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Creative Photo Editing Masterclass With Adobe Lightroom CC

teacher avatar Masuk Sarker Batista, Bestselling Instructor, 75000+ Students

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

34 Lessons (2h 10m)
    • 1. Enroll Now

    • 2. What Is Lightroom & Why Use It?

    • 3. Adobe Lightroom Software Interface

    • 4. Importing Photos From A Folder

    • 5. Importing Photos From A Camera Or Memory Card

    • 6. What Is Lightroom Catalog And Why Does It Matter?

    • 7. How To Find And Backup Catalog

    • 8. How To Use Collections In Lightroom To Manage & Organize Photos

    • 9. Working With Basic Panel In Lightroom

    • 10. How To Crop A Photo In Different Ways

    • 11. Working With Tone Curve

    • 12. Lightroom Selective Color Tutorial

    • 13. Edit Using The Radial Filter

    • 14. Remove Spot From Photo Using Spot Removal Tool

    • 15. Split Toning - Color Toning

    • 16. How To Fix Red Eye Using The Red Eye Correction

    • 17. Lens Corrections & Transform In Lightroom

    • 18. Using Clarity in Lightroom - Smooth Skin

    • 19. How To Add Film Grain In Lightroom

    • 20. HSL - Hue Saturation and Luminance

    • 21. Noise Reduction From Any Photo

    • 22. How To Use Presets And Add More Presets Manually In Lightroom

    • 23. How To Use Graduated Filter In Lightroom

    • 24. Cinematic Photography Edit In Lightroom

    • 25. How To Edit Black And White Photos in Lightroom

    • 26. Edit Portrait Photo Like A Pro

    • 27. HDR Photography Tutorial

    • 28. Edit Landscape Photo Like A Boss

    • 29. Create A Slideshow Video With Lightroom

    • 30. Export Your Final Edited Photo To Save Your Hard Drive

    • 31. Share Final Edited Photo In Online Using Lightroom

    • 32. How To Add Copyright Info Photos Using Lightroom

    • 33. How To Add Watermark Or Logo In Your Photo

    • 34. Conclusion + BONUS

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About This Class


Do you want to edit your photos to look better… to look amazing?

Do you want to learn photo editing with the world’s most powerful and efficient editing application, used by professional photographers?

If yes, then you’re in the right place - and I am happy to have you here!

Whether you're using Lightroom CC or 6, You will learn everything you need to know for creative photo editing with Lightroom. I am Masuk Sarker Batista, and I have been a professional photographer for past 5 years and still now. Over the last 4 years, I've used Lightroom to process hundreds of weddings and thousands of portraits. I am your instructor for this course.

Make your photos shine with this great course.

Each lesson is available for download, so you can take it with you wherever you go.


  • Set Up Adobe Lightroom To Run Efficiently
  • Understand The Most Important Tools In Lightroom
  • Using Basic Editing Tools To Fix Photo Problems Like Crop, White balance, Exposure
  • Lens Correction & Transform In Lightroom
  • Fix Red Eye Using Red Eye Correction Tool
  • Work With HDR Photo (High Dynamic Range)
  • Edit Cinematic Photography In Lightroom
  • Edit Any Landscape Photo Like A Boss
  • Add Copyright Info, Watermark/Logo In Your Every Photo
  • Export Your Final Edited Photos & Share Them In Online
  • And Much More

I hope you're enjoying the course. Please contact me anytime for additional questions/support. I'm always here to help you to achieve your learning goals and looking forward to your success.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Masuk Sarker Batista

Bestselling Instructor, 75000+ Students


I am Masuk Sarker Batista from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am the founder of MSB Academy & Main Author of MSB Official Website. Online business, Marketing, Programming, Blogging, Video Editing, Gaming, Photography, Youtube are my subjects of interest. I published many books on Amazon Kindle. From age under 20, I have been earning around $4000 per month online.

Also, I regularly write on the blog for my regular readers & I love to do affiliate marketing. I am also an Online Instructor & Serving Course For Over 75,000+ Students on Udemy & Skillshare. I am a business-minded person & very much addicted to Money. I love Allah, my family, and love people.


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1. Enroll Now: Do you want to edit your readers to do better, Luke? Amazing. If yes, Then you are in the right place. I am very happy to have you here. Welcome to the equity photo editing masterclass with out of electro, you will learn everything you need to know for 1/4. Like I am much of what I had been a professional photograph for past five years and he still now For the last four years, I have used, like, room to progress 100 off weddings and thousands off. I am the instructor off these goals. Let's talk about course at land what is like and why most of us are. Can you set up like who arrived then we import photographs and organized you like I understand all the important tools in left field. Then we land are to crawl photo in many different ways. We're working with dunk us to get cinematic Look in your photo. After that, we're using a tool far more We're working with on the stand HSM new situation and Louis now using Riddell really nice from you. Any photograph? Real spark some water using is but a tool they're working with. You're graduated in life. Then 50 read a using really collection pool, then working with Leskanic, Sean, and just walk in like, used in processing leg room and add more custom process manually in light for our posterity . You did you worker demands like it roll. Did you land? Is a photo like a boss? You did cinematic photographed like through what we I dynamic Grand sparkle. Yeah, Black and white, Messy in life. Rip based dining for the lights to do you promise? Kept at watermark our logo you've for the girl. After that, we add cooperating for he knew every father's. And then we export our final. You get photos and share them on life and much, much more. Thank you so much for your interest off these goals. Hope you are excited as I am. So what are you waiting for? Take these courts now and start lining Kuwaiti fortuity with a reflect room. See you inside 2. What Is Lightroom & Why Use It?: So what is light room? Latam is a tool which was created for Photograph er's. It is all about the camera and the content that we quit with this tool. You know, there is never bean a more exciting time to be a photograph for. We can so easily get out there and great and capture complaining photographs. Basically right Jim Fallows. Three things Really well. Fast toe. Organize and manage our photographs and video files second to eat it and improve them and then toe export and shared those fives years. Helpful toe keep thestreet ings in mind as we Easter toe get into light room because our fast lands light room can be a little bit overwhelming. There's because the way that latam is built is all around the camera and the content that we get with the stool. They're seven different that off model in AL of light rooms after these are levity Della Man book, slideshow brained and web. We discussed all about these later. Whatever we can use light room and Photoshopped together will be able to achieve the most is standing result. All right, well, let me summarize what we have covered so far what it's like. Well, let room is a tool for photograph first, which l owe us to manage, improve and share our photographs and goofus and because off the way that light from ellos us to do these, Italy's began one of the best image ability and image management tools off our time. 3. Adobe Lightroom Software Interface: Hello in this, will you? I discussed the basic softer interface off Alavi Light Room Softer In our previous Lou, we only know their seven different model in lateral. These are lively Develop Matt book, slideshow, print and web to never get one model toe Another module simply lee go small you if you want to. No ever reliably module, then click on library and leak on help here to see lively module tips. Just click on these bite. You automatically give the guide off the Lavely module. Don't know the different module. Suppose we want to know about the devil a module, then leak on Della and click on help and click de block module tips recede out Job Love model dips hair All right in Adam Black Troops after their fourth panels. How do you see the lift panel right panel top panel and the bottom panel to hide the spinal ? Simply click on this rectangle icon. Taub. Izabal. These again, this panel simply click on rectal. I come again to fix this panel here. Similarly, by clicking, wrecking like on, we can hide and visible our other panels. The bottom panel is called Flynn desperate. We can reset this panel by dragging these up and down would drag this up to see our imported for those time. Little better. We're not simply drag these down. This is basically the basic softer interface Overview off Arab light from See you in the next lecture. 4. Importing Photos From A Folder: When you first open like room, it will ask you to quit a catalogue After you have done that, the next step is toe import in some photographs and video files. What you need to do fast is toe Never get to the Lavely model. We see that import button. We also found the import button by clicking file and import photos and video for importing photos. We simply click on these input button Now it Dalit books appear If you see this dialogue fast time you see there Tree column one on the left, one on the media and one on the right. These columns are connected by showing hero from the left Say we select our source folder for this example We go to Dexter and we there you see my folder, my photography Just click on this Here we see the all photos in my my photograph E folder All of us remember you reject in include Sufferer If you want toe and few pictures not all of them Then simply click on check all then select individually For my case I import all of my photos There's white Big check all we can change the viewing angle by clicking on lube You This is the little Bill, and this is the great deal In the file heading section we select build previews Eastern Art and Jake build a smart previews. I typically have a laptop and an external hard rape. Sometimes that hard red istan off. If you to stand off, latam can use a smart preview so you can keep working on the images in the data model. Now, if that doesn't really make my sense to you, then don't worry about these. But if you know that your own situation involves a computer with external hard drives that are sometimes off click on that jack box so that you can keep working on those images in light from we see like these Jack Box don't import suspected duplicates. So what we are doing here we have selected are folder. Next we have decided toe ad Those photos in our lifetime get a look. We have looked at the images hair we had never get our greed, view and lube you. And last but not least, we change our preview toe. Standaard, we also down on our Eastman previews and in most situation is a good idea toe. Have the option turned on anyway. And we also had the checkbooks. Doughnut import, suspected duplicates. Now simply click on import. Two operations are processing. All pictures are being imported in our legend. Get a look We had done you see light room importing all of these fights at their current location. It is not copying. It is not moving. It is just changing the files. Really? All there is happening. It's light. Room now knows that these images exist. All right. We had looked at how we can input for the Gulf from a folder. Let's take a look at another constant area off importing, and we see that in our next lecture. 5. Importing Photos From A Camera Or Memory Card: when it comes to importing. Other common scenario is to import directly from a camera. Are a memory card. They're stick. A look at how we can do that here after you have connected your camera. Are you memory card to your computer? The next step is to navigate the library model. After clicking on Liberty, we can import our photo by clicking file and select import photos and video. All you can click on input pattern. Here we can sell it. Either we camera our media card that we have connected in my case. I connected my memory card and I see these here did that us Dita. This is basically my memory. Can't by selecting these. We see all of our photos. Bush are in my memory card this time. I don't want toe inborn all of my photos. I want to import one photos from my memory card to do this leak on and took all. It's absolutely important this photo click on this and for better being angle Blake on Little Bill. Suppose we want toe in boat thes photo now leak on lube. You are. You can actually just double click on file. Andi, it would take into this lube you right here. Now, in lube. You If you selected the wrong image, you can use your our case, right? So far, Move forward and left for move backward. There are some shortcut keys as well, g for great bill. And if our low bill, let's say we want to select this image and import in service, we want toe import this photo to import this photo from our camera. Our memory card. Select on these. Select this and less began focusing on distension. If you haven't image, which is on camera our memory card unit, don't get it off and put it somewhere else. So we have to select a distinction by default. It is going toe into my picture for the Harry cities. That is not a good spot. I need to put this in my preferred location. What? I can keep jacket for this. I choose my seed right. Then use our go to my deck. Stop on Dhere. It's my folder, My photography. I import my camera. Our memory cut photos in my photographic folder now leak on import Our photo Eastern successfully imported in our destination folder. In this way we can easily be bought photos from a camera. Our memory card. Thanks for watching 6. What Is Lightroom Catalog And Why Does It Matter?: in our left Menil we see a tear is called catalogue. So what it's like to get a look like from cattle? Look, is something that you have grated already when you opened our light room and you have saved that on your main computer, whether it is left up or Adex toe. And often we have a catalog who lives somewhere and when for the buffers, which lives something somewhere else in other folder or maybe even another hard gray and the catalog somehow create a connection between light room and our media files. All right, so what exactly does a catalog content? Well, it's for peeing first, the file occasion. Where is this even saved? What? Hot, dry? What folder Next is contrary in some previous, the previous are really very helpful so that we don't have toe Richard those every time we go there. Then we have adjustment if we have covered toe back and white or whatever and then metadata different type off medica, whether it is a Easter rating are a description off. What camera are Les Waas used to capture a photograph? So in a work, what it's like to get a look, well, Latam get a look is just a couple of file which are saved on your main computer. These files contain some really valuable information file, location, preview adjustment and metadata and that get a look weird, that connection between light room and all of our media files, which in Iran help us to better manage and improve and share all of our photographs and device. 7. How To Find And Backup Catalog: Now we know a little bit about what? It's gotta lock. There's take a look at how we can find the catalogue and also back it up. Let's go toe, idiot! And click on, Get a look sitting in our general Damn, Harry, See our location filing and five days by clicking on these short on this will take us to the area where these files he saved You can see we have got a look Fine East My preview and gather look previous and remember from the previous lecture that piece get a look Files contain some really valuable information about our photographs The location also all the work we have done on the's images. So these fights are kind off issues if we lose them. In a sense we lose a lot off our effort and our work that we have put into light room. So we want to make sure we are backing. These files are frequently so under net. We have some backup option that you see some back a motion once a month, once a week, once a day. Every time I select Once awake, my exiting Lytro like to automatically back up our catalogue once a week when we exiting white room. When you're ready, toe exit out thes Dallenbach simply click on cross up in the corner and then you can continue. You work in light room. 8. How To Use Collections In Lightroom To Manage & Organize Photos: Hello, worsening guys in this digital, I'm going to show you how toe work we collection in light room In our levity models, we see we already imported some photos. Collection can be found inside in the lively model, and it is a way off shorting out. You images there quickly to find easily categorized, and you can find your images so quickly. We don't having to know where the original image is stored in your heart rate. It's really simple. Let me show you how in a lively model in left panel here, you see a chap called Collection Great, a new collection. Click on these blasting and select Great Collection. Now I get a graced our car photos. That's why I create a collection named Carl. Photos on, Click on Create. Our collection is created successfully. Now I want to Eastern this image in car photos folder. You can simply drag this image on DBU. Tisha now leak on the car photos. We see two different car for us to get a racecar. For those you can simply drag this photo are You can sit your collection by right. Click on this and Click said this target collection after targeted this collection. We see the glass in here now. Simply click any car photos and presby look in our car for this collection. We see two different for us. Praise be again and we add our selected humans in our targeted collection folder. You maybe think you just watching You had Rabies space by adding photos in collection folder noise. It's not. It is just a little file summer in your system that remembers all of these images. So you are not grating more images at all. Which means these photos can go toe in toe as many different collection as you went with the creating More E. Spence. So there's the basic collection. It's really simple. So, for example, we could make another one off these. Now I create another collection. Just I see completely on these new collection Lee Gone. We had collection. Now I named This collection is called random for us. Now I click on these great battle. I want to remove this car photo from this folder To do this simply right, click on these and click remove from collection. Now go to my all important folder. I just changed my view from greed to look, Bill, it's a pretty 12 at thes photo into my random photos I can simply practice in My random photos are Just sit on this as it drag it collection. Then seems the click be Let's see our random For those collection we see two different photos on in our town photos we see for different type off comforters. In this way we can great and manage your photos by Western Your hard drive using light from collection Very easy and very efficient. Right. Thanks for watching. 9. Working With Basic Panel In Lightroom: Hello. Where? Seven guys in this video. I'm working with basic panel off Alavi Light room. So they're scared he started. Suppose we want to eat it. This photo just double click on this, then never get that. Jeb Love model leak on deadlock How do you see a panel called Basic in our basic banner Here you see some slider at first received the white balance. Click on this. Here you see some different options Auto daylight, cloudy shade extra as short means this is the default photo which we imported previously from our camera Our memory card. If we click auto like to automatically said our white buildings as the auto, we can change these now agencies to daylight All you continue these the cloudy extra I select auto this time. Then we see it's later called temp de mais temperature. It's looked very cloudy here. If we increase piece, we see some Sal effect. Add it in our photo. I make this little bit cloudy. Then we see it's lighter called Dent. We see some green effect in our photo. If we move this lighter in right site, always maybe recognize the difference. I said this in video. Then we see a slayer called exposer. It will increase our overall forest light Look the difference hole's edge are in black Onda who limits are in the white more. I said this hair below that we have contrast, which is basically is putting it so more contrast is so more contrast is why it is good white and I'd go Doctor, I said This contrast below in 10. In the same way we get increase and decrease our highlight. We can add some shadow in our picture using our shadows later. I just add some white effect and are some black effect by said these here our next like East Clarity. Basically, it looked a little sharper. If we increase these well Oh, and if we decrease this fellow this clarity little bit worried. I went to make this photo little bit sharper. That's why I said these in 20. Next he's balance. My balance is that actually looks at the image and things that are less situated. It will boost these things so it is just going toe. Add that little bit vibrance without it being too dramatic. So we can see by moving these around it looks very natural and colorful. Next and final slighter is called Such a shown. It is adding more colors or reviewing more colors. If we minimize thes, it relieves our photos color. And if we declare this eat, adding more colors in our photo, there's all the basic panel features off Al Avila room he sees How are B. B s a mess? And he says, uh and this is our final illegitimate Look how cool the lateral, Miss, we just using our basic pendant to eat this photo. Very cool, huh? Thanks for watching. 10. How To Crop A Photo In Different Ways: hello Worth having guys in this video? I'm going to show you how toe use crap toe Using an intellectual in a roulette room. The crop tool is incredibly powerful. We say grab. Basically we can take an image off any say on shape. And we can reshape the image without excusing dimension but cutting areas out. So, for example, you take an immense on new DSLR camera which is a east ender say landscape image. But you want to be a wide like panorama moment. All they want toe crop it into a corporate. So let's jump into the light room and have a look off. Example how this crop to work. We already importantes image after selecting days Goto the deadlock module. How do you see? I drop overly You simply tweak on peace Icon are breath are from you keyword We can see we kindly had agreed over the top which is going to help us toe grab the events. This is actually called an overly We can change what it look like. So this one has lots off Discuss toe change These we just press or from our keyboard they're going to change. Those overlay are Hey, the C nine different box we can use thes if we brace for again, we see another type of breed box. This is my personal favorite. We can crop these. We see the main point here. Bottom point is there and the particle point is here and here. After praising go again. We see a random shape after place again, we see and of the type off greed box. And this is the better one. And this is done of the type off. Lying. Okay. Suppose we want toe grab this image on the upper site and lost sight. Then I just scratch eat from here and from here there breath enter done. We successfully grew up our image. I listen this image right now by pressing control. Plus yet now clicthat dropped like game. Let's see another example off the scrap metal. We just read these down. You can move this inside the box and canned rooted thes outside the box. See, we can crop this image in a different Dungan now. Already said this again very See some different expert crucio available in our crop tool by default, it is select as always. You know, if we change these like 5 to 7 after selecting fighting to seven If we crop If we want to grab the CMS, it always my Indian the expert Pressure five by seven So you can maintain expectation from thesis Feature. This feature is now locked toe I love this aspect ratio Just click on these log bottom After that you can grab you even without mentioning any expect ratio I said this as origin Another future off descriptive is angle. Here is eager anger If we plead this subversive oneto crop this image just straight off thes window off the shop to do this simply said it here and presenter Look, our picture is not stray tothis shop window using the scrap metal we can drop our emails in different way using Allah Black room crap to thanks for watching 11. Working With Tone Curve: the don't have in Latin is one of the most powerful wear off editing photograph. It is really quite amazing. It is just a line that you can twist and bent in this tutorial. I'm going to show you how toe ills this powerful tone car in Advil item. So let's get it started. After selecting your photo, go to that Dad Loved module Are Presti from? You give old after never get this dead. Lamar, do we see a depth called Don't come I just expand. These here is See, this is just a lie. The bottom off the line is represent shadow and the top of the line is representing highlights and the medial is representing light. If I move in the center, we see our whole image is going to get lighter. If I moved his down, our overall limits is going toe Get darker I just to recent piece to add contrast using the's Don't Can I just move shadow darker and highlight lighter Using this car, we easily can add contrast in our photo to removing the contrast. We're just going to move shadow lighter and I laid darker in this way we can easily rooming our contrast from our photo No. Where is it? This again? Suppose you want toe end? All this could look in our photo. So do these. We just simply drag this up on and brag is down a little bit. Look, how is it we can add? All this could look effect in our photo Beach is our previous one and these are only school at it. Photo. I had a C also some option Vinje Medium contrast and is some contest. We can change our contrast pile ending this here to reset everything. Simply right. Click on these and Klay Chris it all. So this is basically that use off. Don't car. Thanks for watching. 12. Lightroom Selective Color Tutorial: Hello. In this lecture, I'm going to show you how to do so. Selective color editing, Inlet room, selective color. Everything is basically when you want to eat it, just one color in an immense. So today we're going to use the color red. But you can actually use any color where? Server. So let's say we wanted the emails to be black and white, but these dress and roses are history. Read. To do this under the deadlock model, I expand these basic and click back and white and choose the adjustment brush or press game from your guilt. Make sure your selected color is red, then just brushed thes rail object off this picture like peace. But it is very much hard and time consuming. We never do these in this way. I just simply re cities here. We see a depth called Aitcheson. I just select a Giselle and then I just decelerated absolutely everything like this and simply up our red slider. Look, we successfully select our red color using electoral, but the problem is, we see the lip color is also read. But our target waas, these dress and the rose color are in debt to reliving these Vic color. We need to use a brush tool for this time. I just simply plea on brush then said this color white And then I said saturation minus 100 and used these brushed with done We successfully selective are selected color in RMS there . See the another example In this image we see different types off color. Suppose we want toe add more color in this case to do this, I just simply go to the HSM. Here we see a symbol is called Al just saturated by dragging death photo I just see like these after selecting these if we want toe add more color in the sky I just seem please drag this up in the Luca off this gay. I just drag this out. Look how easily we add more blue Scala in this guy off this picture toe brighter our grass kulla I just simply drag piece up. You may be seated to do France. This is our previous one and this is our final idiot photo. Now, if you want to remove color from these gown and one toe, add on lee blue color in the sky, then from the situations later said all of this lighter. Bellew minus 100. Then simply slide these. Luca, You just simply add includes saturation Melo from this later. See how easily we can do so? Selective color. Everything in Olive Elektrim. Bet. Easy, huh? Thanks for watching. 13. Edit Using The Radial Filter: Hello. What's happening? Guys? In this video, I am working with the riddle fielder. The reader filter in Latin is pretty simple part mess of the powerful there's driving to in . We already export these photo now I never get directly on double of model. Have you see a circle is called real filter. Actually, what is Riedel filter? Actually. Really? Filter tool enables you to create multiple off center areas To highlight a specific portion off photograph, I click on Riedel filter, then create a circle. I said the circle in these old men face here we see some palace off this crude oil filter. This is the height, balance, temperature and gained exposure. Contrast highlights shadow except all are in the recent Bello. I just said expose at 20 Anything outside off the circle is being effected. I just said this hair. If you want in parties effect, you can simply click on in black mask. Now, if I make any changes, the stent is it off? The circle is being effected. I just under these How do you see? A slider is called feather These with the Missouri house off the edge off the area. Ease you maybe see that? Do fres, right? I just said this in 50. Now I change, Contrast a little bit. Onley out, set off. These circle is being effected because off using this riddle filter using riddle filter in light room is very fun and interesting. This is our final one and this is the previous one. Look how cool the riddle filter feature is how easily I add a custom looking effect in this photo. This is basically that used are Friedel filter. Thanks for watching. 14. Remove Spot From Photo Using Spot Removal Tool: Hello. What's happening? Guys, in this video, I'm going to show you how to remove the spot using its port removing tools. So let's get it started in light room. It's put removing Tool is extremely powerful. However, let's jump into in the light room and have a look. I already import a sample events. Now I directly goto in Jableh model. Then here we see a circle. With this. Ellison is called the sport removal To see like this, you just simply rest on cue from keyboard are click on these after clicking on these heresy to option flown and he'll clone means just copying once selected portion to another portion to removing these darks are girl. I just simply select hell after clicking on these here to see a circle, we can change the circus eyes by using these sites later. I just said it in 45. Then I click on these black circa and then please thes another circle just here to remove this one. I just simply click on these and copy these circle on D C spot. After that leak on Done. Look how easily we removing the sport from our limits. Very easy, very powerful and super if it and time consuming to thanks for watching 15. Split Toning - Color Toning: Hello worth having guys in this video? I'm going to show you how to use it. Speak. Turning in arable item is returning basically debate an image into two parts. They are called lights and darks. That means you can add color to the darks or after color in the lives independently off each other. Let's see how the is returning works. I just imported image then I never got the devil of model. We see a tap is the turning. I just expand this. Who is he? There are two options high legs and shadow in here. Highlight means life and shadow means ducks. Have you see some shadow and highlights off the C minus? I just said this in yellow And then at some situation can you see that you'll effect is at it in our photo. Now we add a little bit blue in shadow of this year's I just add this. Yeah, we see we add a bluish effect in shadow and you'll effect in life portion off diamonds. You can change the shadow effect color by dragging on these in the same way. You also can change our high lex color using on these I just said he's on yellow. How do you see a slider is called balance. If we slide these balance right here, what we're gonna see the more dark alert is included in the shadow. We see the bluish color is at it in our photo. If we slide this later here, what we're gonna see now, huh? We see, the more highlighted is added in these picture. That means yellow I just to recent these to Theo. But what is the practical use off is returning. Let's see, the another example had to see a beautiful for freight picture. I just at some red if it in highlights. And in shadow section I had some bluish color in shadow of this book route image. Look how easily we get a fantastic cinematic effect in our photo. This is basically that used off its list, joining very easy and very simple and very much unit feature off light room. Thanks for watching 16. How To Fix Red Eye Using The Red Eye Correction: Hello were seven guys in this video. I'm going to show you how to fix, rarely using rarely correction tools. So let's get started at. I actually found these picture on the Internet. I just feeds thes eyes to feed this. I just go to the death of model heresy. Icon is called Relay Collection. I just click on this after clicking on these heresy to option. Really? And today, this time I fix ready. That's why Leak on the Steps letter of say's Breck from the center of the eye are bleak to use current size. Tofik this really. I just click on the middle of die and just drag these up like this, then simply hold down the mouse. After reading these, we see juice later, part possess and dark in. I can control my partner size using thesis later, I just said this year, and we can and jargon are white in color off piece ice. Okay, we're done for this one. I Let's fix that another right now. I just simply click on these now, I said the similar settings for thes. Now we are done. Look how easily we fix our rarely using rarely correction tools. Very easy and simple right? Thanks for watching 17. Lens Corrections & Transform In Lightroom: Hello. What's happening? Guys in his Lou, I'm working with Lance Correction in elevator. There's collection are really, really important. Once you are taking the photograph, every single less has a different type off profile and basically it affects what is actually there differently. That's why different types off lands. For example, portrait lands, landscape plans, etcetera are coming in the market. I already imported a sample photo. Now I go to the depth of model here we see a section is called Lance Correction and transform. In this lecture, we work with both of these. Now I expend these last correction option here is eager to tap profile and Manuel in our profile, every see option is called remove chromatic aberration. By checking on these, it automatically removed chromatic aberration. Now, I animal profile correction After clicking on these that don't automatically detect you last information. If it didn't, then you just simply select your camera on glanced mentally. After doing that, we can and are minimized destruction and big meeting. From here in Minolta, we see batch of different options. My changing these Millo we can add some Fisher effect in our any picture like this. How the seasons white border In this picture to removing these, I just select constant crop that will automatically drop the's white borders. And in baby a quickly we can change our purple hue amount and green hue by bragging on these sliders. Another, my personal favorite function is transform. I just expand the section right now. From these, we see some different options by clicking on auto light. Young automatically select. You will best position off photo are you can automatically chains. God has a particle and full just simply click on Easter and then below we see a large soft tab Particle holy, gentle, loaded. Expect this skill exhausted and wire sense. I just antique this right now. Particle is going to basically twisted on radical plans. Cares a little beat water it right on in what isn't over there is going toe to stick it around each side like this on in what it is just going to root it these events And then you can scale your image by leaking on these scales lighter and from Excell offset. And why upset with Theseus later we can move our image in XX is or why it exists. I just use it throughout this again. We see some white borders. If you want to on want to remove this white border as you're simply click on constant crop . Look, how is the real? Are white borders by simply checking on these constant crop? This is basically that use off Lance correction and cluster mission off your every picture . Thanks for watching. 18. Using Clarity in Lightroom - Smooth Skin: Hello, worsening guys. In this video, I'm working with clarity to in election. So that's good. Is Jenna I already imported Is sample events in a revelation? Now I just simply go to the devil. A model? I just leak on these teller All you can press d from you keyboard. I just click on these. Have a C section is called basic. In basic section, we see a bunch of difference lighter in present Serie C s later East culture clarity. I just dragged Lisa. We see the more sharpness Indec, Miss, If we drive this like thes we see we added some bloodiness in our in it I just simply with fifties clearly is not actually the contrast. But most people things like that. Now if we add more contrast, we see the difference. If we drag piece like this, you may see the difference. Right Contrast is not actually dead. Clarity, clarity and contrast Both are different things. I just reset the contrast. Suppose we don't want toe add this bloodiness in our whole image We want we want to at this east witness in these face skin on Lee I just June these events a little bit for a better view. After doing these, I click on these adjustment brush All simply place care from you keyboard. I just leak on these After clicking on these reset all of my Bella. We can research our brass eyes by dragging on the size later we see here and in clear this later. If we want to East more peace is skin. Then I just read these Really? Right here after they're just brush over the screen like this. Okay, we had done This is our final version off. Decent missus. Skin and diseased, Our previous one. Look, this is our final one. And these previous one How easily we east with our skin using Reg duel in Adam Electoral This is actually the basic use off. Gradual, you can add bloodiness are more sharpness in your whole image. Are also you can add more sharpness or its movements using in any portion off the image. Using these clarity tool for this example, we add smoothness in order skin using at just one brush. Thanks for watching 19. How To Add Film Grain In Lightroom: Hello, worsening guys. In this quick lecture, I'm going to show you how toe add flame gain effect in you. Any picture using Leto? So there's good. Instead, we already imported a mess in light room and we're now in double A module in Dublin. Model heresy. Deb East called effects. I just expend these death in the first step and we see another section is God game. I just at some game in here it if I June these, we actually add some amount off gain in arguments. This is our default one and and easy. So what Gin effect? If I do out, we may not see the difference, but withdrew mean We see the difference there now I, at some size and loudness, said while handed after these from the basic panel I see, like black and white, and I asked them, Expose ah minimised contrast. Ah, at some highlight and shadow and minimize the shadow a little bit. We're done. Look how successfully we easily add Flame gain effect in our m s is pretty amazing, right? Thanks for watching 20. HSL - Hue Saturation and Luminance: Hello. In this lecture I'm going to show you how to use the hue, saturation and Leminen spinal in light room. We already imported a immense in a little later. Now we are in the devil of module. Have we see a tep is called h s l H s l means you situation and luminous. I just expend these. Yeah, we see it. Free tape, actually. Four tep 1st 1 issue, then situation and luminous. And finally we see all of these. Free tap in one panel. Now I click on Hugh. What if you actually basically the hue is what the color is and you can move the human change actual color to red. You could go more toward organs are moved to our pink. Okay, let's the example Heresy the blue color in this guy in the blue section. If I drag these later like this, we see the blue collar becoming the green color. If I drag these, we see the different color right in the same way. If we went to change thes flower color I just changed it. You look at that. Are you Little are now becoming in the orange If you change these. We see another gallon to reset this. I just leak on this name. Actually, this is basically the hell it changes the color off Any particular object off any particular color. Okay. No, we never get to that saturation tap when we took at saturation Daddy's how much power or house situated a color is so a green You can make it really agree or less green, less situated, more doors grayscale. They're seeing the Green Channel. If I drag piece, what we're going to see her are green color is now they're situated. If we're jag bees now we see the green color bees now really green, right In the same way we can change the flower color Now it is less less yellow If you let bees, we see the brighter real right now it isn't this Let's the widest luminous luminess is how the brighter the actual image is so you can make any color more darker or lighter. Suppose we want toe add more darker color in this flower I just minimize piece It is no darker If a drag piece it's gone lighter, right In the same way we can change our grass color lighter are brighter. This guy darker now. Now it goes later. This is basically the use situation. Aluminum. NCI's got it right. Thanks for watching. 21. Noise Reduction From Any Photo: Hello. What's happening? Guys, in this video, I'm going to show you have to remove nice from your digital photo. So let's get this. Tell it, lateral actually can help you to reduce these del noise in a photo. Those is Melis Bigs that you may see in these photo. Right? We see the nice to real this I just simply go to the Devil of module. How is he? A panel east called detail. I just expand these. We see the jeweler Persian off this photo in this little box little preview box. Actually, after selecting on this icon, if we drag our screening, you are in the same mess. We see the preview in these little box, right? I just said it Here. Do real nice. We go to the nice seduction section. Now we just add some luminous look, this is our previous one. And this is our luminess Abbott photo Now a s tum contrast at more Luna's. Look, this is the previous one, and this is our file version in this is the way we can easily real noise from our photo. Thanks for watching 22. How To Use Presets And Add More Presets Manually In Lightroom: Hello. What's happening? Guys? In this video I'm going to show you how to use process in lateral. Also, we add some custom in fact inlet room. So there's get instead at like, Trump Recess is a determined position off all of us lighters electro we see a bunch of difference later writes it off the devil A model all slider means exactly these. In other words, you can He did a photo to you liking and then save that exit. Lee combination off sliders portion for future is on the island remains Now I see like any off my image and I see like w module. On the left hand side, we see a panel east called visit. We see light room automatically created some fuller and under every folder we see some precepts. I expand these navigation Penan to see the preview here. If I see like this, we see the effort that image also, if we simply whatever the mouse we see the privilege in this little screen. Right now we expand thes fuller light from color pictures. Look how easily we eat it. Our photo in a single week. Suppose we want toe add more presets like these, we can create it manually. Not only that, thousands off free light on precepts are available on online To download pictures, you just simply type free, download like Trumpy sirs and press enter. We see a bunch of different feelings, right? 230 free life preservers 30 for light and procedures and so on. I already download some presets and I start in my dick. Stop. All are the custom processed I download for free from online this custom processed form. It is called iron template. Suppose we want toe Add all of these custom presents in our Elektrim To do this, I just simply right click on this and create a new folder. Now I type my full name to make all of my pictures organized. I creative fuller. Okay, now I seek on create. We see our Fuller is created under these precepts. Now I right click on this folder and click on import. Now I never get to Dexter and leak on my custom presets folder. Now I select all of this by pressing control plus K, Then click on import. After clicking on import Lightem automatically imported all of our pieces under my custom presets folder. I just expend these. We see all of our preserves important successfully. Now, if I click any off these, we see the effect right here. Right in this way, we can easily download custom preset from online and use them in Elektrim. And just in one week, we get an attractive effects in our limits. Thank you so much for watching. 23. How To Use Graduated Filter In Lightroom: Hello. We're seven guys in this video. I'm going to show you how to use graduated filter Elektrim. I would like to whenever you apply, eat any effects by using the sliders. It does the interim it's But then you have the option like the brush tool where you can select every specific little areas to make those changes. The riddle filter else you to make an effect on area that is round or over. And then, if exteriors out either it already in depending on your settings. The graduated filter essentially goes on one side to the other side are from the top to bottom, bottom to top or any direction across the intel Ament. So let's jump into the light room and let me show you exactly how it works. We already imported two photos here. We see now I never get to the devil of model by clicking on their love. Or you can press d from your keyword after clicking on this here we see a rectangle is called Rather, that filter you can see like these are press am from your keyword. After clicking on this, we see sound slider sliders bellow off. This graduated filter. Now I drag these here. We can move these. We can rotate this now I sit thes breaded filter. Here. Here we see free lines. We don't want top one end Bottom one Now I changed our graduated filter Exposer slider. Well oh, by dragging these what happens in demons? After changing the exposer willow off? Thesis lighter in the top set off the line East defected in 100% on the middle portion off these graduated filter is defected in 50%. And finally we see the bottom portion off the line is being affected in 0%. Right now I drag this line a little bit, we cede our image is being affected by these free lane. We can also wrote it These where do it. It feels d'Alene by dragging this look, our defict is also being affected in these image. Now I said it. Yeah, Okay. I d said this. Now I went to add effect on Lee in these cloud. I just said my riddle filter? Yeah, and then asked them Exposer gone pressed white billons black like so have some situation and drag it. Look how amazing the picture is. How easily using graduated filter. We add these custom effect in this picture off these cloud. Right? This is our edited photo and this is the original one. Okay, let's see another example Now I simply click on, weathered it filter and then brag it here in this example, I just add effect in this cloud, but not in the mountain. Okay? And then said exposer, adding contrast, I let de hedged and ask them situation. We know our Upperville Louise 100% effected and middle one is 50% and floor lane and in thesis best this effect effected in their persons If it breaks or from the keyboard, we see how these fellows are effected in this picture we see the mask here to remove this effect from thes mountain. I just simply click on I just simply click on brush and then bleak on years and they see our brush. We can change your brush site by clicking on here Now I removed effect from this mountain because they just want toe add effect in cloud right after removing this, I simply chris o again from my keyboard. Look, this is our edited photo and this is the previous one off the image How easily we use relative filter toe. Add a crappy standing effect in our photo. Thanks for watching. 24. Cinematic Photography Edit In Lightroom: three and a worsening guys in this lecture, I'm going to show you how to add amazing cinematic Look in your photo. Basically turning dis image into decimals. It seems worried. Toe make a cinematic images. Cinema is a moving picture, but they have this amazing feeling with a shallow depth off filled and the Kalogridis int and all of those things. And amazingly, you can quit and events in light room like that in just a few steps. Let's see Have to do this in this lecture I work with dissonance. I already imported image and now I am in good Jableh module In the basic panel, I dropped down the saturation a little bit at some exposer Add in gone trust minimize the highlights and shadow and Lex And now I go to the h s l panel a kick on all on in situation section I down all of these a little bit and from the luminous at some rid are some yellow oranges are skin color. Basically, I drop down thes Ahrens fellow. Okay, I don't change these little anymore. Now I go to the e speak turning panel. We know cinema has these flu and imagined a feel easily. So let's great debt on in this pic turning panel, I said Hugh as a blue. And then at some situation on in shadow, I set you in magenta and acts saturation a little bit. Okay, now I go to the town car. Then I click on this icon. After clicking on this, we see general with Archie. Now I drag thes point a little bit. Okay? Now I feel a red and slightly Greg it up. I just double click on this line to set another point. And regulator. Now I see that, Lou and lightly drag it up, okay? And drag it down a little bit right here. Now it like green. I have some green effect in media. Okay, Already we get an amazing sam. It'd look now, I simply click on this. Where do it it filter? Now I place shift from my keyboard and just drag it. And from this panel, I said contrast to 100 and said he has to 100 and then drop down all the other sliders. Bellew Like these. Okay, now I spreads shift and drag it here like this. Okay, now I right click on this and Klay on took to get. Now I drag it here. After that, I again press shift and drag detail like this. I just flip it now. Like this. Okay, now I said it here. Now I click on Done. Yes, we had done Look how easily we great a rich how easily we add a rich cinematic effect in arguments disease, our previous image. And this is the final edited photo. Thank you very much for watching. 25. How To Edit Black And White Photos in Lightroom: Hello. What's happening? Guys? In this video I'm going to show you how to eat it. White and black image in a revelation. So that's good. He started. I already imported a sample and discovers image in light room. Now I go to the devil a modern After clicking on these have we see a panel is called basic if we minimize the saturation below or get the water in black image. But we can do this indifferently as well. I just visited this by double clicking on this situation. Do you eat it? These black and white image in other way I simply take on black and white. I get the black and had events too. How do you see? Our prevalence and saturation tab is now disabled. We can air some temperature in this picture if we drag these here. You see, we are just adding some liberal lighter effect in D. C minutes. I just reset these in black and vitamins. We can change our expose it to If we minimized exporter, We see the documents. If we at thes exposer, we see the overall image is going to mourn whiter, right? I just said exposer here we can control the contrast in white and black. You miss too. In the same way we can change the highlights shadow and white balance and black balance to and in tone car. We can add verity off effect by dragging on these girls. We also can change the highlights, darks and lights using the's slider. Now I really said all of these and in a shelter we see when you want to eat it black and white image A chisel and colored tip is desirable. If we see like this, our image is going to be a colorful again. Now I click on black and white. This is aluminum's, actually in white and black image you an association? Are these Evan? We know our SK is blue. If we change the bill of this guy, we see our testicular is going toe darker are later because we changed the Louisville Oh, using these later in the same way. By moving on these letters, we can add more darker or lighter effect in different objects. Off this white and black image in is returning. We can at mawr saturation and we see the you'll effect because it's select yellow in high, Lex. If we want toe a different type off color in shadow disinvest, we just select blue in here on moved US situations later like peace. We see the difference in the level, right? And indeed, Elka, we can minimize the noise off beast black and white image by dragging on these. We see the preview right here. Now we add some highlights from these basic panel. Okay, we had done Let's see the preview. Now, this is our previous one. And this is our final edited black and white photo. Look how dramatic these for To ease right in this way, we can usually eat it. Any black and white photo using Adam Electoral. Thank you so much for watching. 26. Edit Portrait Photo Like A Pro: Hello. Worse of guys in this lecture. I'm going to show you how to do a full beautifully that electro basically taking these events and driving it into these events Onley using let room I you use photo shop and other programs, but now we're at light from CC or six. There are so many options that actually you can do a full beauty that with it. So let's jump into the light from for these example I used TCM it After importing dis image , I go to the dab love module. Now I grab this image a little bit from the left it on the right side. I just squeaked that crop overly or press are from your keyword. After clicking on these, I brag it, Chad and slightly drag it here. Now I click on done. We successfully grab our limits. Now I explained these basic pennant Now I see like white balance selector. After clicking on this, I click on this Well, colors. Okay. Now June this image a little bit. This model has no a spot in faith but in hand we see three different spots. We need to remove these to removing. This is spot I just simply click on any sport removal tool I click on this on to make sure you see like hell. And then we said your brush from thes slide down and take on the spot like to automatically remove this spot. Really, really powerful. That is portable toe. Right now I click on Don. It's a pretty one to change our i color from thes color to blue collar. To do this, I click on the adjustment brush tool and then click on New Now I choose my color blue And then riffage are brash and just frag it like this. Okay, we get a bluish effect in our eyes now looks very amazing Right now I work wheat Tonka Now in the channel section I click on blue and drag this up a little bit. Okay. In the regional, we add some highlights. Now we want to add some really bright highlights, Fred up from the bottom. So to do this, I'm going toe data. Where did it filter? I just see like these and reset all the bellows on and at gone Trust down. And at some exposer highlights shadow white and blacks. Okay, now I just Craig. He's here now. I minimize the exposer a little bit. Removing whites. Now you add another graduated filter. No, I add more exposer gone trust and minimize the highlights a little bit. Now I go to the adjustment brush to and raise it all of these and drop down the shadow and said this color to nam on a recent your brush a little bit and I am now simply frag He's over. What? The face. Okay, now I click on the riddle filter and then simply in fact, these into her face and a slight down the sharpness to minimum toe. Add the sharpness effect in on the our face. Okay, no wait. Leak on done. And now I go to the east returning I at a year low in highlights. A little bit on at blue in shadow like these now in tone card. I said the general in RGB I said the point here and drag it up a little bit. Now we grow the's image a little bit more and click on OK, now, Finally, I clicked on Riddle Filter and said all these fellows to zero and I said it here. Okay, now I minimize. The Expos are a little bit Finally. Yes. Finally, we're damn, This is our previous image. And this is our final edit it off. Bread emails. Very cool, huh? Thank you very much for watching. 