Creative Nonfiction: How to Craft a Personal Narrative

Daniel Krieger, Writer

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7 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Class Overview

    • 2. Your Assignment

    • 3. A Weighty Matter

    • 4. Choose a Story and Write a Draft

    • 5. Revise!

    • 6. Then What?

    • 7. Final Thoughts

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Project Description

Write a Personal Narrative About a Discovery You Made That Affected You


Write a personal narrative about a discovery you made that affected you. Life is full of moments of such discovery – call them revelations or epiphanies if you like – that affect us. I'm curious to hear a tale from you about that kind of scenario, keeping in mind these basic questions:

What did you discover?

How did your discovery come about?

And how did it affect you?

The rest is open to your interpretation. As you write, consider paying attention to how you assemble the elements of the structure discussed in my talk, including the lede, dialogue, plot, exposition, conflict, scenes, and the ending.

Here's the one I wrote: A Weighty Matter.

To Deliver

Share your draft in the online project gallery. Aim for 500 to 1,000 words.

I will offer some feedback, and then you will have the opportunity to put up a second draft. PLEASE leave all drafts and comments up so that everyone else can see the process!