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Creative Instagram Stories using Just your IG App

teacher avatar Content with Depi, Your Social Media Guide

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Welcome / Instructions

    • 3. Aa Button 1: Match Color Pallette / Combine Fonts

    • 4. Exercise 1

    • 5. Aa Button 2: Text as Frame/ Use each Letter Separately

    • 6. Exercise 2 / DonőĄt skip your exercises!

    • 7. Aa Button 3: Add Shadow/ Shapes /Overlays using Text

    • 8. Exercise 3

    • 9. Draw Tool 1: Text Background/ Handwriting / Overlays

    • 10. Exercise 4

    • 11. Draw Tool 2: Pointing out Objects / Spiral Effect / Eraser

    • 12. Exercise 5

    • 13. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Welcome to another Course. I am Depi and together we learn all about Social media.

In this course, you will learn how to Create Amazing IG Stories using just your IG App

If you are confused with all the apps available out there, you don't know which one to use, which one is suitable for your iPhone/ Android phone and you find it difficult to understand how they work, then his course is for you

I can ensure you that you don't need any of them to create beautiful IG Stories

In this course, I show you how to use the tools provided by the IG app to make unique IG Stories easily. 

You will learn:

  • what tools of the IG app to use and how to use them
  • how¬†to use your imagination to make even more beautiful IG stories
  • each video lesson includes 2-3 examples, step-by-step voice-over guidelines¬†explaining each example in details to be easy for you to recreate it
  • exercises after each video¬†lesson

So if you are ready, grab your phone and let's get stared

Meet Your Teacher

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Content with Depi

Your Social Media Guide



Hey I'm Depi and #Bloggers_Photography was my way to be creative for at least two years!

But recently, I made a HUGE change on my channel in order to be more personal and get to know you better. So you are here on the Content with Depi and from now on we will chat together!

Watch my Youtube video about this change


This is a place for Coaches, Youtube creators & Social Media lovers. 

I share with you all the tools you need to grow on Social Media and turn your content into income!

Through my Courses I help you...


express yourself creating beautiful social media posts learn basic and adva... See full profile

