Creative Journaling: Building a Page with Watercolor & Collage | Leanne Arsenault | Skillshare

Creative Journaling: Building a Page with Watercolor & Collage

Leanne Arsenault, Artist, Journaler , Content Creator

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11 Lessons (1h 1m)
    • 1. Introduction Skillshare

    • 2. Supply List

    • 3. Working with Color

    • 4. Choosing a Focal Point

    • 5. Selecting A Color Palette

    • 6. Choosing Paper for Collage

    • 7. Building a Collage Background

    • 8. Laying Down Watercolor

    • 9. Adding the Focal Point & Additional Collage

    • 10. Adding Finishing Touches with Splatter & Stars

    • 11. Wrap Up & Class Project

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About This Class

I love documenting my memories in fun unique ways by melding my love for mixed media and journaling. One of my favorite ways to create an interesting and fun page in my journal is to combine watercolor and collage. In this class I am going to teach you all the skills you need to create a gorgeous journal page to document your memories on using collage and watercolor techniques that I use in my own work.


What You'll Learn:

  1.  How to choose a focal point, collage ephemera and color pallette that work well together 
  2.  How to build a foundational background for your journal page
  3.  How to add watercolor to highlight texture and add depth through layering
  4.  How to add your focal point with supporting collage to make it pop
  5.  Finally you will learn how to add some simple finishing touches to tie your finished page together 


This class is perfect for journalers/ life documenters of any kind or anyone who is interested in journaling. No prior experience is necessary. After completing this course you will be armed with tools that you can use to create an entire journal full of uniquely documented memories. Or if you are already a well seasoned journaler you will have some new journaling techniques to add to your own tool kit. 

If you are curious about the supplies I used in this class you can check out the list on my amazon storefront.

Don't forget to look in the class project section for your free color wheel printable. 

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