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Creative Online Marketing without SEO: Smart Traffic methods to Boost 10X Website or Blog Traffic

teacher avatar Uday Byri, Internet Marketer | Online Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Dirty banner exchange

    • 3. Dirty Youtube method

    • 4. Dirty forum signature

    • 5. Dirty yahoo answers

    • 6. Fake audience

    • 7. Content exchange

    • 8. Contests and Referrals

    • 9. Final Words

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About This Class

This is not a traditional marketing course. It includes some out of the box techniques to give head start to any website/blog. Take this course only if you're someone willing to get creative. Good luck!

WARNING: Relying heavily on SEO to drive traffic to your Website is a recipe for failure!

Okay, that might sound a bit harsh… maybe SEO isn’t dead, but after the recent Google (Panda & Penguin) updates things have changed and you need to look beyond SEO to drive traffic to your website.

If you put all your eggs in Google’s basket by focusing only on SEO to generate traffic for your Website, you could end up with much less traffic – especially qualified and relevant traffic – than you’d like, which means less signups, less leads, less sales and ultimately less revenue!

But don’t worry… there are plenty of other Smart ways to drive traffic to your website. I’ve put an incredible list together just for you.

You know, generating endless new visitors to the Website is the key to make money online. So, as a website owner your prime focus must be to drive a lot of traffic to your website, that too targeted traffic.

This course comes right out of my years of internet marketing struggle and experiences. I’m gonna share with you a PROVEN FRAMEWORK to get maximum exposure to your site in a very little time. With this course I guarantee huge number of clicks and buying traffic to your site instantly.

You’ll learn some highly Creative Marketing Strategies to generate laser targeted visitors to your website. You could be a complete newbie in the world of Internet Marketing. No worries, all the techniques are well explained in simple and plain English with actionable steps. So you can start implementing them right away.

This course covers the most powerful and extremely Target-able traffic sources that you can tap into all the buying traffic you’ll ever need. All the techniques you’ll learn from this course are thoroughly tried and tested.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Uday Byri

Internet Marketer | Online Entrepreneur


Uday Byri is a successful Serial Entrepreneur and a Small Business Coach. He's also a co-founder of an IT company that offers ERP solutions to educational institutions, hospitals etc. As a business coach, over the past 5 years he helped number of individuals, start-up's and small businesses to make seamless progress and increase their revenue. His goal is to help people promote their work, expertise and thus seize profitable business opportunities.

In summary, he's all about empowering small businesses and start-ups to take their skills to the next level to create and promote a successful business. Ultimately, achieve financial freedom as soon as possible...

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1. Intro: thank you for your interest in my course. Creative marketing methods, you know, traffic plus conversion equals sales, meaning more profits and more revenue. This is the simple formula off any successful online business. So as a website owner, your first goal must be to drive high quality traffic to your website. Because generating continues. New wisdoms to the website is the key to make money online. Hi, my name is probation Carbide and I've been into the game off Internet marketing since the year 2000 and seven out of my ears off marketing experience, I have discovered a few loopholes using which anyone can generate massive amount of traffic to their websites, blog's or even affiliate promotions. Believe me, these techniques are very special. You could be an absolute newbie with zero Internet marketing skills. No problem. All the techniques are easy to understand. With simple, actionable steps, I am willing to share with you the most powerful traffic techniques in my arsenal. And if you're willing to take the time to understand and put them to action, surely they will work wonders for you. If you want to drive continuous laser targeted traffic to your website, think no further take the course and Ivan to you inside 2. Dirty banner exchange: Hello and welcome back. This is one of those really, really creative marketing methods that you might have never thought about. So there are services that exist on the Internet called banner exchanges. Banner Exchange is an Internet advertising network that's labs banner ads among its members . First you sign up with them and tell them what nous your website is about, and you can start slapping banner ads. You basically get X amount of banner impressions in exchange for the amount off impressions usual on your website. Sometimes every time you show a batter, they will show yours. Sometimes you have to show a banner twice for them to show yours once. What I'm going to tell you now is probably the amazing trick I've got. For your better understanding. I have split the process into five simple steps, so please follow these steps carefully. Step number one created page with two columns. Put an article on the left column and the banners on the right. Assuming that your block page is off about 900 pixels wide. Use 400 pixels for the article and 500 pixels for the banners because the standard size off these banners is going to be 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels in height. Step number two. Sign up for banner exchanges. At least three or four. Get the snippet code to show other members banners on your Web page. Copy the code into the right column off your Web page To show the banners. Step number three. Get an article related to the nature or topic off these banners from anywhere. Do not worry about plagiarism in this case. Just go to any article Attic re and pick it up. Just make sure that it's relevant, pays the article in the Left column and be done with it. Step number four. You need to insert Google no index code into this page, just Google for no index code, and you will get it. This is very, very important. Do not let Google to index this page because you do not want to take chances against Google's panda update. Moreover, this has absolutely zero value as far as as your is concerned. Step number five. This is where it gets smart. You need to buy bulk traffic, just Google for bulk traffic, and you will find a number off websites offering this service. What you're looking for is the T best garbage traffic you can buy. It should cost you about 100 to $150 for a 1,000,000 visitors. Then you are going to send that traffic to this page. So what's going to happen is the batter exchanges are going to know that you are sending a 1,000,000 visitors to this page over a month. In return, they are going to give you a 1,000,000 or half a 1,000,000 impressions off your banners on other people's websites. Let's say you signed up with three banner exchanges like I mentioned in Step number two. Assuming that you get half a 1,000,000 impressions from each banner exchange, you get a total off 1.5 million genuine banner impressions. Cool, isn't it? Now, when you are doing this, you need to make sure that your banners are really, really good. Because if this does not work for you, all it means is that your banners suck. That's it. Your website is going to get flooded with targeted traffic. Now can you do this forever? Well, after a couple of months, these banner exchanges are going to figure out that your views are awful, so you need to continue signing up for new banner exchanges. As the time goes on, they may even cancel your account. So I suggest not using your best email address for creating accounts here because in future , if you ever want to genuinely go for batter exchange, you certainly do not want them to ban your main email address. This could be a dirty method, but it is a super cool technique to drive tons of traffic to your website. 