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1. Introduction: fail when we come to another cause I am. Maybe I am a condom instructor for social media and especially on the scores were talking about instagram and felt great Amazing instagram stories, usually just the instagram stories camera. I know that many of your confuse we fill the abs available out there which one to use, which one is suitable for your full and you're starting using them. But with this card, you only end of them because it will show you exactly how to use your instagram stories up . In order to create amazing instagram stories for your instagram account, I will show you some basic examples in order to get to know how this process works and then we will be live on, some more advanced. So if you're in the give your phone and let's get started. 2. Welcome / Instructions: I'm super happy. You haven't dropped this course and the let me explain you work in order to create these amazing the second stories, you will need just two bottles, text bottle and withdraw bottom that you will find in the hope of your Instagram stories Camera. That's with these two buttons. We can be so creative and they will show you step by step. They believe in these ways you can use them. I respect this course in tow, video answers, examples and exercises and the world's you to watch carefully. It's lesson and then take the necessary time in order to recreate what I have sold you in the flesh. I just want you to make sure that you have updated your instagram mob and let's start with less number one. 3. Aa Button 1: Match Color Pallette / Combine Fonts : Okay, so let's start with her first story. What we want to do on our first story is to just use the text bottom and months, the Kohler off the text with the colors or for picture. So I just choose a big church. I will stop hold With two fingers under size, my picture could be feet my screen. And then I will stop the text bottom. I would write what they want. I like to use the space between money. Lead person off more beautiful outcome. I want to write Happy birthday. I just right happy. And they used the drug to choose the cooler for one off my balloons to march the cold with my text I don't Here and the next world we use capital letters since spaces between my letters and for this world are, well, odd But they ground to my world So we top the a Oh, he left corner to have the ground at the top of the eyedropper again And they were now to the yo but no police it here. So as you can see the goal off the two words that have already reading much is the cause of my image again. Probably 30 my very. And these, of course, would be color William Done. Painter for stories ready. I will scroll on the right to make it right. And this is your first story Now, little born our second technique lease to combine phones too. Story a picture again and they will stop the takes. But don't now if I won't write something, for example, I want to read Good morning How we use the space between letters again a z you consume the dope. I have some fund options the classic Mordor me on typewriter and strong. I will combine phones in order to make my takes look more beautiful. For example, I use the classic for these funds and make you black Good. Now with things fund. I want these and that will make blood again. Good morning. And let's story now we use when you use capital letters. Okay, I'll make it black. And that will send the phone. Make it some, like typewriter is good and we make it smaller and thirsty. And this is our second technique to combine for orange on one story 4. Exercise 1: okay? 5. Aa Button 2: Text as Frame/ Use each Letter Separately: Okay. Now think Use the text. Is the board there or frame for me, Victor? And let me explain how we choose a picture again. And they will resize my picture to make it look smolder. And now I can write checks and use it a frame or a border for this takes. You can read whatever you want. I usually don't when it for something new, right? I boast and explain some of the most on my cap soon or I like to use Also quote. So for this example, I have choose a I will go based eat And this is what they would have to So I will keep on Lee first phrase. What if I fall? What if we fall and making block and then we change the formed I will choose this run and resize and replace. See on the corner McCormick. I will base thing used. Same way resize. Choose the Kohler and place it here on the government. You can use things method only for one of your corners or you can do it again. So this is a technique to use the text as border frame for our victors. Technique is to use its letter separately in order to frame and object on my photo and let me explain, I will choose foot again. I we resize e and I only have to do is to Jews and object on my picture and noted, like this run. We like this one with seizure sickle or a corner and I will place it's letter separately without the text bottom and the phone. I want toe right coffee times crowd week asili. Um I just use the classic scene to the color these and they will play seat around my addicted to and they will repeat this process and for the next letters. - So this is the final outcome. I have placed its letter separately around my safe around the 65 Children on my picture. I d suffers. Wait, do these. So you now admit to these foot again this picture again I see size it believe seat mom here and I will also use each letter separately. But this time I will add a background toe My writer interview days off course of color, two months. My picture. This time. This time I can please a also the letters, uh, around my shape. But this time I want to see on the boat. - So this is the final result. They seize the same technique, but with a ground on my letters and they gives a little bit different outcome. 6. Exercise 2 / DonőĄt skip your exercises!: okay? 7. Aa Button 3: Add Shadow/ Shapes /Overlays using Text : Okay, Moving wad A sado on my letter center My text I have choosen and your picture and I feel okay this run and they want to write logically g I well choose a height of tone over the colder This one I like this run and they will play. See here And I will write the same world again with the same fun with same formed but with a different color He's dying, It will be a durkin ground And I will my ward and they dope Oh my off the world in a previous return And yeah, you have to belong to food police in a way that it would look like a sandal. Unfortunately, East London give us the option to choose the size off the forms like there's so just to make it do you the two worlds the same size and as you can see now my letters is like waving a sandal. And of course I would write cake. Okay, Now use a different phoned. Thank you. You and they seize the final result. The technical. So you have to add saves using the text. Batam, Just stop on the text. But I don and right whatever and go to the classic formed and are able ground. He's stronger ground Len shoes the letters and making the same color ace your background. For example If my background if you choose my background to be read then I was choose me letters and make them parade too. Cook them and your first shape is ready these way You cannot another safe All right whatever you on the ground choose a color 20 liters and make them the same ground done. And this way you cannot stapes. And now you can write something like smooth here. And I said here are even here Make it here, this one. Oh, be here here difference Almost. He's one too. So this is a way to what saves using Vicks. And lastly I will. So you have to use the text. Barton inordinate wad overlays with the color on your pictures