Creative Jewelry design: Hexagonal bracelet for beginners | AnlisLuik | Skillshare

Creative Jewelry design: Hexagonal bracelet for beginners

AnlisLuik, Jewellery / art / design

Creative Jewelry design: Hexagonal bracelet for beginners

AnlisLuik, Jewellery / art / design

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6 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Getting started, tools and materials

    • 3. Hexagon

    • 4. Assembly

    • 5. Closure

    • 6. Final piece

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About This Class

This class is a continuity of the lesson ‘Jewelry Basics: how to PIERCE metal’ in which I taught the skill of piercing metal for those who just started to learn jewelry or want to get started. It is also the Lesson 1 of 4 Designs born from the same class. Therefore, this class wants to put in practise that skill in a more creative way and present some possibilities around it.

In this lesson, you’ll learn…

Since you already know how to pierce, (if not, check my previous class) in this lesson you will learn how to make rings using flat shapes and wire with specific tools.

Materials you need…

This course is ideal for people who are just starting or want to start and don’t know how to so no experience is needed. What I want is to provide options for those who can’t afford to have a proper workshop or space and want to make their homes a personal creative space in the minimum and simplest way.

Despite that, it implies investing in a couple of tools and materials in order to be able to develop the exercise.

  • Copper or brass sheet of 0.5 or 0.8 mm
  • Variety of pliers: flat nose, flat and half-round nose...
  • 1 mm Shank drill and driller or a bow drill.
  • Metal chain of your choice.
  • Jump rings of 3 mm or other sizes.

Most of these tools are quite cheap to purchase except for the drills and the driller that can be changed for a bow drill which is way cheaper but might need a couple of tries before learning how to properly use it. These as I listed before, are not necessary to do the projects but can add some more possibilities to the designs and can be useful to drill holes and make them pendants for example.

PLEASE, notice that what we will be using in this class aren't fine materials. This class is more focused in learning how to build a product and learn about composition and skills to later be able to invest in more expensive ones such as silver jewellery, gold, etc.

I first want to apologise if you see or listen to any mistakes when talking or into grammar, spelling, etc. due to English is not my first language but I believe I can share with you my knowledge and help you to develop your skills and become a maker!

Meet Your Teacher

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Jewellery / art / design


Hello! This is Sophie and I am very happy that you came all the way here!

I am formerly from Barcelona, Catalonia, where I graduated as a graphic designer as well as a maker but moved to the UK to course a Master of Arts in Contemporary Jewellery in order to find new boundaries in creativity and expand my knowledge.

Currently, I am working on my art to become an independent artist and show to the world my work and share my skills so others can learn how infinite jewellery making can be.

To get to know more about my work, future classes, work-in-progress and some inspiration just have a look at my instagram account anlisx.

Please, don't hesitate to comment, suggest or ask me anything! I will really appreciate it :-)