27. HDR Photography Tutorial: in this lecture, I'm going to show you how to use is digital in Appalachia. Okay, so before you get it started with this lecture, we need to know what exactly that is. Your ease. Well, it stands for high dynamic Grant. Basically, when we take a photograph, we captured what we can see. But our eyes actually better then that camera sensor so we can actually see more detail in the shadows and more little in the highlights with our human eyes. And is your tries to replicate these To make an eight agreement, you need more than one photograph. Usually three fight for or seven. Truth is kind of the standard. I usually use five images toe great and amazing is dear photo their CDs, particularly at first. I input my photos in an election. I see, like five images from my deck Stop and click on import. We sexually import five different photos. This is are regularly exposed. Image and thes two is under exposed and these two photos are in higher exposed. I just select all of these, then, right? Click on these and click on DSI like for two months and click on Asia after completing this loading. We see our is due in March. Preview, Jake, this borderline and autumn and click on medium is Billy, are you after finishing these leaks on March? Our life is quitting is their photos. Latam is going toe. Take different amount of time compared to if you have two images are seven images toe actually created and is here and also how powerful your computer is and how big the original file is. Also depend on these. For example, a camera with large maga picture keeps large image is going to take more time and computer there's less powerful. It will take more time. Heresy Latam automatically Great is dear photos for us does that will click on these now maybe get to the deadlock module are crazy from your keyboard From here, I just I just minimize your exposure, will you? On the increase down white billions on in decrease, tha dictates the black. I just expend these men H s l we see there are many blue and green colors available in our image. I just been Christie's green Bellew from HSN and increase uh, blue Willow. Look how easily we create a very colorful Amazing is their photo using light from tanks were watching 28. Edit Landscape Photo Like A Boss: worsening guys in this video, I'm going to show you how toe eat it. You Landis conforto like of us. So there's good Easter debt in this lecture. I work with the Senate's. After importing this immense, I simply go to the devil of module. After that in the basic panel, I select Why Belen Selector. I just like this and making this white cloud. Okay, now I want to add effect in thes escape toe Do this. I select where did it filter? After selecting these? I said my graduated filter right here like this. Now I add exposer a little bit. Sorry, I had to wrote it. He's all right. After rotating now, I exposer at gone trust and I light shadow minimize the shadow I heard some white billions and blacks I ag expose every little bit more. Okay, now I click on down Now we add a san effect in the Syria To do this, I just simply click on video filter After selecting these, I had a circle right here. Like this. No, I add exposer and iJet to impart mask. All right, It's look very pretty now. Now I simply go to the A just l Now I want to add more brightness in this crash and these little tree to do this, I just add saturation in green like this and at the green Bellew from hell. And finally from the Lewin ins, I had to add more Greenwillow using this later. Okay? Not only that, from the situation there I in Greece there blue Hello and from the luminous decreased of Luke. Hello. All right now from the tone cop, I see that the channel rtb and at his will a little bit I x lulu And then I see like Green Channel and at some highlights a little bit now from that ISP it Tony in highlights, I said it toe the green and at some situation and from the shadow I said it include And at a little bead situation. And from the last correction I see, let remove chromatic approbation. Okay, Finally we are done. See the difference? This is our previous one and this is our final edited land disco photo. In this way, we can easily hear it early. Landis, go photo like a boss using satellite room time to very much for watching 29. Create A Slideshow Video With Lightroom: Hello were seven guys in this video. I'm going to show you how to create a slight video using out of Leto. So let's get it started at I already imported some photos in Advil. Let'em here. We see that imported for those. Suppose we want to create a slight show with the selected pictures. I just see like these. After that, I click on collection. Then please create a collection. Now I greet a slight shoe collection for the selected photos. Now adapt a name called slideshow. Then they can create Are 16 photos are added in the collection named Slideshow, that I never get to the slideshow module. I just leak on these lecture after clicking on these in our tempted Balza heresy the available templates off Let room. I actually like simple there. Sorry. I select simple tempted to make this lecture After clicking on these I select we had saved slideshow but on then, type of name. Okay, then they take on grit. On the right hand side, we see a bunch of different options Playback music titles backdrop over Leslie out and option. We can customize thes slight show using these Let's exponent are option menu. Now, if I see like this, we see some bang bar ducks. So fill out this. I just simply click on June to feel friend. Okay, it's looking great. Now we can add a stroke by checking on this The Black Galilee selected to change this, I'd symbolically in black boxer Then I use white. Okay, now we are some wheat. We can change the cost of a city offset radius and angle. From here and in the little panel, we see that we can customize t's loud if we drag this All are being affected If we want to add some particles life, I just can't take this link all After that we can customize our load whatever you want. Like so Okay now I am think this are loud is fixed now next option is over. Unless it over Let's option we can add identity plate by changing on these We already typed my name to We did this I click on it it now I type same fall sled show We can change the form size fun tight from here Then press OK we see this little text here. If we drag this, we can make it last are you can make it larger by using these skills later. I just moved these and said is right here we can change the opacity off thes identity plant . Okay, we said it. We can add water marking in photo rating stars and utterly dead. We can also more text by using these. Let's see how we change these black background to change background. We go to that bag drop option. We can change the bad gun color from here. We can change the background of a city right here or changed the radiant angle by jogging on these angles later. Suppose we don't like radiant color or that's Olga. We just want to sit immense as a background. To do this, I just simply click on bag. Don't image. After that. I click any off the SIM. It's and drag these. Yeah, look who is successfully at our bag going to emit now I change the opacity a little bit, and from here I click on black. Look how easily we and background with this backdrop tool. Now, if we want to set Titus from the very beginning off the slight or when toe add some ending today, then activities. Interesting. After that we eat our text. Now we changed the text color from black to white. Okay, if we want toe add ending a screen, you just Jake these and then a video text. We skip this for this time. Now let's see the playback option in our play pickup shown we can choose our slide land. I said it into second. Let's see the review now. A little bit If you want to make this light show spit more slower, you can simply change this like land from here. I said it in three second and CrossFit I said Eat in one second. Okay, Now I check Ban in June option and stated here on Chek Repeats lecture and Random Order. If we check repeats lecture then the slow actually beats again and again at the game. And if we checked a random order, then slight surrender only shores one. It means toe another image in our stature. Suppose we want toe add background music in this'll Actually, To do this, simply click on the's music and click on add music. 10 bells. You preferred music. I see. Let my preferred music a big daughter MPA tree. After adding this music, we see option fit to scream, you simply tli Condi's You are Jack this option. Think slightly music. I simply check this. If we check this lets you automatically sync our music and Fletcher leg. Yes, we're almost done. Let's see the slideshow preview now I just select our fast image and leak on preview bottom . I just was this on Click on the Stuffs Lecture. Now we are in editing mode. Suppose we want toe export thesis light show as a video. To do this, I simply click on export video. Now I choose our save location type the name and Jews format. I said this lamp a tree in be duplicitous We see a bunch of different options for selectees . We see the description off this resolution optimize for on land shutting Such best you do Facebook esta if which was this, he's 180 p is optimized for high quality is the video. I choose this one and click on, say, in bogus. But Harry see slideshow exploding hour period. Wait for a moment for full bogus are exporting is complete and we see our slash video in Dexter. Let's play this. Look how easily we quit. Slash with you using a reflecting from its cats. Very easy, right. Thank you so much for watching. 