3. Dirty Youtube method: Hello and welcome back. This is really an amazing strategy that could get you high quality traffic immediately. Generally, when you search for videos related your product Ornish on YouTube you come across certain videos with no links are called to action in the description box off their video. The video might be getting thousands off views, but if they do not have a link in the description than their video is serving no purpose, you can actually take advantage off such radios by buying their description, buying YouTube descriptions from someone who does not know that they should have a link in their description. It does not have to cost you much at all. Find a bunch off such videos, which are getting good number off views but do not have a link in their description. Reach out to those people and say, Hey, I saw you have got a video that's getting tons of use for this keyword. I would really like to put a link in your description. If that is something you would be willing to consider, please let me know. Give me an idea off how much money you would want. Do not make an offer because some of these people are 10 year old kids that would be thrilled to have $10 in their PayPal account. It does not matter to them. If the video is getting 1000 views per day, do not ever offer them money out of the gate. Always try to get their attention and get them to respond to you, because until you're having a conversation, there's no way you're going to get your link in their description. Some people are going to tell, you know, ignore them and move onto the next one. There are thousands off key words in almost every market. Tons off people you can reach out to. They are going to claim that you are a dirty marketer and shame on you for trying to put your link in their description. Who cares? Move on, Have a conversation with the next guy and you will get people that are willing to put your link in their description. And believe me, this is incredibly powerful. The conversion rate can be through the roof because these people fall in love it. Whoever recorded the video, whoever's link isn't there. They automatically wanted because they loved the guy who did the video. It could cost you $5.10 dollars or maybe even $50. It will be worth it. So reach out to people on YouTube because there are so many people on the Internet that just do not know what we know. It is a viable option. Make use off this powerful technique to drive high converting traffic to your website. 4. Dirty forum signature: Hello and welcome back. This method is very similar to the previous one, but in this case, we will be dealing with forum signatures. Let me tell you first hand that this freak may not work well with the popular forums like Warrior Forum. Just imagine what if you are able to reach out to someone who's got 10,000 posts in an active forum and plays a link in his signature? Just imagine the amount of traffic you could generate. Essentially, you're looking for people that are hyperactive in the forums. Remember that with forums it will instantly show up on every post they have ever made. On that form, you can get a huge number of plagues from the right forum to the right offer and the result . You make huge amounts off targeted traffic. There are forums in every possible niche under the sun. You just need to sign up. You probably need to get a couple of posts before you pitch, because until you post, they will immediately assume that you are a spammer. So add a little bit off value before you approach someone. If you do not know what you're talking about, just find it somewhere else. Answer a few questions and then start contacting the senior members off the forum. One thing you must avoid is the people that have the most number of posts in the forum, because those people will be super loyal to the form and they are like the priests off that form. They will not be open to you putting something in their signature. But people with 100 to 1000 post on a forum, they should usually be open to this kind of thing. You just have to be cool about it and say, Hey, I'm a fairly new member, but I would like to buy a link in your form. Signature would not be something you would be open to. Then just wait for the response again. Do not ever mention money, because before you make the offer, they may say, OK, give me five bucks. They do not understand. The value are the kind of money you are going to make from the $5 you're going to spend? Only if they say for sure. Give me 1500 bucks. That's when you have got to plead to their common sense and say, Hey, there's nowhere. I'm going to make 1500 bucks by putting a link in your signature If you want to be reasonable, I'm happy to offer you 40 bucks for your signature and do not put time on it. Let them do it, they'll say. Sure, I'll give it to you for a month. Then say OK, test it out. If it works, you could make thousands of dollars from that 1 $40 forum signature. So keep that in mind and give it a shot. Just try to become. Do not be super excited or overly aggressive. Do not blow them off. If they don't get back to you in 10 minutes, be patient. Reach out to a couple of people in each form and see what happens. I have tried this technique many times for different websites and tons off affiliate products. Believe me, guys, I made thousands of dollars using this technique alone, and I'm sure if you invest in the right forum on the right members, you will definitely get great results 5. Dirty yahoo answers: Hello and welcome back. This is the most effective traffic technique I've got. And very soon you, too, will agree that it is a super powerful technique that can drive instant, high quality traffic toe any website. Personally, I've used this technique with blog's websites and affiliate products and have always achieved stunning results. I don't know if you have observed it, but Yahoo answers ranks like crazy on search Indian pages. In this video, I'm going to demonstrate an amazing trick using which you can drive high quality traffic by the end of the day, I promise. Create at least five accounts to work wonders. You may take the help off fake name generator. To create these accounts. Step number one long into your first Yahoo account and ask a question something related to your niche or topic. And make sure you include relevant keyword phrases to make it easily searchable. Now longer from the account Step number two. After an R or so, log in with the second account and provide an answer promoting your website or product or your service, and make sure you include a link pointing to your website. Are your sales page step number three within a