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1. Introduction: Hi is Sophie. I am Zeina and maker that loves to explore the boundaries of jury in this Plus, you learn about the process of building workable object from start to finished and things that have in mind well presented. Brother. This'll Essen is for those who want to get started into Julie home. Just want to export body off options To begin with, We used the pieces of metal pierced in my greatest plus jewelry basics how to use metal. But you can take any other snoopers yourself in order to be a bit impressive. I'm show, you know, parts that form each object, how you can make them as a regula dear eruptions on differences and advice about possible issues. I am very excited to show you step by step, process on, see your further delay. Let's get started. 2. Getting started, tools and materials: before we go here are a simple self 80 zones idea using some of the ships at first in the bravest thing this class toe will be using the seminal ship. Don't this is doing to be finished, but I'll show you some pictures here. You can see from a simple that shape weaken the globe A nice desire. Let's run to the door. You're with me. The cutters got Jane. Why, you know, splatters. No one knows. Players posted work with ship you from those players used to make lips on Jeffries health from players directly create rings and shaping right Another half from knows by years, but with smaller size. This one is optional. But I recommend which is, um, a drill. And, of course, a dream between your 0.5 million and one you and dresses. We help you pick up small things in unit. This one is up generalised. Will you work with small chains and small jam prints? I recommend you have that one. This work time for Deary's will be using some golgi. So I'm silver plated jump rates. And of course, the seminal ship. If we faced as you can see, we're using cheap materials despite that fact, but where they could still be considered Julie but not fine human. It could only be considered a such if we used to silver and all the precious materials. So people work and some pieces made press that they might treat were electric plate. But the most significant difference is the final price off if you want to use it. But it is completely but it has to start. I buy still use cheaper materials this get used to the tools and learn how to use them and get to know the complicity of what you were doing. Because it might have been easy but thinks that always work as we specked Okay, that stump entertaining himself, events get interaction. 3. Hexagon: Okay, we will first start with seven and shape. As you can see, the color of the faces change sweat a bit. That's because presses really easy toe oxidize. Vitamin gets this or, you know, color. Which comic witness this is? I'm still needs to be properly finished. As you can see, it needs to have soldiers removed. No stuff we polished, but it works is an example of what you could be. I can't the changing her on other small to be able to close it. Do this design will need the Christian in this case an example. Some change on some jump race. First of all, we'll need to know the length off the tee. Since I didn't the design before, I can just measure it with rulers as the guidance. But 17 centimeters, which would be a about 6.69 inches, is the land or wrestle. It's injured since the pieces in between the chain we just live to spend it into I removed equivalent off jamborees off the space, taken back the shape that we use. You see, I did actually measured seven centimeters, but I wouldn't reduce it to 6.5 just because the previous is island was too long through my wrist. Then we use some cutting players to take a point off. The jump rings off off the change to keep the base we need on. We do the same again way. We have both sides of the now it's time to drill the holes. Previously, you could see that these were on the point decides off the shape. But the ring got stuck very easily. Unless I used every year jumping, so do them. I decided to drill right in the straight edge. I will have to do it riding the center on to make sure both sides to make sure I dream in the breath place. I'll be using a fine Marco to spot about as a cat. I'll be doing it by I because I don't really bother much about being slightly move, but feel free to use a ruler or anything to be more precise. If you like, when really remember to do it with the minimum pop and carefully by the metals likely pressing them that way, you will reduce the chances of slipping the drill on making a back on once you get the mark off the bench where the holes will be. You can press more down for a few seconds. Get in the way, Chris. Down again on DSO if you do it this way The drill one warm up on equal brick You can see I got the stretch while drilling one of the holes But I can always send it down later to remote. So if that happens to you, don't freak out. This has a solution. Next step will be to put all the pieces together. 4. Assembly: yet again, it's time to assemble every element off the grid. We've already got the medal drip. So now we need the two pieces off chain and some jump rings. I have been person rains from the chain. I had just a test how we treat with a biscuit. As you can see, I managed pretty through. But it leaves me no space to add another ring, so I'll be using a silver plated ring with bigger diamond. In this case, I'll be using a three meals. Pull the ring. Let me we open rings, preferably using two lives. Do that. Currently, we need to make sure that the distance between both ends off the opening of the ring doesn't change. For that reason, we moved world ends with appliances, two opposite directions, which could be said in a vertical way, as if we were to Stinnett. If we were doing it for resulting me, we would struggle to close it on. We wouldn't just the wrong shape off the jumping on within. One that you cannot. The pieces together by hand or using a bit of trees is like I do, because in my case is quite smoke. So I struggled to read with my fingers. Then we close the ringing in with the same vertical movement using one or two place. The next step is to have a chain with the envelope. Since it is very small and the material spa itself I will bloated using the trees is just for the same reason out of mind closing horizontally because he wouldn't really make a difference. Check, Check, Check. It is Well, thank so it doesn't work and it's ready. We're ready to move on. 5. Closure: the closure is essential. In order to wear an item like this, I was first a jumping on both ends of the strength to be able to fool while you're through . But if you are using a bigger change, you don't really have to. If you're using a small change like I do, then you should. However, you sure have seen some residents or colors that at an extra line of beings. If this is pretty so and you already know your size, it's one you don't really need to do that on. If you were going to give it to someone else, you can always do that late one sets, don't I would pick up a nine millimeter jumping. You can see the size difference from the ones I was using before. What you can do, instead of doing what I'm doing, which is speaking from a new jumping, is to get a point point five centimeters super or metal wire to start more of in it. Okay, I will first start by doing a small group with around no stripes. This will be the part that will be permanently attached to the change he ordered to make the car more straight, I will combine. Both have Rendon's by years. You could probably do it quick one, but I have. We recommend using both because that makes things easy. Especially the small round nose pliers is good to make smaller core Richer's while with the other one Dunstable too Big bus. You also want to use the flat, most one every now, leading to straighten up the pace, since it will inevitably bend and twist while you don't worry to go little by later and take your time. - We first tried to find the sequel shaped later. Make a hook when you get the shape, you can do a small tail at the end with the wrong knows after them, you can adjust the girl off the hoop. I'm research policy, and so it was long, so I changed the curvature until I desired length. Remember, there's not a specifically, but it is just how visually feels for you. Eight years feeling or not, uh, I personally like to bend the peace of the artworks or two inside to make it easier to get the ringing on it. Visually looks all Kirby and more natural. Feel free to touch it genuine. You're satisfied with the result by using the wrong knows to close the small book. Here we go. You can make it move dieting like I'm one of the rest of it to check that it works. You should. So now that you've don't first design, don't forget to share your fresh chicken verticality and that's moved to the next project. 6. Final piece: