Creative Journaling: Getting Started | Sharmane Coquilla | Skillshare

Creative Journaling: Getting Started

Sharmane Coquilla, Creative Documentation Artist

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6 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Intent

    • 3. Direction

    • 4. Tools

    • 5. Technique

    • 6. Thoughts + Project

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About This Class


Creative Journaling: Getting Started

Fall in love, if you haven't yet, with paper goods and vintage ephemera that are designed to make your journal experience more beautiful and meaningful.

This class is designed to guide you through starting your own creative journal to document life and life's little pleasures. Regardless if you're a journal rookie looking to use creative journals as form of expression or a creative crafty veteran keen to expand you're knowledge - the class is tailored towards all backgrounds and skill levels.

In the class you'll run through five topics that jump start you creative journal journey

  • Intent
  • Direction
  • Implements
  • Technique
  • Thoughts + Project

Also, a worksheet is available for download to guide you through the class. Simply download the worksheet here to get started!

Take a break from editing those photos online, and capture those moments in the physical pages of your journal to add a dash of your personality in the mix!

Note from the creator:

Hey there, beautiful soul!

Join me celebrate the love for analogue and together let us find beauty in the basics. I’ve been keeping journals as far back as I can remember but it was only in 2015 when I consciously labeled the act of creatively documenting my life as ‘Creative Journaling’. Over the years my journal system grew  & evolved -- all these, I am keen to share with you in this Creative Journaling Class!

As an architect by profession, I get to design buildings and homes - but of course architecture is both an art and science where it is essential to follow certain standards in the design process.  I love my job as an architect and like any other job, it can get a bit stressful at times and creative documentation is an outlet for my creative energy unbounded by rules. This is the intent behind my art, what's yours?

You can keep tabs on my creative documentation adventures by subscribing  to my youtube channel and you can also follow my instagram account for widgets of inspiration!

I hope you enjoy the class as much as I enjoyed preparing it!

Love & Light,

Sharmane C.