Creative Painting - Boost your creativity with watercolors | Fabiola Bonghi | Skillshare

Creative Painting - Boost your creativity with watercolors

Fabiola Bonghi

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5 Videos (14m)
    • Intro

    • Materials and Supplies

    • Tracing shapes and making inspiration flow

    • bringing out hidden figures

    • Framing suggestions and final thougths


About This Class


Boost your creativity with watercolors!

Bring out your inspiration with vivid and soft watercolor hues, using a simple and effective technique.

It may be sometimes hard knowing where to start when having a white paper in front of you: what am I going to draw? How will I paint it?

This course is designed to help enhancing your creativity and relaxing your mind, leaving behind everything but your wish to make art: painting is for everyone!

In the final lesson you will also find a few suggestions on how to frame your newborn painting, and to hang it nicely in your home! 

This class is both suitable for beginners and experts, and it has been designed to enhance your own personal creativity and style, bringing it to the next level.





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