have to play with such a shallow depth of field. Yeah, personally, I like those wide opportunities, but I'm not good with, like, really super wide Apertura. If I want a dreamy look and normally shoot around 1.8 to 3.2, obviously these Apertura is also a little bit, depending on which area you're shooting at. If you want to shoot a 1.4 apertura and bright sunlight, then this will give you a little bit off a problem because your shutter speed with the flesh it's limited to 1 21 200 off seconds. Then you will end of his overexposed images because you were captured an image with flesh and lots of onions light. But if you want to shoot natural light in the shady area than 1.2 Apertura, it's quite possible if your camera can go upto like 16 thousands off a second or even higher. And if you can shoot also was a very low I as old. So for Sandy's first round, I'm gonna meet to the light for the flash at F eight on the shot, the speed of 1 125th of a second and see what it looks like I have necessary Aiken. Just it, I wonder. The main light is coming from the flash, and also that some ambient light is visible. So I use the light meter to do that, and I'll demonstrate it when we get to that point. Yeah, that's good, because you don't want to overpower all off the ambient light with the flesh because images can look like cheap pictures. You get in a nightclub where everything is tag and you have a super white phase. So we need to balance us. So after my first round matter shoot. And the reason for this is that a second shoot assistant can basically give me a little bit off a different anger, because I can capture a different attention off the model and I can move around like I would do as the second shooter at a wedding. And it's difficult to fake if I just say to the model, Oh, look up and pretend there is another shooter then I don't really get the same engagement in her eyes. So it's great when you can work with somebody together, and if you're lucky and they want to do the shoot also, then you can also share the cost off your items. Also, an assistant is handy if you need somebody to hold the flesh, or if it's like really windy here than the soft box will blow over, and it's always really good if there somebody who can help you. This is why I also like shooting with flashes as their battery powered and not electric. You need to do everything in your power to ensure your model safety, so I don't want in the water close to any electricity. I'm also using a camera with the straps on. My model doesn't have to worry that my camera forwards onto her face when she's lying under me in the water. And it's also great to have an assistant when rearranging flowers, so sometimes you can lay out everything perfectly. But then you you start shooting and your position looks completely different from above. And it's great if you can just shout at somebody to just do some adjustments instead of stopping getting down from the stool, just getting back up again. It's this kind of a lot of Ironman where I want to shoot the model as quickly as possible, and if you have to stop every time, it's just not that good off a flow. So it's nice when there somebody who can help you. And if you don't have a friend available, just ask the model. If she can bring a friend who was able to help you out, maybe with things like holding the reflector or Esa said, maybe holding the soft box if you shoot this one off, those so reflected could be very handy and defusing some sunshine in case you're working in dappled light like we might have a little bit around this because we've got this tree here that's blocking the sun. But there's some sort of spots where the light is looking pretty dappled, so having to reflect to defuse that and give a more even light across the model is definitely gonna be great. Whenever my flesh is the main light source, I will use the flesh symbol in the camera if my white balance it gives a slight warm tone, but it's fairly neutral and not as warm as if you were using the cloudy or shade white balance when I should natural. I that also keep my white balance in the flash mode. Where's that? Because if well, because for a fashion shoot would like this, I might find a complete different color temperature in force later that I like better. Maybe it's even blue or something different. If I start to shoot with the manual white balance and the color changes during the shoot, meaning I use flash naturalized. The sun goes in and out on ending up with all sorts off different manual colors, and I need to adjust them individually imposed. But if I keep them all in the same fairly neutral Juanma Stone, then I can adjust them all in ones in adobe camera, raw or light room. Fair enough. So if you worried, though, that you can't nail the right tone later, you can always shoot. Ah, great card on the set itself. This one here is pretty practical. Um, it's by last delight so you can fold it together and it folds away into his own little package. There. On this way, you'll definitely have an image from where you can pull a more accurate white violence later. Just take your picture of this. We use this reference later on. Yeah, if this shoot would be now is like a big client and they want to see the images immediately or even buy them on the spot, then I would shoot really with the white balance that manually, to ensure the more accurate view for the client because I can't really imagine what it will look later and posed. But for a creative shoot like this, it's not really necessary for me. 7. Posing: all right. So soon, The model's gonna be here on Weaken instructor a little bit before we start shooting. Yeah, it's important to tell your model a little bit about the poses she needs to be aware off. It's