few minutes. Gap log in with the 3rd 4th and 50 our accounts and give some random generate answers and make sure you upward the previous answer that has the link. The idea is to make this look genuine for the other visitors by having a couple of generating answers it will not look like a promotion with. There is Step number four. The beauty off Yahoo answers is it? Let's the user to choose the best answer, and we take full advantage off that feature after about four ours from posting the question . Log in with the first account, which you used to ask the question. Choose the answer with the link as the best answer and also upward it. That's it. Yahoo answers. I mean, question and answer sites show on top in the search engine page results. Google and other search engines will index this page in couple of hours. After that, whoever searches for something related to this question will find this Yahoo answer on top of the results. Now, do not be surprised if this Yahoo answer hits the first page on Google. Your website will start getting tons of free targeted traffic for a long, long time because this tastes in Yahoo answers databases forever. This technique brought me a lot of sales for my affiliate products and my own line courses , and I'm sure it will work wonders for you as well. Even bloggers can use this technique effectively. Just post a question and then, as an answer, place a link pointing to your block pools that has the answer to that question. Let me tell you something more exciting, not just Yahoo answers. You can apply this technique with all the other popular question and answer websites as well. How many times and can you do this forever? Well, as a matter of fact, I over used this technique in a certain period of time, and I was never penalised. In fact, I've always had great results. I still apply this technique whenever necessary because, like I said, this is the most effective traffic technique after God 6. Fake audience: Hello and welcome back. The concept off adds webs is very simple. You drive traffic to others websites or social profiles and they will do the same for you. Even if you are brand new in the market, I'm sure you will be able to use this strategy with ease and generate plenty of traffic to your website. In this video, I'll discuss about manual traffic exchange and social media traffic exchange. A traffic exchange is a membership site where all members can serve and view other members . Websites. This is done based on a system off credits where one credit is equal toe wonder and a member off the website to visit your page for a set amount off seconds. So basically you own credits by visiting others websites. Few of these websites offer you to convert your credits into banner and text ads and help promote your website in a much better way. Each exchange website has upgrade options which will allow you to earn more credit and higher commission rate. Each traffic exchange has its own terms off service, so have a clear understanding on them. Before you get started, violation off their rules may get you banned in most cases upon illegal paid to promote etcetera are not permitted on these websites. Please use your best opinion are contact the owner. If you're not sure before you start posting your aunts, sending this traffic to your sales page or affiliate ling will be an utter failure. Remember that the visitors you are going to get from this method only focus on accumulating credits just as you do so you need to play smart if you want to benefit from this random traffic. With this profit exchanges, you should promote freebies. Discounts. End of the season, sales. Things like that, you may be thinking, Why do we even need traffic exchanges? You know traffic exchange will fit you unique visitors and a great exposure to your website worldwide. It's just that you will not have a great success when it comes to direct sales. Our affiliate sales. This method works absolutely perfect when you offer a freebie, are a heavily discounted product or service. If you effectively used this method, you will be able to build a huge email list. Where can you find traffic exchanges? Simple. Just Google for traffic exchanges, and you will find an exhaustive list, you may think. Do I really need fake views or fake likes? Just think to yourself. If you happen to visit someone's Facebook page and see that they just have four likes, would you be interested in their product or service? Of course. No. Also you would think, OK, this guy is a loser. You cannot afford that to happen to you. False audience is about exchanging or buying likes tweets, YouTube subscribers. Because no one wants to be the first. It is a psychological issue that we humans have. We do not want to raise our hand and say, This guy is awesome until someone else does it before we do. There are plenty off websites offering these services. Just Google. Search for phrases like free likes free subscribers, and you will find plenty. Add me Fast is an amazing website that gets you going with all popular social media platforms like for like is another amazing website that offers free exchanges with multiple social media platforms. Give it a shot fiver. Oh yes, you know about it. Just search for gigs in the social Media marketing section and you will find them. Alternatively, you can Google for by likes by subscribers or by tweets, and you will find websites that offer this service. Remember, you need social proof if you want people to buy your stuff, so do not hesitate to buy a false audience. 