Creative Nonfiction: The Art of Subculture Writing

Isaac Eger, Writer

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9 Videos (24m)
    • Introduction

    • Class Project

    • Finding Your Subculture

    • How to Get Invited

    • Interaction

    • Interviewing

    • Writing

    • Getting Published

    • Epilogue


About This Class

Good writers know that everyone has a story to tell, even the seemingly boring and most unfriendly types. It’s your task as a writer to reveal the story, tell it honestly and originally, and find the common thread of humanity. 

Subcultures are a rich and limitless supply for writers. The trick to writing about these specialized groups is gaining access to their often hidden and private members and their passions.

In my class you’ll learn how to access and write about these people and places. 

This is a class for writers of all levels. The one requirement is a curiousity for the strange and diverse things that humans do. 

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This class is absolutely fantastic! It is short and concise, yet filled with excellent, very useful information that will enable students to go from subculture-article-writing-virgin to comprehensively prepared and confident in less than half an hour. The teacher presents the knowledge in easy to understand, easy to follow segments which makes absorbing the information effortless and painless. The quality of everything from the visuals to the speech to the accompanying background music and it's volume presents the information in not just an authoritative way, but also, very importantly, an inviting and welcoming one. And to top it all off with the icing on the cake, the instructor has even offered to personally review each class project and should it be deemed engaging enough and of high enough quality, he'll even share his own personal contacts to help the student get their article published! I can't wait to finish and submit my piece! This class is well worth the investment! Check it out!
Short, but realistically informative from an experienced writer. (My first SkillShare class, so don't know how it stacks up to others.)
Very good production values and good insights into this kind of work. Only downside is being light on the writing side. Does more on the preliminaries to writing.





Isaac Eger


Isaac Eger is an itinerant writer. His work has been featured in publications like The New York Times, GQ, Vice, Sports Illustrated,, and American Ways Magazine. He has a book coming out about traveling the world while playing pick-up basketball tentatively titled Courting the World. If you find Isaac wandering around your city, he'll probably ask if he can crash on your couch for the night.

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