with some on the text bottom and just use the dot place, stop mond doats and then use the classic phoned and the a tow background. But no base. This background and dentures you call the calorie like just keep on Top Inc to open the color absence and choose the one that you want stop down and then resize. It may keep as bigger as it gets and hurry deep in order to place it home. A place that you want. No, I can't over my full screen, but they get over a place apart off it. So I will place it here to add a nice of early on my picture. And then, all right, something Just be careful because the text go easily on the ground. And please, In this way, you cannot overlays using the text bottom. I could, um yeah. Nice. I will have some days show by saying that you should be as creative as you want. Just the usual. Your imagination. And you create amazing Easter Graham stories using on Lee You're is the cancers are in the text battle. See you next. Listen by 8. Exercise 3: okay? 9. Draw Tool 1: Text Background/ Handwriting / Overlays: okay. Theo drove to the most Come away. We use a drug to ease Teoh, create background for our bags. For example, I here I choose this run and that Get Thank I will just drop some, draw some lines and then I will, Right? My digs do there. Amy will add a text. I left the ground to context. We see the first way in the most common way used the drug Do But let me so other creative ways to do that way usually drug Julie east to just 100 to write with her finger or our owner, Victor. I choose the new four door and they go to draw. And when I 100 like my pain to be a thing s possible and then we choose a core and they just come here on my screen and I handwrite Good morning to me. T This is a very common way to use the drug to And of course I can change. And just these swan and to another color. Brighter. Uh, good morning again. Darts All would every like, so we can use it to weld an overlay on the double for being a jerk. Uh, let me so you I would use these and which is a cooler that I like for example This run and I keep it up Income my screen and then a sold color appears on my screen. If I have chosen this one, then even even have chosen these wrong things. As you can see, there possibly be. He's You can see the ground picture a little bit more and we use it very often. Me? Well, if we want to just use a sound Kohler a Mr Graham story I And do I die to type something off the top of it. For example, these and taking come here and right can dried something going next Do something this 10. Exercise 4: okay? 11. Draw Tool 2: Pointing out Objects / Spiral Effect / Eraser: Okay. Now let me show you some ways. Teoh, use the drug to be more creative on the divan. Nicer and more who look to our victors. We can use the Drew tool noted tow boat on something just using simple line and simple line . Be super creative on Instagram stories ain't in general. When we drove something, for example, out here I will resize my my picture and they will make it to look. You make it look like if I want to use it for a new post, for example and I will use the they drug too. So you and that we use it, drove to I will choose the 1st 1 from the left and the black call now and they just point out the corners and I will use the are a tool. Make it as thing as possible And I drew a line pointing Go to my picture and I will add some steaks too. You both black place here doesn't have to be big and they seize another way to use the draw in the photo and the lines in orderto born down something. Just throw symbol lines and they will make your picture stand out also in the same picture . How we make it bigger in yen. I will. Now I will point out no more. These run and all these and we usually sing lying. We seem Brookline. It's previously in order to point out my my main object in my mind. Optic Now, Easley's already draw some lines around here Sape, and that we make it keep look more beautiful. I will. The our Jim and I just, um, block. And here this is another way to use the lines in order to point that something around your picture all in the main subject off your picture and now what we're so if it that I really love and it's ultimately more advanced. But if you make some tries, then you will definitely have moments. Degree did. I will show you the steps. It's the spear away effect on the photo zone is the crime stories, and they will, so you have to recreate it. All you need is just toe go on pro tools, and I said the first from the left and make it a thing as thinner as possible. And what you have to do is to try to make a spiral around your object now will make a spirit along these girls. So I will. So you, uh you just have to be careful where the lines are being connected on this port. Three sport must be must be on your object Must be outside off your object in order to look beautiful and in order to ease, to be for your toe recreated. Then I will select the raise Their entire will go. You I have to do with the details, Cain, you have to give. We need usually use a praying you couldn't be much easier now. And now you have to pay Raise all the parts that it would be behind your opens it, for example. This line should be behind Europe that you just have to follow the line and be basin toe. Uh, and the basis for the details in this land should be your legs. So very I'm using my finger to is lying, but he's can take some time. And this is very this is the spirit effect. We can use it on other objects to or you can use, um using these line. Also, this line is a little bit more difficult to worrisome part this way. Show you the simple line. But if you want, you can try this run toe. So this is the effect. And lastly, we'll show you how to use the raisel tool. The razor To combine with a line tool is very useful. And you can make a very beautiful and ice ethically nice instagram stories. So we show you how to use them. I will use the raisel tool on if we do that I have produced recorded and the first thing I will do ease to go to Joe to, uh Jews ical Lord, and making never really over my video. And now I will use the reason toe do raise make it take your Mr One to raise the part off my photo. Or maybe do they do I want toe be so And I want to show you that thes just be do Spohn me This too and these you can use it on the does. I want to show you that this is possible also for the does air support that wound and then look how beautiful the outcome is playing you could home beautiful the outcome he's so these walls one way Now we're so you similar way. But in a more artistic we more artistic outcome. How does it get these thes And then I want you There is a to and make it a small is a kin and I will just please He's waiting many And look how beautiful the outcome is. And on this photo I will use the result of a again we 100 something. And then I used I think, you know, just a raise. You do part these way. So these were the ways to create beautiful instagram stories using just your instagram stories up will learn how to use the text tool and the drug tool and gave you some ideas In order to be more creative, you can give your imagination and I can't wait to see your stories 12. Exercise 5: okay? 13. Final Thoughts: So these were all the tapes I want to share with you in order to great amazing instagram stories using just your instagram stories camera. I want you to take the necessary time in order to recreate everything that you have land. And of course, you could be s creating as you can and use your imagination to create even more beautiful instagram stories. I can wait to see your creations and your progress cell which has what you have created. I am baby and they will see you on the next course by