7. Content exchange: Hello and welcome back in this video, I'm going to talk about content exchange networks. Content vaccine is about making your content appear as recommendations on other websites. Basically, it's about promoting your articles. You can promote your articles on world's largest websites, like CNN dot com and ESPN dot com. For example, If you get down to the bottom off a block post on CNN dot com, you will see six pictures and headlines for block pose from different websites somewhat related to their article. I'm sure you must have come across such websites and thought there must be partner websites . Actually, they are not. They are paid promotions, you know, almost 80% off the top 10,000 websites used this technique to drive laser targeted traffic to their websites. Now you must be thinking used by top websites. Her It must be expensive. Not at all. You can select a daily budget, a minimum of $10 cost per click. You will be charged only for the visit. You get till your daily budget is reached. Currently out brain and tabbouleh, our top content exchange networks. Looking at these CPC rate, I'm sure you understand that This is fairly inexpensive method. These websites, except content that offers informational or entertainment value to the audience but not advertisements. Read their guidelines Before you get started, let me share a nice little secret with you. You can make a lot off direct sales or affiliate sales through this method. You just need to play smart. You need to create a page that has case. Studies are positive reviews of the product you want to promote. Inside the content plays links pointing towards your sales page or your check out page. Now here's what I mean. Look at this. Content Promoted on CNN travel, it takes you to a page with almost no content and to external links. When you click on a link, it takes you directly to a click bank page. So the person promoting this condom is definitely an affiliate. Will this work? Of course it will work. I say this again and again. People did not know what we know. They would think if this product was not so great. Why will CNN promoted? It must be authentic. The bottom line is you can pay to drive traffic from the most popular websites around the world. It was 8. Contests and Referrals: Hello and welcome back in this video, I'm going to talk about contest and reference. These are viral marketing strategies. You can achieve multiple goals by implementing referent and contest techniques. You can build links, create brand awareness. Increased social followers get rid off. So, plus stock, promote a specific product or service are. You can build an email list rather than trying to convince other websites to link back to you, which may not be protected at all times. Why don't you ask your audience for help in the Internet marketing world? In most of the cases, reference means affiliate money. However, on your thank you page, you can say Hey, welcome. I'm pleased to have you. If you know anybody else that you think would enjoy our service, please do not hesitate to click the link below and tweet about it are click the link below and posted to Facebook. Let them know that we're here to help something like that. Remember, if you do not ask, it won't happen because no one will ever think, Hey, I should recommend this product or service to someone else. So there is nothing wrong in asking. I'm a huge fan off running online competitions because if done correctly, they can be incredibly effective with a very little outlay. Let's agree to this. Everybody likes winning things. Contest and reference are one of the major tactics I use when I'm looking for a quick traffic boost. This can even lead to continuous traffic. You know, when running online competitions, you need to keep a couple of things in mind. Number one include competition information back on your website number two. Make sure that every part of spend visits your website in order to enter the competition. What are you going to do of A. The prize is an extremely important competent to any successful competition. It can heavily influence the competition. There are no really limit toe what you could offer. Sometimes the winning prize decides how targeted the traffic will be. So just try to be creative, offer something unique and make sure it's related to your niche. Now you must be thinking was the best time to run a competition. Well, there is never a bad time to do it. People are always on the lookout for a freebie on the side note. It is always a great idea to offer a consolation prize for those who are not able to win the grand price. This count our cost cut down on your products or services are great ways to attract people back to your website even after the closing date. There are a lot of websites dedicated to running competitions on the Internet. Many of them will allow you to add your giveaways free off charge for an extra bit of promotion. So if you're looking to generate extra traffic to your website, look, no further competitions can do that. Competitions should be a serious part off your overall digital marketing strategy and, if possible, try to run competitions on a regular basis. 9. Final Words: congratulations. You have learned the best traffic techniques to drive massive traffic. Your Web site. I just have one more thing to say. Do not quit. This is the most important marketing tip, because quitting too soon is the number one reason people fail at marketing. You have to stay in the race for enough time to gain trust, become true, expert and build a tribe that is ready to buy and buy from you again and again. It is not impossible, but it can only take some time. The hacks listed in this course will help you get there faster, but expect the road to success to be a little bumpy one. Once again, I thank you for purchasing my course, and I truly hope that you will be able to drive high quality traffic to your websites using the techniques you learned here. And if you like this course, please leave an honest review to help others understand the benefits off this course. Thank you and all the best for your marketing efforts