30. Export Your Final Edited Photo To Save Your Hard Drive: Hello, worsening guys in this blue, I'm going to show you how toe export it will. Finally, idiot Photos and faith These in your heart. Right? So there's good he started. Suppose we want toe export these photo and this photo. To do this, I just simply select my two photos and click on file and then click on export. Then the dead is effort in export to I select my hard drive. You can export you photo Had he made all you can burn your photos in city or dignity in expert location I choose our specific folder. That's I I select a specific folder. Then I chose deck stop. I want to create a sufferer Index stock. This time I quit. A sufferer index stop is called Export Photo. If all that is automatically grated in our Dexter if we want to add this photo in catalogue then check this This time I don't in our file naming section. By checking this, you can change your filing, but you must number will be same. To do this, I just simply click on custom name with original find number. Our M s number will same Then I died when after adding, These are greasy, our exported immense name, video Web, then our Emma's number. Then in first sitting heresy option is called image format. We can change our image for meant I taking here. I think this has a JP easy format. Also, we see it's lighter. It's called quality. Quality is a compromise between vices and a parents. If we said this 100 that means high quality. It looks better, but it will be a larger in five days. I easily said the quality somewhere between 70 or 80 for online are offline uses. After that, if I don't like the result, I can come back in and change the sitting and re export. And in gallery space, I select this one you can select at a RGB are pro photo as you wish to. But estrogen is best for online or offline uses, and another option heresy is called limit vices, too. I just checked this. Sometimes when we're exporting files for use on online states, sometimes girls a limit to the fight stays. If you are in that situation, you can check this box dive, defies his limiter and lighten, will serve the quality sitting to accomplish the jeopardy to death size, but that is not decades earlier. So I am just an tick that box, and then we can sit our image eyes By checking these. We can change our photo dimension by changing here. I just wanted these because I want my image in the default resolution. We talked more about metadata and watermark in our next section. No, I just leak on export. Had a Jules used unique name like you like to export our two fathers. Let's see if all that is called expert for, though is all very credit in our deck stock. We see our fast imminent and this is our second image. So in this way we can easily export our final immediate photo in other relaxed room. Thanks for watching. 31. Share Final Edited Photo In Online Using Lightroom: Hello. What's happening? Guys? In this video, I'm going to show you how to share your final edited video directly in online. So let's get this Your dad? Suppose I want toe shared this photo in online in the library module. Harry, See a depth Bob Dish Services in a published subs is we see tree option Hard dry Facebook and flicker, for example. I went toe share these photo directly in Facebook. To do this, we need to set up our Facebook account in Let him I just simply click on set up like to m publishing manager Window Papa in our description box, I type my Facebook echo named. Then I click off arrest on Facebook. I already logged in in my Facebook account. Now I simply click on country to connect away for the shop light to with Facebook. Likely continue as Mushuc Marshall is my Facebook name and click on OK, we successfully collect our regulate room with our Facebook comment. Harry See, we are authorized F Masharqa Bautista, This is my Facebook name. We can develop this authorization or we can reconnect with our out of the foods we get going by clicking on things account batter in Facebook album section We see all of our photo album. We can see like any off these album from thes drop down menu supposes Cilic piece are these ? Our photo will be uploaded on our selected album. I select my pool of Ever. You can change this again, likely on a timeline for us Our You can create a new album by clicking on these in phase located. We use filing as a title. We can video are uploaded file simply clicking on these and dive whatever we want. I use my default one not only photos. We also can share video throw the light room We contain our blue quality from here pdf format Rachel that in five sitting section we upload a jpg format. We can change the quality using these lighter I said this to 100. Not only that, we can also limit our vices by activating these in Devens resisting tape, we can rethink our human dimension. We can change our height and wit. Diamond shone Exeter. We can set our photo metadata by teaching on these and at custom watermark. By checking on these, we talk about more in metadata and water marking in letter after completing, all of these are just simply click on. Say, we successfully set up our Facebook account with Adam Electoral. Now we're ready to publish for us. Now, just double click on this. Here. You see, we set our timeline for those as ever, and these is Epper here. If I want to up with this photo, I just simply drag these in December. And if I want to upload these another one I just seem to drag this interment photos. I just speak on these heresy to photos. Now I simply click on Publish right to automatically upload these to photo in my profile are uploading is complete. Now I just simply rightly condition and leak show in Facebook. Look at this. Just now I published thes photo in Facebook. Let's see the another one. Look how easy that is. So, guys, in this way, we can easily set up on Facebook, account with a level eight room and share our photos in Facebook in the same way. If I went toe upload photos in our Flickr account, we just simply click on set up, then click on authorized. My Flickr account is only locked in. I just click on OK, I will authorized it. Done. We authorized our Flickr account with other We like to after dead, set up your all sitting, then click on, say then in 40 stream. Simply drag any off this photo right here and click on publish button after clicking on this publish button. If we go to our Flickr account in our 40 steam section, we see our latest uploaded photo. So guys, in this way we can easily share our final edited photo in Facebook are flicker with added later. Thanks for watching. 32. How To Add Copyright Info Photos Using Lightroom: copulating. Your images is really very important because we know, even just are all over the Internet. Your photograph are pretty much guaranteed to get now people might still them and try to sell them or does something else for keeping our information Not only so that you can claim in image in the future, but sometimes people might find your images and went to buy them from you. If they have no idea why this image came from then how they're going to pay you, huh? So cooperating your images is really very important. So let's see how we invaded copulate info in our every Mrs. We already imported some pictures in Adam Elektrim in our library model Harry, see a tap called metadata. I just explained the step Heresy file Name, Copy, name, folder Cooperating for Michigan. Copulate instead us and so on. You can eat this image. You can eat it these metadata by clicking on these and add them mentally. But we never do these in this way. We did the preset and just simply at this preset in our elder images toe quit a preset. I just simply click on this preset and click it visit. I already have a preset is called MSD Photography in I PTC copulate section. I just put copulate symbol and diet Eman before the griffey, then incorporate distintas. Here we find tree option, unknown, cooperated and public domain. If you select public domain, that means your images in the public domain, and you can never claim it back. That's why I recommend you all a select populated then rice used name. I type all that desire to know you. This without permission in Copy it in for You are ill, I put my wife said, You are I pretty see Creator means the owner. Information off photo just died to name in the creative section. Put your city country mobile number email address and I put my wife's editorial again and finally put some keywords in the queue at section. After grading you visit, you just click on Don and then you see the visit list right here. I select embassy photography when a select committee photograph visit in metadata. All cooperate in formation is embedded in this photo. If we want toe ad copy information in this photo, I just simply click on preset and click Amazon photography all cooperated information is being embedded in this photo. Now I expo dese image For this I just leak on file. Click on export on their VCR destination folder and in our metadata section always select all metadata, then click on expert are exporting is complete How they see the events writer? Very so if said it's called meta pigs dot com and e d. A b I see. Yet I just read these image writer I see all off my big just metadata which is invalid in this picture in the author and cooperate section here we see are copying information Creator, right? Copulate? No, Tish, Not only that, we also see our camera model I so and so on. If anyone went to contact with you people found your contact information right here. So in this way, we can easily imbedded copy it in for in our every photograph as a photograph are it is actually very mandatory toe add copulating for he knew every images. Thanks for watching 33. How To Add Watermark Or Logo In Your Photo: Hello. What's happening? Guys, in this video, I'm going to show you how to add Watermark are custom logo You Any photo using arable A tomb? Oh, great. A watermark in light to you can just use sticks like you name or your company name. We depopulate and put over the top or bottom. You can add your custom logo in you for so let's see how to do this. Suppose we want toe Add our custom logo or waterman. In this portion. Off these three images, I just simply select my three mates and click on Fine and click on export In the bottom, we see a damn god watermark. I just checked these and click edit watermarks. I already typed my name. You can put your name or your company name or something else. Suppose you want to move thes water? My position on the right side. You have some options in the ankle. I just changed my position by clicking on these and I moved my holly gentle and particle position. We can change our watermark size. It was in these side slider you can add are minimal opposite offset radius and angle off. You text. You can also change your formed from these options. I just see, like, peaceful. Suppose we want toe add level in this portion, not text. To do this, I just simply click on graphics and drowsy logo. This is my custom logo. I just see like this one. And then you continue push on from here. I just said Yeah, and it's my particle and horizontal position. A little bit. You can change your side using this size later, this option is seem like to the text. And finally I just click on Say, then save these with a new press it name for this. You can use thes sittings. In letter, I click on create and simply click on export. Our expertise is complete. Look, we successfully at our logo in these free images. In this way, we can easily add any type of water. Mark, are you custom logo in your photo? Very easy, huh? Thanks for watching 34. Conclusion + BONUS: Thank you so much for taking this class on Escutia. If you really like this one than the it positively hell review means a lot to me and check out my other courses on the Scotia. If you are not a premium member on institution, but want to take one of my goals, then just send me a message. I will give you a free access off. My remember far free so far now black and white.