important. Mention lays in the water to really give her body a lot of shaped like an s curve. For this, she brings elects to one side in her upper body to the other side, also very important. Her hands thing off Bali hands so that the hands are very graceful and she can bring them into a phase onto a temper and the hair. But they have to stay like really graceful. She can also pretend to play with the bikini strap or having the hands on her body so that it looks more central but only showing the side part off the hands. If you have to back off the hand shown to the camera, it just doesn't look nice because the back off the hand catches a lot off light, and that's very distracting from her face. We're always trying to figure out if it's an attraction or destruction, and the back off the hand of mostly a distraction also tell her to keep her fingers like really soft so that her hand doesn't look like a claw on. Also, if your mother kind of things into the pool like a pancake, meaning she's pulling her chin in and kind of things back, it might help that you play some towels under her head as long as they're covered by her hair. Because you want to bring out the modest draw line so that she doesn't have to like double chins where thinking back was a hat. Makes sense. Okay. Also, if you can work with the makeup artist, which is always great, tell them to use waterproof makeup of possible as a wise brief your model. How to do her makeup and to use waterproof mascara and so on were lucky to work with an excellent model today who's also cost player, and those are usually super awesome and creating their own designs and make up. I will show you how easy it is to intensify makeup and Photoshopped later, but it is important that the models makeup gives us a really good pace writ, you don't want toe fix makeup. Are they in post right? No No. If you ask a friend or family member who is not a model and maybe not as good as applying makeup, then I definitely recommend makeup artist. Also really important is that her hands a freshly manicured because you don't want to go through all the trouble of setting up like a fashion shoot like that. And then you have to fix like chip nail polish and photo shop, because that's just very time consuming as a tip is to have a mood board. So I recommend sending your model mood board beforehand. These can be a collection of images you found online, like on Pinterest Africa, Instagram and similar. Brief your model with the water of colors You wish for the shoot and also maybe supposes that you thought might look nice in the water. Also a tip. When you're moving around the model, make sure you don't position yourself too much at her feet because it will never look nice when you should up somebody's nose. So just stay over her or sideways, and it doesn't mean that you have to keep all off those images later upside down. You can also turn them in photo shop later and give your model some pictures where she looks actually like straight on rather than upside down. Oh, and another thing. Try not to place your model's hair too close to the edge off the poor. This area we were color in photo shop later, and it's more difficult when the model is not separated from this edge. First off, all the edges curved, and second of all, you lose a shadow. So it's lighter, a little bit offset area, and it will make the world coloring and photo shop a lot easier later. Here's our great model lady Aurora Waves does a camera, yeah. 8. Using the Lightmeter: So let's start the shoot first. Ever shoot with flesh. So let's see what that's like. And what meter reading we will have and met will just tell you how to meet up. So the purpose of the light meter is to basically tell you on the camera of what Apertura you should use. So in here we basically set the shutter speed on the ice. Oh, so there's gonna Heiser 100 shutter speed 125th of a second, and we hold it where the flash is going to hit the model's face and then trigger the flash . This gives us a reasoning off eight. So the opportunity to be set date all right, which is a great reading because in fashion s we said we want to shoot between an F eight and maybe even higher to efs 13 or something like that. So we will keep this and we will just start from here. And if you wonder, why is this flesh is on that side, it's basically because most people look more photogenic with the left face turns this way. But in case if it's different for some models, we will also move around to get get all different angles. So, yeah, let's start to shoot 9. The Shoot - Set 1: All right. So you give me some nice shape with your hands and yeah, tried and true, Not show me the site off the hand, but so it's like, Yeah, perfect. Very beautiful. That's great. Keeps that it's beautiful. Yeah, that looks really nice. One more perfect. And if you can slide even a little bit low, if that's possible, Yes. Perfect. And give me a little bit off a kerf against your needs if they can. If they can drop Perfect, that's beautiful. And again, with this hand, maybe just bring it a little bit in. Yeah, that's beautiful. And if you can just lowers the elbow down Beautiful. That's great. Beautiful. Very nice. Beautiful. And maybe you're just changes every time. A little bit coming up. Yeah, that's great. Perfect. Very nice. And yeah, maybe something like that. What kind of so that yeah, perfect. Beautiful. It's great. Yeah, that's beautiful. Very nice. And maybe keeps the same Like like a like your finger like that. So it's a little bit out and then, yeah, this is beautiful. Keep like set. That's great. Beautiful. Looks fast. It's great and keeps the same face and everything. But if you can bring your body more in the kerf. That would be awesome. Yeah. Looking. Yeah. Is that all right? OK, perfect. That's very nice. And maybe, like, bring one hands a little bit up and maybe the other one just around your belly. Yeah. Yeah, if you want to. Just Yeah, that's great. Perfect. That's beautiful. Very nice. And maybe something like over your eyes. Yeah, beautiful. Maybe keeps a sense. That's great. And this, this 1 may be kind of like you more cuddling in. Yeah. Perfect. That's beautiful. That's very nice. Cool. And you're just change it every time. A little bit. Very nice. A little bit closer, actually. Can you turn this hand? So you kind of frame yourself like this other? What? Yeah, beautiful. That's great. I want to stay here kind of around 50 at school. It's beautiful. Maybe try to slide your bomb even more this way and then with your head a little bit this way and then just all the way down. Sorry. Yeah, Perfect. It's beautiful. Very nice. If you can slide even lower. Yeah. Perfect. That's great. Beautiful. Very nice. And you can come straight again. And actually, all the way, and then you can turn your face a tiny but this way, Beautiful. It's great, actually. A light, I think more straight up to me just the time. Yep. Perfect. And I'm just looking at your hands. Maybe. Yeah, just change it. Apprehended of it. It's just was both hands that you just don't show me is this side. So, yeah, this is actually nice if you just go. Texas. That's beautiful. That's cool. And I say keeps the fame, and I just moved a little bit. It's going and blow each in the little bit down. Very nice. Come on. Actually, I think, but different beautiful and maybe kind of cattle yourselves a little bit. Yeah. Perfect. Oops, that's great. And if you can slide again a little bit down. No, I'm sorry. It's so tiny. That's beautiful. Oh, that's really nice. Keep your lower arm like really cattle it So you can, like squeezing in a little bit. But with this one kind of just slided, like underneath the bikini strap so that you can show me the side off your hand. Yeah. Yeah. Perfect. And stay exactly like that and never just removed this little Yeah, beautiful. Oh, yeah, that looks nice. Perfect on lower kitchen. Just a tiny but actually a closer Isis. Well, that's nice. It's beautiful. Ah, that's great. One more. That's beautiful. And just change the arms around again. Whatever feels natural. Yeah. Perfect. Nice. And stay like that. Just raised. Decided to no good. Sorry. Do it Flying around. That's great. 10. The Shoot - Adding Flowers: So, first of all, the throw in some off those purple a color taps two colors of water off. Obviously you can play with the colors. They are like blue ones and they're like orange ones. So basically, it looks like this. If you seizes inside, these are sink your main colors and I just really like the purple ones because it gives us really surreal. Look what you can see. Hopefully And that kind of looks weird on the skins like pink. So I can remember when you threw in last time, like four also. All right, so that stick with the purple ones all right, it would have bubbled. I didn't think this last. So one thing I always recommend doing as two photographs of flowers on their own in the pool. This is for later when you bring the photos into photo shop so that we can clone in some flowers from these pictures. In case we don't like the position off the flowers in the picture off the model sometimes and the model moves the position off. The flower changes a lot. So they turned over. Sometimes I notices and let met know to turn them back into position, but also sometimes I'm so focused on the modest expression. I don't see the flowers that I don't like. And a raza goes through flow off poses than to always interrupt the model and brings the flowers back into position. So it's also important that we should with fresh flowers, they are much better than plastic flowers. The plastic flowers. They will soak up the water even more and think through the grounds off fresh flowers. They're much better. So you want to shoot those flowers with flash without flesh and with all the different aptitudes and positions. So that's the flower images kind of match, hopefully the pictures that you take from the model. 11. The Shoot - Set 2: Oh, yeah, that's beautiful. Coming bills. - That's great. 12. The Shoot - Milk: you know? You sure I can sell? You know when you feel 13. How To Make A Flower Crown: all right. So s promise. He has a little bonus video on how to create a simple hair crown. So you can either use one of those. The plastic thing is, or you can use a band and that were wrapped around your mother's head. If you're using those plastic ones, it's actually quite nice, because after the shoot, you can easily rips the flowers off. But if you want to use a cotton band, you might ruin the material. If I would know that rips off, because this is actually quite tight. So the only other thing you need is one off sees syrup warheads. And I bought this for around $5 Michael's and you will also need one off. Those clip easing is to snap off the flowers. So this nice pinkish one I bought Michaels and it was around $10. But you will also find this in Home Depot or anywhere else. Really? So some papers they attach flowers was wires, but I'm always a bit worried that they might stick out and hurts a modern. So I'm rather safe than sorry. And I only use this glue gun and then this way I just had myself because I burned myself all the time. So don't do that stupid and wear gloves or something and be careful that you don't touch the hot glue. You can also use something like, I don't know, like a fork or spoon or something like that, where you can press the flowers onto the flower crown. Also, be careful that you don't damage your table was hotly will be sure to have some paper towers or something where you can rest your glue gun. So this was also bought and Michael's for around $5 and you also need some off those glue sticks. So the glue gun that were plucked into an electric socket, which is right behind me. And then it takes about a few minutes for glue to warm up inside. And you know when it's ready because it's thinks a little bit. So now you can place the flowers around in any order you like, and you can create different crowns was different color schemes. You can also buy a fake ones and you souls, or you can also use like text side spray and red or gold, which we give the crown a whole new look, just make sure that you see the spray so that the crown can become wet and doesn't stay in the modern. And, yeah, that's it. So let's just do a flower crown and I'll show you how it's done. So Oh, yeah, the thing I wanted to say. Like if you buy these fake flowers and you use spray, then it's quite nice, because you have, like from one bush off flowers that you can buy and Michael's. You basically have two crowns, and then you just change the look with a textile spray, and you don't have to worry toe by all different colors off fake flowers. So that's actually quite nice to just to give you some variety. All right, so let's start with this crown and first off way have to snip off all these flowers 14. How To Make A Flower Crown Pt 2: so these are fresh flower, so they little bit more fragile than if you would just use like, these fake flowers. But obviously, the nice thing is that when you use your own flowers that you bought for the shoot than the color will match all the other, Kalla said. They will throw in the water, and this way you don't have to use too much photo shop or yeah, I have to worry too much about going toe Michaels and finding fake flowers that have the same color like you know, the flowers. We want to shoot this so we just have to basically clip all of them off that it's kind of very close onto the edge because somehow you have to glue that. See, I'm not quite sure how many we need, so obviously if you want them all the way around, like on one of those pans, and you will need quite a few. But if you just want to go with something like that and because you're shooting from above , it's basically just like that and you might not see all the way around anyway. So you don't have to worry how it looks on the back. So then you don't really need that many. So let's see if we have enough here. Just see, let's not get confused. You. And if you are worried that you don't have enough flowers, you can always fill in some gaps with one off these leaves or something like that. That looks also quite nice. All right, maybe just a few months leaves, just in case. No, just tidies incident. But Okay, so I think that should be enough. And I just wanted to create something simple, like and red And why it looks a little bit, I don't know, spring time kind of like So now just puts us one on you. And I kind of have to imagine obviously, how I will shoot it, which is most likely from that. The model will be like this. So I kind of have to see which flowers I would like to see on top, so I can have to sink the opposite. And then things that you that's ready. Yeah, this is already quite hot. So that comes out easy, which is important. And then we just rearrange it. I don't really have any order in mind. Just see, basically what looks good. I'm thinking this might be nice to have, like, a big one. What? That's edge. And you need quiet a lot of blue. So don't save on that because you don't want that the flower comes off during the shoot because and all of the work would be for nothing. Sometimes these kind of stacks, we just have to basically have one already in there and then just press it down so that there's more blue coming out all right. And you just really have to press it onto it as much as you can, but without obviously ruining the patterns on the things that should be right. Okay, if we just work our way around, maybe something like that might be nice now. And just be careful, because with this stuff, I already see how this will burn me. So just be but careful. So, yeah, just this much blue as you can get in there something exit and see how a dribble. So definitely be careful that you have some paper on the house of your table doesn't get damaged. And I just see myself up on me, So just hoard it somehow in place trips, maybe like that. And then just press it down with a spoon or fork just so you don't burn yourself that I've been African. So maybe it takes us a swell and presses down from both sides because the glue was really hot. If you have Children and you would like toa involve them, definitely don't let some play was glue because this gets really, really hot. But they might just help you by just giving you the flowers. Or they can maybe just a side which flowers like next door. You can involve them, but don't give them the actual gun because even a little bit too hot for me, to be honest. All right. I think we are done here. So this is your really easy flour ground on It only took me like, five minutes, maker. So have fun trying it out. 15. Summary and Recap: so thanks for watching our course on how to create beautiful, dreamy water portrait. Show you what equipment? Some things you'll need. Trump's an accessory to make the shooter. Success on editing were close to make your images sparkled, so I hope you found this helpful. And if you have any questions, please let us know you can contact me at Sandy at Sonny's Eye catcher dot com or follow us on Facebook and instagram at Denny's. Eye Catcher. Good luck. Un creating your own dream. You water portrays. So thanks for watching. Now it's time I have to cool off.