Creative Photography: Grow Your Own Giant Pumpkin! | Mariya Popandopulo | Skillshare

Creative Photography: Grow Your Own Giant Pumpkin!

Mariya Popandopulo, Photographer & Illustrator

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10 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Before and during the shoot

    • 3. Taking pictures of pumpkin

    • 4. A little extra

    • 5. Cutting the pumpkin

    • 6. Planting the pumpkin

    • 7. Adding extras

    • 8. Adding shadow

    • 9. Finishing touches

    • 10. Conclusion and project


About This Class

Compositing - an art of combining several images together to make one whimsical result. 

In this class  I will show you how to create a giant pumpkin, how to blend it into the image and make it realistic. 

In the first part, I will talk about important stuff you need to know before and during the shoot, because the final composite will only be as good as the original images we capture. 

I will talk about light, aperture, location and choice of outfit for this particular project.

In the second part we will go to photoshop and I will show you how to bring two images together to make one deliciously magical autumn picture.

I will use quite a lot of tools in PS, so it might be challenging for a beginner, but I dare you to check it out, because the process is not that hard and you may pick up some new PS skills you never used before =) 


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Class notes


Aaaaan finally, as per usual =)

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