Creative Jewelry Design: Create a medal Ring beginners | AnlisLuik | Skillshare

Creative Jewelry Design: Create a medal Ring beginners

AnlisLuik, Jewellery / art / design

Creative Jewelry Design: Create a medal Ring beginners

AnlisLuik, Jewellery / art / design

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4 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools and materials

    • 3. Butterfly

    • 4. Overview

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About This Class


This is the fourth and last class of the series that continues my previous lesson ‘Jewelry Basics: how to PIERCE metal’ in which I taught the skill of piercing metal for those who just started to learn jewelry or want to get started. Therefore, this class wants to present some possible designs out of this skill.

In this lesson, you’ll learn…

Since you already know how to pierce, (if not, check my previous class) in this lesson you will learn how to make a ring using flat shapes and wire.

Materials you need…

This course is ideal for those who already know how to pierce but want to get ideas of what designs they could do. What I want is to provide options for those who can’t afford to have a proper workshop or space and want to make their homes their creative space in the minimum and simplest way.

Despite that, it implies investing in a couple of tools and materials in order to be able to develop the exercise.

To be used in this classe:

  • Copper or brass sheet of 0.8 mm
  • Copper or brass Wire of your choice (I recommend 0.8. 1.0 or 1.2 mm).
  • Variety of pliers: flat nose, flat and half-round nose...

In case you need to pierce a new shape:

  • Bench peg and holder (anvil, clamp…).
  • A saw frame and saw blade of 2/0.
  • Set of needle files (recommended) if not, with a half-round one you can do most of the jobs.

I first want to apologise if you see or listen to any mistakes when talking or into grammar, spelling, etc. due to English is not my first language but I believe I can share with you my knowledge and help you to develop your skills and become a maker!

Meet Your Teacher

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Jewellery / art / design


Hello! This is Sophie and I am very happy that you came all the way here!

I am formerly from Barcelona, Catalonia, where I graduated as a graphic designer as well as a maker but moved to the UK to course a Master of Arts in Contemporary Jewellery in order to find new boundaries in creativity and expand my knowledge.

Currently, I am working on my art to become an independent artist and show to the world my work and share my skills so others can learn how infinite jewellery making can be.

To get to know more about my work, future classes, work-in-progress and some inspiration just have a look at my instagram account anlisx.

Please, don't hesitate to comment, suggest or ask me anything! I will really appreciate it :-)

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1. Introduction: Hi, this is Sophie. I am a designer Anna maker that lost to make you in this. Plus, you learn about the process of building a wearable object and thinks did have in mind to create well presented brother. This lesson is for those who want to get started purity from home for just want explored a variety of options. Begin with we will use the business of metal pierced previous class jewelry basics. Not to place matter gigantic in another typist itself, I will show you How did it ring? Using a technique that might be simple. But it's not easy to me. I'll be teaching you step by step as a beginner. Material options on difference on advice about possible issues. I am very excited to show you all the process on to see your fresh way without further delay. Let's get started. 2. Tools and materials: welcome. And thank you for joining me. You can see this design words us setting that clips the peace dose nearly are very theme. We're will me top counters euronews players. And then that or long no spires begin. You spoke even like or just one of them. The materials needing are even less. You just need some copper wire and coarse fish. Check this time way will need some extra craft while you cardboard on seasons will use them to make some mothers. Okay, then let's go for it. 3. Butterfly: It's time for the butterfly design in education. We will be making a ring. It looks quite simple, but it can be a big complicated to put both parts together. It is composed by a while. Yeah, that clips the shape of Met. The wire works as the main structure off the ring that allows you to work. Develop these design. You'll need, uh, blood butterfly, she on some copper wire. I did a model to test how I would be doing the main design. I also tried a different one to see how we look like being less blood. I felt it was too complicated, so I did the 1st 1 step. It's good that you do these tests so you can see if it's something that we work because sometimes we have an idea. But it physically is very difficult to do, and we don't have the skill still of them. Or maybe they're just too complicated and expected to do something easier. Remember, less is more. That means that sometimes doing something more simple can become a better design. Better elements better object and work forward. Your intentions seems I'm thinking the real skip. I can just take the Y. You're used for mother making flat measure. It's success the length of it will bury, depending on your finger size. Also, practicing with the model or prototype will help you to late statement. I basically followed the same process to build off model on final pissed thing. The difference is that I cut along the base of one. You're too late to cut the excess off material. At the first I got wire. I filed the ends and then begin. I make a mark in the middle to start bending the metal with my half round nose pliers, Way will start shaping the main ring structure, trying to make it this round as we get, uh, tastic by staying. If it fits your finger on when it does, you can continue with the top part by making against cross on circle is built. - Next step is to push both ends against each other, using your fingers so you get a kind of A. It is important to check if there's enough why you left to do the pinch and make it tight enough. You can make use of some players to help yourself. - At this point, I am bending the warrior to see which is the actual link that will be visible in talk. Then we can bend the ends with the wrongness players the way. Do that. At the end, we might scratch the surface off the basement with bigger trying to keep it third and the strength on we can go back to good. Both business Together, I started doing by hand, which lives it. Those graphics, that light rain part. They bend a bit because copper is very soft. Just tried to give fixing it while you work. Now type it up. I'll be using some pliers to press both metals ticket. I have a confession to make. When I was preparing the metals worthies design, I first the butterfly on a Dearborn five mil grass ship. It Bennett the locked on. The result hasn't been optimum. So this reason use a 0.8 or one mute like I think, in the design off the same brain that you've seen before. It will be easier to make. These things are good because that way you can test and see the mechanics that sometimes you can see with the mother because material makes it different. So it's good that we're testing it first with for us because it's a cheap metal on. If we wanted to do it with silver, then grew with revenue, the difficulties on the mistakes that we should be careful about. Despite that, I hope you enjoyed making this design on. Tell me how you feel about difficult In the next video, we'll see how everything let's to get. 4. Overview: - I mean comments. How did Johnny pictures of your design? I used a butterfly. But remember, you can use off shapes with the same link on Don't forget to live in your beer. Because that way it helps me to know what we're expecting. Makes me bruv. Make better and see you next one way.