Creative Jewelry Design: Create a 'Little Bird' bracelet | AnlisLuik | Skillshare

Creative Jewelry Design: Create a 'Little Bird' bracelet

AnlisLuik, Jewellery / art / design

Creative Jewelry Design: Create a 'Little Bird' bracelet

AnlisLuik, Jewellery / art / design

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6 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Getting started, materials and tools

    • 3. Little bird

    • 4. Assembly

    • 5. Closure

    • 6. Final piece

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About This Class


This is the second class of the series that continue my previous lesson ‘Jewelry Basics: how to PIERCE metal’ in which I taught the skill of piercing metal for those who just started to learn jewelry or want to get started. Therefore, this class wants to present some possible designs out of this skill.

In this lesson, you’ll learn…

Since you already know how to pierce, (if not, check my previous class) in this lesson you will learn how to make a two medal bracelet using flat shapes.

Materials you need…

This course is ideal for those who already know how to pierce but want to get ideas of what designs they could do. What I want is to provide options for those who can’t afford to have a proper workshop or space and want to make their homes their creative space in the minimum and simplest way.

Despite that, it implies investing in a couple of tools and materials in order to be able to develop the exercise.

  • Bench peg and holder (anvil, clamp…).
  • Copper or brass sheet of 0.5 or 0.8 mm
  • Copper or brass Wire of your choice (I recommend 0.8. 1.0 or 1.2 mm).
  • A saw frame and saw blade of 2/0.
  • Set of needle files (recommended) if not, with a half-round one you can do most of the jobs.
  • Variety of pliers: flat nose, flat and half-round nose...
  • 1 mm Shank drill and driller or a bow drill. 
  • Chain of your choice.
  • Jump rings.

I first want to apologise if you see or listen to any mistakes when talking or into grammar, spelling, etc. due to English is not my first language but I believe I can share with you my knowledge and help you to develop your skills and become a maker!

Meet Your Teacher

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Jewellery / art / design


Hello! This is Sophie and I am very happy that you came all the way here!

I am formerly from Barcelona, Catalonia, where I graduated as a graphic designer as well as a maker but moved to the UK to course a Master of Arts in Contemporary Jewellery in order to find new boundaries in creativity and expand my knowledge.

Currently, I am working on my art to become an independent artist and show to the world my work and share my skills so others can learn how infinite jewellery making can be.

To get to know more about my work, future classes, work-in-progress and some inspiration just have a look at my instagram account anlisx.

Please, don't hesitate to comment, suggest or ask me anything! I will really appreciate it :-)

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1. Introduction: Hi is Sophie. I am Zeina and maker that loves to explore the boundaries of jury in this Plus, you learn about the process of building workable object from start to finished and things that have in mind well presented. Brother. This'll Essen is for those who want to get started into Julie home. Just want to explore body off options. To begin with, we used the pieces of metal pierced in my greatest plus jewelry basics how to use metal. But you can take any other snoopers yourself in order to be a bit impressive. I'm show, you know, parts that form each object, how you can make them as a regula dear eruptions on differences and advice about possible issues. I am very excited to show you step by step, process on, see your further delay. Let's get started. 2. Getting started, materials and tools: before we start. Here are some examples of the designs By using some of the shapes based breathing, it's good to first make test and see how logic works to going to make better object with any issue. Here is a picture off finished object using the design that we will do any of these floods as a reference of how it notes as finished capture. The design that we will be doing in this last, though, will be slightly that way. You can see how one reason can change and the possibilities are endless. Does that we will be using the cutters change for you that news planners to just base every now knows. Players also work with ship than one year a round nose pliers used to make groups and generates problem for your spread. Fragrance friend shaping when you another health from those players with a small in size a Drina and drill between 0.1 million and tweezers. The materials of using our I would do best chips, some silver plated, chain silver plated jump rings on, in this case, some breast. Why you to play with interest? Remember, it's good to start with cheap materials with the skills and a sense of in position to make way, find Memphis just super. And if you won't sell them, give them a present or just to make a more expensive or find object. Okay, let's get started. 3. Little bird: Let's get started with the second, brittle it of business. First of all, we'll need our dubious chips to Jane and against injured. As you can see, the design is composed of one pace of change. Instead of do like the previous one again, I will measure men. But remember, the standard length is a 17 centimeters. This time I'll be using a silver plated chain to combine different cops when deciding where you want to place pieces in the chain. Think about science off the medals on distance between. In this case, one is very big on very visible, while the other is stunning on hard to see if you place them very close, the run ship with all vision on the small birth will be hardly notice. Doing the opposite would have the same fan he placed to clarify. The small piece again would be in his advantage, especially in a small breast. So you need to try and test what visually works better in your designs. Now we just like to dream our two shapes to be added to our check, remember, do it little by little to first make a sign and then to stop drink from warming up and break. Once you're about to drill Burr Jack, where to place little wing ISS whiting. So there's the risk of getting one of the signs over on. Then the bass would be useless. We will have to base it again. You can take the other shift as a reference to see how big the holiest make a month. And it's different. To be honest, the whole should have bean breast, no weapon that there is a possibility that the walls will break up, and now they seem OK and I were using my recommendation to you is to have a distance, a cough and meal, at least from where the whole finish still edge off the base. Let's move on to the new video. 4. Assembly: all right. Time to both everything to get firstly will open the jump rings and not a couple to the In this case, we didn't do because that way it can snow where and shows more. Otherwise it gets best very close to the chain and visually doesn't look wet. Remember, this piece is very small and you need to make it visible. You need to show off this one thes one gets hardly noticed by itself while the other one can see perfectly. I can really tell exactly how much apart they should be because it depends on the size of your rest on the sides Off your chain goes. If the Chinese guy also has a different effect, it's something you need to train after we had the round based on, we're done. 5. Closure: The next step is to close it, have a using name. Do your 0.8 meal breast. William. I'm starting with a small group at the previous design, and then I decide for less the length of the wire on. In this case, I'll be using about close centimeters. Then I am following the same procedure as before, by strengthening up, using both off around no splatters again. I used this flood knows once to make the peace flat occasionally. But this time, though, I'll be shaping a bigger on from the two. So it will be strictly if will be making a different ending for the other side. This time, this work Wake up in a piece of you that goes around one centimeter beyond the sides of the hack. I'll cut the what? You're right in the middle using a round nose on our bend it with my fingers, making a use ship as soon as we turned up will try to push bone. And so, until we see those are crossed, you can use your hands by years or even press it against be notice. But I'm struggling a big belly. This is because it hasn't been he knew in a very simple white explaining. If the more you work a metal bending it, Captain E twisting it or eating it, the harder tickets with it to the able to continue working, that is toe nearly, which is basically to try hit. We're not gonna do that now. Do that in the next lesson. But just so you know, you can have that it can be bought already in your for you can do it yourself. Sometimes we want the metal to have tension. So it doesn't Ben wear it. I'm sometimes not. It depends on what you do. Go in factory before we fully bend it. We put in the end off the chain, left on. We're finished. We need to check. If it works on, it seems it is too long to get all the way through, so I'll be removing small bits until it can go in. But it also stays within the closed shape. It just needs the ends fall down. But we're finally government. This precedent let me know what you think about this design on. Don't forget about sharing your progress so far 6. Final piece: